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» jaemin kim // cm entertainment, uraraka ochako from my hero academia
jaemin kim
 Posted: Jul 1 2017, 05:51 PM
jaemin kim

@jaeminkim: haena looks so pretty and mani is jawdropping and suki couldn't be any more flawless and anna is gorgeous i'm so proud i could cry

cm entertainment [staff]
manager of rosegold
o+, 191 cm, 69 kg
june 23, 1994


fighting, sleeping, texting zhihao, buying gifts for other people, checking his bank balance, taking photos, staring at screens blankly, being tall, helping


sealight conspiracy videos, fashion, singing, judo, being tall, worrying, zhihao, zhihao being healthy, heeled shoes, high quality videos of ss + rg


being called gullible even though he is, lack of organization, being written off, being seen as weak or incapable, slow wifi, all insects, ginger tea

Player Name:


Other Characters:

jianyi li (slrec, leader/vocal of delilah), jinsoo ahn (cment, vocal of st*r), hana baek (media, idol!gee reporter), jihyun kim (leader/vocal of d*cht)


y'all know
jaemin kim
jaemin kim


january 12. daegu, south korea.
age: 8. current concern: money.

what i'm worried about:

money has always been a concern.

his father owns a small liquor store in the winding streets of daegu. the location isn't ideal and neither is the shop itself, a run-down little thing with cluttered shelves and crooked aisles, and not in the charming way that people tend to think of when they imagine old shops, all warmly lit and wooden. in one of the sinks there's rust in the water and sometimes he swears he can hear mice. spiders spin their webs behind the shelves of liquor and bottles are covered in dust that finds its way behind the paper tags, which come out of a device that looks like a handheld gun but eats up paper and spits out shiny white material that looks like plastic. but his father is happy and his mother smiles as they work and maybe it's okay, after all, he thinks at first.

he spends the first part of his life there, tucked into the back of the shop near the broken screen door that leads to the back-back of the store where there's litter and dead leaves and grime coating the ground. insects crawl and black sludge things glop but he feels safe, his father's coat wrapped around him and nearly drowning him as he watches cartoons on the small TV his dad brought from home to the store. he can hear her father joking with the customers (he always, always remembers their names, even if this is their second time here) and his mother stocks shelves as she hums old songs. some customers are dangerous, hard to reason with, though, and while his father's placating tones sound out from far away, his mother wraps him into a jacket and calls him to go to the back, where he stands staring at nothing but beer bottles and grime until the customer leaves and his father's mopping up the remains of...something that looks golden and bubbles.

his sister is always at her friend's house, working on a project. his sister is exactly four years older than him (imagine that! they're born on the same day) and they don't really talk, even though she sometimes pats his head and he tells her that he'll protect her as she snorts at the thought and pats his face in a condescending manner.

it occurs to him that they're poor, or some variant of that, sometimes, but then he thinks that he's not being clever. he always has had enough to eat and his mom always has a little bit more money for snacks (though she never buys any and instead spends it on clothing instead of hand-me-downs being the only things in his closet, because he's not big enough to wear his dad's things but he's growing out of the age where it's deemed "okay" for him to wear his sister's, which makes him pout a little internally) and he's given books and clothes and whatnot (but never toys).

as he grows up, he hears his parents talking about money in low, frantic whispers in the kitchen. his fathers hands are dotted with scars and raw, red wounds when he comes home from work. his mother's palms are coarse and tough from work. when he goes to school, there's a prompt on the table: draw what you want when you're older or draw what makes you feel happy. he doodles golden coins and glittering stacks of printed money, and while his classmates call him greedy and stupid behind his back or laugh obnoxiously at his drawings, eight-year-old jaemin frowns at his paper and tears it up.
november 20. daegu, south korea.
age: 13. current concern: marriage.

