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» ara so-ri bak / assistant/corporate spy, blackarachnia from beast wars
ara so-ri bak
 Posted: Dec 19 2017, 10:52 PM
ara so-ri bak

@arasori: save me from members of ST*R!!!

cw hints of semi creepy behaviour in a relationship, parent death, emotional neglect, but nothing explicit

trainee scheduling assistant at cm entertainment corporate spy for boss
AB / 5'8 / 125 lbs
Birthday (10/07/92)


` reading - mostly non fiction
` solving puzzles
` jewelry making - particularly wire wrapped stones
` working out - part of her routine includes ballet/gymnastics exercises as well as zumba
` worming information out of people
` tinkering with her tablet and laptop
` embroidery/cross stitch


` being in the know/knowing everything
` black lacy clothing
` dressing to impress
` history
` being firmly in control of a situation
` proving that she's right
` outsmarting people
` her privacy
` being treated like a lady from a fairytale


` being outmaneuvered/beaten
` smart ass comments aimed at her
` criticism that she feels is undue
` people who can't keep up with her (unless she's using their lack of a brain for her own ends)
` the fact that thus far she seems to have only dated/attracted men who are either morons or creeps. or both
` when a tinkering project goes wrong
` people snooping around her belongings
` anything overly cutesy

Player Name:


Other Characters:



charlotte ara sori
ara sori bak


THE MASK - thanks to her upbringing, ara is the type of person who keeps her life and interactions with people carefully compartmentalized - work people belong to one set, family (for what that's worth) are in another set, school people in a third and so on and so forth. this does mean that she can be perceived to be many things to many people, depending on situation or what she's after. (as well as a reputation for being fake when she can't keep the various threads of her life from tangling, something she is currently being super careful to keep from happening.) while normally aloof and extremely careful about her privacy, she can act like a charming, chatty extrovert, careful to keep a conversation flowing and making it seem as if she's an active and interested participant in a conversation, no matter how tedious she finds it. as a trainee at boss, she feels this helped secure her a spot in her former girl group and as a mole, ara feels this will help her subtly find out whatever information her boss handler tells her is wanted without making it seem like she's overly nosy. granted while she can slip from a chatty extrovert to a bookish introvert to a flirtatious ingenue and back again, the thing she finds hardest to fake is the overly cute maknae. all her life she's detested the overly cute often times it's been a factor to crack the iron control she otherwise has on her facial expressions. (people deliberately pulling stupid stunts is another.) one side effect of keeping everything compartmentalized is the fact that ara has grown to have a very elastic relationship with concepts of truth and honesty. namely that she is very comfortable with lies, half truths and conversations with multiple meanings as a means of communication. to those who don't know her very well, she can seem perfectly honest and trustworthy. to those who know her best, it's another story, as the people of cm entertainment could find out to their cost. after all, her current mask is that of a hardworking, ultra organized scheduling assistant. while the hardworking and being able to keep loads of details on the tip of her tongue are all true to ara's real persona, the extroversion and the patience and encouragement for people who are at their closest five years younger than her is all an act.

THE MIND - ara has always been pretty intelligent, driven by a need to know as much information as she can stand. as a student it served her well with reasonably high placements in her classes and an honours designation for her degree. surprisingly among one who tread the path of looking to be an idol, one of ara's many talents includes the ability to research; to skim information quickly to determine what is important and what can be ignored or skipped. with written materials, it helps her focus on schedules or song lyrics or passages from books, but her childhood in an orphanage meant that she also learned how to read and research people as well. the play of emotions across the face, reading into motives and getting into people's heads is something ara has long perceived as a game...and a game she wants to win. of course with intelligence sometimes comes arrogance, and this is a trait that ara has in spades. both back home and among fellow idols and trainees, she often perceives herself to be the smartest person in the room and while she doesn't say that, there are small clues in how she holds herself or how her mouth twitches that reveal what she's truly thinking about someone she regards as not up to par intellectually. granted though she doesn't like spending too much time with "lesser minds" ara is the type to not fear taking advantage of what she feels is her superior brain power, whether it is outsmarting or manipulating someone to get ahead (again, her elastic definitions of truth). of course not all of her manipulations end as well as she would hope, as evidenced by her current situation. (though at least she's had the foresight to make sure she didn't hand over the best of her ill gotten information about her parent company and though she doesn't have a plan b, she's working on it.)

