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 sumi noi // sealight actress, skeet from jimmy neutron
sumi noi
 Posted: Nov 14 2017, 01:02 AM
sumi noi
20 years old
written by Lyhe
21 posts

CW: mentions of extreme dieting / eating disorders

Sealight Records
B- / 165cm / 48kg
July 19, 1997


acting | snowboarding | working (on anything) | bossing people around | magic tricks | Minecraft


fast food | children | mobile games | Disney princesses | winter (and all winter-related memorabilia) | centaurs | glassblowing & ceramics | lip gloss | fans | "dude"


laziness | rule-breaking | eating | sleeping | relaxing in general tbh | bras (who does tho) | coffee | snakes

Player Name:


Other Characters:

He-ran Cha | Luka Beniov-Jung | Daeyu Han | Opal Pyo


PM for Discord!!
Sumi Noi
Sumi Noi

What's in the bag?

Sealight Records training centre ID card.
You remember when you first held it in your hands -- a small, innocuous slip of plastic that would let you in and out of the company building, whenever you wanted.

You examined every corner. You felt every small bump and groove. You even smelled it, and once even licked it to taste, and all it ever was..was a piece of plastic. And yet it held, all in that tiny flat rectangle, only a few grammes at most, every ounce of your dreams.

You never let it out of your sight, and when you did, it was tucked away in your safe in the dorm or the tiny wallet with a delicate lock and key your mother got you before you went away. Just in case. You can never trust those other girls.

You didn't really need those things. You hardly ever left the building anyways.

Extra socks.
Moving around as much as you did in them, you wore holes in them fast. And sweated. A lot.

When you weren't in the practice rooms, reading your lines over and over pacing in circles, you were at your job. You maybe slept two, three times a week -- the rest of the time you were on your feet, go, go, go.

You always got the ones patterned with snowflakes or snowmen, no matter the time of year. Getting cold feet? people liked to joke, and you would smile while your eyes swam with shapes. But there was no time for sleep. You had to be at this reading, and this session with a mentor, and then you had to somehow sneak out for six hours to work your shift, and then be back in time for classes in the morning.

You went through socks like someone else may have gone through tissues.

McDonald's timesheet.
Dreams did not pay for themselves.

You knew your mother and father were bleeding themselves dry to cover the cost, and with each passing month, you felt more and more guilty.

Hey, sweetheart! Just wondering how things are. Your mother and I were just wondering how things were going with your training! You know we support your dream one hundred percent, don't you? Let us know right away whenever you get your first role! We're so proud, sweetie. Love you lots!

Hi, Sumi! Just calling to let you know your grandmother sent some money for your birthday this year, but we weren't sure what address to send it to, so we just went ahead and put it towards your training fund. We just wanted to let you know, in case your grandmother called and you were wondering. That's what you would have wanted, right? If not, let us know, we'll pay you back. How are things? Getting close to a role? Everyone here in town is wondering, and we hate to keep them waiting! Give us a call and update us when you can. Love you to the moon and back, dear. Bye bye.

You leave your phone in your bag and tie your hair up tight, trying to ignore the nagging sensation that you have done wrong.

You don't mind being a cashier, though. The upper management even asked you, recently, to take on a few extra duties. It's no wonder to anyone else that you've been Employee of the Month six months running, and no one even knows that you have other commitments on the side. Not yet.

There is comfort in tight rules and regulations. All you have to do is say a few lines, and the customer fills in the rest of the blanks for you, and you move on. It's thoughtless and time-consuming, and most of the time you aren't even aware that you've been on the clock an extra twenty minutes until someone shakes you out of your stupor and you have to run the way back to the studios, praying you have not been missed.

5-Hour Energy drink.
You knock back shots of them like they're soju, sometimes two or three at a time. For a few minutes, your chest constricts and your heart does its best to ram its way out, but afterwards are two or three hours of blissful, clear vision, no shapes attached.

"That can't be healthy," says another trainee doubtfully, but you ignore her as you place your head between your knees to get over the worst of the sensation.

When you sleep, there is only terror. Terror that you're going to go right through the alarms, and miss out on a full day of work (because you know for sure that you could sleep an entire day at this point, easily), or that you might just never wake up at all (because that's a real possibility too).

