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 HAENA // ROSEGOLD, Princess Rapunzel from Tangled
haebitna baek
 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 02:14 AM
haebitna baek
CM Entertainment
20 years old
written by Dessy
656 posts

CW: Illness mentions and references to emotional/mental abuse and kidnapping.

CM Entertainment
May 23, 1998


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Skype: dessyhope98/PM
Haebitna Baek

This is the story of the Sun...

... not really, but she might as well be! That's what everybody calls her. Sunshine. Rumor has it that when she was born, a drop of Sunlight fell and landed directly on the baby when she was born, blessing her with light and glow. She became the literal Sunshine, loved by everyone and destined to always be bright and happy.

And you know what? It just might be true.

Eun-Jae and Deok-Su were both popular idols, all over the world - they were some of the top of the industry. The duet were well-loved by fans and non-fans, not just for their super sweet couple image or music, but for the type of people they were. They were loved for a lot of reasons, still are to this day. They were high school sweethearts, and when the beautiful and loved Eun-Jae announced her pregnancy to the world, everyone rejoiced. It wasn't hard to guess that this day was coming.

They took a break from their career, deciding they wanted to spend the first few years of their child's life being there for them. After finishing up their current tour, they hiatused, focusing solely on Eun-Jae's pregnancy. And her pregnancy was doing wonderfully. The baby was growing everyday, and the closer it got to the birth of their precious joy, the more excited the soon-to-be parents' became. And eventually, that day came. On May twenty-third, nineteen ninety-eight, Eun-Jae went into labor early in the morning and was immediately taken to the hospital. Today was the day everyone has been waiting on.

But the labor didn't go well. There were... complications.

Eun-Jae's body couldn't handle the labor well. She fell ill, and it started complications halfway during the birth. The Doctors tried what they could, but Eun-Jae was fading quickly, and the baby's heartbeat was dropping at alarming speeds. Deok-Su panicked. He couldn't lose both the love of his life and his unborn child. The doctors were running out of time, so in an attempt to at least save the baby, they started an emergency c-section, and they had to move quickly. Before both Mother and baby were lost.

It was a girl. A beautiful baby girl.

... But she wasn't breathing. She didn't even make a sound.

They focused on her first. The baby was their first priority, so they worked for several minutes to see if they could provide a first breath. If they could save her. Deok-Su waited with baited breath, clutching his fading wife's hand and hoping that some miracle would happen and his little girl would be alive. And that miracle came. Because a few minutes later, that baby girl cried, alive and breathing. She was saved. But Eun-Jae was still fading.

Eun-Jae wasn't supposed to survive the birth. But by another miracle - she lived. She was in a coma for about two days, and she stayed in the hospital for about a week, but she was alive and she was well. Deok-Su had both of his girls alive and with him, and he thanked everyday for whatever miracle saved them both. Neither girls were lost.

This brings up back to the original Heroine of this story - the sun-kissed baby. Her name was Haebitna Baek. "Sunshine" was what her name meant, and that's exactly what the parents' felt the first time they both laid eyes on her. Their precious Sun, the light of their life. Their Sunshine. And 'sunshine' she was.

They stayed on a break for a few years, wanting to be there for Haena's early life and making sure there were no further complications because of the birth. And, there weren't. So Haena just grew, going from a small infant to a toddler who was always smiling. There was rarely an instant where the toddler wasn't smiling - normally when she was cranky for whatever reason - and her smiles was what made her parents' fall in love even more. They were the smiles that would make her lots of friends one day, and break lots of hearts, and they just knew she'd grow up to be well-loved. They were right, because she did.

Haena was two when she gained a brother. Eun-Jae wanted another child, but after barely making it with Haena, she didn't want to risk going through that again. So they decided to adopt. They were planning on a younger sibling, someone for Haena to play with and to dote on when she got older. But things went differently. Haena got loose in the orphanage, running into one of the older kids that were there. He enertained her - playing with her, doting on her, and after seeing the two kids interact, the Baeks decided he was the one. He was going to be their son.

His name was Namgi Moon. He was six, and they fell in love when they caught him playing with the two year old. Guess you could say Haena picked him. And that's something the Baeks are always sure to mention.

The siblings were close. Haena didn't remember a time where Namgi wasn't there. Always doting her, humoring her with the Princess gowns and tiaras, being her biggest cheerleader as she grew. As far as she knew, he was always there. The earliest she could remember he was there, and she adored her big brother. He was her rock and support, and her biggest fan, and she'd defend him to the ends of Earth. She adored her big brother, and that never once changed even as she grew. She still adores him.