what i'm worried about:
mom & dad's marriage (divorce?), eunhye, my studies

he starts getting pushed into classes as a kid. his mom saves and scrimps for him and her sister (eunhye, who insists she's prettier than him unless he lets her put makeup on him, who is smarter and more popular and charismatic. he plays games with eunhye and follows her around like a lovelorn puppy and always lets eunhye play the video games that they borrow from their (read: eunhye's) friends as he watches, watches, watches.) to go to these math classes, ballet classes, hip-hop, vocal coaching from a friend that used to be a piano teacher. jaemin is apparently smart, skilled in various fields of music, and he excels at almost everything that they throw at him, and in two years, he's ushered into the same class as his sister (four years older than him, four years precisely!) and beams at his sister as they sit side-by-side. she doesn't smile back. when they get home, she ignores him.

his mother finds out about a special program for musically gifted kids, where specialists come and talk to them and gauge their ability, choosing the most talented to come and enter their tutelage. jaemin doesn't really want to audition but his mother urges her to and talks about his dad and how he works so hard and maybe if he works hard too, he'll get a scholarship and his dad won't have to come home with angry lines near his mouth because there were drunk customers or crazy ones or ones that threatened him with violence and jaemin gives.

(he always will.)

he passes the assessment, and starts classes the following week.

his friends, of course, are appropriately envious and playful at once. right, his friends. They're an athletic bunch, quiet and sort of studious at the same time, and extremely popular even though he isn't. they love talking about books, for some inane question-has he talked about how much he loves reading yet? he devours books like a monster-and some of them talk jokingly about girls and they all care about each other. he's on the quieter side but everyone smiles at him and they trade food at lunch. they tease him and call him a bookworm and a nerd and a flower boy and a loser who's only good for singing in jest, and they talk about tv shows and interesting singers.

but...they don't really talk to him, that much. he starts to talk a lot of times and they breeze right over him, not paying attention to what he has to say. he turns more and more quiet because of that, locked inside of a shell, and turns to focus on his studies. but he's not motivated, any more. the numbers and notes and notations and paces swim in his vision idly and it's suddenly all of his life.

it is during this period that jaemin develops what people like to call ambition, and talent. jaemin has never felt anything as intensely lonely as what they call potential, and it sinks into his skin. he thinks, once, staring at the mirror of the practice room where he's supposed to be dancing, that he would rather do this for his entire life only because he knows that he's good at it. and then maybe then people will care about him, right?

because his father never looks at him twice, now, and his mother only talks to him about more classes, and his sister has only been spitting insults at him, swearing and calling him useless and garbage and utter scum and saying that he should have never been born. it hurts, but the only time that he brings it up to their mother, attempting to insert it casually, his sister apologizes at their mother's command. and then, at night in their shared room, she pulls him close and backhands him so hard that he falls to the floor and his head spins.

that night, in their shared bedroom, his mother closes the door behind him as she slips out. he pretends to be asleep. it must be late, extremely so-anywhere from one in the morning to four in the morning. she must have been out helping his dad at work. she sets to getting ready for bed, and his eyes twitch behind his eyelids. he hopes she doesn't notice. the footfall of her steps grows louder as she approaches. his heart seizes as she comes closer, and then her lips gently press against his forehead.

goodnight, she tells him carefully, and then moves to turn off the light and lay down. in a couple of minutes, her soft snoring is audible. jaemin opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling. he feels bad for snapping at her when he does. it's...he shouldn't think about it too much. he wonders if his dad feels bad about when he snaps at her.

he wonders if they know that he hears them, when he can't fall asleep, too much weighing in his mind. he wonders if they can hear themselves talking about money and stress and how his mother can't possibly understand the mind of a man and how she's so stupid, about how his father has pulled off twenty hour days of work for their small business. he hears them cry. he hears them count money in quiet tones, as if the amount will grow larger if they look hard enough. his mother says his father's name, very, very quietly, at the end of most nights. there's no reply. they've started sleeping in separate rooms since the fall of two years ago.