Your solution is to avoid sleep almost entirely, when you can. On your rare free days, you find yourself still too afraid -- because sleeping is, at its core, a complete waste of precious time that could be spent living. Working. Work, work, work.

The first time you faint is in the middle of an improv session. You're halfway through thinking of your best line when something just snaps in you and you collapse to the floor. Not that you remember this later, but the nurse retells it to you with a reproachful stare, and you promise up and down that it won't happen again.

It does. Two, three, four, and you lose count. It doesn't help that you're not eating -- you don't tell anyone that you're pouring three different kinds of diet pills into your hands and calling that breakfast, lunch, dinner. You just learn the signs, excuse yourself, lock a bathroom stall and let it happen. Usually they only last five minutes, ten, tops, and if it's longer...you're an actress trainee. You can make up a lie.

When you come to, you take out the bottle, take a shot, and get back at it.

Sealight Records trainee evaluation.
There is no better place to be than first. You are contented to constantly see that this is where you're placed, but at the same time, it comes with the painful slap that you still have yet to debut.

(You stopped answering your parents calls, because you were tired of being a disappointment.)

"You're a fine actress," says one of your teachers one day, when you demand answers, "but you're not quite yet a fine person."

You understand what this means when your eyes drift to the number two spot. Kim Jueun. A fine enough actress -- not quite excellent, not Sealight worthy -- but serviceable. But her public persona was something else, you yourself had to admit; she had the necessary charisma, the star factor.

You, on the other hand, could lose yourself in a role, but you could never lose your self.

"If she wants to talk, she can be a show host," you say bitterly.

"Green isn't your colour, Sumi."

But it's enough to make you double down on your efforts, determined to raise those scores even higher. No one could steal your rightful place at the top.

Picture of you and your father snowboarding.
You examine this picture especially sometimes, from the photo album you keep under your mattress. You can still feel the snowflakes on your eyelashes weighing them down.

You're not sure why you were always so drawn to winter, and found such comfort in the cold. Most of the time you hardly felt it. Your father joked that you were cold-blooded, and you joked back that maybe you were.

You couldn't remember the last time you had gone snowboarding. Your parents had probably sold it, along with most of your childhood possessions, back when they had the garage sale to raise more funds for you. It would be so easy to go back to those days.

You sigh, close it, lock it in the safe. There was no point in dwelling on the might have beens.

Plastic toy ring.
"Hey, Sumi, want to come to the arcade with us?" asks Jueun, lingering in the doorframe. She knows better than to invite herself in the room at this point.

"No, thanks," Your answer is short and to the point; you flip another page of the script and click your tongue, waiting for the unwelcome intrusion to get out. When it doesn't, you lift your eyes slightly. "Dude. Go on without me."

Jueun's face sours slightly, but after a moment she smiles. "Okay! We'll win something for you, then. See you later." And she's gone.

You never understood her animosity towards you, though, in fairness, you harboured your share towards her. Her cronies were fine, unless she had summoned them for another opportunity to embarrass you. There had been a lot of those.

"We're frenemies, yeah?" she had said once, punching Sumi (a little too hard) in the shoulder, and when she had disagreed, there was that same sour look.

You end up falling asleep at your desk that night, and no one thinks to wake you in the morning. It's late afternoon when one of the staff comes hunting, and you come to to see a cheap gold plastic ring with a cheap green plastic stone beside you.

You string it along your necklace beside the key, say your apologies, and don't look Jueun in the eye for the rest of the day.

USB stick.
You carry it on you, always, in case there is some sudden necessity to pass off demo tapes, as if there's ever going to be the chance you'd meet some big producer by freak accident and just happen to have it fall in their hands. It's foolish, but it becomes habit.

Your first reading for a real audition makes your hands shake, but you manage to keep your voice and face steady enough to hide the nerves. There are noises of assent and praise, and the rustling of officious papers.

You have almost no doubt that you're going to make it this time. It's taken you long enough, but there is only so much time that can be spent training before inevitable success.

Later, the casting call comes out. You read the list you're given eagerly, searching for your name, and eventually find it -- smack near the bottom, just above "Female Citizen #1". In your place, the second name on the list, the female lead -- well, it's no shocker that it's Kim Jueun.

Well, at least your character has a name. That's a start.

Salt packet wrapper.
It's easy to fall into the role of a fast food manager when you have real world experience. When you get your lines, you have to bite back a smile.

