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» HAENA//ROSEGOLD, Princess Rapunzel//Tangled
haebitna baek
 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 02:14 AM
haebitna baek

@HaeRose: Thank you everyone for Mani's concern. As leader, it's my responsibility to make sure she is being taken care of and I'm going to make sure she stays that way. ❤️

CM Entertainment
May 23, 1998


Painting | Singing | Dancing/Ballet | Reading | Playing Guitar | Sewing | Stretching/Exercise | Chess | Puzzles | Baking | Volunteering | Communicating with fans | Hanging out with Makoto/Anything with Makoto


Adventure | Sunlight | Spring | Music | Animals (Bunnies and Ducks in particular) | Books | Her Hair | Astronomy | Friends/Family | Summer/Spring | Her fans | Making people smile | People in general | Smiling faces | Candy | Sweets | Sugar | Makoto. And even more Makoto. Just mention his name about 5 more times.


Liars | Selfishness | Being limited | Wearing shoes | Bickering/Fighting | Insults | The Dark | Rain | Winter | Being told she "won't get anywhere"

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Skype: dessyhope98/PM
Haebitna Baek


Haebitna is the cute and adorable leader, and one of the vocal singers of ROSEGOLD. She is a cinnamon roll and a complete sweetheart who always brightens an area with positivism and optimism. She's a giant people person who has always been better off being around others instead of by herself. She lives to make people happy - to make them smile, to see them smile, to put smiles on as many people's faces as she possibly can. She's completely selfless and would drop her own needs and her own issues to help a friend who needed it, because they're far more important than she is. This sweet, cute personality of hers is what earned her some popularity with the fans of ROSEGOLD.

In general, she just has a very warm and welcoming personality to anybody who meets her. She's kind and very soft-hearted, known to volunteer for all different kinds of charities, or shelters, or anything else she could volunteer for. She'll go out of her way to help someone or a friend in need, and definitely cares a lot about her fans more than most celebrities would. She's outgoing and very energetic - bubbly and giggly and all around very full of energy, which is one of the qualities that gives her the "cute" vibe. That, and she has a bit of innocence. Not naivety type innocence, but more so she'll get flustered if the topic of boys come up, or anything related in the "sexual" department and is very adamant on not doing anything she knows she's not supposed to do. She can also sometimes show signs of shyness, depending on the subject matter, but most of the time is very outgoing and lively. On the other hand, she's very curious - she's known to ask tons of questions, most of them being very innocent, specifically because she wants to learn more and she likes to learn more.

She's smart - she made good grades in school, and she learns things pretty quick. She's also highly determined in following her dreams, or her passions, and especially about proving people wrong when they doubt her due to being doubted by an old vocal teacher of hers. She very much believes in wanting to do what's right, no matter the circumstance or the situation, even if she gets bad press for it. She refuses to sit there and allow wrong to happen - not when she's around to prevent it. She's very courageous, often to the point it could be considered "dangerous" but she's never got put into any major danger for it so far. She's very compassionate, and very sympathetic to other's feelings, and that's where the "selflessness" part comes in. It doesn't matter how hurt or angry she is, when it comes to a friend (especially her ROSEGOLD girls or her boyfriend), they're number one priority.

Another thing to not is she loves adventure. She loves exploring, she loves travelling, she loves going to places that she's never been to before. It's always an excitement getting to explore new areas she's never got to before. She's also a bit... clumsy. Not overly so, but there'll be an occasional trip over air, but her clumsiness comes off as more of an adorable trait than it does an annoyance or a turn-off. It adds to her charm.

Despite all of this, Haebitna has some low-key lingering self-doubt in the back of her mind. She manages to keep it at bay for the most part, but occasionally it'll slip out and hit her hard and she becomes insecure and doubts herself very much. Even then she can handle herself pretty well under stress due to the fact her vocal coach was relentless, but even under stress it can sometimes pop back out and affect her. Especially with being the leader of ROSEGOLD and having a lot of expectations over the "new girl group" with the failure of Baby Girlz. Expectations are high, and she knows this, and she knows they also have to compete against Delilah, who's making a comeback at the same time as their debut. They can't fail the debut or their dreams are over.

