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 Set Yourself Free, Royal AU/Yuen
haebitna baek
 Posted: May 31 2018, 08:21 PM
haebitna baek
CM Entertainment
20 years old
written by Dessy
639 posts

I can feel the sunlight shining through me; There's a beautiful world under my feet.
This royally sucked.

And she wasn’t using the word “royally” simply because she was a royal, she was using it because it genuinely sucked. She understood that she had duties to uphold and a reputation to hold as a Princess, but if her Dad could stop being overprotective and a stick in the mud just for a second, that’d be nice. She wanted to head to the village, to talk to some of the people, but she couldn’t do that with a trail of guards following after her every move. If she so much as got within twenty feet of the wall, she was immediately ushered away. She was an adult, she didn’t need the protection. She also didn’t want to be told what she wasn’t allowed to do because “princesses don’t do that”.

In her opinion, she should be able to do what she wanted since Princesses were the top dog (under the King and Queen, of course), but her Dad disagreed. She loved her Father and she understood that he wanted her to be safe, and she understood she had “duties” to do - and she loved doing them - she just wanted to go out every now and then. Leave the castle, explore outside the walls. She can’t do that with a fleet of guards following her.

Stomping her way down the hall, the Princess was in a bit of a sour mood. Not just because of the guards thing, but now because she was ordered to not leave the castle at all. Some big dinner was coming up where her Dad was going to try to ally with one of the neighboring kingdoms, and he didn’t want his daughter leaving in risk of her getting herself in trouble or hurt. Also to “spend time preparing” - the dinner wasn’t for another two weeks, she had tons of time to prepare later. But they were her “Princess duties” and she had to follow them. (It’s not like she hasn’t snuck out before, because she has, but since her Dad was going up on security, that’d be harder to do).

”Ugh,” Was Haebitna’s only response, throwing herself back against her bed before she immediately started ranting to her lead lady-in-waiting (and best friend) who she knew was there. Probably doing some… handmaiden thing. ”Why is my Dad so… overprotective?” She started. ”I know there’s a really big dinner coming up, but that doesn’t mean he needs to ban me from leaving the castle!” She propped herself up on her elbows, braided hair flying out in strays as it was messed up, looking straight at Yang. ”I also wish I could go out to the village without an army of guards! I tried to play with some of the children today, but it’s hard to do that when a guard stands in front of you the minute they get “tpo close”.” She huffed, sitting herself up straight. Why does he think I need to be protected?? I can’t even get close to the gate walls before I’m ushered back. Ugh, it’s so stupid,” She grumbled, hands flying as she ranted like they usually did when she talked. ”Just because I’m a Princess doesn’t mean I need to constantly be protected; I can take care of myself. I want to go out and do things.”

Tag: @fu-yang mingNotes: Sorry, Yang. xDD ☼ Outfitthanks evvie!
fu-yang ming
 Posted: Yesterday at 08:04 am
fu-yang ming
CM Entertainment
25 years old
written by yuen
26 posts

@haebitna baek

[and finally ur royal maiden slash badass guardian apprentice thingie is here %3]

the daily routine for fu-yang was quite the same every day and every night - everything followed a certain schedule that only she knew about best. waking up and standing up even before the sun would rise, accomplishing some sword fight training on her own in the woods, then heading back to the castle, getting dressed nicely and preparing royal breakfast. perhaps snacking every then and now, if the chef wasn't looking - and then, spending her time switching between battleground and sheltered rooms. some might find it suspicious for a woman like her to train as a royal guard and to work as the princess' lady-in-waiting at the same time, but she wouldn't be herself if she started to believe other people's opinion.
as long as she would be needed, she would be there.

and apparently, she was quite needed - slowly, this had appeared in her daily schedule as well. punctual before lunch, still in the timeframe after breakfast, she heard steps fastly approaching the princess' chamber where she was currently arranging flowers with a surprising soft hand, and she knew - it happened, again.
the smile on her face looked almost mischievous, counting the seconds before haebitna's entrance.
three, two, one ...
boom. she was there. with growing age and a spirit that held some curiosity, it had only been a matter of time when this conversations would be kind of expected in fu-yang's eyes. after all, she wouldn't expect the king to change the history-charged traditions because of his daughter's wishes. as tolerant they had been with her, the 'common folk' might be something else, huh?
though fu-yang wasn't the one who was understanding them, she was just following certain rules at certain times.

"you want me to recite the king's orders and words?" she asked, more rhetorically than seriously, and eventually turning away from the flowers to look at the moaning ball of hair and flesh. "perhaps you just have to prove him that you're capable of more" she then offered a clue of an advice, looking a bit challenging - well, she did follow the rules, but ... everything had an exception at some point or another.
"your father, the king, wishes your safety before anything else - although in my personal opinion, if i may say this, that there is much more that can be done without risking our princess' safety" she said while she seated herself on the cozy bed, at some spot that wouldn't interfere with haebitna's possible movements.
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