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 November event !!
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 03:18 PM
22 years old
written by She/Her
61 posts

nanowrimo !!
As I'm sure we all know, National November Writing Month is upon us! Nanowrimo is all about creativity, positivity, and hard work - and that's exactly what the spirit of this event is about!

We want you to create an AU. Or multiple AUs- whatever you'd like! Just post all your ideas in this thread with as much detail as possible! In fact, more details will get you better awards badges...

To get a blue medal: Just write up an au!
To get a bronze medal: Write up an au and include at least two of your characters in it with what they're doing!
To get a silver medal: Write up an au and include 2+ of your characters and 2+ other characters!
To get a gold medal: Write up an au with your characters, 2+ of someone else's, and at least one character you haven't threaded with!

The badges are one per person, though we may change that and allow more if you do more than one AU!

Use the code below to get started, and have a very happy NaNoWriMo!

[dohtml]<center><div id="game"><div class="augamenames"> au title goes here   </div><div class="posttemp"><div class="auposttext" style="text-align:justify;"> POST TEXT GOES HERE <BR></BR> <b>Give badges to:</b> character name here. Please only provide ONE character to assign your badges to. </div></div></div></center>[/dohtml]
yeong hamada
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 04:37 PM
yeong hamada
CM Entertainment
22 years old
written by Nara
53 posts

supernatural creatures au
In this world humans believe that they're in control of the planet. They live, love and die there always by themselves. But they're wrong. A few select humans the truth about the earth; that it's shared with mythological beings. Many of these humans who understand the truth hate it and hunt down these 'beasts'. But... is there some who would defend their earthly neighborhood?

Areum Bae: human. Hunter. Expert gunsligner.
Serena Tsukino: Siren. 1000+ years old. Princess. Home was destroyed by humans. On of the few survivors.

Jun Moon: Fae. Alluring. Fell for a human. Forbidden relationship?
Jong-Su Kim: Human. Head of a creature extermination division. Areum's boss.

Give badges to: yeong hamada.

kunwoo byun
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 05:09 PM
kunwoo byun
21 years old
written by zee
146 posts

first words au
You guys know how much I love soulmate AUs, so here: have one of my favorites!

In this AU, everyone has their soulmate's first words to them written on them somewhere. It comes with the normal problems you would expect- people born with words written in different languages, people born with simple phrases like "hello," people with multiple phrases, and of course, people who never get words at all.

The media would have influences like this everywhere- in the movies, in books, in songs. While that's romantic and wonderful in theory, it's not the greatest thing in an industry that plays up on Kpop Idol's romantic availability. Idols would have to cover up their words with make-up or carefully placed clothes, and there would be rumors constantly about whether idols words matched up with each other or with their crazy saesang fans.

IdolGee! would have quite a time with the rumors about idols' words. Luka would probably have to hire someone specifically to handle that section of the site, which would probably be overrun with crazy theories like whether or not the glimpse of strange symbols someone saw on Nagito's arm once were of alien origin.

Kunwoo and Eunji's first words to each other weren't the nicest, but they left an impression since they were old enough to read- "Move out of the way, asshole" and "fuck you" definitely set the tone for their relationship, even though they tried their hardest to ignore each other while they were trainees.
Ji-min with "For me?" written over his heart in English, and Jun with his own words written in Kanji; Skylar Park, whose dream has been to move to Korea every since he realized that the words written across his collarbones were in Korean, and Yuuri who was terrified that after he got dropped from Sealight, he'd never meet the person who was going to speak his words to him.
People like Ji-ho who get into relationships knowing that the person they are with isn't their soulmate... only to find their soulmate in someone unique and beautiful further down the line. People like SingSing who don't acknowledge their words and won't talk about them with anyone.
People like Dae-ki and Ki-tae who both have simple "hello"s written on their skin, facing the fact that they might never know who matches up with them (not knowing that their soulmates know exactly who they are and aren't just going to let them get away).

Give badges to: Kunwoo Byun.
Milo Thatch
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 05:10 PM
Milo Thatch
25 years old
written by Bri
46 posts

UnRequited: A Hanahaki Disease AU Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs flower petals. (Specifically that of their lover.) The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only if the feelings are returned.Milo and Yoojin both suffer from Hanahaki Disease. Milo throws up deep purple tulip flower petals and Yoojin the fiery fuzzy foxtail chenielle. Milo, a doctor at Seouls Regional Hospital, has fallen hopelessly in love with his best friend and head nurse, Daeyu Han. Yoojin, a rapper with a troubled past and rough exterior, falls for his therapist, a tall exotic man with piercing eyes. One day, after a particularly intense and tension filled session, Yoojins symptoms disappear. The petals stop coming, and eventually all symptoms are gone. Milo has his removed, along with his feelings. But soon after, Daeyu develops symptoms of the same disease, throwing up blood red rose petals onto the on-call room floor. After a drunken heart to heart with Milo, Daeyu learns something that changes everything. Milos favorite flower. Blood red roses. Give badges to: Milo Thatch
takumi sumeragi
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 05:18 PM
takumi sumeragi
CM Entertainment
22 years old
written by Claire
267 posts

Wild West AU!

The AU takes place in two different towns in Nevada in the 1860s shortly after the Civil War, one is the small silver mining town, of Carrow Mountain, Nevada, who’s recent silver boom in the nearby mines has brought in more families, and the bigger town nearby of Sealight, Nevada (a name no one understands because its nowhere near the sea but okay) which focuses on commerce and has some ranches. We have it all, we have cowboys, we have gunfights, we have mining, we have alcohol and debauchery we have it all.

A cast of characters: (for now just the people tht will earn me my award, but I’ll probably add some more! Also I’m not going to keep roles bound by realism because that’d make things really limited for this time period, given most of the site is Asian.)

Ji-ho Won: The sherriff of Sealight, Nevada, a hardass that no one likes, but who always gets the job done. He is a former colonel from the Mexican-American War, and moved out to Nevada shortly after the death of his wife, shortly after the birth of his only daughter. You do not want to double-cross him, he draws his gun very fast.

Tae-hee Won: the only daughter of the sherriff. Is considered a very strange girl, who has lowered her prospects of marriage because of the constant amount of time she spends gambling in the saloon with the men. Her ability to win against them is almost supernatural, and many grudges against her father, have begun because of her cleaning out the wrong men. She is a very strange combination of perfectly lady like, and a menace to society.

Takumi Sumeragi: the local tempermental rich boy. After the death of his father, a wealthy rancher, and his brother taking over the ranch, he’s been rather lost in life, and unsure of what he wants. He does a lot of odd jobs here and there at both the mine and at the ranches. He’s well known for his anger issues, and his constant saloon fights and drinking. Secretly has a heart of gold.