THE HEART - ara at her core can be summed up as eternally disappointed and expecting disappointment and betrayal at every turn. first the distant cousins who took her in treated her like an afterthought, then her romantic relationships and friendships soured for one reason or another and of course her dreams of fame and the fortune (and stability) that should have followed evaporated. such things make her cynical and have twisted the way she sees the world and the concept of having hopes and dreams. in her mind, as much as she'd love to dream big, she tells herself that she needs a concrete plan and to be ready to use less than holy tactics to ensure she gets what she wants - which she is no longer afraid to do. given her love of playing jump rope with the line between truth and lies, ara is the type of person who expects that she is being lied to or will eventually be betrayed and she needs to plan for it. sure it's a lonely and difficult way to live and though a part of her would love to have someone to depend on, she feels that that shipped has sailed and the only one she can rely on is herself. she's constantly searching for hidden motives in other people's words or actions, even when such thing appear innocent. and while she is in her rather interesting employment situation (and her take is she got into it so she's going to get out of it) the truth is, the only reason she's willing to be a corporate spy to ensure she gets her soloist debut is that she's poured years into the idol goal as a way of securing fame and the wealth that's supposedly comes with it, not for the music itself. and since she's been at it this long, she may as well go forward (even as she's looking at the corporate end of it and realizing she kind of likes that side of it too). and she is fully aware that her current actions will affect more than just her career and could potentially ruin everyone at cm. but for now, ara views such things as either abstractions or as acceptable casualties in the war for the spotlight.


MOMENT 1; ACCIDENT - she doesn't remember the accident that upended her childhood. one minute she and her parents were travelling down a snowy road and the next she was in a vehicle half hung in a guardrail with the only thing keeping her from tumbling down a steep hill being a stubborn seat belt. everything about that day comes to her in flashes; the screeching of tires, broken glass, screaming, cold and then eventually police officers and paramedics trying to get her out of the car so that it can be properly towed, followed by a teddy bear given by a worried nurse and the news that she might as well be an orphan. her mother killed, her father in coma that doctors did not think he would wake from. the question of what to do with the young girl would drag on, especially after it was determined she had no close relatives to be placed with except for a very distant cousin on her father's side who was not best pleased to have a child foisted on him. in fact ara was sure if it wasn't for the strict social pressure to not let a blood relative, even one only distantly related, pass into the care of the state, she would have grown up in an orphanage, facing a childhood in a system where domestic adoptions were exceedingly rare.

MOMENT 2; ORPHAN - while she hadn't been the most extroverted child before her parents' accident, having to uproot her entire life made her much more of a loner and unwilling to form close connections with the people around her. her new guardian grudgingly did his duty and paid for her education and upkeep, but paid scant attention otherwise. she soon learned that so long as her grades remained above a certain threshold, brought home no behavioural reports and stayed out of the way, she would be left to her own devices. not helping matters was having to start over in a new school district and she soon found that kids who were alone make good targets for the school bullies. this prompted ara to find a social group (read: allies) to keep under the radar. of course her school's focus on academic performance did mean that alliances could shift in the quest for the top rankings and more often than not, ara and her group turned on each other as much as they did their enemies. such experiences hammered home that ara's first priority needed to her ara herself, and not anyone else. and if she had to be present a different face to different people to get what she wanted, then so be it. of course not every mask or choice ended well - the major example being when she choose her first boyfriend - kwon ji-min - at age 15...and chose poorly. at first ji-min and ara seemed like they were fated - they had similar academic drives, senses of humor and were both fascinated with spiders and spider webs to the extent they wouldn't let their fellow students harm the arachnids. but while the relationship started with fascination, it began to go sour after a year and a half. part of the problem was that the pair were just two used to manipulating people around them at school to truly build a stable relationship and then came the senior science fair. ji-min had always been gifted with computers and hacking and ara, fascinated, asked for a demonstration and, like the good student she was, took detailed notes on copying information from someone's computers and the best ways to look for password clues. however these lessons in computers, coding and hacking became dependent on ara allowing ji-min to push physical relationship boundaries as well as more controlling behaviour, almost as if he were afraid she could become a rival.