Still, it's such a cosmically stupid exchange that you almost don't have the heart to do it. It'd probably ruin your career before it even started. An argument over salt? Frankly, it was almost a little insulting. But yout parents had already basically told the whole town that you were going to be an international superstar, and it would be equal social and career suicide to say no to anything.

"Actually, it's salt." You practice the line in the mirror for hours on end before you think you have it right, and that's only one. The first day of filming has your stomach dropping to your knees, but you manage to nail it in only a few takes.

The same cannot be said for Jueun, sadly -- she seems almost too rattled to function.

You can't say you're sorry.

IdolGee! article.
Your parents probably printed enough copies to raze a forest. They don't seem to understand that anyone can just search your name on their smartphone and have it up in seconds, but you don't want to diminish their enthusiasm.

Rising actress Noi Sumi is stealing hearts after performance on "Love Line"!

You wouldn't call yourself a 'rising actress' after a single role in a drama played out of prime time, but even you can't deny the thrill of such a random explosion of popularity. Most of the comments you scroll through are positive, and you skip over the less inspiring ones without fear.

Everyone you know is suddenly praising you, and you can hardly hear the phoniness over your own satisfaction at beating Jueun at her own game.

Business cards.
As the roles came in, so did the business cards, promising everything you could imagine. Double the roles. Better roles. Exposure overseas. All you had to do was hire this miracle worker, and suddenly, your world would be so much brighter.

Eventually, however, it did get too much -- you needed some kind of manager and agent to be able to field everything for you, considering your sudden demand across the board.

Life was so much easier when being told what to do. Every aspect was micromanaged, every outfit planned...all you had to do was sit back and let it happen. And after so many years of grinding, it was nice to hand the reins over to someone with more experience in these things than yourself and focus on the things you really loved.

You are reinvented. No weirdness on the screen. Your natural resting bitch face becomes your selling point: you're the Ice Queen. Cool, untouchable, chic. It's the exact opposite of you, but being in character all the time is a challenge that you are willing to accept. You'd learned your lesson -- you'd never turn down work.

Cheque book.
The first time you get paid, once the rest of your debt is gone, you write a big fat cheque to your parents. Probably more than they've ever seen in their lives, all just in one neat bow.

Needless to say, the whole town comes running for some quick cash, and you're happy to dose it out in small increments as it comes. Mostly you're earning off a couple CF deals, but you've already signed into three roles, one of them a leading one.

At the same time, it was too good to be true. Regardless of where you sat now, you had only fought half the battle, and the worst of it had yet to come. It was too early to become complacent.

Lip gloss.
Ice Queen. Your signature iced pink, light blue glitters. Considering your hefty gloss collection, to get both a shade named after you and a brand deal as the cherry on top certainly was an honour. These were opportunities you could get used to, and there are more on the way.

Being one of the top rookie actresses in Korea at just 20 years old was a burden you bore with pride. You were ready to show off exactly what had been kept in the dungeon for nine years.

You smear a final coat of your namesake shade over your lips, rub them together, tilt your head to watch the sparkle.

No one is going to put out your glow.


Profession: Skeet worked as a manager at a fast food chain called McSpanky's. Sumi was also a shift manager at a fast food restaurant for several years in order to help make ends meet for her training fee. Her being the number one trainee in monthly rankings consistently is a nod to Skeet being the Employee of the Month.
Kids: A point of contention made in attempt to ruin Skeet's flawless character is that he hires underage children to work for him. Though a complete slander, as Skeet did nothing wrong, this just translates to Sumi liking kids and working well with them.
Intelligence: Skeet believes he is very smart, but he isn't particularly. He, however, does work extremely hard and is careful to follow rules and regulations. Sumi isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, either, but her work ethic and dedication to getting things right still makes her valuable.
Jimmy: Jimmy basically ruined Skeet's life by turning his precious restaurant into a flying death machine and being a pretentious little twit while working there. He is represent here by Jueun, a fellow acting trainee that consistently messed up opportunities for Sumi simply because she didn't like her and thought she was stupid. Her friends are Sheen and Carl, who didn't seem to have a problem with Skeet and as such aren't that bad towards Sumi.
Stardom: After McSpanky's was fired at the sun, space bandits found it and believed that the technology was Skeet's, vowing to find this genius to use for themselves, giving him the credit as opposed to Jimmy. Sumi was likewise given credit for her work as a supporting actress despite having very little to actually do with her own success (it was really just luck) and went on to become extremely popular.
Duality: Skeet is very different with customers and his employees; while he's a man of the people with his patrons, he's more foolish and awkward around Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl. Sumi is known to be very cold and chic to the general public, but she's kind of a weirdo to everyone else behind the scenes, and is often unintentionally funny.
By-the-book:- Skeet is shown as someone who values following the rules to a T, reprimanding Jimmy for not using the cash register properly or using the restaurant's catchphrase. Sumi similarly struggles to work without hard-set guidelines and is therefore very focused on the technical, and often will make corrections to others.
Salt/sodium chloride: You didn't think this application would go on without Memes, did you? Skeet rose to widespread fame thanks to sodium chloride, as did Sumi. The world truly comes full circle...