Nagito Komaeda: One of the boys down at the mining camp. He seems to work harder then everyone else, but always needs to be basically carried out of the mine afterwards. The town doctor worries a bit about him, but he’s not sure what’s wrong. Spends a lot of time with the sheriff, and has shown interest in going into law enforcement himself.

Makoto Naegi: The younger brother of Nagito, also works at the mines. (no one is entirely sure where they’re from, they just showed up one day). Another hard worker, but also very cheery. Doesn’t really have big dreams for the future, and always has hope that someday things will just work out. There’s rumors he’s the beau of the cheeriest saloon girl in the saloon in Carrow Mountain, and many believe they would be a beautiful couple.

Takumi Sumeragi
eunji jong
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 10:12 PM
eunji jong
CM Entertainment
22 years old
written by lars
120 posts

Yuuri Katsuki's son Eunji Katsuki is missing.

He never came home from his D&D game at Kunwoo Shim's house, with Kunwoo, Ji-Ho Won, Yeong Hamada, and Alfred Konishi. As the mystery of Eunji's disappearance, and the equally disturbing but less-publicized disappearance of local high school student Mani Phanthittra, unravels, all roads seem to lead to a deeper conspiracy in Rebby, Wisconsin. The mysterious, barely-socialized boy who goes by Nagi who can flip cars emerged near the respected government psychiatric laboratory on the outskirts of town, there seems to be strange energies at the junior high school, and poor Yuuri Katsuki's home can commune with another world with the Christmas lights in his house - which he insists are messages from his son.

Eunji's friends know they need to find him, and they know Nagi is the key, or a key, to taking out the Demogorgon they think has gripped their friend from within their D&D game.

spoilers for Stranger Things

The Party

- Eunji Katsuki: Yuuri Katsuki's son; was kidnapped by the Demogorgon and taken to the Upside-Down, where he remained for the entirely of the first act of Mirotic. He is basically being tortured by a tree for that entire time in another world known as the Upside-Down. A generally quiet boy who was heavily bullied due to being raised by a single parent; Kunwoo protects him fiercely, and they're very rarely separated.
- Kunwoo Shim: Jeong-Suk Shim's younger brother; Eunji Katsuki's... best friend? They are extremely close, and Kunwoo's drive to find Eunji supercedes his need to sleep, eat, or anything normal. The Party's D&D gamemaster, he feels responsible for Eunji disappearing. His sister thinks he's really weird. He thinks his sister needs to spend less time spying on his best friend's older sister. His family is straight out of a sitcom and he hates it. Doesn't seem to trust people in general, and is the wariest of Nagi.
- Ji-Ho Won: Tae-Hee Won's younger brother; quickly becomes Nagi's closest confidante and develops a massive crush on the psychic teenager. The most serious of the five boys, he and his sister were adopted by their parents. Oftentimes compared to his much more popular sister, which they both shrug off. They're fairly close, and roll their eyes at Kunwoo's tense family situation. Got expelled from school once for beating the shit out of a bully who picked on Yeong one too many times, and was definitely the impetus for Nagi flipping a fucking car with his mind. Will end up in a ride-or-die relationship with someone when they're a teenager, no doubt.
- Yeong Hamada: Oops baby with a much older brother. Big animal lover and huge jokester whose priorities aren't always the best. Best friends with Alfred. Tends to get the brunt of the bullying that the group receives, and does his best to not let how much it bothers him show. He's best known in school for pestering his science teacher, Mr. Bayani, about all kinds of theories, and manages to finangle information about just about anything from him with his pleas about "being curious".
- Alfred Konishi: Only child and the most grounded of the Party. Alfred has a strong working knowledge of compasses, hand tools, and other instruments because of his father, a military man who settled the family in Rebby after years of moving. He and Yeong are the closest, and Alfred acts as a bit of an older brother to him, despite them both being 12. Deeply suspicious of Nagi, and worried about how close Ji-Ho is to him instantaneously.
- Nagi: Strange, shaved-head psychic child the Party comes across in the woods while looking for Eunji. He tries to help the boys find Eunji any way he can, but he draws a lot of attention, is being chased by the government, and isn't entirely up to date on social etiquette. Kunwoo takes all of his advice out of desperation, and Ji-Ho seems to fall head over heels for him, but Alfred and Yeong remain deeply suspicious of him for a long time, until he proves his care by saving both of them from vicious bullies who want to see Alfred and Yeong dead.

The High School

- Tae-Hee Won: Ji-Ho Won's older sister, Mani Phanthittra's best friend, girlfriend to Won Byeol, and generally conflicted person. She is the most popular girl at Rebby High, partially because of her relationship with Won, but her heart yearns for Jeong-Suk, a loner girl who is commonly regarded as creepy and who took photos of her without her knowledge. She was the last person to see Mani Phanthittra alive, as she left her alone outdoors to go have sex with Won; the guilt is slowly tearing her apart. Her and Jeong-suk team together to try and stop the supernatural forces at work in Rebby, growing closer in the process. Is genuinely concerned about Ji-Ho's growing closeness with the strange boy being chased by government officials.
- Jeong-Suk Shim: Kunwoo Shim's older sister, eternal runner-up for Tae-Hee Won's affections, the teenager who takes Eunji's kidnapping the most seriously (because it's bothering her brother so damn much). Often fights with Kunwoo, but would knock down buildings for him if the time called for it. Believed Kunwoo's story about his D&D game somehow causing the kidnapping, which allows her to start digging deeper into the supernatural forces at work, and is one of the first to seek out Yuuri Katsuki, even after the town has labeled him an unhelpful hysteric, and Sheriff Song, the only one even remotely willing to listen to Yuuri. Does have a tendency to sulk around and take creepy pictures, something that Won and his friends have called out.
- Won Byeol: Tae-hee's boyfriend, golden child of Rebby High. On the basketball team. A fuckboy of the highest order... until he realized what tools his friends are and decides he actually needs to be there for Tae-Hee and her brother in their time of need. Basically has no idea what the fuck is going on the whole time. Genuinely disturbed when he realizes that Tae-Hee blames them both for Mani Phanthittra disappearing and no one caring about it.
- Mani Phanthittra: Social justice warrior, Tae-Hee Won's best friend, and disposable girl. Ended up dead after a party at Won Byeol's house, and the police really didn't focus on her disappearance, something that instilled a strong amount of guilt and shame in Tae-Hee, Jeong-suk, and Won.
- Takumi Sumeragi and Kyung-mi Kwon: Asshole couple, former friends of Won Byeol. Rightfully think Jeong-suk is a bit of a creepy; completely irrationally think Tae-Hee is a slut and spray-paint it all over town and goad Won into participating. Probably spend all their time making out in the wash and shoplifting nail polish from the local K-Mart. Kyung-mi seems to subsist entirely on bubble gum.