MOMENT 3; SOMEONE ELSE'S DREAM - ara hadn't really considered being an idol as a path to escape the tedium of her home life and instead happened upon it by accident. after all there was too much in her life that didn't encourage big dreams other than escaping her medium sized town for a university in or around seoul, though it remained a fantasy to indulge in on bad days. however around the same point her relationship with ji-min was falling apart several students in the year ahead of her were scouted at a talent show by a record company operating out of busan. while it was only a second tier label, it electrified the student body and it took everything in the school faculty's power to keep everyone how could hold a tune or dance a sequence without tripping from running out the door. with several classmates, ara was inclined to imagine what it would be like to be an idol - to travel, to have the adoration of everyone in one's path, the fame and the wealth that came with it (not to mention freedom from her current situation) - but figured the chances were slim, so she tried to focus on keeping her grades up so she could have an escape route. and then a classmate she despised started lording over everyone that she was calling up various top tier labels for an audition. listening to the gloating was nearly unbearable until one day the other girl left her cell phone in the change room after physical education class. at first ara really was going to give the phone back after holding onto it for a couple of days and wiping the data, just to watch the other girl squirm, but then the text message regarding an audition came in...asking for a picture to send ahead of the appointment. so she sent her own...along with a text saying that her phone number was about to change and to call the upcoming number. (which just so happened to be ara's current cell phone.) on the day of the audition, ara dressed to the nines and selected the name "charlotte" as the stage name to introduce herself. she didn't land the first audition, nor the second. but apparently someone from boss saw something and two weeks after happening on her classmate's cell phone, she had, aged 17, signed a ten year contract with boss with her guardian's permission. (ara is convinced that if he had known she would be a boss trainee, he would have sent her to auditions sooner to get her off his hands.) she kept the news to herself and quietly began moving all the possessions she wanted to keep to the trainee dorms. and then she committed one act of vengeance and one act of betrayal to break free of her life and get a new one. first she mailed her classmate's phone back to her, in tact with only the words "thanks for the audition" attached. as for ji-min, she "announced" her departure by using the simple hacking skills he taught her against him and cracked the password of his laptop and tablet, took files she thought were interesting and then wiped them both, effectively severing their relationship and using the distance (and the new phone - boss trainees couldn't have such ancient devices) to keep him at bay.

MOMENT 4; DEBUT INTERRUPTED - at first the idol training was all about skill building which ara didn't mind - she'd always been the type to work hard and while perfecting routines and doing everything possible to improve fitness and flexibility were difficult, she enjoyed the positive impact on her physique. shortly after her 19th birthday, she and four other girls were selected to form blacklace, a girl group that was going to have an edgier metal meets kpop concept, which ara loved. after all, she didn't want to be in yet other kpop group that wore frilly pastel skirts and schoolgirl shoes and stockings. for the first time, ara let herself be swallowed up the sense of belonging to a group, holding onto that feeling all through the first performance on the debut stage and the first half of the promotion cycle. unfortunately things began to slow down. other group which debuted around the same time began to really take off and dominate the charts and social media, followed by yet another high profile scandal out of cm interfering with blacklace's chance to make a proper name for themselves. but while the group didn't exactly generate the huge numbers to propel them to the top of the charts overnight, ara and her bandmates didn't think that had done all that poorly and quite simply had just gotten unlucky. after all, they'd won a couple of head to head song battles on a few variety shows and ara wasn't naive enough to think they'd explode into a top pop sensation overnight, they just needed a clean slate and a news cycle to themselves. unfortunately the group's manager who was constantly on their case to promote themselves on social media...but not answering questions about new single releases, photoshoots, recordings, suggestions for comeback concepts or anything that would help them whet the appetite of potential fans.

MOMENT 5; COOLING HEELS - during what at first ara and her bandmates thought was an unofficial hiatus, ara decided on a tried and true tactic; flirt her way into getting information, starting with a few of the tech grunts and mailboys. she was also well aware that one of the lower level executives with the it services liked her so dressed to impress, she struck up a conversation about his field (it helped that she had a passing interest since she liked her digital privacy) to soften him up. admittedly it wasn't a great idea to get into a relationship since her career could (she hoped) come back at any moment, but if her smiles and sweet nothings and kisses could get her information, so much the better. however she wasn't keen on the attempts to use cute pet names (sugar was the worst) nor did she care for the calls as odd hours. after six months of a relationship she wanted to get out of fast and nearly nine without word of blacklace's status, ara decided to resume her full time student status at university and focused on political science (with a minor in computer science) instead of history as she had originally done, seeing it as being potentially useful, eventually earning her bachelors degree at the age of 22. (plus her school schedule gave her the excuse to break things off with her "boyfriend" ...after she improved one of his algorithms for a class assignment, which has lead to some bad blood.) however despite this accomplishment - which took a lot of work on top of the members of blacklace also having to keep up with their training regimen - ara still found herself stuck in a rut career wise. owing to the terms of her contract with boss, she was still bound to the agency and didn't exactly see recourse to leave. after another year came and went without a word of promotions, comeback or reformation (as was rumoured for several other bands) ara applied to her alma matter's master of business administration program and earned her mba. when asked by other trainees and bandmates why the mba instead of a masters in computer or political science (or even history since she was always going off about some historical event or other she'd read in a book or watched a documentary on) her reply was that she wanted to keep her options open. in reality ara felt that the way boss as a business was being run was failing and that she could do better...but to be able to do so, she needed education on what to do right as opposed to what wrongs she was seeing before her eyes.