When that self-doubt pops up, it normally takes her cousin and best friend Anna and the other ROSEGOLD girls to push it back down again with some comforting words about how she is good enough. Sometimes she'll even seek the help of newly appointed boyfriend, Makota Naegi, of SHINY SHINY. Despite the low-key self-doubt - she's definitely the best person to represent and lead the newest girl group and show everyone that they got it. And got it they did.

On stage, she takes on more of a flirtatious personalty. Little winks here and there, charming smiles, subtle flirtatious moments but nothing too over the top while bringing her cute personality into it. Off stage, and in interviews, she's just an adorable little sweetheart who has the most selfless heart you could possibly imagine.


Haebitna Baek was born from two musical prodigies - her mother, Eun-Jae, a gorgeous powerhouse who had a heart of gold and was always charitable, and Deok-Su, her father, who was a charismatic and deep-toned protective husband, and eventually father. They were a popular duet back in the older days, well-known for not only their singing or their adorable interactions on the stage and off the stage, or the love they clearly had for each other - but because they were both friendly folks. They cared about each other and deeply cared about their fans, and it became well-known that they would go out of there way to do charity events, and donate, and volunteer, not for publicity but because they were just that good of people. They were well-loved (and sometimes hated) by a large number of fans.

They traveled around both Korea and the United States as a duet for quite a few years, coming out with a handful of albums and each one being better than the last. They continued making music and going on tours for a few more years before they had made a pretty big announcement; they were taking a few years break. But the "big" part wasn't the break, it was why they were taking the break. Eun-Jae was pregnant with their first, and eventually only, child. The press, the paparazzi, and the fans went nuts. Some of them have only been waiting for this day for forever. Eun-Jae herself knew she wanted a child some day, they were just waiting for the right moment. That moment was now. So, with one final tour, they started their break to enjoy the first few years of parenthood.

They kept the fans updated, of course - the one's who continued to follow them with magazines and newspapers even while they were on break, and they were given pictures as the baby bump grew and updates on how the baby was going, even telling all of the fans the gender once it was revealed. Which, by the way, they were having a precious baby girl. They still went on a few talks shows for updates and to answer questions, even asking for fans opinions on names and they had finally settled with Haebitna, which meant "sunshine". The fans were as supportive as ever, and many of them were thoroughly excited to see this precious baby girl of theirs. The pregnancy had went very well up until it was time for her to go into labor.

There were some... complications. Eun-Jae was having a hard time in labor, and even as they tried to get her to push to get little Haebitna out, it wasn't work. The umbilical cord had wrapped itself around Haebitna's neck, and pushing only tightened it. She was slowly choking, so in order to be able to save Haebitna and make the birth a little bit easier on Eun-Jae, they had to have an immediate emergency section. They couldn't wait for the medicine to take any effect, either, because if the baby didn't come out now, they would lose their daughter. Deok-Su had left the room to allow them to do the procedure, being comforted by his brother-in-law (Eun-Jae's brother) and his wife who already had a daughter of their own that was a few years older than Haebitna would be. The fans became worried, as well, sending out prayers and wishing that both his wife and daughter came out of this safely.

The procedure went well. Haebitna was safe, and she had strong vocal cords. That first sound of crying and Deok-Su ran into the room to see his little girl was alive. Eun-Jae was doing well, too. She'd have to be careful for a while because of the c-section, but other than that, both mother and baby were healthy. Fans immediately had started demanding pictures, and once they were relaxed and comfortable at home, the first picture of Haebitna made it's over the magazines and the news. The world immediately fell in love, and they followed the new parents and the baby for years to come.

They stayed on break for the first few years of Haebitna's life so they could be around. They waited until Haebitna started her first year of school before they made a comeback, and make a comeback they did. Haebitna didn't get to see her parents too often, but they always called her before and after every show, and she always got a special little shout out during each show to her from her parents. Schoolmates knew her as "that famous duet couple's daughter", but she wasn't bothered by it. Being left by babysitters, most commonly being her Aunt and Uncle and older cousin, anytime her parents show was on the TV it was the one time she was allowed to stay up past bed-time, in her little nightgown and hugging her little stuffed animal, just so she could hear that special little shout out, or sometimes song, that was just for her. Then she'd get all giggly and start clapping excitedly, right before she was rushed off to bed.

