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 Punk // Howl, Stitchpunk 5 from 9
Jeong-Eun Yi
 Posted: Feb 3 2018, 09:31 PM
Jeong-Eun Yi
21 years old
written by Rayne
21 posts

Howl Vocal
AB / 162cm / 53kg


Urban exploration, Engineering, Dancing, Astrology, Free running, Singing, Momming everyone, Eating, Archery, Studying medicine


Sunlight, Learning, Making friends, Food, Animals, Helping people, Being held, His group, History


Arguments, AI, People taking advantage of him, People staring at his dead eye, Being reminded of his late boyfriend, Being alone, Being unable to help, Storms, Armageddon books/TV/movies

Player Name:


Other Characters:

Jun Moon, Damien Bing, Chen-U Kee, Yong Heo, Zhilan Choi, William Holtzer, Kyu-ha Yu, Sung-Hoon Song, Ryan Jin, Won-Shik Jin


DM, Skype, Discord. Call of the Asexuals
Jeong-Eun Yi
9 habits.
  • Wrings his hands. It's easy to tell when Jeong is upset or worried about something. His fingers end up twisting and sliding together as he works out his anxiety on his hands.
  • Smiling. His grandmother told him the best way to deal with something painful or stressful is to smile until it melts away. Even if it's fake and thin, he tries to smile when things get the hardest to cope with.
  • Tinkering. The mind of an engineer, Jeong is very mechanically inclined and will pull things apart when he's bored to put them back together or to make something new.
  • Always listens to music. He has to have some sort of background noise and it's usually music. In his room, something is always playing, but he's known for walking around with one earbud in.
  • Paces when he thinks. Not one to sit long, he usually paces around a room when thinking about something. The motion helps him think. He'll usually speak out loud, following a flow of thought most can't keep up with until he's come to his conclusion.
  • Always turns his head to the left. Since Jeong's left eye isn't functioning, he always turns his head to the left to see better out of his right eye. Sometimes, he'll even close his left one so as not to get the light distortion in it.
  • Won't walk alone on the streets. After his trauma, Jeong-Eun hates going out alone. He's panicky and fearful that something bad will happen to him, too, so he'll always take a buddy or avoid going out. But only during the day. Nighttime walking is still a big fear of him, but the company has been known for forcing Jeong to go out for nighttime shots. He's panicked over it.
  • Seeks physical contact. Jeong loves physical contact, always has. Especially for a boy growing up in Korea, he was very touchy, often hanging off his siblings and friends. He greets everyone with a hug, known or not and likes to casually grip onto people. He's known for taking his friends hands to play with them and has been accused of skinshipping too much.
8 facts.
  • He's a military brat, his father being a scientist for the Korean military. Most of his life was lived going from town to town, base to base. Unlike some of his siblings, he was always good at making new friends and keeping from falling out of touch with others.
  • When he was a young teenager, Jeong's father was diagnosed with cancer. He died two years later. His father left behind one widow and nine children. Jeong was the fifth born and the third son.
  • It wasn't until a high school play that Jeong decided he wanted to go into training. The school put on a production of the Wizard of Oz and he was chosen as the Scarecrow. Originally, this drove him to become an actor, but he was convinced by the company to become a singer.
  • Jeong-Eun's knowledge of mechanics actually came when he was very young. He would trail after his father and try to help him with projects. Their favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon was to fix an old car. They weren't able to finish the car together; Jeong finished it while his father was in the hospital. He still has it, though it's been collecting dust for the past couple of months.
  • It's widely known that Jeong was the favorite student of older trainee, Su-Bin Park. They were often seen together and Su-Bin acted as a mentor to Jeong. No one knew Su-Bin and Jeong were dating, not even after Su-Bin was murdered in a robbery gone wrong just five months ago.
  • Jeong hasn't walked the streets of Seoul alone in almost five months and gets very nervous when any of his boys venture out into the streets. He's been already likened to HOWL's mother hen, a title he's not afraid to use to his advantage.
  • Though he's been through a lot in his short life, Jeong makes a great effort to stay positive and move forward. He still believes there is good in the world and is very trusting, despite what has happened to his boyfriend. And he's worked very hard to pull him out of his grief and to continue on. He likes to think of every day as a gift.
  • HOWL isn't a project that he's doing only for himself and his bandmates, but for Su-Bin. His boyfriend was the one originally chosen for the concept and he's trying his best to earn his place with the boys.
7 songs.
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Judy Garland. "Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can't I?"
  • Afterlife, Illenium ft Echos. "And in the afterlife, tell me we’ll be fine."
  • Alive, Sia. "I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go. Where the wind don't change and nothing in the ground can ever grow. No hope, just lies and you're taught to cry into your pillow. But I survived."
  • Believer, Imagine Dragons. "Don't you tell me what you think that I could be. I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea."
  • Bravado, Lorde. "I was frightened of every little thing that I thought was out to get me down, to trip me up and laugh at me but I learned not to want the quiet of a room with no one around to find me out. I want the applause, the approval, the things that make me go oh."
  • Move Your Body, Sia. "Your body’s poetry speak to me, won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight? (Move your body, move your body) I wanna be your muse, use my music and let me be your rhythm tonight."
  • Can't Hold Us, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton. "Nah, I never ever did it for a throne. That validation comes from giving it back to the people. Now sing a song, and it goes like, Raise those hands, this is our party. We came here to live life like nobody was watching."
6 traits.