Growing up, she was a bit of a... handful. She wasn't bad! The opposite, actually! But she was... adventurous. And curious. Always getting herself into situations because she wanted to see what would happen. See what she could, and it's gotten her in trouble more than enough times. She was very energetic and hyper, and the Baeks were lucky Namgi was there to humor her when they were tired from trying to keep up with her. She was lovable and sweet. She was just a handful. But a handful that they all adored!

Haena had a big family. Like huge! From both sides! Still does to this day! But they were all really close, and the Baeks were always big into family and very family-oriented. She was well-loved, and she loved all of them, in return! She grew up with a big love for family and with the belief family came first, and to this day, she believes nothing less. Her family is important to her, and no one will change that!

Not only did she have her brother, and her parents, but she had Elle - her big cousin! And as years went by, her family grew, and grew. They were like royalty - Princesses and Princes and a family big enough to basically be royalty. Her parents were the King and Queen, surrounded by little Princesses and a Prince. Haena grew to love them all, and grew to appreciate her family members. Her and Elle were close - she'd play with her all the time, and would often babysit her and Namgi, and Elle was so pretty. She loved her older cousin just like she loved everyone else! A lot. She also had a baby cousin named Sun-yi, who was born the day before her second birthday. It was the best birthday present ever! Haena wasn't allowed to play with her much, at the age of only two, she was still too small. But she loved holding her and watching her baby cousin sleep. She was precious. Haena knew she would always protect Sun-yi with her life. Forever!

Her Aunt and Uncle were nice, too. They called her "Sundrop", a name she grew very fond of. To this day, it's what she calls her own fanbase, but we'll get to that later. She loved all of her family. And she would do anything to protect them all.

As Haena grew, her personality started to show more. She was a social butterfly - she loved people, and she would do anything to see people wear a smile on their face. That's what she was good at. What she loved, and what she lived for when she got older to understand what she wanted. She wanted to make people laugh. Wanted to help them. And even at only the age of five, she did an amazing job of it. She was a very happy child, a lively and enthusiastic spirit. Her parents' often joked that if the sun was a living person, it would be her. And they weren't wrong. She glowed brightly, shining for everyone to see, and her bright smiles and shining personality made it hard for anyone to dislike the girl. She grew up making friends easy, and having a talent of making people feel better. Of helping them. And it's a habit she kept through all of her years.

Haena was ten when her brother left her. Not on purpose! He auditioned to be part of CM Entertainment, and he passed! Haena was the proudest little sister ever! She always loved watching her parents' perform, and loved listening to their songs, and now one day she'd get to watch her brother do it! The judges got a good laugh, because the minute he was accepted, she sprinted out in the middle of the room and tackled her brother in the biggest hug she could possibly give. He was going to be an idol! Her big brother was going to be an idol! Haena couldn't be any prouder, and even if she didn't get to see him very often, her frequent trips with her parents' to CM allowed her to see him if he wasn't training. And she always told him how proud she was! No one was Namgi's biggest fan as much as Haena was.

Things were fine for awhile. Haena gained another cousin! His name was Gyeo-Ul and he was the cutest little baby she's ever sen. He had the chubbiest little cheeks, and she could just pinch them all day! She adored him just as much as she adored Sun-yi and her brother. Speaking of Sun-yi - the two got closer! Haena even made her some gloves one winter when she caught how cold Sun-yi's hands had gotten. From that day, the girls were as close as ever - almost inseparable! She was doing great in school and was making so much friends, and she was a social butterfly! She loved talking and being around other people, and really she just loved people! Still does to this day. Things were great...

But then her Aunt and Uncle died.

Haena was twelve. Her parents' were off in the middle of a big tour in America when they got the news. It was a boating accident, both of them killed. They had to end the tour early to rush home, not only for the funeral, but also because they had to take in Elle and Sun-yi. Being the only current relatives, Eun-Jae and Deok-Su were responsible for their nieces. Elle was eighteen; old enough where she didn't have to be legally adopted. But Sun-yi was ten. It was either legally adopt her, filling out papers and saying that they would be her legal guardians, or send her to an orphanage. The Baeks weren't going to allow that to happen, so they adopted her. Sun-yi was now Namgi and Haena's sister by adoption. Elle didn't need the adoption, but she stayed with the family for awhile because she had no where else to go. It was devastating. Haena didn't think anything would happen to any of her family. That they would all be happy and together forever. But she lost two people she deeply cared for, and she didn't know how to deal with that. But she knew how to help Sun-yi.