Her childhood was like any normal childhood, adding the fact that she had pretty famous parents. She went through school, she did her studies, her parents contacted her often and even came home to spend holidays with her if they were on tour, and taking a few months break in-between each tour to spend time with her before they started another. Her oldest cousin didn't talk with her much, but she had play-dates with her younger cousin quite often. She was two years older than her, Anna being born when she was only two years old, but they bonded and became pretty close and were in school together, and they hung out every chance they got. Sometimes they would stay up at night together to watch her parents (Anna's Aunt and Uncle)'s live shows together, and both of them waited for that special shout-out to Haebitna.

Haebitna grew to be a smart girl, making good grades in her classes and often taking several extracurricular activities (by choice - her parents refused to force her into anything because they would support whatever she wanted to do). She showed a talent in the Arts in particular, having a very Artistic mind and being pretty good at painting, and eventually showing an inherited talent in Musical arts (that we'll discuss later). Her parents hired a special English tutor to teach her English, if she wanted to learn of course, like they did. So she could speak it and also understand their US shows. Of course she eagerly wanted to learn - she was a curious little girl who loved learning everything she could. She took little private English lessons from the tutor, and life once again went on as normal. Until a few years later.

Her parents had to end a United States tour early and immediately come home because of a family emergency. Haebitna's Aunt and Uncle died in a boating accident, leaving Anna and her older cousin orphans. Eun-Jae and Deok-Su were the only other living relatives, so they had to rush home to sign some documents to legally adopt the two girls, the girls having no other family yet. Her oldest cousin was a bit older and had different interests in them, and also pushed herself away from the younger girls. Meanwhile, a twelve year old Haebitna was glued to a ten year old Anna's side the entire time, keeping her company and making sure she was okay during this hard time in her life. This just pulled the two girls closer - especially now that they were living together, and they eventually became inseparable.

Haebitna began showing that Musical talent around this time, mostly using the singing in an effort to comfort her cousin. But her parents heard and this made them realize that their little girl could get far if she wanted to go into that because she had a great voice. She ended up being a powerhouse, just like her Mother, but instead of bringing up the idea of pressuring her into it they waited until Haebitna spoke up about it first. And she did. She told them one day that she wanted to go into singing, just like they did, and she wanted to be good at it. Listening to their daughter's wishes, they hired a private tutor for her a few months before they restarted the tour they had ended early, and even hired Anna one, too, if she proved to be interested as well. This was the start of Haebitna's (rough) vocal training.

Her vocal coach was... bitter, to say the least. She was insanely jealous not only over Haebitna herself, but also over her parents. Her parents were perfect, and well-loved, and famous, and sounded great together, and she was stuck being a stupid vocal coach because she couldn't get signed. She auditioned, thousands of times - she just wasn't "good enough". Now that their daughter proved to have a beautiful voice, definitely better than hers, this just caused the jealously to flare bigger. Because of that, she was relentless on Haebitna. She came down hard, and she worked her even harder, and even though Haebitna was good - her vocal coach would tell her otherwise.

The emotional abuse started out strong, and only ended up getting stronger. Haebitna was trained for hours, and even though she practiced, and practiced, and practiced, her vocal coach didn't think it was good enough. She was too soft. She was too high. She was too loud. Her voice was annoying. Her voice was bad. She'd never make it anywhere if she didn't try harder. But she tried, really, she did. Her vocal coach just... could never be satisfied, no matter what Haebitna did. Rigorous vocal training to the point she'd wear her voice out, then lectured on how "her voice wasn't right" that day. She was only twelve - she couldn't be expected to improve just overnight, could she? This was causing some very obvious signs of self-doubt to enter her mind. She couldn't do it. She wanted to do it, she did - she wanted to sing on stage and make people happy. But she couldn't. She wasn't good enough.