  • genuine. Jeong-Eun is a man of the heart. When he says something, he means it and he puts actions behind his word. Ever since he was small, he had a drive to only say what he meant and to follow through with his promises. He's empathetic without needing to be sympathetic, always treating a problem like it's his own.
  • gullible. Trust is huge with Jeong and he gives in automatically. He believes that people are good at heart and that by showing trust to those around him, he betters the world. But this makes him an "easy target" by people who want to abuse his trust. It's backfired before and he's gotten hurt by people taken advantage of him.
  • courageous. It's not that Jeong is fearless; in fact, he gets pretty fearful easily, it's simply that he's able to push past his fear and continue on in spite of it. Fear is almost a challenge to him and he works very hard not to let it control him.
  • caring. Jeong is an empath. People are the most important part of life and he can be friends with nearly anyone at any moment. He gives his all caring about those around him, whether or not he knew the person.
  • innocent. Telling a racey joke? It might just pass over Jeong-Eun's head. He takes the world at face value and it's shocking for him to peek past the veil. Even when he does tend to "get in trouble," it's all very light hearted teasing and joking around. He is very good at aegyo and is often very cutesy.
  • curious. He has to know everything about anything. How it works. Why it works. When does it break. Can it be fixed. He loves learning about the world and everything in it. Everything is a puzzle he can work out eventually. He just has to keep at it.
5 people.
  • His father. The man who held the most importance in his life. Jeong's hero. Everything he built was supposed to help save lives in combat, but Jeong still hasn't come to terms with the fact that his father made war machines. Idolizes him; he could do no wrong.
  • His mother. The woman who held his family together. Jeong's strength. She pulled her family together when her husband became sick and pushed hard to take care of him and all nine of his children. Watching her work until she dropped put a fire inside of Jeong. He wanted to take care of her for once. Can't believe she could ever fail.
  • His siblings. The people who supported him through everything. Jeong's motivation. Three sisters and five brothers, all who came together during hardship to support one another. Always there when another needed help. One's failure is all their failure. One's success is all their success. Nothing is too tough for them to handle.
  • His bandmates. The men who are going along this journey with him. Jeong's inspiration. Without each other, they won't succeed. Quickly becoming his family. Always learning from each other, always growing. His best and closest friends he doesn't believe he can live without. No limit to what they can achieve.
  • His boyfriend. The boy who stole his heart and took it when he died. Jeong's purpose. Every day he continues on is only because of a promise he made to his spirit; he would continue on. He pushes to be better, stronger, work harder, just like he was told he could be. Without him, Jeong would be nothing. Death can't stop their love.
4 lessons.
  • From his father, he learned to never stop improving. Each day had to be an improvement on the last. Work was never going stop; but each step was important. New puzzles and problems are ever present, but the only true failure was giving up.
  • From his mother, he learned how to move on. It's easy to hold on to something, even when it was harmful. The hardest thing to do is to let go, but it's also the most freeing. Take that deep breath. Work through it. Let go. It was the only way he was going to continue living.
  • From his boyfriend, he learned how to be courageous. Fear used to be his biggest enemy. Everything scared him, but he had to learn that fear was what held him back. If he could push past that, he could do anything. Fear was only a feeling and a feeling he could control. It didn't control him.
  • From his company, he learned how to make people smile. The most beautiful feature of anyone is their smile. It showed how they looked happy. And when Jeong-Eun sang and danced on that stage as the Scarecrow as a child, he learned just how powerful a room full of happy people were. The world was dark and scary; people need to smile more. And if he could make people do that, even for a little while, he had to give it everything he had. The world deserved to be a little brighter.
3 places.
  • The Stage Where he shares his talent. People scream his name, where people reach out to touch him. Where his brothers and him work until they drop. The place where he he can make people happy, where his muscles ache and his throat gets torn.
  • The Dorms Where things are easy. Where he's never alone. The place he brings all his brightest ideas. Where his tools and his food are. Somewhere he's scared to leave. Where the room has seen him cry out his latest bout of grief. Where he holds himself together.
  • The Practice Rooms The farthest reaches of himself. Where he goes to be alone. To push himself as far as he can take it, and further still. Where he gets hurt; where he sweats out his pain. A place where he bonds with his new family. Where he remembers why he loves the sight of a smiling crowd.
2 names.
  • Jeong-Eun The name given to him by his parents. Named for his great-grandfather, a man of principal, a man well loved. The name that was pressed into his hair at his father's funeral and the one that sank into his skin in moments alone with his boyfriend. One that he'll always answer to. Something that will always mean him and what represents being himself.
  • Punk The name given to him by the company. Supposed to flow with the theme of the group and play on his playful nature. The name meant to make him sexier, to display a strong man, not an innocent boy. It's screamed at him by fans and called by his manager. The one that takes him a few minutes to recognize that it's him they're talking about. The name that won't ever feel like it belongs to him.
1 debut.
It had been years of hard work, years of training. Collectively, over two decades of experience spanned the group, and was supposed to make them one of the most prepared groups to debut. They put their heart and soul into every movement and step they took. Fear wrestled with excitement, both tumbling around in stomachs as they fought for control. What happened here could determine the next few years of their lives. Whether they were well loved or washed out from the start.