The whole "Ice Queen" shtick is just that -- it's a carefully monitored and managed persona to hide the fact that, while Sumi is...charming in her own way, she is also almost completely incompetent at most things. She's a stunningly hard worker, but she's extremely easy to string along and manipulate because she almost completely relies on hard rules to follow.


She likely is okay with most other people in the industry, as she has a healthy respect for those who have managed to claw their way into it, knowing first-hand how difficult and unforgiving it is to get there and how much worse it is to stay on top.

All the same, she is, without a doubt, a workaholic worksexual, and she derives the most pleasure from a job well done. She has sacrificed much of her personal life to achieve her goals and thus making friends can be difficult for her since she's still locked and loaded into competitive mode.

It can also be difficult because she's weird and talks like a 15-year-old surfer kid when she's not in public. Her real self is a complete 180 from her public persona, and some people find this uncomfortable for obvious reasons. (Unfortunately not a lot of this shows in the app but I'm too lazy to go back and change it so you can all suffer when the time comes.)

She will literally work herself to death and she has terrible habits that need to be broken out of her so pls come help her stop being so extra and she will reward you with the dudiest raddest friendship in all the land.


She hasn't had time for any relationships, and so her love life has withered as much as her social one.

Because she's constantly busy, she would need someone willing to give her time and space to do those things, as she has a one-track mind that demands work > play. Someone who is also very dedicated to their craft would likely be the best match for her because of this -- the first thing that catches her eye in a person is passion for what they do. Expecting her to give up her hard-earned career to be with you is an immediate deal-breaker.

She's probably not super romantic and her idea of a good time is her reciting various fifty pickup lines in a row at top speed and then panicking and taking six shots to compensate for her dumbassery, but she's going to do her Absolute Best to be the Best Person you've ever met even though she sucks at it!! Give her a chance and let her prove her awfulness at existing true and unadulterated love to you!

She's never given much thought to her sexuality, but she suspects that she may be gay. Of course, this would be devastating to her career, so she's kept those feelings under wraps. Ruin her life dudes!!!


Sumi isn't outright antagonistic, but she's the type that makes her distaste for those she's not fond of clear in the most passive-aggressive ways possible. She rarely will come out and confess that she dislikes someone, rather using backhanded compliments, snide remarks, and icy body language to make her point clear. When confronted, she'll deny there's anything wrong, and immediately go back to her old ways.

She's a stickler for rules, so those that are overly rebellious and wild won't get along with her very well, as she'll constantly be correcting whatever they're doing wrong. She is also scornful of laziness and probably somewhat harasses trainees when they aren't constantly practicing (sorry, she doesn't understand basic biology. Whomst are 'Food' and 'Sleep'?)

She does give second chances, and third, and eighth, and three hundred and nineteenth. So long as you can make it clear that you have made an effort to better yourself, she is willing to make the effort to get along with you.


Her manager/agent basically controls her life so LET'S GET THEM OUT HERE ON CENTRE STAGE...PLS...also Jueun........anything at all is awesome tho! Come play on her Minecraft server.

also im so so sorry
Re-Bye Master Account
 Posted: Nov 14 2017, 03:46 PM
Re-Bye Master Account
28 years old
written by zee
151 posts

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

THIS is how you make a meme into a wonderful adapted character. Lyhe, you never fail to adapt such interesting and fun characters. What a great fill to our actress request!! I love Sumi, and I love how you set up her app, and I can't wait to see her around Sealight and around the site.

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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