MOMENT 6; FATE - shortly after her twenty fifth birthday and six years after what even she and her bandmates were starting to call a failed debut, ara decided to take matters into her own hands. their former manager had been giving them the run around for years and then was abruptly fired as part of boss' "restructuring" - but a new one wasn't assigned. frustrated, ara managed to pick the pocket of one of the lower level executives and used the keycard she found there to gain access to the label's main building...and their computer server. armed with a tablet, a portable keyboard and a couple of usb devices, ara began to do some digging, gaining a couple of passwords from executives who thought post it note taped to the underside of the desk drawer as the height of security. to be fair her intentions at the time were strictly related to the fate of blacklace; she wanted to know the fate of the group so that she and her bandmates could either get to work or cut their losses and move on. evidence of bribery, embezzlement and personal misconduct were the last things she was looking for. but immediately the idea blossomed - use the information for her own benefit. in fact with blacklace's leader's contract expired, ara figured she could take the leader position for herself if they didn't go for her idea of a solo career.

MOMENT 7; CONSEQUENCES - while hindsight might call making an appointment with one of the top executives and indicating she had evidence of misconduct that could bring the company down unless she - without or without blacklace, it didn't matter, was given the chance to redebut ASAP was kind of stupid, ara wasn't foolish enough to put all her eggs in one basket. she decided that the executives would be more interested in keeping a personal scandal under wraps so she used that as her blackmail weapon of choice and put the information regarding corruption and embezzlement on separate usb sticks and hid them in a safe deposit box with instructions "give to the press if i die." as it was, her meeting with the executive didn't go quite the way she had planned. her initial "offer" was met with disbelief until she produced a usb stick containing proof, followed by a threat of simply throwing her out of the label and/or ruining her reputation by pressing charges. considering she hadn't exactly thought that far, she felt she was remarkably able to keep her cool by pointing out that boss was in the midst of restructuring and that it couldn't afford the appearance of a scandal...and that the misconduct allegations might not be all she found...and if anything happened to her, a spare download of the usb stick she had would be sent to one of the idol shows within 24 hours. standing up - and grabbing her usb stick back - she bowed and said "think on what i ask. and what i do know and what i also might know. call me when you have reached a decision." she was pretty proud of leaving the executive wing without showing any emotion, but once she got back to the dorm, she shut herself in the bathroom and broke down in the shower from the stress of it all. then came the phone call - the executive she had contacted had obviously taken some others into his confidence and decided to offer a deal. if she could penetrate either cm or sealight and gather specified information that boss could use, they would allow blacklace to debut or promote her as a solo if she remained the only member still at the label (two former members, including the would be leader, left the minute their contracts expired) and after the comeback she would hand over the evidence. knowing there were a million ways this deal could go wrong, but feeling her extra evidence would give her an edge, ara agreed to be boss' corporate spy. after all, what were the dreams of a bunch of trainees she didn't know in the face of her own shot at fame? she'd betrayed someone for a chance at stardom once, so what was crushing dreams a second time?

