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» 04. faq !!
 Posted: Jun 11 2017, 12:24 AM

@ largeritas: new year, new ways lars convinces zirself not to buy every album in sight.

f.a.q. !!

What does "animation personified" mean?
Animation personified means that you pick a spirit or character from any animated media - whether it be a film, television, comics, or video games - and base your characters on them! We encourage you to go wild with your imagination in adapting your chosen spirits to the Korean entertainment world!

Does my character have to be Korean?

Not at all! We would love to see what diverse ideas you have for characters! Here are some facts that may help you in creating your character:
- Many K-pop bands have members from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other Asian countries. (Three members of Twice are Japanese, for instance.)
- Very few idols in K-pop in real life are not Asian. Alex from BP Rania is the major star who comes to mind, but the road for a non-Asian trainee or idol will be very difficult indeed... and that's without factoring in that internet denizens do not take kindly to acts like EXP Edition.
- There are many international producers, songwriters, choreographers, and dancers involved in the K-pop industry, like Justin Bieber and CL's choreographer Parris Goebel. Agencies will take any and all talented individuals who can make their idols shine!
- There is almost a quarter of a million international residents in Seoul who work in every industry in Seoul, from tech to service.
- Actors like Sam Okyere are leading the way for increased diversity on South Korean television, and speaking out against blackface and cultural appropriation in the media.

Do I have to pick a spirit from Asian media (i.e., anime, manga, manhwa) for my character?
No, you do not! Two of the admins have characters from South Park, for example; their canons have simply be translated to fit the setting of Re-Bye and given South Korean face claims.

What is whitewashing?
Whitewashing is taking a character that is traditionally a person of color and making them white. Obviously, given the nature of Re-Bye, most of our characters will have face claims from Asian countries and be racebent; however, we would like to ensure that characters who are POC remain POC on our site.

When can my character/my character's band debut?
We will have debut events every so often on the site, based on the amount of trainees we have. They will be announced on the board, and further instructions will be placed in the thread.

When can my character/my character's band have a comeback?
Please go to the Comeback Sign-Up thread, read the instructions, and place your claim! You are limited to one comeback every two months; you do not have to have a comeback every two months on the dot, but you must wait at least two months before making another comeback. Be sure to read through the existing reservations as well, to make sure that someone else in your band hasn't claimed a comeback already.

Are all male characters required to go into the military?
No, they are not. In South Korea, military conscription is mandatory for all male citizens, which would exempt any men who are not official citizens of South Korea. It is also possible to defer your service. Military conscription is just something to keep in mind while writing your character - we won't force you to go through a military conscription period in RP, but we will mention it when accepting you if you write a character who is in his late 20s but has not been in service yet.

Can I start a new agency?
Unfortunately, no. The Admin team is prepared to add new agencies as the site expands; for now, we are staying with two agencies. We will announce a third agency if and when it will be added to the site.

Can I request a song be added to the site playlist?
Sure! Go ahead and drop Zee a line. She's super cool and makes all our lovely codes.

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