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» 04. who's who !!
 Posted: Jun 11 2017, 02:09 PM

@Maknae: vroom vroom i'm in me mum's car

who's who !!

Instead of having a single post with everyone's characters, we've decided to take a different approach on RE-BYE. Every person on the site will post with their first character in this thread, providing some information about themselves and a list of their characters. That way, if you have additional characters or if any of your contact information changes, you can edit your post yourself.

Use the code below and introduce yourself!

Member Group codes:

[dohtml]<center><div class="memberback"><div class="membertext">

introduce yourself here. let us know how to contact you. who are your favorite kpop groups? what do you like to do? anything else you can think of.


</ CHARACTERS GO HERE copy and paste as much as you need />

<a href="LINK TO APP"><span class="MEMBERGROUP">full name</span></a> // age in ## // group and position or job // face claim .<BR>

</div><div class="membertop">


 Posted: Jun 11 2017, 02:29 PM


hello, this is lars, your resident redheaded shitlord, setting guru, and rapper admin. i'm 26 years old, identify as genderqueer, and enjoy cosplaying, writing, drawing, and of course, keeping up with k-pop. i spend way too much time watching all of the music shows. my ultimate bias is blackpink (lisa fighting!), but i also am a huge fan of bts, mamamoo, sistar (summer is over rip), ladies' code, everyone from 2ne1, and k.a.r.d. also you should watch walwari. i am in love with walwari. (i definitely don't have a bts bias nope.) XD you can contact me through pm or discord (pm me for details) - i'm so excited for re-bye and hope you enjoy it as much as i am <3

eunji wong // 22 // st*r // jang moon bok.
mani phanthittra // 17 // rosegold // lalisa manoban.
ji-ho won // 42 // idol o'clock // yoo jae suk.
kyung-mi kwon // 27 // sealight records stylist // rap monster.
chastity beauford // 21 // burger fool // ke$ha.
won byeol // 24 // olive // taehyun nam.
yu-ri ohm // 15 // sealight records trainee // l.joe.
daniel berman // 32 // idolgee! staff writer/disney store costumed worker // adam driver.
mi-ok kadokawa // 28 // delilah vocalist // park bommie.
ojing-eo yi // 28 // mmm rapper/former trot soloist // scoops.
 Posted: Jun 11 2017, 02:46 PM

@Maknae: vroom vroom i'm in me mum's car

Hi everyone!!! I'm Penny, I'm the maknae of our admin team!! I'm 21 years old, and I love everyone ever so be prepared for that <3 I work with teenagers in Washington state (as a tutor this previous schoolyear, as a musical director this summer, and hopefully as a para-educator this next year!) and hope to be a Guidance counselor in the future! I'm dating a dork who lives in MA and I am very very very pansexual. My talents include coding (I did the app code but none of the rest, the rest were made by the lovely Zee!!!), acting, singing, and writing!
I loooooove Danganronpa, Sailor Moon, Steven Universe, Alice in Wonderland... honestly, a whole lot of things. My favorite movie ever is Tarsem Singh's The Fall (2006). I'm a smol nerd basically
I'm really new to kpop!!! Lars and Zee are phenomenal people who got me super invested on another site! I'm loving everything about Re-Bye and I hope you will too! My fave kpop artists are Mamamoo, CL and BTS, but my favorite not-them music videos are 'Catellena' by Orange Caramel, 'Russian Roulette' by Red Velvet, 'Very Very Very' by IOI, and 'Daddy' by Psy. You can contact me on Skype, Discord, here, blah blah blah, just ask!!!

Nagito Komaeda // 25 // Visual Idol in ST*R // Suda Masaki.
Kyung-Ja Ou // 23 // Leader of OLIVE // Hwasa.
Nari Mangjeol // 18 // Vocal 2 of Shiny-Shiny // Kang Mina.
Hyeon-Duri Ryoo // 23 // Dancer of Destiny // EJ.
Shuichi Saihara // 34 // Idolgee! Crime Correspondent and Positivity Blogger // Heechul.
Ah Yitzhi // 16 // BOSS trainee // Chen Le.
Mayuta Fujioka // 19 // KChoice Contestant // Yuta.
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 12:37 PM