The Adults

- Yuuri Katsuki: Eunji Katsuki's desperate father, former lover of Sheriff Song, and desperately searching for Eunji. Manages to figure out how to communicate through Christmas lights to his son, who is trapped in the Upside-Down. A badass, even though the town wants to write him off as a grieving single father. Really likes the rest of the party and makes them all dinner all the time.
- Sheriff Iseul Song: the Sheriff. Doesn't have time for this shit. Makes time for Yuuri Katsuki because of their high school relationship. Not Eunji's dad, please stop asking. Will do anything to find Eunji, and knows that the Party is a bunch of children who won't be able to crack this case on their own. Deeply suspicious of Nagi and where he might come from. - Dae Gum: Nagi's dad. Shithead. Reeeeaaaal shithead.
((Will be fleshed out when I actually finish Stranger Things S1 & 2.))

Give badges to: eunji jong

jihyun kim
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 10:30 PM
jihyun kim
Sealight Records
32 years old
written by chai
107 posts

--- ;; a ghost au
unbeknownst to the living, in this world, once you die, you remain on the mortal plane as a ghost in a form that mimics your real body. you float around aimlessly, searching for a person-anyone-who has deep ties to you, as long as they are still alive. a sister, a brother, a friend, a lover- feelings negative or positive, contradictory or pure. your world is blank, dark-you see nothing at all except yourself, and you will continue to see nothing at all until you see the person who is tied to you. they are the only thing that you will be able to see as long as you are confined to the mortal plane as a ghost. it is the year 2055, and jihyun kim has just died.

[tw: death, idealized abusive relationships & discussion of those mental states, descriptions of sensations similar to blindness, discussion of mental states -- please inform me if i have missed anything]

there is something very, very wrong.

jihyun can feel it. he doesn't know what it is. it is a tremor, a single flicker of something more, and yet-he opens his eyes, he glances at himself. he floats. it is very, very dark. it is him, in a blanket of blackness, and jihyun is struck with fear.

it is real and very agonizing. it strikes him not the way that lightning strikes a rock, a child, a friend, but it strikes him in the quick-slow-hot-cold way a thought does, creeping up his spine and rooting itself in his soul until he cannot stop thinking about it. he actively tries to forget about it, but it always lingers, cannot be forgotten.

where is he? he is nowhere.

jihyun has always known that fear is something that can be overcome. but there is very little to do so when you fear the nothingness, the thing that you can never defeat because there is nothing there.

can you defeat yourself? he thinks he might go crazy. where is he? he takes a step. he takes another. he looks ahead. where is ahead? he can't see anything. is he upside down? is he right side up? is he facing left or right? where is he going? what is he? what has he been? who is he?

there are no time limits, nothing to rush or slow your progress. it is simply a trickling hourglass that keeps on being turned upside down. of course, you are still in your human form, and are liable to do human things.

one of those things is forget. you will forget those important people to you, your memories. that means that they will no longer hold any meaning towards you, never be anything more. you will slowly lose your chances of moving on, of being more than what you are.

of course, you'll forget what you are, too. just give it-


you have plenty of that, after all. death is a patient mistress, and she never gives up.

what is that? he thinks he sees something-it is very close, glowing at the edges of what is before him, a shape of someone with strong arms and a smile and although they do not look very familiar-


what is seeing?


who are they-

no, wait, they're fading, no, don't leave me alone-

not like she did-

who is she?

ah. rika. my sun.

you can cling to her, at least. she loves you-

you raise your eyes. there-you thought you saw something. but there is nothing there. you cannot remember anything, cannot remember anyone. there is just rika, and her smile, and the way that the wedding ring may have looked on the hand of the one who blinded you, and the perfect way you two fit together. but-

where is she? had she left you?

sometimes, it is better to forget.
he wanders.

it is the year 3000, and no one is alive that he cares about, have cared about. of course, he doesn't know that. they've all moved on, transcended this realm.

they didn't need him.

even if he needed them-needed her.

if he remembered, he might have thought this was fitting.

he keeps on searching. he doesn't remember his name.

he's never known who he keeps on looking for.

(has he?)

Give badges to: jihyun kim

 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 11:41 PM
22 years old
written by She/Her
61 posts

danganronpa iv
I regret to inform everyone that the Murder Bear is at it again.

Real talk though, some general backstory: all the following characters have lived their entire lives in a safe haven called the Ultimate Harbor of Hope. Affiliated with the Future Foundation and Hope's Peak Academy of the years before the Tragedy, our characters' parents were ultimate students who were saved and sought refuge, and were granted it at this sanctuary far away from civilization - our characters now carry their torch forward with their own, albeit mysterious, talents.

(Of course, knowing Danganronpa, that isn't entirely true...)

There are sixteen students:

Pyong Kim - The Ultimate Lucky Student: The protagonist. Survives but may or may not have to kill his twin brother in the finale, who knows?
Haebitna Baek - The Ultimate Medic: Survives.
William Holzer - The Ultimate Explorer: Survives.
Eu-Meh Zhao - The Ultimate Caregiver: Survives.
Seulgi Lee - The Ultimate Shakespearean Actor: Survives.
Suk-Ja Mun - The Ultimate Courier: First victim.
Opal Pyo - The Ultimate Clairvoyant: First murderer, in a twist (that most of the audience sees coming).
Hana Baek - The Ultimate Journalist: Second victim.
Chastity Beauford - The Ultimate Philosopher: Like all chapter 2 murderers, sympathetic. It was literally an accident.
Rini Tsukino - The Ultimate Apprentice: Chapter 3 victim 1.
Min-Jae Mun - The Ultimate Racecar Driver: Chapter 3 victim 2.
Uriel Choi - The Ultimate Hacker: Chapter 3 murderer.
Takumi Sumeragi - The Ultimate Archer: Chapter 4 victim.
Bora Hwang - The Ultimate Lumberjack: Chapter 4 murderer.
Rowan Wunderlund - The Ultimate Veterinarian: Chapter 5 victim.
Yuuri Katsuki - The Ultimate Ice Skater: Chapter 5 murderer. The traitor (which in DR is always the person who is Too Good For This World so)

(descriptions later!)

Give badges to:Nagito Komaeda
yuuri katsuki
 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 12:10 AM
yuuri katsuki
--- years old
written by ---
324 posts

Middle-earth is in danger after the rediscovery of the One Ring of Power. Dark Lord Emmin - former lieutenant of the original Lord of Darkness, Sorin - nearly conquered the lands of the Free Folk three thousand years before the events of our tale, but his Ring was taken from him and his physical form was lost. His servants scattered to the four winds, but the Wise have always said that he would return one day - and they were right.