As Haebitna got older, and her voice got stronger, the emotional abuse only got worse. She needed to wear the girl down now before she thought about auditioning. If she convinced the girl she wouldn't make it, then she wouldn't try out, and she wouldn't get anywhere. The more self-doubt Haebitna felt, the more satisfied her vocal coach got. "You're too ditzy, no one wants an idol that's ditzy." "Dear, you're clumsy. How do you expect to be liked when you trip over your own two feet?" "You're getting kind of chubby. Chubby girls don't make it past auditions. You're not... pretty enough." These were just few of those words Haebitna got on a daily basis, and she eventually started believing that... she wasn't good. She'd never make it, so there was no point in taking the vocal lessons.

Her cousin seemed to notice how awful her vocal coach was, and often would drag her away from practice not only to give her cousin a break, but also to talk about what she was doing and why Haebitna looked so... down. It took awhile before she admitted that she was deciding to quit the vocal training because she just wasn't good enough. Or pretty enough. She wouldn't make it far. Her cousin assured her that she was perfect, and she was beautiful, and her voice was amazing and she'd definitely make it... but the damage was already done. Anna kept trying to convince her, but her mind was already made up and she ended up making a phone call to her parents to tell them that... well... she was quitting. She'd... find something else to do. Find other talents. If she had any other talents.

Her parents were having none of it.

As soon as she told them she was quitting, and told them why, they were all too quick to fire that vocal coach, and told her that if she really wanted to quit she could, but asked her to try training with Anna and her vocal coach first. Haebitna promised her parents she'd try before she settled down on quitting. So try she did, settling down into vocal lessons with Anna and her teacher.

It was better than with her previous vocal coach. But the mental damage was already done, so no matter the reassuring words, or the words of encouragement, it wasn't doing anything to help her. She was told she had the voice, she had the look, she had the personality, but she was already convinced that she wouldn't get far. So any words of encouragement were... useless. She'd thanked them for it, appreciated that they were trying, but... the damage was too far done already to really help anything. But she went through the vocal training anyway, at least to not disappoint her parents that she quit because she thought she "wasn't good enough".

She continued the training up until she was fourteen. Anna was twelve at the time, and her younger cousin had came up to her with big news about an audition CM Entertainment was having. She wanted to audition. She wanted both of them to audition. But Haebitna... wasn't sure. Despite having been practicing early for years, she was still convinced she wouldn't make it. Anna would. Anna was perfect, she'd be the first to make it. Haebitna would not. She denied going to the audition, and kept denying over and over again when Anna would bring it back up because there was no point. She wouldn't make it. It took force from her cousin to get Haebitna to audition, and even then she still tried to back out until she was pushed up on stage.

Now this was a dilemma. She didn't want to audition and not make it, but she wasn't going to back out when she was already on the stage. She had to just... suck it up. If she didn't make it, then she could at least say that she tried, right? So she inhaled, took a few nervous breaths, and got her nerves in control enough to actually sing. And then that was it.

She got in. It helped that they knew she was the daughter of a popular duet couple, who by this point had done one final show before deciding to retire completely, but it wasn't just that that got her in. She could actually sing, just like Anna, her parents, and everyone else had been telling her. Her old vocal coach was wrong. They loved her, and she got accepted, and guess what? So did Anna. They were becoming trainees together, and Haebitna was... honestly very shocked.

It wasn't too hard to get adjusted to life as a trainee. The dieting was a bit of an issue simply because she liked sweets, but all she had to do was bare with it and afterwards she could eat candy again. She had finished her two years of training, only staying in the program for longer simply because... they didn't know what to do with her just yet. She definitely didn't want to be a solo artist, she was not good enough for that. If anything she could become a duet with Anna - but they were waiting. So she waited some more years, bearing the training and everything else, waiting for the right moment.

That "right moment" was actually "right people". Her and Anna had became friends with another trainee, Mani, and after a few more years Haebitna and her cousin were paired up with Mani and one other female to form a girl group they called ROSEGOLD. And Haebitna was picked to lead them. Why? She didn't exactly know, but they apparently thought she was fitting and a good person to lead and represent ROSEGOLD, so she can became their loving leader. Haebitna still doesn't think she's much of a good leader, that self-doubt and insecurity still present in the very back of her mind and sometimes popping back out, but she was here and she was leading them, and she was going to try and lead them into big things.

