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» i walk on the moon in the air, hae/dessy.
ky-sah yu
 Posted: Dec 18 2017, 10:12 PM
ky-sah yu

@kysayu: Oh I hope it snows soon!! ♥ I've never gotten to see real snow before!! ♥

Ky-sah leaned down and started working on her shoelaces, laughing along with her roommates as they excitedly talked about the new choreography they were learning for this week's performance reviews. The female trainees had been tasked with a seperate choreography than the boys, and the group of them were having fun with the very cutesy and over the top moves. (Kysa had seen the type of moves Hyunnie and the boys were given, and she was glad that they'd given her the aegyo instead...) As soon as her shoes were set, she bounded up and checked her hair one last time in the mirror- the soft pink pigtails were startling (she was still getting used to them) but perfect, so with a wave and a promise to have everything set up for them, she got a head start to the practice rooms.

She flipped on the light when she arrived and headed straight for the stereo. As a trainee, she hadn't been with CM Entertainment long, but Ky-sah already knew exactly how everything was set up. She had made it her mission to be self-reliant as soon as possible so that she didn't hold anyone else back. It didn't take long for the peppy beat to fill the room, and Ky-sah immediately fell into the stretches she'd been taught as she hummed along with the beat. She loved this song so much- it wasn't one of ROSEGOLD's most famous from their debut album, but it was so catchy and sweet and fun to dance to.

The door popped open just as Ky-sah was wrapping up her stretching by sliding down into a split. She leaned forward, stretching her arms out over her leg and working to put her head on her knee- she was so close! If she really worked at it, she'd probably have it in a few months. "Don't forget to warm up!" she called out cheerfully as she pulled out of the stretch and pulled herself up out of the splits. It was while she was half-way up, crouched and rubbing her hands over her bare knees, that she realized it wasn't one of her roommates that had joined her, but someone else completely.

For a moment, all she did was stay on the floor, gaping up at the beauty who had coming into the practice room with her. She was even more beautiful in person; the photos and press releases and videos Ky-sah had snuck on her phone didn't even begin to compare. It was like she lit up all the space around her, and she was smiling at Ky-sah, who was still staring at her like she'd forgotten how to interact with another human being. Ky-sah jumped up, bright smile lighting up her own face. "Oh, Haena-ssi!" She bowed in half, pigtails flying over her shoulders.

@haebitna baek
haebitna baek
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 10:47 PM
haebitna baek

@HaeRose: Mitsuki's surgery was a success and she's doing well! Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and support - they mean a lot. Please continue giving Mitsuki all of your love, and hopefully she can reunite with us soon. <3

Ain't nothing, ain't nothing. All my ladies 'round the world.
Haebitna had headed straight to the practice rooms before she did anything else. With the comeback going on, most of her days were spent practicing or visiting Mitsuki, fitting in some painting in between because she had projects she needed to get finished. Her and the other two had scheduled group practices, as usual, but sometimes Haebitna liked to practice by herself just to make sure she was doing it right and the girls just weren’t saying the moves were correct because they were biased. Also, while she was normally a social butterfly who loved people, sometimes the “Sunshine Queen” as she was commonly called liked to be alone sometimes, too. This was one of those little instances. So, with her bright purple bag over her shoulder, she shoves her hands into her hoodie’s pockets (It was ACTUALLY hers this time, not Makoto’s), moving down the hallway to find an empty practice room. But the sound of music - very familiar music - had her stop in her tracks, turning towards the practice room it was coming from.

It wasn’t Glitter, their most popular song off their debut album, but she could still recognize it as one of their own. She recognized her own vocals starting off the song (She was the powerhouse and belter - because of course she was), before she heard Anna and Mitsuki’s combined voices as the song started. Bye-Bye Mister wasn’t one of the more popular tracks, but she can recognize their own songs when she heard them. It was cute and upbeat, as all of their tracks were, but it didn’t hit off quite as well as some of their other one’s did. But hearing it being played… curiosity got the best of her. Pulling one hand out of her front pocket, she moved to push the door open just a crack, peeking her head in to see who was in here and playing the song. She was met immediately with a small girl (She says small, when chances were the girl was still taller than her by at least two or three feet), with bright pink hair up in some cute pigtails. She was a cutie, and Haebitna already wanted to adopt her and she hasn’t even spoke to the girl yet. The girl had slid down into a split, and Haebitna carefully entered the room, closing the door behind her and watching the girl for a few minutes. She had the split down, but needed to work a bit more on trying to put her head to her knee. She was so close, that if she kept at it, at least by next month the girl would have it down.

Haebitna lifted a hand to stifle the giggle from leaving when the girl commented on warming up. She must not have been noticed yet. When the girl stood up, Haebitna lowered her hand to throw up a smile - bright for once, unlike the smiles she’s been giving people lately. She was feeling somewhat better over the Mitsuki situation, but anyone could tell (Or at least the people who knew her well enough could) that she wasn’t feeling a hundred percent yet and she was still tired. But right now, she was smiling through the mirror at the little cutie in front of her. The younger girl (she looked younger) didn’t say anything, simply gaping at her as Haebitna smiled. She bounced on her bare toes (she didn’t feel like shoes this time), her hand reaching up to pat the messy bun on her head as the girl finally jumped up to right herself. The “ssi” caught her a little off-guard, and her head tilted even more at the bow. She wasn’t anything special, the girl didn’t need to act so formal. ”You don’t have to bow! I’m just me.” She held her arms out, another giggle before she skipped over to meet the other girl.

She didn’t recognize her, so she must be one of the Trainees she either hasn’t met yet or a new one. ”I prefer hugs!” She dropped the bag on the ground, pulling both hands out of her pockets to hold her arms out. If the girl was as much of a fan as she seemed, she was sure she wouldn’t mind a hug. ”Are you a fan? I heard the song when I was walking by and got curious.” She said, lowering her arms either after the hug or if the girl never hugged her at all. ”Your splits are good! But, when you’re trying to stretch and put your face to your knee; straighten your back out a bit more! It makes you longer and also makes it easier for you to lean down than when your back is hunched over.” Another bright smile. ”You almost got it, though!” She looked around the room, taking note that no one else seemed to be here. ”You must be one of the Trainees. Are you new? Is… no one else with you? And do you have a name I can call you by? While “Cutie” is true and all, I think your name would be better, right?” A small wink before she giggled again. Yeah, she was definitely about to adopt another Trainee (Junior wasn’t a Trainee anymore, but still).

Tag: @ky-sah yuNotes: I love her and so does Hae. ☼ Outfit (Minus shoes.)thanks evvie!
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