An unlikely hero in the form of a Hobbit from the Shire must travel across Middle-earth, braving dangers untold with eight other companions, all with the goal of taking the One Ring to Mount Doom and throwing it back into the fire where it was forged, ending it and the threat to Middle-earth forever.


YUURI KATSUKI AS YUURI BAGGINS, nephew of Bai Baggins, inherited his uncle's home, Bag End, and 'magic ring' when his uncle disappeared off into the blue decades before our tale began. Carries the weight of Middle-earth on his shoulders and is painfully aware of what is at stake should he fail.
SKYLAR PARK AS SKYLAR GAMGEE, gardener at Bag End and best friend of Yuuri. More than he appears to be, integral to Yuuri's success or failure as Ringbearer. Don't underestimate the gardener or you might get a frying pan to the face.
ZHIHAO CHOI AS ZHIHAO BRANDYBUCK, cousin of Yuuri and Zhitao. Hao, along with Tao, is seen as more of a prankster with no idea of the seriousness of their mission - but he comes into his own later in the story, once he's separated from his friends, finding service as a squire to the King of Rohan.
ZHITAO CHOI AS ZHITAO TOOK, cousin of Yuuri and Zhitao. Tao, like Hao, is not taken in a serious light and seen as a rather foolish character. After the separation from his friends, he grows and matures and finds service in the employ of the Steward of Gondor.
WILLIAM HOLTZER AS WILLIAM THE GREY/WILLIAM THE WHITE, one of the five Istari and lifelong friend of Yuuri. Serves as guide to the Fellowship until his fall in the Mines of Moria, returns as William the White when hope seems to be lost.
TAIYANG HOU AS STRIDER, Heir of Isildur and ranger. Betrothed to Prince Bonfamille, son of the Lord of Rivendell, and must retake the throne of Gondor before they will be allowed to marry. Escorts Yuuri and the other Hobbits to Rivendell and swears to help him reach Mordor and Mount Doom.
TAKUMI SUMERAGI AS TAKUMI OF MIRKWOOD, elven prince and representative of his father at the Council. Young for an elf, eager to prove himself and initially joins the quest to see more of Middle-earth. Unparalleled archer and the eyes of the Company.
NAGITO KOMAEDA AS NAGITO, SON OF MAKOTO, sent to the Council as a representative of the dwarves. Initially joins the quest out of a sense of obligation, but nurtures an unlikely friendship with Takumi and helps begin mending the rift between elves and dwarves.
JUN MOON AS JUN, son of the Steward of Gondor and older brother of Ji-min. Pressured due to his position and tempted by the One Ring, nearly taking it from Yuuri, but redeems himself by nearly getting himself killed defending Hao and Tao from Uruk-hai.


SI-U BYEOL/DAE GEUM as Smeagol/Gollum. The split personality of one former Halfling who possessed the One Ring for far too long. Need I say more?
ZHILAN CHOI AS ZHILAN, Lady of Lothlorien and bearer of one of the three elven Rings of power. 'Nother badass lady coming through.
HAEBITNA BAEK AS HAENA, niece of the King of Rohan and shieldmaiden. Basically she's a badass, guys, and gets the best line in the series.
JI-HO WON AS JIHO BOMBADIL, enigmatic and eccentric person with yellow boots and a blue jacket. Immune to the temptation of the One Ring, saves the Hobbits from barrow-wights.

Give badges to: Yuuri Katsuki

uriel choi
 Posted: Nov 8 2017, 01:55 AM
uriel choi
22 years old
written by marie
70 posts

pacific rim au
cw: general mentions of a destructive/depressive mindset

Here's the thing: Choi Uriel is a fantastic jaeger pilot. He's as good a pilot as he is a mechanic, and when he's not training he usually helps out in the command room.

Unfortunately he doesn't get in a jaeger nowadays. It's famous, the incident of multiple kaiju being slain by a single jaeger. But the heroes walked away with scars, and the public were shielded from most of them. The news report that Kim Jihyun suffered from Kaiju Blue and died a hero, while Choi Uriel attributes their success to his co-pilot and respectfully declines to get in a jaeger again.

The truth: Kim Jihyun is alive, and the Kaiju Blue was neutralized. But his eyesight was robbed from him, and more importantly, the sun was stolen. During the kaiju attack, his longtime girlfriend lost her life, and Jihyun regrets not saving her more than he does becoming handicapped. The public doesn't want a broken hero though, so he tells Uriel and their higher ups to consider him dead. He lives in a secluded wing of the headquarters, his mental strain more a burden than any of his physical limitations.

Meanwhile, Uriel tells the public his co-pilot is dead, and he's not sure if he's lying. He regrets not saving Jihyun from Kaiju Blue exposure, and he continues to regret not being able to help his friend break out of his unhealthy rumination as he visits him almost daily.

Jihyun is the only person allowed to call Uriel Saeyoung.

Uriel refuses to get into a jaeger without Jihyun half because it's hard to switch co-pilots, but also because he can't trust anyone else with his secrets, both about Jihyun and his past. Uriel can't remember most of his past, but he knows who he became afterwards isn't the best person, and certainly not the exonerated hero of the news and The Famous Multiple Kaiju Incident. There's too much he wants to keep to himself, and he knows he can't drift with someone like this.

Their jaeger is called Six Mystic.

Some years later, in comes Lee-Sing Sing and it's hard to deny that she and Uriel are drift compatible, but Uriel can't get into a jaeger. In light of this, Uriel tries his best to find her another, better partner, and in the process just gets to know her more and eventually is convinced to do a simulation with her.

It Goes Badly because like predicted, he can't open himself up to her completely. It's an angsty mess and not one Uriel thinks he can clean up for once.

There is also the i>miraculous duo of Adria Huebsch and Cha He-ran with their red jaeger who don't want the fame that comes with being jaeger pilots and hide their identities with masks when they have to appear on camera.

You can catch Hana Baek trying to get the latest scoops on jaeger pilots and is especially interested in the Famous Multiple Kaiju Incident heroes who dropped off the face of the earth after their triumph.

Lisa Mishima lost her father to a kaiju attack, and ever since her mother has kept her on lockdown in their house. She dreams about becoming a pilot to prevent others from having to go through what she did, but breaking free from her mother's control is difficult. She plots runaway schemes in her head, but also strongly desires finding a co-pilot to achieve that kind of close connection to someone that her mother's imposed isolation has robbed her of.

