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 Kukun//8ctagon, Mayuta from Devilman Crybaby
Mayuta Fujioka
 Posted: May 6 2018, 06:13 PM
Mayuta Fujioka
19 years old
written by Penny
20 posts

A, 176 CM, 60 kg


Rapping, exploring, hanging out with friends, reading, thinking and gathering knowledge.


Bugs, flowers (and studying them), being noticed, helping others, adventure, water, Shakespeare, established rappers (his faves are Pyo and Takumi, bc he relates), privacy, being himself, his best friends.


Corruption, cruelty, greed, himself (specifically thathe seems to be unable to make himself do anything), vices.

Player Name:


Other Characters:

Nagito Komaeda, Kyung-Ja Ou, Nari Mangjeol


PM for disc!
Mayuta Fujioka
Home » Member Profiles » KUKUN(8ctagon) Facts and Profile; Kukun's Ideal Type

Stage name: Kukun
Birth name: Mayuta Fujioka
Position: 8ctagon leader; male rapper/dancer; former trainee at CRYBABY Studios
Birthday: January 5, 1999
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 176cm(5ft/9inch)
Weight: 60kg(132lbs)
Blood type: A+
Subunit/Group: 8ctagon
Instagram: @CrybabyCocoon

KUKUN facts:

-Kukun placed 8th in the first KChoice! Competition in Seoul
-Prior to competing, he had been signed with CRYBABY Studios in Tokyo for less than a year. Most of his rapping and dancing experience were learned at home!
-Kukun says his favorite places to be are the public library, by the water, and with his mom. He hopes to travel to the United States one day.
-He most looks up to PYO of MMM and Taku of ST*R, and has stated that Shiny-K is his favorite band.
-He and his friends released a rap track on SoundCloud in 2017, which is what got them signed to CRYBABY Studios.
-His biggest wish is to be able to get his mom into a better house than the one he grew up in.
-One of his fellow KChoicers mentioned his love of bugs, stating that whenever there was one in the dorms, he wouldn't let anyone kill it and would instead catch it and take it back outside.
-Has several tattoos: 'Butterfly' in English across his fingers, a decorative arm band on his right bicep, and a floral scene with snapdragons and pansies on his back.
-KUKUN's ideal type is someone he can understand and who can understand him back.


okay, can we talk about Kukun really fast? I've been following him practically religiously on KChoice. Ugh, he's so beautiful �� but I've been following all the social media stuff and @the-confessional and I'm really surprised? Why all the silence and hate? Yeah, he dropped out of school, but that doesn't mean he's uneducated, have you heard him talk? He's super smart! Plus, considering he dropped out to help his mom after the death of his dad, it doesn't really seem fair to make fun of him lol. Plus, again - look at him ��

#kukun #kchoice #fujioka mayuta #positivity #not-safe-for-my-loins

132 notes

@miki-not-miko ugh, you guys, my heart. I know that as fans we never know what goes on behind the scenes or anything like that, but Kukun seems like such a strong person! Seeing him get all misty eyed during the support video montage for all the contestants was like a completely different side. I think it's kind of adorable, don't you?


Seriously? LMAO I like the guy, but there were SO MANY other people who deserved to get in way more than he did. Hell, there are better people IN HIS GROUP to be the leader! KChoice is so rigged, it's not even funny. You're telling me Anna didn't get the most votes? Mhm. Sure.

#kukun #kchoice #fujioka mayuta #fuck kchoice lol #8ctagon

387 notes

POSTED 05/27/2018

hot damn I am excited, thank you very much
okay. Okay, I take it back. Wow.
Okay but also, did anyone else see the rest of the teasers? Cute, classy, some sexy things... this entire video is gonna be so great and I am LIVING for it!


  • Name's the same! In canon he has an entire rap about the fact his friends and everyone else calls him Kukun instead of Mayuta, and how much he wants his name to be known.
  • (Plus his FC's name is Yuta, so like... damn)
  • Birthday is the date DMCB came onto Netflix
  • Personality Blood Types - a Type A is earnest, sensible, reserved, patient, responsible, cautious, fastidious, over-earnest, stubborn, tense, obsessive and pessimistic - all things that fit him!
  • He has an entire rap about his self esteem. Of course he's going to love Pyo and Takumi.
  • He literally has the butterfly tattoo on his fingers and leads into his rap by rapping about snapdragons - hence, he loves bugs and flowers, and those two are his favorites!
  • In canon his father became crippled after working in a factory. Mayuta took over after that to put food on the table.
  • His friend group is of course the rest of the rapper gang in DMCB!
  • Of course, Miki-not-Miko is Miki Kuruda.
  • Despite his lack of education or apparent lack in canon, he's still incredibly intelligent and philosophical; he and the other rappers act as a sort of Shakespearean Greek Chorus as well, being very low-blood but savvier and more aware of what's going on than anyone else.


Meet the male rapper/dancer for 8ctagon, Mayuta!! He's very excited to be here <3 Of course, a lot of people wonder if he deserves his space...


Pretty much everyone! The upside of being pretty malleable is that you don't make enemies easily and that pretty much everyone becomes your friend, so...


Totally open! Any gender, any race, anything - but mostly, he really wants someone who has something in common with him, where they can have a mutual understanding.


Pretty one-sided, unless he grows a backbone. I'm sure some people hate that he got in, after all.


Gimme all dem plots 2k18
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 03:49 PM
28 years old
written by She/Her
4 posts

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

This was an enjoyable read as always Penny! He seems like a great fit for 8ctagon. I love how you set up all of the connections (being signed to CRYBABY Studios in Japan made me chuckle). Looking forward to seeing how things'll go with he and 8ctagon!

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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