MOMENT 8; PREPARATION - after agreeing to be a mole (which admittedly felt like a deal with the devil), the first thing ara had to do was scrub all references to boss from her social media. a task surprisingly easy for one with idol aspirations; a fact that appalled several people in the know. her facebook was mostly related to the progress of her studies, her instagram and pintrest was 90% jewelry tutorials and she had stopped using her group's twitter after the second year with no comeback. added to the dyed hair to a lighter tone and the fact she'd been out of the public eye - such as it was - for years, would make it hard to connect "charlotte" with ara so-ri. after that, came the interview with cm; her "handler" had done all he could to make sure the resume and cover letter that he'd written up for her (which she found insulting to be honest) would make her a stand out candidate, but she was going to have to be the one to sell it. walking into the interview dressed to the nines, ara expected a rigorous interrogation...and found a someone as hard as a feather pillow. at first she was worried she would sink the interview since the constant requests for personal anecdotes that only barely related to the subject at hand, but she later found out that her statement "i didn't expect this to be so personal and relaxed" tugged at her interviewer's heartstrings and got her the job. when the news broke to the executives at boss who were aware of her success in getting hired, one remarked that it was a shame they didn't sign actresses because she was apparently a natural. a comment that was pleasing to ara's vanity, but rankled her as she felt the spite behind it. still, she now had credentials to cm and credit card in her name but maintained by boss for any expenses she might incur in her mission. a business wardrobe being one. a supply of usb sticks with a program to help evade detection being another.

MOMENT 9; UNDERCOVER - though she has not been at cm long, it's felt like an eternity. while the atmosphere is incredibly relaxed, she's had constant reminders on her secondary phone (provided by her handler at boss) not to get close to anyone. (that would be fraternization after all.) added to the fact that she knows she's not going to be a permanent fixture - her goal is to be out in six months or less - she's walking the line of making sure people trust her while not letting them in. and while loneliness isn't a problem - she's always been a loner despite times where she lays on the charm with a trowel - she's having trouble with how in each other's business and lives the cm employees and idols are. it's like she can't take a step without tripping over someone who wants to know what she ate for breakfast, what her favourite pop song is or does she think so and so would make a cute boyfriend and it makes her want to scream. in fact she's recently asking herself if she would have agreed to her current mission if she had known she was going to be sent to the hive of sloppy sentimentality and cloying cuteness.the only thing that gets her through the days is the fact that she's being put up in a decent one bedroom apartment (with blessed, blessed privacy) and that the casualness of the cm's set up means no one questions her presence in the executive wing of the building which brings her ever closer to her goal of finding the silver bullet to bring the label down and ensure her own shot at fame...


the birthday - october 7th is the day that blackarachnia's debut episode "double jeopardy" first aired in 1996. ara's birth year is different to fit the site's timeline.
behind the name - "ara" is apparently derived from a sino-korean word for beautiful or elegant as well as a net for catching birds, depending on the characters used. sub a web for a net and the original spirit's love interest who is part eagle...well you can see the allure. and while i am aware that most people in east asia do not have middle names/double first names, i couldn't resist adding in so-ri which apparently is derived from "white silk" or "gains advantage or profit" depending on the characters used. again fitting for a treacherous, backstabbing she-spider.
listicals - her hobbies of wire wrapping and embroidery are a tweaked reference to spinning a web. given the subplot of the first few episodes of beast wars' second season, i think it stands to reason privacy is a huge concern of this black widow, no matter what universe she's in. as to liking history, she was the historical exposition queen that reminded viewers how beast wars fit the transformers canon nearly every time it came up during season one. as for the defunct stage name, i wavered between on ebony (a shade of black) before figuring charlotte, the name of another famous fictional spider lady would be a little wink to her alternate form.

in her original canon, blackarachnia spent a little over half her time as an outright villain and of the rest as a good guy, willing to consider not so heroic actions to get results. hence why i figured she'd make a great character to use as a corporate spy, in it to further her own agenda before pesky emotional connections develop and get in the way. in her original canon, it was power, here, it's the lure of getting the fame (and its rewards) that she feels are her due. (she was also the sort of character with a very "meh" approach to treachery translated her as someone willing to blackmail her way to the top.) in regards to specific events, the accident in the snow is a reference to blackarachnia's stasis pod (a plot device cleverly used to bring in new characters to the show) landed at the top of an icy cliff and the winding up with distant kin rather than true family is the fact she was, technically, a brainwashed good guy thanks to a shell program. the stolen information is a reference to the ark access codes which she stole from her generation's megatron and then destroyed his copy of the information. ('sadly the datatracks were booby trapped' *hides smoking gun behind her back* = actual scene in canon.) while stealing the ark codes kept people from killing her outright, the problem was that her enemies (and members of her faction >>) knew she had the information - leading to ara's employers knowing she knows at least one bad thing and probably suspecting she knows more and needing to know what before they cut her loose. (hence why she'll eventually need new allies later.)