Give badges to: uriel choi

he-ran cha
 Posted: Nov 15 2017, 03:13 AM
he-ran cha
CM Entertainment
24 years old
written by Lyhe
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Former Daily Prophet editor turned Deputy Headmaster Luka Beniov-Jung is often the subject of ridicule, considering that his subject is Muggle Studies, but even under the barrage of complaints, he remains a steadfast fixture at the school, and his skill and experience in the Muggle world can't be denied. His school paper, the HogGee!, has become a staple amongst the student body, and those lucky few accepted to work on it have formed one of the most exclusive clubs at Hogwarts, hell bent on disrespect. There are sometimes whispers that he's really a plant in the school being controlled by Durmstrang, but he has vehemently denied these rumours (though curiously also refuses to say this under the effects of Veritaserum...)

He-ran Cha is an average Gryffindor student in almost every way -- she gets passable grades, but not great ones; she has a couple good friends, but isn't popular; she gets picked on sometimes for being a 'Mudblood', but most of the time, she's largely left in the background. It's only when she dons her disguise for the Dueling Club as the mysterious Ladybug that she really feels she gets her chance to shine at her best subject, Defence Against the Dark Arts. It's well-known that she has a thing (more than a thing, an obsession) for her housemate, the fabulously wealthy pureblood Adria Huebsch, Keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and general school darling, but apparently Adria's the only one that doesn't know yet. Then again, Adria has secrets of her own, glamming up for Dueling Club as the pawsome Cat Noir (not to mention her difficult relationship with her father, who almost didn't let her go to Hogwarts). She's become infatuated with Ladybug, but the two have still never seen one another with masks off, agreeing to keep the relationship strictly to the battlefield. They've since become an unbeatable duo and are always looking for new challengers.

One of the biggest shocks to Hogwarts came with the ripples of Sumi Noi's placement into Ravenclaw, known for housing some of the best and brightest the school has to offer. Even as she enters her fifth year, many question the choice -- it's well known that she was written off as a half-blooded Squib up until the summer before her first year when she finally displayed her ability and was quickly shooed in. Perhaps its her unending dedication to learning all the material she can, even if she's not the best at using it -- any practical theory is a clear ace for her, but don't ask her to actually cast the spell. Despite facing opposition from people in her own house, particularly from Jimmy Neutron, Sumi seems to have latent potential that's just waiting to come out at the right time. Patience and practice are her motto!

Daeyu Han is a Slytherin veteran through and through, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the Astronomy professor is also the Head of House. Its ambitions to become the headmaster one day are pretty well-known to the students and staff, and no one doubts that it will. Its lust for power and sometimes harsh nature have made it one of the least popular profs, and it's notorious for coming down hard on the most minor offences, but it's still managed to amass a small cult of like-minded followers. Because of all that, people often find its relationship with former Gryffindor Milo Thatch awfully curious, considering that the librarian is wildly popular amongst the student body and is one of the most friendly people you'd meet. It's often gossiped about in the halls that the two were drawn together by an inescapable prophecy, but neither of them have ever confirmed or denied it.

It's easy to write off Divination as a pansy subject, but Opal Pyo takes her job very seriously, even for a complete fraud. Still, her class remains immensely popular -- mostly because she gives out straight O's and EE's to anyone that manages to suck up to her enough. Though well-known for being a problem student in her own days, and for actually orchestrating a bit of a...minor Dark Arts issue that ended with a stint in Azkaban, she's gone on to reform herself. Kind of. She seems to be on great terms with the castle ghosts, as they can usually be found hanging out in her study for a chat...but this also means she's pals with the school poltergeist, Bill, so avoid her wrath unless you want to find some dirty tricks played on you! Students will often try to set her up with other profs or people from Hogsmeade, but despite being one of the prettiest ladies on campus, she's turned them down every time for some reason. Maybe this has something to do with her Patronus, which changed several years ago to a pig...

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he-ran cha
 Posted: Nov 15 2017, 02:07 PM
he-ran cha
CM Entertainment
24 years old
written by Lyhe
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Since the beginning of time, or even before it, kwami have existed, abstract creatures that form each time a new idea, feeling, or concept is born. Try as they might, though, their almost ghostly nature made them unable to contact the mortal world, and so they lived many thousands of years powerless to assist humans.

A clever mage eventually managed to circumvent this issue with his creation of the Miraculouses, pieces of jewelry able to be habitated by kwamis to allow them to speak to humans -- and grant them great power.

Some Miraculouses have disappeared forever, lost in the currents of time. Others may have yet to be discovered, waiting for their chance to show the world their power, for better or for worse. They can be combined together to grant powers even unimaginable by their holders.

Some have been stolen. Some have been found. Most have been given, by the graces of the Great Guardian, tasked with finding wielders who will use them for noble purposes.

(Of course, this doesn't always go as planned.)

While the Miraculouses have moved all over the world to all sorts of wielders, it's curious that, as of now, they have all ended up in Korea, and all in the hands of various members of the pop industry. Now tasked with both entertaining the population and saving it from the exceedingly dangerous Hawk Moth, a masked Miraculous wielder who can create supervillians with his akuma butterflies, these six must learn to balance their priorities and work as a team...at any cost.


After being sought out by the Great Guardian, He-ran Cha had difficulty accepting her new position as the next Ladybug -- probably the most out of all the current wielders. In fact, it took her three weeks before she put the earrings back on after the first...unpleasant meeting with Tikki, the Ladybug kwami and Aspect of Creation, and that was only because Hawk Moth had, by then, had ample time to gain an understanding of his powers and launch his first full-fledged attack. While He-ran was successful in stopping it alongside her peers, she did not know to capture the akuma, and thus its influence continued to spread. Heartbroken over her perceived failure, she attempted to pass off the earrings to others several times -- including to her own musical partner Adria and her best friend -- until she came to understand that she was the only one who could really be Ladybug. Since then, she's taken the stance of leader alongside Chat Noir (though not everybody is exactly happy about that fact -- Ladybug is notably sometimes selfish, usually a little bit late, and often headstrong, believing in her way or the highway). Her special superpower, Lucky Charm, allows her to summon useful objects to achieve a goal, and only she is able to undo the damage done by akumas once they have been captured and purified, making her an invaluable asset to the team. (Oh, yeah, there's also the incredibly intense romantic tension between her and Chat, but we're gonna remind ourselves that she is 100% dedicated to fashion model Adria Huebsch. Who's also Chat. And her groupmate. It's a long story.)

Adria Huebsch is already an anomaly in the industry, being one of the first Western idols to achieve any degree of success, but she only gets more so when she adopts her supurrhero ego, Chat Noir.

The bright Queen Bee of the Miraculouses is none other than the bright sunshine of the K-pop industry, Haebitna Baek! As the most optimistic of the team, she's usually the one everyone looks to when in need of moral support, and she's brought them back together and in focus more times than she can count -- probably a benefit of being paired with Waxx, the Aspect of Unity. Despite this, it's best not to get her mad...she'll sting!