@queenzee: pumpkin spice pumpkin spice pumPKIN SPI C E

hi i'm zee, like the letter. i'm an admin, and basically i do very little but still get credit for being here. c: i'm 28 years old and working towards getting published as a writer. you can contact me through pm, discord (ask me for it), or poking me over on tumblr. i'm obsessed with starbucks, catchy music, and disney. i'm a sucker for angst with a happy ending and mutual oblivious pining. i'm also a terrible multishipper that will ship literally anything, whoops. some interests: marvel, fall out boy, the raven cycle, star wars, watching other people play video games, baking, reading, binge watching tv shows, star trek, bright and colorful things, harry potter, space. there’s more, i’m sure there’s more, but i can’t think of any of them honestly. i'm pretty new to kpop, so feel free to send me suggestions! i like exo, monsta x, blackpink, red velvet, nct, twice, seventeen, and hitchhiker. lots of others too, just can't list them all! i'm shy and don't talk first most of the time, but i love meeting people, so please come say hi!

kunwoo byun // 21 // solo artist/st*r, leader/vocal // park jimin.
makoto naegi // 23 // shiny shiny, vocal // do kyungsoo.
anna baek // 18 // rosegold, vocal // kim jisoo.
skylar park // 24 // student/youtuber // lee jooheon.
lee-sing sing // 19 // delilah, visual // joo kyul kyung.
ki-tae bae // 21 // waiter/saesang // choi min ki.
zhitao choi // 21 // dtr, vocal // kim tae-hyung.
dae-ki mun // 21 // sealight records, solo artist // kim minsung.
pyong kim // 26 // mmm, rapper // park chanyeol.
duke bonfamille // 29 // boss, PR/scheduling // kim jun-myeon.
taejin geum // 22 // sbs boom, dj host // im chang-kyun.
ky-sah yu // 16 // 8ctagon, rapper // lee yuykyung.
johnny chance // 28 // sealight records, actor // bang yongguk.
na yeol tokki // 29 // d*cht, dancer // son shownu.
guiying xu // 28 // storybook, rapper // zhang yixing.
peter park // 20 // howl, rapper // daniel kang.
lei zhang-gi // 17 // un1ty, leader/rapper // cai xu kun.
dohyeon im // 18 // boss, trainee // lee mark.
wa ru gisa // 21 // cm ent., asst. manager // kim jung-woo.
miho lee // 22 // vcb, leader/vocal // kwon soonyoung.
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 07:18 PM

@Admin: Admin

hi, i'm mandee and the old fart of the admin team at 28. =P i've officially been rping for over half my life now, having started when I was 13 going on 14. i live in michigan and i work in the medical field. i actually don't know all that much about k-pop, but my co-admins are certainly helping me to learn more! i am however a huge fan of anime such as hetalia, detective conan, sailor moon, dbz, digimon, cardcaptor sakura..many of them are oldies but goodies. <3 please feel free to contact me through skype or through pm! i promise i don't bite!

alfred konishi // 24 // shiny-bby, co-leader/visuals // ryuko isogai
elle baek // 25 // lawyer // moonbyul
kazimir balodis // 32 // idol o'clock // vitas
rini tsukino // 17 // trainee // kyary pamyu pamyu
tae-sung bok // 22 // howl, rapper // ryeowook
theodora butte // 21 // youtuber // aubrey plaza
Users WebsiteICQAOLYahooMSN
haebitna baek
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 07:52 PM
haebitna baek

@HaeRose: Thank you everyone for Mani's concern. As leader, it's my responsibility to make sure she is being taken care of and I'm going to make sure she stays that way. ❤️

Hi, I'm Dessy!! I guess you can call me the resident Sunshine of the site (and also the baby because I'm the youngest so far). xD I'm 19, heterosexual, and I consider myself that straight token friend who has all the gay friends but loves them all to death. I'm dating a boy in TN, and I enjoy writing, dancing, music in general, and video games because I'm a huge game nerd! I'm a fellow shorty at 4'10, and I'm obsessed with Disney and The Walking Dead video games and I am a gigantic horror fanatic!! I'm heavily introverted so if I don't talk to you at first don't be taken aback by it, seriously. You can contact me through PM, or my Skype: dessyhope98! I just very recently got into KPOP, so I don't have a large list of groups I like yet, but so far I like SISTAR, BLACKPICK, MAMAMOO EXO, and BTS, but please send suggestions to more!! So yeah, please say hi!!