Haena had started showing a talent for singing when she was ten. She loved copying the girl group dances she'd see on TV. She knew some of the songs word for word, and for anyone who heard her singing along, she was a powerhouse, just like her Mom. She was good, and after the death of her Aunt and Uncle, singing is what she fell to to make her cousin feel better. She didn't want Sun-yi feeling bad, so she'd sing. And seeing how it did make Sun-yi feel better made her realize this is what she wanted to do. Making people happy like this is exactly what she wanted to do with life, and this is how. So she talked to her parents, and with their approval, they hired her a private vocal coach to coach her on her vocals.

It didn't go well. Her Vocal Coach... wasn't nice. He was kinda a jerk, actually. He was a lot of things... none that's appropriate to say. "HE WAS A DICK!" "NAAAGGGGIII. I'M TRYING TO TELL A STORY, SHH." So, anyway!! His name was Dae Geum, and he was the worst person she had ever met. Nothing she did was good enough. Nothing she did satisfied him. When her parents were around, he was the perfect gentleman. But it was a lie. All of it were lies. He was abusive. Mentally. Emotionally. He told her she'd never make it. Her voice wasn't nearly as perfect as was to be expected. Her looks weren't good enough. She wouldn't make it in, and even if she did, she wouldn't make it far. All of these things were told to her constantly. After a while, she believed it. Her self-esteem plummeted. She became insecure. She didn't think she'd be as good as her parents. Make it far. Wouldn't be able to do what her brother was training for.

So she gave up.

It didn't last very long. Namgi had suspicions of the coach from the start, and when he picked up on the changes in his little sister and how she suddenly changed her mind about being an idol (she said she wanted to be a nurse instead - something she could actually do), he went to talk to their parents. It only took once of talking to their daughter to realize that the coach wasn't working before he was fired after only a year. With some convincing, she was brought back to the idea of being an idol and worked with a new vocal coach to get her chords back up that the last one ruined, having put her through insane amounts of practice and notes she couldn't hit yet to where it injured her throat.

Haena auditioned for CM when she was fourteen. She was nervous, still unsure that she would make it because Dae's words were still constantly in her mind. But with a push from her parents, and from her brother, and Sun-yi's encouragment, she auditioned. And you know what? She made it! She was a Trainee for CM! Part of her was convinced she was only accepted for having the Baek last name and not actual talent, but she got in anyway. This was the first step to starting the career she desperately wanted to do. Sun-yi auditioned, too, but her cousin... didn't make it. It was upsetting, but Haena made sure to be there for her in the very best way that she could. But, she ended up getting signed to BOSS! Which was just as exciting!

About a year later, Haena got to watch her big brother debut in a group. ST*R! She was ecstatic! She'd get to watch her big brother perform on stage, get to watch him do something that ran in the family. She was so happy for them! Namgi let her meet his bandmates, and all of them were great people - she loved each and everyone of them like they were more brothers, and really, they might as well be! Since day one she was ST*R's biggest fan, and stood by them no matter what happened or what fans said. She was so proud of her brother - and the other boys! - and adored every single one of them, and watching them perform. She loved all of them! So much!

Haena got her first boyfriend at seventeen. He was part of Sealight, and he was also... a few years older. She really liked him, and she said yes in a heartbeat when she was asked out. The relationship was kept secret, from everyone but her family, because with not only the age difference but being in different companies, neither were sure how well their relationship would be received. But they dated. And she loved him, with all of her heart. Or she... at least thought she did. She was naive, too in love with the idea of being loved to know if it was really love she was feeling or not. But she adored him, and no matter what challenge she was doing as a Trainee, she adored him. She spent whatever time she could with him, and she was happy. She gave him everything, innocence included. Then, after ten months, he broke up with her. And she was devastated.

She was eighteen when they ended. Namgi wanted to kill him. Her Mom wanted to murder him. Sun-yi was the person she leaned on, the one who held her as she cried, the one who told her it'd be okay. That she deserved better, anyway. It was her first heartbreak and she didn't know how to handle it. Other than cry. She loved him so much, and he didn't want her anymore. He didn't love her. She wanted him to love her, but he didn't. She gave him everything, and he just took it and left. She was distraught. She stayed that way for months, getting comforted by the friends she made out of the other Trainees, and after awhile, she got better. With the help of her family and friends, she got over her first heartbreak. And she realized that her ex... well...

