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» meet up
seongmin moon
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 01:54 PM
seongmin moon

@cm_quicksilver: If nothing else, White Day was a good excuse to get drunk.

This night is deeply spreading
I’m closing my eyes and looking for you

There were easier ways to meet with his twin outside of security passes and checks inside CM, Seo had learned this lesson years ago. He could have always gone home for it, but as much as he wanted to see his parents, they were spending time with Mina for a few days before sending her back to her other grandparents.

They needed time with their granddaughter without their children in the way. The option in the end was to meet out in public, at one of their favorite cafes. The weather was still biting, but warmer than it had been recently - not that that stopped Seo from ordering one of his favorite coffee drinks to warm up with.

Tugging his gloves off and tucking them in his coat pockets, he loosened his scarf around his neck and settled in at the table to wait.

It was their usual spot, so he was pretty confident that his sister would be able to spot him without much trouble. And if she had any issues, well, she could always text or call him.

They had seen each other last over family Christmas, and this was definitely the more relaxed way to meet. Less people, less noise - well, relatively. The cafe wasn't exactly deserted, but it wasn't a full Moon family social event either.

As the waitress brought over his cup, he wrapped his hands around it to warm them up a bit. Movement nearby caught his attention moments later, and he looked up with a slight smile. "Hey, glad you could make it."

@daeshim moon
daeshim moon
 Posted: Jan 10 2018, 01:18 AM
daeshim moon

@goldknight: My next project is a collaboration with QUEENS. Keep an eye out <3

@seongmin moon

bless alex

Some people might think of the process of getting into the CM Entertainment building as a pain... but for her it wasn't. Nor had it ever been. There was something rather charming about walking through the halls knowing you were allowed to be there, but also not employed by the head of the operation. If anything she wasn't really employed by anyone. Oh what was that term.... self-employed! But also not? Daeshim didn't really get where the Elite Four were in terms of who they worked for. Not that she cared as such but they all sort of did their own thing right up until the point they decide to work together to create smash hits. Gosh it'd been a proper while since they five of them had met up.

But today wasn't that day, nor was it going to be for ages (that was her bet at least). No, today was all about her and Seo! With all the work that went on there had been very little time for them to be siblings ever since he had become a trainee really. Which was.... a rather long time ago. Wow that made her feel ancient. But not in a good way... hnnng this was hard. Figuring out what happened yesterday and what happened almost ten years ago. It still felt as though she was some fresh seed in the industry who had only just released her first single.

Seo always had been a little more successful than she had.

Now though she was away from the glowering hallways of the larger industries, from the scrappy state of her room and the nagging of 'can you help us with this now please'. (although the 'please' was usually cut off from the end but Daeshim wouldn't admit this) Not to mention that her twin had chosen the perfect spot for them to catch up and eat together like a proper family... although she did have to admit, she would feel awful about not seeing her sweet little niece Mina. That child was adorable and cute... she probably spoiled Seo's daughter a little too much whenever she visited. It was a nasty habit but she couldn't bare to say no most days.

With the cafe right in front of her, the songwriter made sure to double check and treble check the spot. Honestly if anyone could get lost going to one of their favorite cafes it was Daeshim Moon, the girl who had managed to catch the wrong train and be unable to contact her family for quite a while. To be frank she really had no built-in compass. At least she was sure that this was the right place, taking off her jacket as soon as she stepped inside.

"Thanks for making sure we could meet! It's been a little too long since it was just the two of us." Taking the seat across from the other Moon, she would quickly call over a waiter and make her order of a hot chocolate. (Daeshim found that she worked better on sugar than caffeine so in hard times she went for any sort of chocolate rather than coffee) "How are things? Good I hope? I won't be afraid to stop in there and topple everyone who's making your life difficult after all."

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