Haebitna Baek // 19 // ROSEGOLD leader/vocal // Hyolyn/Hyorin.
Michiko Katsuki // 31 // CM Language Instructor/Substitute teacher // Kiritani Mirei.
Xiaolian Zhao // 25 // Freelance Photographer // Sui He.
Marie Chatte-Park // 16 // 8ctagon Visual // Kim Ji-yeon (Bona).
Lacey Rhee // 26 // Destiny Vocal 1 // Amy Lee (Ailee).
takumi sumeragi
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 01:37 PM
takumi sumeragi

@taku_star: I'm sorry

Hi my name is Claire! I'm 23! I've been a lifelong resident of Arizona, and I'm hopefully getting my bachelor's degree soon and hopefully going to do...something, with that. I GOT IT, Anyway to the fun stuff. I'm actually a newbie to Kpop, so if you guys have any recs, I'd love to hear them. My favorite bands so far is CLC and EXID and Blackpink and Spica though! I kind of have a hard time getting into boy groups, lmao. Outside of RPing I like video games ( my favorite series are Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Halo), sci fi (especially aliens!), birds, cats, seventies music and magical girl anime. Honestly I like so many things its hard to list them! A lot of people say I'm the nicest person ever, so uhh take of that what you will.

Takumi Sumeragi // 22 // ST*R Rapper// Haruma Miura.
Tae-hee Won // 21 // Vanilla Leader // Ahn Hee-yeon (Hani) .
Brooke Riegel // 38// Queens Manager// Margaret Quigley (Maggie Q).
Yufei Bo // 18 // 8ctagon vocal// Wu Xuanyi
Claire [She/Her] // MST
jianyi li
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 05:22 PM
jianyi li

@jingleanyi: good luck to all the trainees from sealight on kchoice! i believe in you, and hope you'll do well!! ^^

hey there! i'm chai, your resident nervous ball of fluff. i'm a little awkward (ie: a lot awkward) and tend to gloss over the details, so if i've accidentally done something, please let me know, i won't take offense! my pronouns are she/her and i live in california. i'm in college, and i really like reading and writing. my favorite book at the moment is six of crows by leigh bardugo, though the second book is just as good! i haven't really been roleplaying for a long time, and have recently started in the past year or so. my favorite groups include blackpink, big bang, red velvet, pristin, wsjn, akmu, day6, snsd, mamamoo, exo, and bts, though my favorite solo artists vary with the time and day and alignment of the stars. however, current favorites are IU & dean. i currently stan bts & seventeen, tho! i love aesthetics-from images to videos to choreographies, and am basically glued to tumblr, though i actually...don't post anything. i'm a huge anime fan, though my taste tends to incline more towards the more recent series, and am always, always up to talk about it with someone! it would be fantastic if you could contact me through discord if you need too (birdie#2192, please introduce yourself so i know who you are if your screen name isn't who you are on here <3 also, note: i don't do video/voice calls at all, sorry.) or my skype ( and i'm very excited to be here!

jianyi li // 23 // delilah leader/vocal // jieun lee (iu) .
jinsoo ahn // 20 // s*tr vocal // jungkook jeon (jungkook) .
hana baek // 26 // reporter, blogger // kim taeyeon (taeyeon) .
jihyun kim // 32 // d*cht leader/rapper // seunghyun choi (top) .
jaemin kim // 23 // rosegold manager // mingyu kim (mingyu) .
jaejoong ri // 20 // vcb vocalist // lee jihoon (woozi) .
joohyuk oh // 38 // summer boys coleader // gong yoo .
jiyah jeon // 18 // solo artist // ahn jiyoung .
kiha moon // 26 // actor // nam joohyuk .
sora kang // 25 // queens // bae suji (suzy) .
issei matsukawa // 19 // shiny shiny // jung eunwoo (eunwoo) .
jiyoung park // 18 // trainee // kwon hyunbin (hyunbin) .
jinsun moon // 20 // trainee // hwang hyunjin (hyunjin) .
jangeun im // 22 // trainee // kim jungeun (kim lip) .
jina han // 16 // trainee // jung eunha (eunha) .
serena tsukino
 Posted: Jun 21 2017, 08:16 PM
serena tsukino