It was intimidating first coming into the group as a leader. They scared her a bit - all three girls were obviously better than her, why she was paired with them she had no clue, but she grew used to the role and to the group of girls she now calls friends. Now, they were about to make their very first debut and the pressure was high. A rival group called DELILAH were making a comeback at the same time, so they had to be better than them if they wanted to get far, and Haebitna was determined to make sure they did get far. It was all of their dreams, after all.

Recently, it just came out that Haebitna is dating Hope from SHINY SHINY. They had met before because they were in the same company, but they were both chosen to teach some vocals to a couple trainees together. They were given a simple duet to learn in a day to sing for the trainees to demonstrate to them the vocals of a duet, and after all the time they spent working with the trainees, and that little one on one session, for the duet, Hope (or Makoto as she now calls him) asked her on a date. The date had went well, so they became a couple. They tried to hide it for a bit, but paparazzi figured it out and after a few picture snaps and some rumors it became huge news. They got a bunch of positive press because fans loved them together, and the company didn't object because it gave them free advertising, and the positive press was a good thing. So they had finally both came out about it, announcing that these "rumors" were indeed true and that she was in a public relationship with Hope.

Now, they've been gaining some fans, and with Hope and SHINY SHINY backing them up, ST*R are backing them up, and her parents backing ROSEGOLD hard, they were ready to kill this. Her self-doubt tends to pop up every now and then, and she still doesn't think she's as good as people make her out to be, but all it takes some moral support from either her boyfriend or the other ROSEGOLD girls, her friends, and she's back up on her feet. Even though she's one of the much younger leaders, she tries her best to be a good leader and lead this group strong and into success.

DELILAH better be ready, because ROSEGOLD was coming and they were coming in strong.



Name: "Haebitna" means "sunshine", which is exactly what she is a perfect representation of. "Baek" is simply taken from Anna's last name, who's her cousin, so it wasn't too far off for the two have the same last name. Her stage name, "Haena", is literally just a combination of the first part of her name (Hae) and the ending (na) because it sounded cute and she's also unoriginal. xD

Position: Okay, look. She'd be, like, the perfect leader? She's bubbly, she's a sweetheart, she's cute, she's a cupcake - she's exactly the type of person you'd want representing your girl group. And as for vocal, she had a beautiful voice in the movie so it's not doubt that she can sing and she's a fucking powerhouse because, well, her face claim is Hyorin.

Blood Type/Height/Weight: Her blood type was never exactly stated canonically, so I just went with it. It's "AB" because her and Anna are related, and Anna has "B" blood. So it made sense that if she wasn't a "B" herself, she'd at least have "B" blood in there. So that's how "AB" happened. Her height is just because I wanted her to be a cute shorty (like me) and her weight is just similar to mine.

Birthday: Kind of just made up, because she never had one in canon. I wanted her to be a Gemini baby (because sun sign for the win), so that's what I went with.

Face Claim: Okay, her face claim is Hyorin because she's completely adorable. She's also the lead singer in a girl group, and is a powerhouse, and she's just so precious that I thought she fit perfectly.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Lol, so, like, literally, 90% of her hobbies and likes all came from the song "When Will My Life Begin". Like, no joke. Literally 90% of it. Her dislikes are just small things here and there throughout the movie that she seemed to hate, or that I thought fit her personality.


Personality: Everything about her personality I pretty much took from canon. She was bubbly and hyper, she was adorable, she had that small bit of innocence and was a bit clumsy, all of that from what I gathered from canon. I also added in that she has a little bit of low-key self-doubt, due to Mother Gothel's emotional abuse in canon and due to her vocal teacher's rigorous vocal training and constantly telling her she "wasn't good enough".

History: "Eun-Jae" is her Mother's name, "Eun" meaning "kindness, mercy, charity", which is very fitting because she was a kind and charitable woman in canon, and "Jae" meaning "talent, ability", which is also fitting because she was a talented singer. "Deok-Su" is her Father's name, "Deok" meaning "virtue, ethics, morality", and "Su" meaning "to defend, to protect, to guard", which fits well because in canon he wanted nothing more than to protect his daughter. I made her parents a very popular duet to mirror the fact that they were royalty in canon. Instead of being royalty in this verse, they are just very popular and well-known. I wanted to keep the complications during labor in there, only since there's no magic flower to save them, I made it to where Haebitna was the one in risk of dying instead of both Haebitna and her Mother. The "magic flower" is an emergency c-section.