In the words of Namgi... he was a huuuggeee dick. And she did not need him. So after awhile, she just kind of... forgot about him. And she moved on.

Haena was nineteen when she was announced to debut. Around six years of training, and it was time. Her and three other amazing girls were put together in a group. That group... was named Rosegold. She was put with three other girls she grew close to as a Trainee; Mani, Mitsuki and [name]. And the best part? She was made leader! She was chosen to lead these three beautiful groups into being a powerful group. She adored her girls. She loved them with all of her heart, as if they were her own little sisters (she was the oldest). They had their debut a few months after being put together, and the reaction they got was overwhelming. Everyone loved them! They hit the top almost immediately, and while Haena still had present self-doubt, it was everything she dreamed of. She loved her group. She loved her girls. She loved being on stage. It was everything she had dreamed of and more, so she loved it. She would protect her girls with her life - that much she knew. Rosegold was exactly as she dreamed, and she loved it and them.

In the same month that Rosegold debuted, she gained her second boyfriend. And this one ended much better, given that they're still together. He was nice and super sweet, and they clicked almost instantly. He asked her out as she was walking away, inviting her out to ice cream, and that was their first date. This time Haena could say for sure that she loved him - and while they still had an age difference between them (like sister, like brother, right) - they were perfect for each other! He helped pick up the broken pieces of her heart her ex left, taping them back together and making her heart whole again. And this one her parents' (and brother) actually approved of! It was a win-win! He was the love of her life, the one she always wanted to be with, and she's happy to say that they've lasted longer than her last. A year, in fact - and she even has a promise ring! She loved him more than she loved anyone else before, and she always made sure he knew it.

Things went well for awhile. She was happy. She was loved. Rosegold was still topping the charts, and she realized how much she was born to do this. Making people smile, entertaining them, knowing she made people happy simply by music - it's what she loved to do. She loves her fans. The Rose Army was the best fanbase for Rosegold she could ask for, and she just wished she could spend more time with each and every one of them. Things were going good.

Then Winter came. And that's when her life turned into a trainwreck.

It started when Namgi got sick. He hid it for awhile... from everyone. Their parents. Their cousins. From her. He had Dementia, and he had a tumor. He was... really sick. Haena tried not to show it. Didn't want to worry her brother. But she was scared. She was worried. She didn't want to lose her brother. Couldn't lose her brother. Namgi was everything. Her rock. Her protector. Her shoulder when she needed one. Her biggest cheerleader. Losing him would be losing half of her world, and she couldn't take it. But he was sick. And there was nothing she could do. No amount of Sunshine-ness, or positivity would just fix it. She was scared. She didn't want to lose her brother. Please don't take Namgi away from her. He was one of the most important things in her life. She couldn't lose him...

Thankfully, he got better. And Haena was so happy that he did. But it seemed that when one bad thing got fixed, another bad thing happened. Because then Suki got sick. She collapsed in the middle of their December comeback promoting - a month after Nagi. And she was very sick. There was only a fifty percent chance she'd live. Haena... couldn't take it. She couldn't deal with that. Just like if she would have lost her brother, she couldn't lose one of her girls. Suki needed to live. The world couldn't just take Suki away from her! It wasn't fair! But Suki was very sick. They had to continue the comeback without her, but it was hard. Haena felt like part of her heart was ripped from her chest. Held captive in the hands of someone she couldn't get it back from. She hurt. And she just wanted Suki to be okay. To live. Suki needed surgery, but there was only a small chance Suki would make it. But Haena was hopeful. Oh, she was so hopeful. And by a miracle, Suki lived. The surgery was a success!

But Suki stopped speaking to them. And that hurt more than the possibility of losing her. They were down to three, and they needed to be four. But things only got worse...

Haena was kidnapped.

Her kidnapper? Dae Geum. He came back. Years later. And he was after her. He stalked her for months, making her paranoid, forever on the edge. She thought she'd be safe behind the CM walls. The extra security detail put on her. But it didn't work. He was waiting for her at her dorm, and after knocking her out, he took her away. From her home, and everything she loved. Away from where she was safe.

She was locked in a basement for two weeks. No windows. No light. No sun. Only getting fed enough to keep her living. She didn't sleep. She was scared to. She was too worried that she'd wake up one day, and he'd be doing... whatever it was he was planning. She hated it. Everything about it. She didn't like this place and didn't like him. He called it "home". But it wasn't home. It was hell. And she wanted out.