Reporter Hana Baek exists in the same unique mixture of two different worlds as her fellow Miraculouses, but perhaps in a more interesting way, since she not only writes extremely popular articles about their exploits but PARTICIPATES with them as Vixen. Hey -- it's good to have a reporter in the field!...somewhat, since she's also notoriously critical of her team's mistakes when she does writeups later, making people wonder how she has such an exact detail of events, but when you're able to cast near-perfect illusions, it's not difficult to have an alibi. Hana, being one of the older members of the team, has had the Fox Miraculous passed down in her family for generations, though this also makes her prone to arguing that her experience (and incredible ability) should make her the team leader, and her setting out on her own has put herself and her team at risk -- though she can always be relied on to come through in the end, however reluctantly. Despite her grumbling, she is confident and has the most conviction in the group, and can usually be relied upon to be the first one to the scene and in the akumatised villains face. It's no surprise to anyone that her kwami companion is Fennec, the Aspect of Truth, considering that she rarely holds her tongue. Her special superpower, [help me I'm bad at coming up w/ names], allows her to make one of her illusions become reality.

If anyone doubted themselves even more than He-ran ever did, it would be Yuuri Katsuki, considering he's been kicked down more times than I even want to count -- but he can at least take back some control when he's Peacock, the most popular member of the Miraculous team (to his chagrin when he's crowded by desperate fans). He was the second to receive a Miraculous, and was taught by its former wielder (his older sister), so he also largely assisted the rest of the team settle in when they first assembled.

Imagine coming to a new country and your welcoming gift being superpowers. That was the case for the current Turtle, Skylar Park! He's the newest recruit, but his eagerness to learn has made him a veteran extremely quickly. His social media following is always excited to hear the next update on the Miraculouses with his...exclusive footage. While not much of a fighter, he spends most of his time on the ground protecting civilians while his teammates focus on the beating up part, and he always puts safety first -- Wayzz is the Aspect of Security, after all! His special superpower, Shell Shock, allows him to create an enormous forcefield, strong enough to once withstand the weight of a collapsed building. Perhaps due to the turtle's longevity, he also usually has double the time after using his power before her transforms back into a civilian.

While Miraculouses have largely been used for the benefit of humanity, working hand-in-hand with their wielders as opposed to under them, it's possible for them to be subjugated to their will. This was the case when the elusive Moth Miraculous surfaced after decades of being lost -- only to fall into the hands of vocal trainer Dae Geum, taking the name Hawk Moth and unleashing terror upon the city of Seoul. While his origins are mysterious, his intent is more than clear -- take the Miraculouses of Ladybug and Cat, and maybe pick up a few more in the process. Why? To gain the ultimate power and fulfill his ultimate wish -- make Haebitna Baek love him. Of course, he has no idea that his beloved flower is also one of the people working tirelessly to stop his plans from becoming reality, but that would likely only spur him on more. With the kwami and Aspect of Equality, Nooroo, he uses his corrupted akumas to create powerful supervillains to stop the Miraculous team, though his plans have so far been foiled every time. Unfortunately for them, he's only getting closer and closer to revealing their identities by the day...


There are few people that would say they've ever seen Daeyu Han smile, so its akumatisation seemed to be more a matter of time than anything else.
Rowan Wonderlund: Cheshire Cat
Kyu-hah Yu: Black Bull
Jeong-suk Shim: Ultimate Despair
Takumi Sumeragi
Kangsoo Byun
Yu-ri Ohm


Being a Great Guardian is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks of all, being responsible for not only locating Miraculouses, but distributing and protecting them. This hasn't stopped the intrepid Michiko Katsuki, who abandoned the boring life of Guardian training in order to pursue the more exciting path of being a Miraculous holder herself. Unfortunately, while she was successful, her decisions upset the balance and led to a great tragedy -- while she won't talk about it, there is a reason that the Guardian Order has fallen apart, and it isn't simply due to the number of Miraculouses dwindling. She later accepted her place in the order of things (though with her own flair, of course) and passed down the Peacock Miraculous to her younger brother, who she keeps a special eye on. While she knows the true identities of every Miraculous holder (besides Hawk Moth, who located his own Miraculous), she is very careful about keeping them (and her involvement) cloaked in complete secrecy -- it's no wonder they all feel incredibly comfortable in her presence.

Minami Kenjirou: Peacock stalker
Somin Ho: photographer/blogger
Uriel Choi: former Cat wielder

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hikaru kingetsu
 Posted: Nov 17 2017, 07:54 PM
hikaru kingetsu
26 years old
written by iHodor
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Gospel of a New Century (WIP)
General CW because it's Evangelion, so expect apocalyptic events, mental illness, horror, and a whole bucket load of Freud.

Nearly twenty years ago, the world ended. A cataclysmic event at the North Pole- dubbed Second Impact- resulted in the destruction of large chunks of the polar ice caps and the majority of the planet's ecosystem.

Temperatures skyrocketed. The seas turned red. Countries were facing biblical flooding. World War III- later known as 'the Impact Wars'- started over the sudden scarcity of natural resources. It was a decade of chaos.

That was then. This is now.

Through its guile and stubbornness, humanity has lived past the end of days. The Earth has been battered and bruised, yet still supports life. A new era had began.

It is the year 2017 AD.

The threat of extinction is rising by the appearance of the Apostolos, eldritch creatures seemingly born of the earth itself, as foretold by the Dead Sea Scrolls. The first Apostolos appeared in the Eastern Sea, roaming towards the city of Neo Seoul.

Nothing thrown at it was able to hurt it. MOABs, nuclear missiles, N2 Mines- it resisted all of them. If anything, the minimal amount of damage done by these made the Apostolos even stronger.

Enter NERV, an international paramilitary force established by the United Nations after the Impact Wars specifically for the arrivals of the Apostolos. The secretive organization had a trick up their sleeve- something designed to combat the eldritch horrors facing mankind.

The all-purpose, humanoid synthetic weapon: the Evangelion project. Titanic fusions of biology and mechanics, piloted by specificly chosen individuals, the Evangelions quickly began seeing use at NERV's headquarters in Neo Seoul- fending off the Apostolos and winning a new day for humanity.

But why are the Apostolos driven to the one city...?


- Neo Seoul, Korea is one of the largest cities in the world. It's also where the majority of our action takes place.

- It is a fraction the size of RL!Seoul, but do to the post-apocalyptic setting is regarded in the same terms as the RL one.

- The Impact Wars had a major impact on cultural and technological development, causing lag a fair bit. Technology and cultural trends should widely invoke those of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

- The second Apostolos and the progenitor of Humanity, Lilith, is stored under NERV's HQ.



