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 minsik bae // cm entertainment, baymax from big hero 6
minsik bae
 Posted: Nov 8 2017, 05:54 AM
minsik bae
24 years old
written by marie
34 posts

CM Entertainment
Errand/Water Boy (office assistant)
O / 183cm / 64kg


looking at himself, fetching water, giving hugs, tae kwon do, providing care comfort, listening to people vent


help people, feeling useful, making people happy, supporting others, smiling, playing with tape, making balloon animals


unnecessary cruelty, yelling, harsh criticism, having no purpose, being in the way, sharp objects

Player Name:


Other Characters:

uriel choi, lisa mishima


Minsik Bae
Minsik Bae

sugar and spice

and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of.

Affection and fluff, that'd be enough, if that's what Minsik could be made of.

His mother likes to say he came out smiling, and every time Minsik laughs in response, she points and exclaims, "Yes, just like that!" before everyone joins in on the cheer. It's infectious, an air filled with laughter, and Minsik finds himself seeking out opportunities to initiate it. He calls it a skill, others call it innate, but either way there's rarely a time he's not successful in garnering smiles all around.

What he is most privileged to see, according to him, is how happiness emerges on so many different faces.

have you eaten today?
breakfast is the most important of your three daily meals. please don't neglect your health by skipping it!

one, two, skip a few...

ninety-nine, one-hundred suddenly Minsik is fourteen.

The world is larger than his neighbors, his family, his friends. It's a country, it's continents, it's a globe. A nation of people, entire nations of people. The naivety of childhood having yet to fade, or maybe in spite of it fading, Minsik thinks he wants to make them all smile.

But what can a fourteen year old boy do to touch the hearts of millions?

The answer shouts itself from his TV, the news, billboards and social media: he can become an idol.

what time is it?
should you be asleep? relax, close your eyes, settle down. half of refreshment is mental. you will rest well tonight.

all that glitters

is not gold.

It's romantic to think that no matter what hardship you face, your dream is worth it. That every bad karma you accumulate exchanges for good in some way.

A moment is not a dream though. Idealism has no place alongside fatigue, ridicule, rumors, whispers, and fear. For as brightly as happiness can shine, there's always a shadow cast. It stares Minsik in the face when his "friend" trips him during practice when the instructor is watching. It knocks at his door when he overhears other trainees ("He's just a face, and it pissed me off that he'll get to debut before me because of it.") ("It's not fair, he doesn't deserve it."). It swallows him from the inside out when for the first time in his life he curse sanother person's existence.

What right do they have to criticize him? He eats and get sick like everyone else, nearly vomits of nerves and anxiously dreams of debuting to a silent audience like every other trainee. He works twice as hard to overcome his face, and that's all they ever talk about anyways. Visual is practically stamped on his forehead, and he desperately wants to be more.

People say he can't be anything else.

Minsik spits that they just won't let him, not in their narrow frames of mind.

He's throwing up his lunch and sobbing at the same time when someone knocks on his stall. How ironic that Minsik's first thought is that he doesn't want to be seen ugly.

His second is that he just wants to be seen by someone. Recognized by someone. Cared for by someone. Opening the door reveals an employee, and immediately Minsik is enveloped in a hug.

"What are you doing?"

"You just seem like you need one."

Minsik only parts from him after apologizing for the tear stains soaking the man's shirt.

it's a lot
simple is ok. brushing your teeth, cleaning your desk, that's a lot. it's the difficult first step in the right direction.

the grass is greener

on the other side.

Tadashi reminds Minsik that kindness exists. He shows Minsik just how far remembering that can go, how much it can change someone. When Minsik has a rough day, somehow the tech worker finds him at his lowest and sits right there with him. It only ever takes a few words to get Minsik to break down:

You've had a hard time, huh?

He has. He's been through unfair treatment, average struggles, mental battles with himself. Minsik has been struggling, and he just wants someone to notice. Someone to take his tears and pat his back, to acknowledge that he can experience difficulties too.

