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 nothing about science, open!
mae-lee chae
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 04:22 PM
mae-lee chae
17 years old
written by yuen
18 posts


[school stuff is fun? nah .......]

sometimes, mae-lee couldn't stand all that fuss about education - really. it was just as tiring as ever, even though it had been more relaxed back in the states. perhaps because he never visited a very specialized school, for example, and just hung around a public school just like tons of other schools. but now, as he was officially a trainee again, forgetting the past days where he had done nothing too specific for this, he was obviously not visiting a public school. anymore.
sometimes, he didn't even know why he was here.

looking at the sheet in front of him, his hands floating over the e-piano, the boy muttered words of complainments as he remembered himself that he had to stay longer in this so-called nest of the stars of tomorrow, only because of some weird school assignements he never cared much about. and the worst?
he wasn't alone. he. goddamn. was. not. alone.
not that it would disturb him much, to be honest, but just ... the fact ... that he had to work with another person on an equal level gave him the creeps. commanding? alright. working alone? alright. explicitly working with another person? heck, no.
still, he tried to maintain a smile, looking at the other person who had to endure the same fate as he. "so, shall we start? we just have to record this composition, right?" he eventually said, pointing at the sheet which was almost like a punishment to him. other people worked hard, he still believed he had enough talent to make it without too much work.
but maybe, this person next to him would be useful some day ... who knew? he should try to be more or less modest, perhaps.
marie chatte-park
 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 12:35 AM
marie chatte-park
16 years old
written by Dessy
52 posts

Marie’s attention was focused down on her hair, twirling the blonde strands in between her fingers and humming as she seated herself next to Mal. She didn’t know him all that well - just knew he was a fellow Trainee and they also went to school together. He was cute, too. They were partnered up together for an assignment, having some composition they needed to sing together. The boy seemed a little… distant. Or uncaring. Not that she knew him personally, that’s just what it seemed like.

As she was spoken to, her head turned, giving the male a charming smile and throwing her hair behind her shoulders, throwing on the flirt and charm. ”I’m ready to start!” She was always ready. ”I’m sure we’ll do great.” Another charming smile, hands reaching behind her and straightening the bow back in place. She looked at the sheet, giving a firm nod before looking back at Mal. ”Ready when you are. ~” A wink.

@mae-lee chae | Outfit: Whatever the school uniform is. | Notes: Hi ~
coded by nara of shine
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