Anna is her cousin specifically because of the fact her spirit is Princess Anna from Frozen, and we were going with the popular fan theory of them being cousins. She's smart and a fast learner simply because of the fact in canon, despite her naivety, she was actually an intelligent girl who learned and picked up on things quickly (such as towards the ending when she immediately put all of the clues together that she was kidnapped). The death of her Aunt and Uncle and Anna being legally adopted by her parents and her sister is taken from Zee's Anna app and also from canon (Anna's canon, not Hae's).

Okay, so, there's no doubt 'Punz can sing in canon, so it wasn't hard to translate that into wanting to become an idol on here. Instead of being kidnapped like she was in canon, in this verse, "Gothel" was just a very jealous vocal coach who was bitter that a small child sounded better than she did and decided to wear her down with emotional abuse. Obviously - it worked. It makes sense for her to feel some insecurities because of the emotional abuse, and even though her family supported her, the damage was still already done. Some of the words used from her vocal coach is the same words used in the "Mother Knows Best" song. "Ditzy", "Clumsy", "Getting kind of chubby", so I worked with that.

Her "I see the light" moment was the audition for CM Entertainment, and just like in the movie when she was hesitant about leaving the tower, she was hesitant about auditioning. But she did, and once she did, it was amazing. I made her the leader because of her personality and the way she was in the movie. She's exactly the kind of person you'd want to represent your group, so she was the perfect person to be the leader. Haebitna being in a relationship with Hope is just because they're me and Zee's own little ship. xD


This is Haebitna, or Haena by fans, the adorable cupcake leader and main vocal of brand new girl group ROSEGOLD! She's a literal sunshine with a big heart, and cuteness to match. She's as sweet as she is adorable and is an energetic girl who loves her fans, friends, and people in general. Progeny of the famous duet couple, Eun-Jae, and Deok-Su, and taking into account she's leading a brand new girl group for CM after years of not having one, the expectations are high over her head. But that doesn't stop her from being her cute little self! Her adorable personality and sweet nature earned her quite a few fans in ROSEGOLD, and makes her a good representative for CM.


Haebitna is a friendly soul who's a very good friend to have. She'll go out of her way for her friends, dropping her own needs to help them, and is also there when they need her. Her best friend is her cousin Anna, but Mani and the other girl in ROSEGOLD are definitely close seconds. She's bound to have a lot of friends in this category, because it's really hard to show hate or dislike for the girl. Not to mention, she'll make you like her one way or the other.


She's 100%, happily taken and doesn't have eyes for anyone else. Publicly, she's dating Makoto Naegi. Behind-the-scenes are... complicated, and she won't talk about it. So don't ask. Please.


This category is bound to be small, because it's really hard for Haebitna to dislike you enough to consider you her enemy. For anyone who may consider HER an enemy, there's a big chance she'll never notice and will still think of you as her friend. If she does notice, she will try desperately to figure out why they hate her and get her to like her. There's only one enemy she currently has, which would be her old vocal coach who told her she'd never make it in the idol industry. Also, she may (not admittedly) dislike any fans/girls in general who very obviously show an interest/flirt with Makoto, because she is very much the subtle jealous type. She also doesn't handle being insulted very well due to her old vocal coach, so while you won't be considered an enemy, she won't be all smiles around you.


I'm open to all kinds of things!! Fan meetings, a crazy fan who attacks her, stalker fans, even other celebrities who either want to befriend her or maybe throw out insults to get her insecurity to pop back up again. I'd also LOVE to have that vocal coach pop up, because she played a huge impact in Hae's insecurity issues.
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 04:55 PM

@queenzee: pumpkin spice pumpkin spice pumPKIN SPI C E

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

Haebitna is such a sweetheart. I love how you've adapted Rapunzel to this universe- from her parents being idols instead of royalty to the way you adapted Gothel and her abuse to the choice of her name. It's all creative and fun, and you bring such light and joy to this character. I can't wait to see this little sunshine around on site.

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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