Starting with the Children:

'The Children', as termed by NERV, are the only people capable of piloting the Evangelions without almost immediately disintegrating for even attempting. Strangely, they all seem to have been born after Second Impact- heavily believed to be the only reason they can 'sync' to their EVAs.

First Child/Rei: ???. Pilot of Unit-00 (placeholder number). An artificial human.

Second Child: Takumi Sumeragi Pilot of Evangelion Unit-14. A new recruit , Takumi Sumeragi is at his best in his EVA...but he wasn't the one meant to pilot it. He constantly lives in the shadow of his late brother- and the intended pilot of the EVA- causing his irritability to skyrocket. He's quite the pilot- but is always striving to be more.

Third Child: Hikaru Kingetsu. Pilot of Evangelion Unit-07. The daughter of a scientist at NERV's precursor, the Marduk Foundation, who tragically passed during an experiment. Raised by her aunt and uncle on a secluded estate in Korea. She is summoned to pilot rather abruptly- and is completely unaware of the nature of her mother's experiments...

Fourth Child/Toji: [b]Aruem Bae. Pilot of Evangelion Unit-03. A girl in Takumi and Hikaru's classes, who both of them know to a passing degree. She is brought in suddenly towards the end of the story, as pilot of Evangelion Unit-03. She is killed when the Evangelion is hijacked by an Apostolos.

Fifth Child: Hyeon-duri Ryoo. A senior student at the pilots' school. She is a strange, enigmatic figure with an eerie fondness for humanity (even at its darkest depths), who is secretly SEELE's ace in the whole- an artificial human and the thirteenth Apostolos, known as 'Tabris'.


The synthetic humanoid weapon developed by NERV, the Evangelions are the last chance humanity has of avoiding a Third Impact, which would destroy whatever is left of the ecosystem. They are secretly grown from the first Apostolos, ADAM- which effectively means they're Apostolos that're tamed and controlled by Man through their restraints.

Evangelion Unit-14: Affectionately dubbed 'Fuujin' by Takumi. The Evangelion used by Takumi Sumeragi, and inhabited by the soul of his father (or maybe brother, who knows?). A mostly white unit with gold trim and black accents, it's noted for its two horns on its head. Typically armed to fight at a range.

Evangelion Unit-07. Dubbed 'Lachesis' for one of the engraving on its head, and piloted by Hikaru. Perhaps the strangest of the Evangelions in terms of its appearance, being coated completely in gold, barring scattered bits of silver accents on its waist and a jewel-like growth on its forehead. It is an obscenely powerful machine, designed to be a test-bed for equipment types and later generation EVAs. However, this power comes at a price- not only is it an immense resource hog, but its equally difficult to pilot. Its main weapon are twin swords, which have... rather suggestive hilts.

Evangelion Unit-03: Dubbed 'Candeloro' by its designer, Unit-03 was flown in from its native base to Neo Seoul at the request of NERV HQ. It is largely yellow, with brown and white as secondary colors. It was tragically hijacked by the thirteenth Apostolos, Bardiel, and forced to be destroyed in combat by Units 14 and 07.


Commander: ???

Vice Commander: ???

Bridge Worker trio: ???

Head of the EVA Project: ???

Lieutenant/Caretaker of the Children: Eu-Meh Zhao.


The secret organization behind everything, pulling the string to eliminate the Apostolos. Despite the seemingly-good intentions, their real goal is the Human Instrumentality project, which seeks to bring about the unification of humanity as a singular entity.

What makes SEELE dangerous is how eccentric they are. There's an odd fascination with cats- especially by its Sixth member (all but the chairwoman tend to hide behind monoliths, to hide their identity)- alongside a strange obsession with gossip and their own vanity. This causes the few people aware of its existence to drastically underestimate their ability.

The chairwoman of the foundation is Hana Baek, publicly known as an award winning journalist for her coverage of the Impact Wars.

They are literally Idolgee. Apparently an apocalypse turns them into the Illuminati. Who knew.


still a heavy WIP; going to expand on this more later. Posting this so I don't lose it.

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serena tsukino
 Posted: Nov 17 2017, 10:33 PM
serena tsukino
Sealight Records
18 years old
written by Nara
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the sailor moon au no one needed
Once upon a time, there was a solar system which was unique. Upon each of the planets orbiting the sun rested a Kingdom, ruled by a race of humanoids with special power. None were more powerful than those who lived upon the Moon, the ultimate governing family. QUEEN URIEL (Queen Sixkitty) was a wise and bountiful ruler who never misjudged. He was renouned in this time for being fair and kind to any who stepped foot upon the Moon, being the one who established the connections between each of the planets.

But then his daughter, Princess Serenity, was born. She was cheerful, bright and kind just like her mother(/father idek). However Queen Uriel feared for her life, reaching out to the other rulers for protection of her daughter. They answered, saying that upon the day their own children would awaken as the Guardians of the System they would be sent to the Moon Palace to protect the princess.

Sixteen years would pass and now Serenity spent her days with her four Guardians; Princess Mani (Sailor Venus), Prince Takumi (Sailor Mars), Princess Haebitna (Sailor Jupiter) and Prince Zhitao (Sailor Mercury). Things began to fall apart however, when the young Moon Princess fell in love with the Earth Prince. She would sneak away to catch glimpses of the Prince and it wouldn't take long for them to fall in love.

One of the Prince's handmaids, Nagito caught them and was consumed by jealousy. Eventually launching an attack on the Moon Kingdom and leaving it destroyed. In order to give his daughter a chance to live happily, Queen Uriel used the last of his strength to send the Princess, her Guardians and her lover into the future where they would have the chance to be happy.


Character rundown:
The Senshi:
SAILOR VENUS: Mani Phanthittra
SAILOR MARS: Takumi Sumeragi
SAILOR PLUTO: Marinna Ohiya

The allies:
LUNA: Minsik Bae
ARTEMIS: Jaemin Kim
NARU/THE BEST FRIEND: Ninako Kinoshita

The antagonists (Dark Kingdom only RN):
QUEEN BERYL: Nagito Komeada
JADEITE: Hiro Hamada
NEPHRITE: Jinsoo Ahn
ZOISITE: Kunwoo Byun
KUNZITE: Eunji Jeong

Invalid methinks

zhihao choi
 Posted: Nov 27 2017, 01:36 PM
zhihao choi
23 years old
written by alex
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assassin's creed au
The Chois seem like your average family on the surface - well-liked, well-connected and never on the wrong side of the law. But is that all there really is to them...? Not on your life.

The truth is, they're descended from a long line of Assassins - no, not contract killers, but that's what they and their allies have been accused of being. Their sworn enemies are in power in Seoul, controlling much of the government and important positions - including those in the booming kpop entertainment industry.