It's both a grim and freeing day when Minsike quits his life as a trainee. The competition, the fear, the anxiety, he can't handle the framework that props up the cheerful idols he sees on TV. Not everyone can. Just like he also can't bring happiness to the entire world.

But he can be there for the ones who are still trying. He can listen to them, be their comfort, support them where no one else does, at their darkest and their lowest. Officially he's an office assistant for CM, unofficially he's the company gopher, colloquially he's the water boy, and personally Minsik considers himself everyone's caretaker.

are you okay?
it's fine if you're not. take your time. i'm here for you.

whatever you're going through, it'll
be okay 'cause i'll be by your side.

i won't leave until you say you're satisfied with your care.


So written traditionally, Bae Minsik sounds kind of like Baymax!

His entire personality is based on Baymax's role as a caretaker robot, and translated into a human that wants to make everyone happy and take care of those his hands can reach. Tadashi helps solidify and cultivate this outlook when he comforts Minsik, alluding to how Tadashi is the one who programmed and created Baymax.

Also, the uglier feelings Minsik struggled with were a reference to the disc Hiro created that allowed Baymax to fight and harm. Minsik doesn't like this part of himself, but it's there all the same.

It's not mentioned in the app but Minsik is at CM Entertainment because Tadashi asked him to keep an especial watch on Hiro, so that's exactly what Minsik does, similar to how Baymax is left behind by Tadashi as Hiro's caretaker in the movie.

Minsik's childish naivety, and the sayings used as headers, were meant to convey a whimsical time of adolescence that vaguely connects to Baymax's innocent tendencies. Falalalalala, taping himself up, etc. all rang as innocently sweet so I tried to include that too.

Also the health tips were more throwbacks to Baymax being a care bot!

The emphasis on hugging is definitely a reference to That One Scene at the end. You know the one.


If you're in CM you know Minsik. He runs around and does every miscellaneous task you can think of, and without being prompted has water ready for after or during practice. He will always ask how you are, whether good or bad, and he's scarily good at remembering ailments and what everyone's personal issues are. This extends to some degree to idols from other agencies, but primarily CM.

He knows every first aid procedure by heart and is casually looking into informal counseling training to make sure he's doing this right. One of his favorite theories is that people can feel refreshed just looking at a pretty face, so he pays as much attention to his looks as an idol would.


Anyone. Literally anyone. Minsik only needs to talk to someone to consider them friends, and he's really good at making people feel noticed and tended to. He has a knack for recalling minute details (that almost seem robotic lololol) which can come off as creepy to some, but generally his smile fixed any misgivings. He's also a little more liberally affectionate with strangers, because he really likes hugging people.


He'd become an excited puppy if he heard someone liked him like that. Minsik didn't have much time nor was he really allowed to date when he was a trainee, and his new job requires a lot of running around and scarce appearances, so the opportunity isn't exactly there but he's very willing to make it work!! He only asks people like him for more than his face. It's still a bit of a sore spot.


Minsik doesn't take kindly to people that hurt others. He's silently disapproving of vicious intercompany (and even out of company) rivalries that turn more into nasty gossip than healthy competition, but doesn't show it as outwardly because it's so rampant. Specifically target someone he knows and he can get very scarily angry. It's something he's still learning to reel in, and whether for that or because he sticks his nose into everyone's business, there's also ample reason to not be fond of him. His memory is freakishly good, so possibly a point of contention? That random water guy asks how the visit with your father went, who you're on bad terms with, how do you react? You told him vaguely one (1) time awhile ago....


If you are ailing in any way Minsik will come and help u it's just a fact.
 Posted: Nov 11 2017, 01:31 PM
22 years old
written by She/Her
61 posts

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

I LOVE BAYMAX!!! BEST CHARACTER EVER OMG I ALSO LOVE YOUR CODING!! Also I shed 2manytears.... I just.... he's such a god boy... thank you for making Minsik and bringing him into my life

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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