his father's wedding ring doesn't fit on his ring finger any more. his mother went to get it fixed last week, but no one's picked it up yet from the corner store. jaemin goes himself, after school, telling eunhye he's walking home with friends. he runs to the store sweaty and flushed, showing the man the card that he stole from his mother. he comes home with a drab tan ring box in his hand, and he leaves it on the kitchen table for his father to find and wear when he gets home. it sits there for a week, and a month after, he finds it hidden in the fine china cabinet. he opens the box, just to see whether the ring's there or not, and he finds the little slip of gold inside of it. jaemin doesn't look again after that.
july 1. daegu, south korea.
age: 15. current concern: idol industry.

what i'm worried about:
debut, eunhye, clothing.

his sister's moved out for her college education. he's not really bothered. she told them that she would come back for some of the clothes that she left sometime in december during holiday break, and they had all agreed, sending her off with teary eyes and a half-hearted smile on his part. she waved. she didn't look back.

eunhye and him are...complicated. they don't talk. she hits him and screams at him and then vies for his attention when no one else will talk to her. she's childish, he thinks absently, picking at his nails. the type of bratty that seems perfect on the outside but will turn vicious at the flip of a coin. he loves her, because he has to, because he still wants her affection after being denied it for the longest time. it starts as a desire, a simple "hey, pay attention to me". and then it's a quiet, simple realization that oh, she doesn't love me.

she doesn't think of me as a brother the way i love her as my sister.

and then, hesitantly, a quiet, insecure thought-

it's because there's nothing to love about me.

here is the thing: jaemin's wants and desires are simple enough on their own. he wants cake on sundays, to quote his favorite authors without sounding weird, and to ace his judo class. he likes summer rain and suede skirts and sweet things and sweet people, likes being cuddled and pet as if he were a cat. he likes stressing over the small things so he won't worry about the bigger issues because if he takes care of the tiny flaws, they won't become bigger problems.

here is another thing: jaemin is an incredibly complex human being, he likes to entertain. he feels incredibly self-conscious about everything. he used to have a mild case of keratosis as a child and stressed over the tiny bumps on his skin. his mother, whose vision was fading, bathed him when he was younger. she mistook the bumps for dirt, and tried to scrub his own skin off of him, hitting him when he shrunk away from the painful touch. he was heard talking about his classes shyly as a class from a classmate, and during "sharing time" in the class, the classmate called jaemin conceited and self-absorbed, bragging about his accomplishments.

one last, very important thing on this three-thing list: if you ask someone else, they'll tell you jaemin is a masochist for verbal abuse. here is the other thing that they'll tell you, if you ask them: it's because it satisfies him, being told that people think of him the same way that he sees himself. if you ask him, he'll deny it.

also, if you can count it, he likes making lists. he says that it helps him internalize his feelings and inner rage. his family will tell you that he's trying to be dramatic. he agrees, half of the time.

when his sister leaves, nothing really changes. their lives have grown separate from each other even in the same house. in a day, they'll be lucky if they interact for more than ten minutes with the other. they don't eat at the same times. their interaction is based on bumping into each other in the small corners of the house without a glance to the other, and saying "get out of my way". he is, however, required to box up her clothes for her and sort out what's in her size and what's not.

it starts as a thought as he folds a dark, simple pleated skirt over his arm, a simple passing idea of hey, this would look good on me.

he ignores it, of course, startling because where did that thought come from?

he packs away the boxes and slides the extras in her room, and continues on with his life. it's a little late, because he got denied on the previous years, but he'll be auditioning the next week. persistence has always been a strong point of his-he's optimistic about everything unless it's entirely focused around him. he practices his vocals in the empty, dusty rooms at school pretending to be studying until he gets interrupted by the custodian and hurried out immediately, bowing and making his apologies though his smile is anything but apologetic.