With all four of the children(and two others who were adopted in) in two of the companies, they've been put in place to keep an eye on the goings on around them, always aware that they might be called on to do the unthinkable at a moment's notice.


Zhihao Choi - second-youngest son, descendant(paternal line) of Ezio Auditore. Has a presence in America because of his group Shiny Shiny. Connected to Makoto Naegi, Haebitna Baek and Jaemin Kim, all of whom have been made allies to the Assassin cause.
Zhilan Choi - eldest daughter, descendant(paternal line) of Ezio Auditore. As a solo artist at Sealight, she is tasked with investigating rumors that those in control of the industry have access to Pieces of Eden - powerful First Civilization artifacts that have been fought over for eons. Mother of twins with a fellow Assassin.
Zhifang Moon - adopted elder son, descendant(paternal line) of Shao Jun. As a solo artist at Sealight, he is tasked with aiding Lan in her investigations, while also doubling as a double agent - knowing full well that if he's caught, what his fate at the hands of the Templars will be. Connected to Chen-u Kee, a Sealight stylist who has been swayed to the Assassin cause.
Zhitao Choi - youngest son, descendant(paternal line) of Ezio Auditore. In newly forming group DTR, Tao has been tasked with recruiting his groupmates - all from different cultures - in the hopes of gaining a presence in other Asian countries. Connected to Saranyu Prasongsanti, descendant of Evie Frye and Henry Green.
Jun Moon - adopted son, descendant(maternal line) of the Kenway family. As a former solo artist turned group leader of Moon.light, Jun and his younger brother's task is to support Lan and Fang in their activities, while gaining further allies to their cause through their music. Connected to Yuuri Katsuki, descendant of Malik Al-Sayf.
Jimin Moon - adopted son, descendant(maternal line) of the Kenway family. Along with his older brother, Ji's task is to support Lan and Fang while gaining new allies, a task he is very adept at through disarming would-be enemies through his personality and charisma. Connected to Skylar Park, descendant of Altair ibn La'Ahad.


Chen-u Kee - son of a prominent Scottish Templar, allied to the Assassin cause through his relationship with Fang. Offers support through spying and listening for information while performing his job as a stylist. Older brother of Dae-ki and Min-jun Mun.
Dae-ki Mun - son of a prominent Scottish Templar, allied to the Assassin cause. One of two tech supports along with his 'twin' brother, they are responsible for keeping track of Templar movements and actions, while sending intel to the Assassins to aid their work. In a relationship with William Holtzer, another tech support ally.
Min-jun Mun - son of a prominent Scottish Templar, allied to the Assassin cause. One of two tech supports along with his 'twin' brother, they are responsible for keeping track of Templar movements and actions, while sending intel to the Assassins to aid their work. In a relationship with Anna Baek, an ally to the cause and potential future Assassin.
Skylar Park - American transplant to Seoul, Skylar found himself tangled up in the Assassin cause when he met Jimin at an event where Ji was tailing a target for information. He was initially unaware of his connection to the legendary Assassin Altair, but has been informed of it and learned just how important the Assassin cause is to himself and those he cares about. In a relationship with Jimin Moon.
Yuuri Katsuki - younger brother of Michiko and descendant of Malik Al-Sayf, Yuuri was initially unaware of his connection to the Assassins and got into the practice of aiding them entirely by accident. His relationship with Jun Moon almost led to his kidnapping at the hands of Templar agents, but he was able to disarm them just by talking to them and lasted long enough to be saved by the Chois. Tentatively being trained to be a potential future Assassin.
Michiko Katsuki - older sister of Yuuri and descendant of Malik Al-Sayf, Michi's services as a language translator and low-grade spy have made her a valuable ally to the Assassin's cause at CM in particular. Without her, their missives overseas and elsewhere would go untranslated and Assassins out in the field would risk the information being obsolete by the time it got to them.
Anna Baek - adopted sister of Haebitna Baek, Anna is under the tutleage of Fang to potentially become an Assassin in her own right. In a relationship with Min-jun Mun.
Haebitna Baek - adopted sister of Anna Baek, Haebitna is in a relationship with Zhihao and Makoto, and reportedly her family is in possession of a Shroud of Eden, a powerful First Civilization artifact capable of healing almost any wound or disease.
Makoto Naegi - younger brother of Nagito Komaeda, Mako has been allied to the Assassin cause since he was a trainee with Zhihao. Mako's older brother has worked to ally his group, St*r, with the Assassins' cause, and Mako himself is a capable ally who can disarm even the most tense of situations.
Jaemin Kim - once-unwilling ally to the Assassins, Jaemin has been an invaluable asset through spying, and his support to Zhihao has gotten his boyfriend out of several very close calls over the past two years.
Adria Huebsch - descendant of Arno Dorian, Adria is a talented performer tasked with keeping the world unknowing to her identity, and she, along with groupmate He-ran Cha, have the Templars thinking that they are double agents for their cause in order to feed them false information.
He-ran Cha - Along with Adria, He-ran uses her secret performer identity to keep her real identity under wraps, all in order to trick the Templars with false information to keep them off the tails of the Assassins.


Taiyang Hou - descendant of the Kenways through his paternal line, Taiyang was raised under the mistaken belief that the Assassins were the ones who had destroyed his career prospects and tried to ruin his life. As of late, through his growing relationship with a 'double agent' named Duke, Tai may be reconsidering his stance as a Templar and getting ready to defect under great personal risk.
Jae-suk Min - adopted and raised by a prominent Templar, Jae-suk faced torture at the hands of a supposed 'ally' to his father's cause, and has recently been considering defecting or turning double agent to ruin their goals.
Sunghoon Song - unwillingly allied to the Templars through his friendship with Taiyang, Sung has entrusted his wife and son to the Assassin's protection, while scheming with Taiyang about what they can do to further the Assassin cause within BOSS.
Iseul Song - unknowingly allied to the Templars through company connections at CM, Iseul has agreed to turn double agent to gain information in the highly volatile industry. In a relationship with Yong Heo, younger half-brother of Fang.
Yong Heo - bastard son of a Templar, Yong was raised under the impression that the Assassins had destroyed his family life and prevented the chance that he could be together with his kin. Through his relationship with Iseul and discovery of his half-brother Fang's identity, Yong may be slowly turning around to the idea that he had been lied to and manipulated - and someone is going to pay when that realization hits him.
Duke Bonfamille - adopted son of a French Templar, Duke was recommitted to the Assassin cause after the death of his father, and retrained by his adopted mother to be an ally to the Assassins and a skilled double agent. At great personal risk, he spies on the activities of the Templars within BOSS, and has nearly turned Taiyang Hou over to their cause.

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