@usagichan: KChoice was amazing! All of the Trainees did such a wonderful job you're all gonna go far!

user posted image

serena tsukino // 18 // solo artist // bae joo-hyun (irene) .
yeong hamada // 22 // ST*R rapper // kamiki ryunosuke .
adria huebsch // 25 // MIRACLE vocalist // dove cameron .
mitsuki koyama // 19 // ex-ROSEGOLD vocalist // minatozaki sana .
seulgi lee // 29 // idol o'clock host // kim jong-hyun (jonghyun) .
jayeon song // 15 // trainee // jung ye-rin (yerin) .
marinna ohiya // 24 // QUEENS vocalist // jennie kim .
ninako kinoshita // 23 // coffee girl // jung eun-hi (eunji) .
areum bae // 21 // Delilah Dancer // lee seo-young (seoyoung) .
somin ho // 21 // idolgee! photographer // kim sung-gyu (sunggyu) .
minami kenjirou // 17 // DTR rapper // park kyung .
chaihong wu // 19 // trainee // kim hyo-yeon (hyoyeon) .
byeon hwan // 19 // SHINY SHINY rapper // xu ming hao (the8) .
so-ri han // 14 // General Annoyance // choi yoo-jin (yujin) .
hee-young ra // 27 // Modern Love Leader // park soo-young (joy) .
cierra belladonna // 24 // actress // jenna coleman .
daeshim moon // 28 // singer songwriter // lee ji-hyun (qri) .
john doe // 22 // trainee // kim myung-soo (L) .
yohan saja // 20 // HOWL vocalist // benjamin bae (benji) .
kyoko kirigiri // 20 // solo artist // bae woo-hee (woohee) .
mao long // 16 // UN1TY rapper // brian kang .
chantara mæw // 16 // trainee // chonnasorn sajakul (sorn) .
ming chun // 16 // trainee // peng yiyang .
ji-hae kang // 27 // ex-Babygirlz // park ji-yeon .
myeong rhee // 19 // trainee // cho ha seul .
gon baek // 27 // olive vocalist // son dong-woo .
hayaki jung // 25 // E.L. co-leader + rapper // iwata takanori .
yuuri katsuki
 Posted: Jun 23 2017, 12:10 AM
yuuri katsuki

@yuubearri: Thank you all for your support during my acting career, it means more than I can express. I'm moving on to something I love even more, please understand that...

Hey, I'm Alex, and I'm absolutely horrible at talking about myself, so let's see how long this goes on, lmao. I'm 28, live in Florida, and v. asexual + into girls + confused about my gender but default to they/them pronouns. Was also dragged here by like half of the admin team so there's that. I will be the first to admit that I'm a total newbie to K-Pop, but I'm currently obsessing over EXO, Monsta X, SHINee, Taemin's solo stuff, BAP, VIXX, KARD, Infinite, SF9 and Blackpink. That being said, I'm in like a bajillion and one fandoms. I like a lot of books(Tolkien, HP, PJO to name a few but also honorary mention to the Song of Achilles for futzing me up), and I like a looot of movies and games. Basically just ask me for things here there's too many to list xD I'm going to stop rambling now that's about it!