She wanted her brother. Wanted him to protect her like he always did. Wanted her boyfriend. Wanted him to hold her, comfort her, make her feel less scared. Wanted Gyeo to make her smile, wanted Sun-yi to hold her hand. Wanted her girls. Her parents. She wanted anything but here, but she was trapped. For what seemed like an eternity. She broke. Everything within her broke. Her spirit, her positivity. She dreaded everyday, not sure what he'd do next. More insults. More objects thrown her way. More assurances that no one would find her. He did whatever he could to destroy her. Break that glimmer of hope. Destroy that Sunshine.

But you can't destroy the sun. You can dim it. You can take away it's light for a moment. But you can't destroy it. It'll come right back. He may have took that light - but she learned how to glow in the dark. She made her own.

So she fought. She fought with everything she had. She didn't make it easy. And she kept fighting until she was rescued. And she was. She was found, and brought home back to where she was loved. She was damaged. Broken. Her hand was broken from when she punched him in the face (which he COMPLETELY DESERVED AND SHE'S SO PROUD OF THAT). Her spirit and light were damaged from him. But with her loved one's around her, she got better. She even bonded with Chastity. Who became one of her best friends of their similar experiences. Her Sun came back. And it was brighter than ever. She wouldn't let it get dimmed a second time.

Things started looking up when KCHOICE happened. She was asked to be a mentor! She was a guest mentor, talking about how to be a leader. Rosegold was on hiatus so everyone could recover, so Mani participated. And Mani did great. Until she got that... asshole of a boyfriend. Haena saw the signs immediately, but Mani wouldn't talk to anybody. So when he hurt her - she was furious. She was ready to ruin his life for what he did to Mani. Put him through absolute hell. But Mani was smart. Did the right thing. She ended the relationship and came home. And then after that, things started getting back to normal.

Suki came back. Reunited with them. And finally, her group was whole again. They're getting ready for their first comeback in months. Her brother is better and engaged to the wonderful Ji-ho. Her and her boyfriend are going on a year. Things got better, and as much as she hated the bad things, part of her were glad they happened. They helped her improve. Become stronger.

And that's where I am now! I've been through a lot, but I'm a stronger person now! My experiences helped me become one. And I can't wait for the other adventures life leads me on. I am Sunshine, and no one will take that away from me. I always will be.

~ Haebitna ☼



Name: "Haebitna" means "sunshine", which is exactly what she is a perfect representation of. "Baek" is simply taken from Anna's last name, who's her cousin, so it wasn't too far off for the two have the same last name. Her stage name, "Haena", is literally just a combination of the first part of her name (Hae) and the ending (na) because it sounded cute and she's also unoriginal. xD

Position: Okay, look. She'd be, like, the perfect leader? She's bubbly, she's a sweetheart, she's cute, she's a cupcake - she's exactly the type of person you'd want representing your girl group. And as for vocal, she had a beautiful voice in the movie so it's not doubt that she can sing and she's a fucking powerhouse because, well, her face claim is Hyorin.

Blood Type/Height/Weight: Her blood type was never exactly stated canonically, so I just went with it. It's "AB" because her and Anna are related, and Anna has "B" blood. So it made sense that if she wasn't a "B" herself, she'd at least have "B" blood in there. So that's how "AB" happened. Her height is just because I wanted her to be a cute shorty (like me) and her weight is just similar to mine.

Birthday: Kind of just made up, because she never had one in canon. I wanted her to be a Gemini baby (because sun sign for the win), so that's what I went with.

Face Claim: Okay, her face claim is Hyorin because she's completely adorable. She's also the lead singer in a girl group, and is a powerhouse, and she's just so precious that I thought she fit perfectly.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Lol, so, like, literally, 90% of her hobbies and likes all came from the song "When Will My Life Begin". Like, no joke. Literally 90% of it. Her dislikes are just small things here and there throughout the movie that she seemed to hate, or that I thought fit her personality.


Personality: Everything about her personality I pretty much took from canon. She was bubbly and hyper, she was adorable, she had that small bit of innocence and was a bit clumsy, all of that from what I gathered from canon. I also added in that she has a little bit of low-key self-doubt, due to Mother Gothel's emotional abuse in canon and due to her vocal teacher's rigorous vocal training and constantly telling her she "wasn't good enough".