ji-min is a reference to tarantulas, blackarachnia's first love interest, though what's implied here is way less creepy than what was implied in canon. as for the kpop idol dreams...that's all tweaks and twisting to fit the site's setting. (granted she would steal someone's audition/interview if it meant she could get ahead >>)


so miss ara so-ri. if things at boss had worked out, she'd probably have been a member (though aspiring leader) of a girl group "blacklace" under the stage name charlotte. however due to issues with the company's management, the group, after one promotion cycle, was put on hiatus and never brought out of it. not satisfied with the answers she was getting regarding future comebacks, ara decided to take what she'd learned from her computer science courses and apply it to the computers of a couple of members of upper management in order to ensure she wouldn't spend all of her contract time sitting on the shelf. while she got caught, she did find some information to use as insurance to not get arrested or fired. however that put her in a bind - she's basically been told if she wants a shot at a career (and at age 25, she's feeling the window closing) she needs to pose as an assistant and spy on a rival company. otherwise no fame, no star power, just a life in the shadows. which is a no no. however this means she's posing as a brand new, loyal low level executive assistant for cm to find out trade secrets, what songwriters are being hired, what concepts are being pitched and what scandals could use some nudging into the spotlight so that boss can complete its re-rise to dominance. spying, easy. dealing with the sentimental, happy family vibe of her new office? not so much.


so ara isn't exactly the easiest person to get along with since she feels that she's so much smarter than the people around her and could run things way better. not to mention she has extreme privacy issues and detests small talk. not exactly the way to go about making actual friends. however her job means that she needs her new coworkers to actually tolerate her or even like her so that she can spy on the company. this means ara's probably going to have a few fake friends - people she's attempting to charm and convince that she's not a threat. perhaps as time goes on she might actually wind up getting attached, throwing a wrench into the works in terms of her loyalties and which company's interests she's going to act in favour of.


i imagine ara's got a little black book, aside from ji-min and the it guy at boss. when her career inadvertently got put on hold thanks to boss' popularity (and therefore money) issues, she decided that perhaps "flirt my way to a debut" - or even "flirt my way into getting answers" was preferable to just sitting in the trainee dorm waiting for things to get better. (which is how she got into her present predicament, but shhh!) she flirts as easily as she breathes, though it's more for her benefit than looking for an actual meaningful relationship. that being said, at some point though, i'd love to have have a silverbolt running around - the one person brave (foolish?) enough to prove that ara isn't as cynical, jaded and nasty as she projects to the world. and you, know, that this whole working as a corporate spy is going to hurt a lot of people, including her if she goes through with it. plus the whole falling in love with the mark/becoming the mask and having it come back to bite her is just the sort of angst that is fun for me, but not the characters...(though i'm very slow burn for that. it's gonna take work for him to get through her walls and for her to let him...let alone admit that she actually might like the handsome dork.)


the shorter list is who isn't here. she's not exactly on good terms with some of the upper management at boss considering she hacked into a couple of files trying to figure out why the group she was supposed to debut with a couple years ago was put on the backburner for so long. she also feels contempt for the people she has to work with at cm, finding them childish, juvenile and undisciplined (and hiding those feelings is going to take everything she's got). at some point it's going to come out that she's working for boss to find the weak link in cm's armour which is going to make her life difficult and if she winds up burning her bridges with boss...well one hopes that she can at least get some allies so that she's not rebuilding her life from the ashes. while the relationship could eventually change, i'd love for ara to have a snark to snark combat partner that she's just waiting to kill once she no longer has to maintain her cover.


ara's going to need a handler from boss that she feeds information to/is checking to make sure she doesn't become the mask. her history also references boss trainees and a group she was supposed to debut with that maybe she keeps in odd contact with (they made like 3 appearances and then got put on the shelf due to money issues). if you have other ideas, hit me up.
 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 03:54 PM

@queenzee: pumpkin spice pumpkin spice pumPKIN SPI C E

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

Sorry for the wait! I was really excited to see a Beast Wars character join the site- it is one of my favorite Transformers series, and I always loved Black Arachnia's character in it. I think you did a wonderful job adapting her over; Ara is intriguing and complicated and brings an entirely new plot line with her that I adore. (A BOSS corporate spy?? How genius is that??) So excited that you decided to join us, SJ!

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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