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haebitna baek
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 05:01 PM
haebitna baek
CM Entertainment
20 years old
written by Dessy
639 posts

Haebitna Baek.
phone threads.
Falling On Your Knees - Chastity Beavis - Replied
Been Awhile - Elle Baek - Replied
Two Hands - Issei Matsukawa - Replied
Roses (Forever) - Anna Baek - Replied
New Ink - Open - Replied
current threads.
Playdate - Takumi Sumeragi - Replied
I Can't - Jinsoo Ahn - Replied
Peek-A-Boo - Chastity Beavis - Replied
I Walk On The Moon In The Air - Ky-sah Yu - Replied
Heartlines - Chastity Beavis - Replied
Touch of Your Love - Makoto Naegi - Replied
You're A Moron - Byeon Hwan - Replied
Not The World's End - Fu-Yang Ming - Need to reply
You Lied To Me - Jaemin Kim - Replied
Mental Pictures - Sonthi Easterlefa - Replied
Tracing the Paths of the Future - Ara So-ri Bak - Replied
Love Scenario - Makoto Naegi - Replied
First Time in Forever - Anna Baek - Replied
Lunch Date - Tae-hee Won - Replied
Reunited - Mitsuki Koyama - Need to reply
Set Yourself Free - Fu-Yang Ming - Need to reply
Masterpiece - Nari Mangjeol - Need to reply
Wind In My Hair - Open - Replied
11:11 - Mani Phanthittra - Need to reply
archived threads.
From The Start - Makoto Naegi
Paparazzi - Kyung-ja Ou
Live It Up - Takumi Sumeragi
It's All For The Public, I Promise - Jianyi Li
Beauty Standards - Yuuri Katsuki
Rainbow Paradise - Makoto Naegi
I'm Taking My Time On My Ride - Nagito Komaeda and Makoto Naegi - Replied
Rumor Has It - Mani Phanthittra
Love, Love, Love [You] - Jaemin Kim & ROSEGOLD girls
Shut Up and Dance With Me - Nari Mangjeol & Open
Catch A Good Deal? - Seung Gwon
Starlight, Starbright - Jinsoo Ahn
Bleeding Hearts Club - Yuuri Katsuki
Who Dis - Zhihao Choi
Just Wanna Scream - Haneul Choi
Practice Makes Perfect - Takumi Sumeragi
Perfect Three - Zhihao Choi and Makoto Naegi
Call Me Baby - Yoojin Rhee
Biggest Fan - Skylar Park
Time of My Life - Makoto Naegi
Angry Sunshine - Open
Stop For A Minute And Smile - Open
Reaching Out - Yuuri Katsuki
Check-In - Yuuri Katsuki
Don't Come Crying - Dae Geum
Stay A Minute - Nari Mangjeol
Distress Signals - Jinsoo Ahn/Open
Indulge Me - Hana Baek
Oops - Makoto Naegi
Good Cop, Bad Cop - Jianyi Li
Boombayah - Anna Baek
NOT "Little Miss Sunshine" - Jeong-suk Shim
That's My Girl - ROSEGOLD
We Can Be - Ninako Kinashita
Let It Gooooo - Iseul Song
Behind Enemy Lines - Jianyi Li
Father to Daughter - Jaemin Kim
Hocus Pocus - Jaemin Kim
Sound of Distant Screaming - Anna Baek
Hurts The Most - Minsik Bae
If Only In My Dreams
Yes I Wanna Know - Nagito Komaeda
Wish It Was Easy - Kunwoo Byun
That's It - Yuuri Katsuki
Rockabye - Nagito Komaeda
The End is Near - Mitsuki Koyama
Sorry, Not Sorry - Yoojin Rhee
So Lucky to Have You - Makoto Naegi
I'm Ok - Yuuri Katsuki
Clap Your Hands - Taejin Geum
Don't Let Them See - Anna Baek
Together Again - Nagito Komaeda & Makoto Naegi - Replied
To Get To You - Zhitao Choi - Replied
Picture Perfect - Makoto Naegi - Replied
Stop It! - Lee-Sing Sing
Sunshine in a Bag - Ji-ho Won
Can't Stop The Beat - Dae Geum
A Meeting Long Overdue - Jun Moon
R U Ok - Byeon Hwan
Blind Spot - Seongmin Moon
Disappearing Sun - Dae Geum
If I Hold Onto You, It Hurts - Zhihao Choi
Heartbeats - OT4
House of Cards - Mani Phanthittra
I'm So Sorry - Hakuryu Midorikawa
Spring Forward - Shiyi Jin
Take Two - Tae-Hee Won
You're Not Him - Taejin Geum
I Don't Wanna Hold You Back - Miho Lee
Stay - Kyung-ja Ou
Count On Me - Nari Mangjeol
Arrow Through My Heart - Takumi Sumeragi
Progress - Zhitao Choi
Patience is running thin - Zhihao Choi
Falling Through the Cracks - Zhihao Choi
Patience is running thin - Zhihao Choi
Why? - Nagito Komaeda
© fleur