History: "Eun-Jae" is her Mother's name, "Eun" meaning "kindness, mercy, charity", which is very fitting because she was a kind and charitable woman in canon, and "Jae" meaning "talent, ability", which is also fitting because she was a talented singer. "Deok-Su" is her Father's name, "Deok" meaning "virtue, ethics, morality", and "Su" meaning "to defend, to protect, to guard", which fits well because in canon he wanted nothing more than to protect his daughter. I made her parents a very popular duet to mirror the fact that they were royalty in canon. Instead of being royalty in this verse, they are just very popular and well-known. I wanted to keep the complications during labor in there, only since there's no magic flower to save them, I made it to where Haebitna was the one in risk of dying instead of both Haebitna and her Mother. The "magic flower" is an emergency c-section.

Anna is her cousin specifically because of the fact her spirit is Princess Anna from Frozen, and we were going with the popular fan theory of them being cousins. She's smart and a fast learner simply because of the fact in canon, despite her naivety, she was actually an intelligent girl who learned and picked up on things quickly (such as towards the ending when she immediately put all of the clues together that she was kidnapped). The death of her Aunt and Uncle and Anna being legally adopted by her parents and her sister is taken from Zee's Anna app and also from canon (Anna's canon, not Hae's).

Okay, so, there's no doubt 'Punz can sing in canon, so it wasn't hard to translate that into wanting to become an idol on here. Instead of being kidnapped like she was in canon, in this verse, "Gothel" was just a very jealous vocal coach who was bitter that a small child sounded better than she did and decided to wear her down with emotional abuse. Obviously - it worked. It makes sense for her to feel some insecurities because of the emotional abuse, and even though her family supported her, the damage was still already done. Some of the words used from her vocal coach is the same words used in the "Mother Knows Best" song. "Ditzy", "Clumsy", "Getting kind of chubby", so I worked with that.

Her "I see the light" moment was the audition for CM Entertainment, and just like in the movie when she was hesitant about leaving the tower, she was hesitant about auditioning. But she did, and once she did, it was amazing. I made her the leader because of her personality and the way she was in the movie. She's exactly the kind of person you'd want to represent your group, so she was the perfect person to be the leader. Haebitna being in a relationship with Hope is just because they're me and Zee's own little ship. xD


This is Haebitna, or Haena by fans, the adorable cupcake leader and main vocal of brand new girl group ROSEGOLD! Part of the Baek Dynasty (Baek Royal Jewels), and is Namgi's baby sister, Elle and Sun-yi's cousin, and Gyeo-ul's cousin! She's a literal sunshine with a big heart, and cuteness to match. She's as sweet as she is adorable and is an energetic girl who loves her fans, friends, and people in general. Progeny of the famous duet couple, Eun-Jae, and Deok-Su, and taking into account she's leading a brand new girl group for CM after years of not having one, the expectations are high over her head. But that doesn't stop her from being her cute little self! Her adorable personality and sweet nature earned her quite a few fans in ROSEGOLD, and makes her a good representative for CM.


Haebitna is a friendly soul who's a very good friend to have. She'll go out of her way for her friends, dropping her own needs to help them, and is also there when they need her. Her best friend is her cousin Sun-yi, and also Chastity, but Mani and the other girl in ROSEGOLD are definitely close seconds. She's bound to have a lot of friends in this category, because it's really hard to show hate or dislike for the girl. Not to mention, she'll make you like her one way or the other.


She's 100%, happily taken and doesn't have eyes for anyone else.


This category is bound to be small, because it's really hard for Haebitna to dislike you enough to consider you her enemy. For anyone who may consider HER an enemy, there's a big chance she'll never notice and will still think of you as her friend. If she does notice, she will try desperately to figure out why they hate her and get her to like her. There's only one enemy she currently has, which would be her old vocal coach who told her she'd never make it in the idol industry. Also, she may (not admittedly) be a jealous girlfriend. She also doesn't handle being insulted very well due to her old vocal coach, so while you won't be considered an enemy, she won't be all smiles around you.


I'm open to all kinds of things!! Fan meetings, a crazy fan who attacks her, stalker fans, even other celebrities who either want to befriend her or maybe throw out insults to get her insecurity to pop back up again. I'd also LOVE to have that vocal coach pop up, because she played a huge impact in Hae's insecurity issues.
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 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 04:55 PM
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accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

Haebitna is such a sweetheart. I love how you've adapted Rapunzel to this universe- from her parents being idols instead of royalty to the way you adapted Gothel and her abuse to the choice of her name. It's all creative and fun, and you bring such light and joy to this character. I can't wait to see this little sunshine around on site.

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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