The months before were giving up pizza, giving up sleep. Letting his hair be dyed and styled, giving up his clothes. Everything was turned over to the company to give them the success they craved. He learned to wing his liner and how to follow a dance. His vocals were pushed as he sang his songs. People began to get excited, craving contact on him. His social media grew, fans were begging to know him. All in anticipation of that first stage.

The stage would be where they made their first stand in the industry, were they pushed themselves further as a group. It was where people would learn who they were and what they were made of. Mic in hand, breath caught in his throat, he stared at that first stage, where all his dreams could come true. Or they could be taken away just as fast. From here, though, it was out of his hands.


The Scientist: Before the Stitchpunks, there was the Scientist. Never given a name, the man was the one who created the Stitchpunks and the machine that went to war on the humans. He endowed his soul into each of the Stitchpunks, making 9 his very last. Here, the scientist is still a military engineer, but he is also Jeong's father. He created Jeong of himself, and took him under his wing. But instead of dying when he gave the last of his soul to 9, he died of cancer.

2: 5 was the apprentice of 2, the Stitchpunk's inventor and scavenger. In the movie, the relationship implied was one of mentor and student. 5 learned all he could from 2 and admired him greatly. Because I'm a sucker for tragic romance, this translates to Jeong's romantic relationship with an older trainee, who acted as both lover and mentor for Jeong upon becoming a trainee. Both 2 and Su-Bin were murdered and left Jeong behind.

Innocence:5 was remarked as the most innocent of the Scientist's creations. He was very pure and trusted those around them. He was the first to trust Nine and didn't run away from the Scientist after being animated like the others. Jeong, similarly is very innocent and pure. Even having such tragedy in his life, he's still very happy and gullible.

The Complex: Under the leadership of 1, the Stitchpunks left the Scientist's workshop and ran to a hidden complex where they were going to hide until the war was over. Very rarely did they leave, with 1 not even wanting to leave to go get 2 back and considering 7 dead when she didn't return. Similarly, BOSS studios has become Jeong's complex. He refuses to leave alone, afraid that he, too, will be victimized like his boyfriend was mere months ago. The only time he leaves is for company business and this is surrounded by people.

Nine: As the movie is about 9 Stitchpunks and is called 9, the number makes several appearances in this app. Hobbies, likes, and dislikes all have nine things and the app itself has nine sections.

App style: This is an edited version of Zee's app for Pyo. Thanks Zee! <3


A pure bab intent on making the world smile, one song at a time. Very curious, very friendly. Easy to trick. He's been through a lot in his short life, but very few people will believe it with how adjusted he looks. It's a lie, he's not. Is very playful and often gets into minor trouble with the people around him. Already his group's mama and known as their aegyo king. Is a bottomless pit; no one knows where all the food goes.


Anyone and everyone. Literally loves people. If you're at all nice to him, bam, you've got a friend. He's like a puppy that will keep coming back for attention and hang all over you in the process. He can be a little annoying, but he's just looking for love. If you indulge him for a while, he'll be content. He's the kind of friend that will bend over backwards for you and work hard to take care of you, whether you want it or not.


Unfortunatly, who Jeong considered his love was murdered 5 months ago, and he's still working really hard to let go of him. He still thinks of him as the best love he'll ever have and has turned down every date opportunity because of this. But that doesn't mean you should stop trying. Eventually, he has to move on. He's just not ready yet.


Look, this is the guy who openly forgave the two men who murdered who everyone thought was his best friend, but was really his boyfriend. Go ahead, try your hardest to make an enemy. But while you may not like him, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Jeong thinks everyone has some good in them and that people do care about other people, even if they end up hurting that person. He's the kind to forgive and forget, trying hard to build a relationship beyond the pain.


Protect him.
 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 10:22 PM
28 years old
written by zee
151 posts

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

A 9 character! I think I had convinced myself that I was the only person who had ever seen that movie. It's so exciting to see someone else who adores it as much as I do and even more exciting to see 5 adapted into a character on site. Punk's past is riddled with angst just like the movie implies, but hopefully with his newly debuted group, he can keep moving into the future with a happier outlook. He's precious, which I find to be an interesting thing to say considering some of the edgier icons he has in his rotator lol. You did a wonderful job, Rayne!

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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