when he's about to audition, he grabs something from under his bed which he assumes with a glance is probably one of his jackets, but instead his fingers grasp lacy, crocheted black fabric that's in the shape of a blouse, and he stares at it for a second. it takes him approximately a minute to find himself tugging it over his head on impulse, and then he glances in the bathroom mirror-coincidentally across from his room and with the door open-and the thought passes his mind, pleased. oh, i do look nice.

he doesn't wear it to the audition.


there is no audition for him. he gives up his spot for a frazzled, breathless male who bursts through the doors fifteen minutes late, switching pins. the other stares at him like he's given him the stars in the palm of his hands. jaemin smiles, and then he looks down at the completed forms in his hands and throws them in the recycling bin on his way out.

he would have never been able to do it anyways, he tells himself, the slowly budding flower of bitterness inside of his chest failing to wilt and fall away. he shouldn't have done that, but he can't change the past. the other person just looked-they looked like they could inspire someone else. jaemin's always been weak for people who look larger than life. that's part of why he wanted to become an idol, a small, greedy part of himself wanting to be in the spotlight and be admired for once. the other part just wants money-he knows that the company pays for the dorm and living costs at first (which idols have to pay off, of course, which takes them approximately four years since debut) and that popularity dictates pay, not necessarily professionalism. still, having his parents not worry about the cost of living...

and all that time of training put to waste. he supposes he can look for another, more stable job, he thinks, walking home. he pauses to sit down on a wooden bench, feeling inexplicably tired. he's exhausted, for some reason, though he did nothing at all.

he can't go again, he thinks, quietly. his parents were hesitant to let him go after this dream in the first place, this specific dream of being an idol-they wanted him to be a musician, or a dancer, or a local entertainer, not an idol. he'll get a job. he needs to.

he plays with the fringe of his sister's blouse and closes his eyes. maybe if he falls asleep now, he'll wake up somewhere else as a totally new person. he certainly feels disconnected enough for it. maybe later he'll feel more when his parents yell at him for "failing" his audition again, ripping the fabric off of his shoulders. for now, all he wants to do is pretend the day away.
june 11. seoul, south korea.
age: 23. current concern: rosegold debut.

what i'm worried about:
mitsuki, mani, haena, anna, money, mitsuki.

jaemin hasn't slept in three days.

he's aware that he looks fine, which is half in part thanks to the stylists, who spent half as much time as they did on the rest of the girls on him, which is still a ridiculous amount of time and he reminded himself to buy them all flowers and chocolates (or at least all of them minus sohye, because she was lactose intolerant and he needed to pick up some butterscotch candies for her).

he's sold ridiculous amounts of the same info (painstakingly checking that the info was as harmless as it could be but info nonetheless). he's triple-checked that rosegold is doing well, is streaming their music video, and has actually convinced ninety percent of his family to order rosegold's album. he has memorized important and influential figures in rosegold's immediate social circles, has a list of idols and essential facts down in his head. mitsuki's vitals are written in faded pen in his palm, and he can recite her medical record in his sleep. he has a notebook about her health issues and what medications she should take and a list of doctors he should contact should anything happen hidden in his locked drawer, and he's texted zhihao, like, once in the past few days.

he has six notebooks full of sealight analysis open on his bed, plus his laptop (which has crashed multiple times to his dismay, though he's paranoid enough that he's saved everything on there) running, full of the latest idol!gee scandals and alphabetized and categorized under which types of scandals they like the most. his phone is dead, battery crushed underneath all the calls and tweets he had gotten (and since when did fans get his twitter? probably when he leaked that saesang info to that client, fuck, he needed to fix that asap, though it wasn't anything too damaging).

he's absolutely fucking tired and he hasn't really done anything yet. on the brighter side, he's been paid more than usual since rosegold's debut and his mom has finally gotten off of his case, though he has a feeling that she's going to call again to ask for more money. he doesn't have more money. he's been practically living off of cheap food for the last few days and a prayer.

he needs to correct mani's political correctness because if she goes off another time, he's going to actually cry because he agrees but that's not the point. if anna talks about another boy, he's actually going to keel over. haena is beautiful and he needs to hang more mirrors around the dorm to be reminded of that fact. mitsuki...