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michiko katsuki
 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 07:37 PM
michiko katsuki
CM Entertainment
31 years old
written by Dessy
215 posts

phone threads.
Searching for the Sun - Daniel Berman - Replied
Fiction is Better than Reality - Ara So-ri Bak - Replied
Phone Snatcher - Open - Replied
current threads.
By Your Hand, His Worth - Kiha Moon - Replied
Your Brother's Gonna Kill Me - Daniel Berman - Replied
Look At Her - Guiying Xu - Replied
Miss Independent - Mi-Ok Kadokawa - Need to reply
Step Into My Parlor Said the Spider to the Flyboy - Ara So-ri Bak - Need to reply
archived threads.
Wrong Number - Lee-Sing Sing
Nerds Unite - Chae-Won Hyun
Surprise! - Yuuri Katsuki
Lost in Translation - He-ran Cha
Quality Time - Yuuri Katsuki
The Party Awakens - Yuuri Katsuki and Open
It's a Beautiful Sky- Duke Bonfamille
Tech Fail - Jackson Zheng
The Beginning of the End - Luka Beniov-Jung
Twisted in Knots - Takumi Sumeragi
See You At The End - Kangsoo Byun
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - Somin Ho
All These Little Things - Cierra Belladonna
Silent Game - Junmyeon Shin
Better Than The Movies - Takumi Sumeragi
Head First Free-Fall - Yuuri Katsuki
Day Trip - Tadasuke Akatsuki
Start of Parenthood - Na Yeol Tokki
Across the Stars - Jiaying Hou
History - Jackson Zheng
New Family - Yuuri Katsuki
I Got Questions - Miho Lee
My Brother's Stalker - Yu-ri Ohm
Let's Go! - Chenglei Hu
© fleur
xiaolian zhao
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 08:11 PM
xiaolian zhao
24 years old
written by Dessy
53 posts

phone threads.
-Insert Shrug Emoji Here- - Jiyah Jeon - Replied
Weekly Check-in - Nagito Komaeda - Need to reply
Gamer Trouble - Open - Replied
current threads.
Ohana - Eu-Meh Zhao - Replied
The Combo No One Asked For - Yeong Hamada - Replied
Supremacy - Daniel Berman - Replied
Float On By - Open - Replied
archived threads.
Baby Watch Your Mouth - Lee-Sing Sing
Like A Dress Up Doll - Damon Kwon
Snap, Snap - Hana Baek
Solve the Mystery - Seongil Kim
Park Trip - Minsun Moon
© fleur
marie chatte-park
 Posted: Mar 4 2018, 09:35 PM
marie chatte-park
16 years old
written by Dessy
52 posts

Marie Chatte-Park
phone threads.
Aren't We Friends? - Anna Baek - Replied
Gifts for You - Ye-rin McClain - Need to reply
current threads.
Nothing About Science - Mae-lee Chae - Replied
Time to Play - 8ctagon - Replied
Taste for Fashion - Open - Replied
archived threads.
Pretty In Pink - Sairung Prasongsanti
When My Moon Rises - Buhu Moon
Scales & Arpeggios - Duke Bonfamille
Real Deal - Waverly Vann
Two Princesses - Jangeun Im
Thread 6 - Waverly Vann
Ahhhhhhhhh - Open
Bonjour! - Yufei Bo
Cute Kittens - Chantara Maew
To Our Future - 8ctagon
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lacey rhee
 Posted: Apr 2 2018, 09:35 PM
lacey rhee
26 years old
written by Dessy
35 posts

phone threads.
Baking Mess - Open - Replied
current threads.
Enjoy the Small Gifts - Ae-Yeong Ji - Replied
Feel Like a Child - Open - Replied
archived threads.
Maternal Duties - Jaekyung Moon
Group Mom Club? - Hee-young Ra
Practice, Practice - Peter Park
Boomerang - Lee-Sing Sing
Afterstage Mayday - Destiny
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