he needs to make sure she's okay. would it be too odd to call her at...

what time is it now?

oh. it's three in the morning. four days without sleep, then.

fuck, his vision's blacking out again, he needs to check on their preorder sales and verify their schedule-

well, sleep can't hurt. but just this once.


uraraka is an incredibly multifaceted character. she's open and friendly, as is jaemin, a cheerful, upbeat character to others, especially her classmates. however, that's not all she is. fiercely competitive and not wanting others to underestimate her, uraraka is highly ambitious and works to become a better hero (in her canon) and to become someone worthy of standing next to her peers, despite not being the most capable or threatening in her class. she wants to get to the top on her own merits, not because anyone held back on her because she looks cute or is a girl. she's also shown to have an incredibly intense aura at times, and is physically very capable. she's a moodmaker and worries about others, but is still confident in their abilities. she tries to make things positive, but hides her own insecurities or worries in order to do so, assuring her friends that she's fine while crying as soon as they leave.

i tried to show that jaemin was equally as multifaceted, being generally a bright and cheerful person while also being highly ambitious and regretting past choices where he thinks that he can do better. he's very upbeat and worries a lot about his friends, while also hiding his own issues behind a veneer of cheerfulness. he tries to hide his bitterness and his frustration at being incapable of accomplishing the things that he feels like he should be able to do inside of him. also, that's not to mention their histories. canonically, uraraka becomes a hero to support her family (a form of "selfless selfishness", if you will). here, jaemin wants to become an idol to support his family, having pre-existing skills adapted to the music and entertainment industry, but eventually not making it.

also, in the canon, uraraka asks a professor to transfer points from her entrance exam to another's to admit him to the high school under her request. here, jaemin also allows another person a chance at entrance to the idol industry (in this case, at least) at the cost of his own debut. she also has the tendency to have her reactions be emphasized and seem dramatic, which jaemin also has a penchant for.


meet jaemin kim, who's definitely not related to jihyun kim and another in my habit of making "j-named characters minus hana". he's cheerful and helpful, as well as perpetually stressed and making purposely badly edited sealight conspiracy videos. he loves rosegold, zhihao choi, and sleep-in the reverse order. just kidding, he loves them all. he actually loves pretty much anything. he's also selling mostly/practically useless or harmless info about rosegold to saesang fans for his family's money issues. dating justice from shiny shiny. constantly crying inside because of mitsuki. glued to his phone and super professional on the outside.


friends pls. jaemin has plenty of friends on the surface, being naturally approachable and helpful, if you get over the fact that he's always staring at his phone like it has the secrets of life written on the screen. he's upbeat and cheerful and can spill just as much tea as any other employee at cm entertainment can, and will send you fruit baskets on your birthday.


he's currently dating zhihao choi from shiny shiny, but he accidentally flirts a lot and has a penchant for complimenting everyone constantly, from how they look to how their significant other must be really lucky, and thirsts for physical touch like some people thirst to see their bias's abs.


okay, so what's not to hate? he's hiding the news of mitsuki's sickness from the rest of rosegold, selling info about them to saesang fans, and is keeping his secret boyfriend...secret. pls hate on him. he probably deserves all your hate.


uhh, otherwise? hit me up! i'm down for anything <3
 Posted: Jul 18 2017, 06:35 PM

@queenzee: pumpkin spice pumpkin spice pumPKIN SPI C E

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

Chai, I can never say enough about your writing. The way it flows is like breathing honestly. I love how you've set up this app. By the time I reached the bottom, I wanted to just keep on reading. I wanted him to live forever so I could have more scenes and more beautiful writing and more of Jaemin's beautiful characterization. He's such an in depth and complicated person. You feel for him, even though you know the decisions he's making aren't the best. I, and many others I am sure, are looking forward to reading him and writing with him. He's going to be a perfect addition.

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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