Baekhyeon Im // 29 // Actor // Choi Minho
Bai Lin // 22 // Olive vocals // Lu Han
Damon Kwon // 27 // solo artist // Kim Minseok (Xiumin)
Evan Feng // 24 // Destiny leader/vocal // Mark Tuan
Hakuryu Midorikawa // 20 // VCB vocal // Yoon Junghan (Jeonghan)
Hyunwoo Byun // 18 // Trainee // Choi Junhong (Zelo)
Iseul Song // 22 // Solo artist // Lee Tae-min
Jackson Zheng // 30 // Shiny Shiny's manager // Lee Hoseok (Wonho)
Jaekyung Moon // 17 // Solo artist // Lee Felix
James Bahn // 23 // HOWL leader // Jung Daehyun
Jiaying Hou // 25 // MMM leader/rapper // Meng Mei Qi
Ji-min Moon // 21 // Moon.Light vocalist // Oh Sehun
Jishen Gan // 24 // trainee // Dong Si Cheng (Winwin)
Junmyeon Shin // 29 // d*cht vocalist // Jang Dongwoo
Min-Jun Mun // 21 // solo artist // Shin Ji Ho (Xero)
Minki Tahm // 30 // assistant // Park Jeong-su (Leeteuk)
Minsun Moon // 25 // actor // Moon Jongup
Rui Xu // 15 // UN1TY vocals // Huang Minghao (Justin)
Sairung Prasongsanti // 15 // trainee // Goonshipas Peonpaweevorakul (Mint)
Saranyu Prasongsanti // 18 // DTR dancer // Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Bambam)
Seongil Kim // 26 // SCBD dancer // Lee Jinki (Onew)
Seongmin Moon // 28 // solo artist // Jung Taekwoon (Leo)
Shiyi Bai // 21 // Actor // Hong Jisoo (Joshua)
Tadasuke Akatsuki // 16 // Trainee // Takada Kenta
Taiyang Hou // 25 // Summer Boys co-leader/visual // Wu Yifan (Kris Wu)
Yuuri Katsuki // 24 // figure skater // Hanyu Yuzuru
Zhifang Moon // 26 // Solo artist // Huang Zitao
Zhihao Choi // 23 // former idol // Byun Baekhyun
eu-meh zhao
 Posted: Jul 11 2017, 07:47 AM
eu-meh zhao

@zhao_eumeh: advil? check. tea? check. prepared to deal with the boys? not check.

ohai i'm louis!!!

i'm sort of like an awkward 20 year old mess ball of spaghetti and water bottles. currently i live down south in the lovely state of florida, working at a super awesome theme park and totally not crying over humidity. my love for kpop began around the same time i started rping, which would be around 2010/2011, so basically the "golden era"! while my bias group/artist changes with each set of comebacks, some of my favorites include 9muses, girls' generation, red velvet, gfriend, berry good, kard, seventeen, oh my girl, f(x), secret, after school, boa, brown eyed girls, shinee, crazy grace, clc, cheetah, clover, gilme, blackpink, mamamoo, teen top, kara, and twice. i'm super heavy on animal rights, lgbtq+ rights, women's rights, international peace, basically all of the things that would qualify me to win miss universe 2018. the best way to contact me is on the cbox, although i do have discord, aim, and skype! all you need to do is just ask me for it!

eu-meh zhao // 39 // manager of st*r // fan bingbing .
alessandro ahn // 20 // music box mc & actor // matthew kim (bm) .
dae geum // 27 // vocal coach & sasaeng // kim jaejoong .
kyu-bok im // 16 // trainee // samuel kim .
scarlett lyon // 22 // solo artist // jo sojin .
Jun Moon
 Posted: Jul 19 2017, 09:58 AM
Jun Moon

@junlicious: Japan is really beautiful this time of year. But nothing compares to being with him.

Heyo, I'm Rayne, the one with the devil smiley in the cbox >:D I'm kinda awkward, kinda rambly. Very impulsive. Use this knowledge as you please. Currently I identify as a cis woman, queerace. I got shown the light by Alex and my Kpop experience currently extends for only a few months so I'm not always up to date. Pls excuse the noob. I try. I have two bias groups of Topp Dogg (which... is changing, don't touch me), and VIXX. My muses are all over the place, from Marvel to Yuuri on Ice, to Songs of Achilles. I have discord, aim, skype, chatango, though Skype and discord are the easiest way to get a hold of me. <3

Jun Moon // 28 // Moon.Light leader/vocals// Hyunseung.
Chen-U Kee // 24 // Sealight Head Stylist// B-Joo.
Damian Bing // 26 // Shiny Shiny Manager // Key.
Yong Heo // 22 // Solo Artist // Taeyong.
William Holtzer // 27 // Producer // Daeryong.
Zhilan Choi // 31 // solo artist // Ham Eun Jung.
Kyu-Hah Yu // 23 // MMM Rapper/Maknae // Jaehyun.
Sung-Hoon Song // 24 // Summer Boys Dancer/Maknae // Kai.
Ryan Jin // 19 //DTR Dancer/Vocalist // Amber.
Won-Shik Jin // 28 // Chief Council of Sealight // Jun
Hyeon-U Seon // 30 // Solo Artist // Ravi
Jeong-Eun Yi // 21 // HOWL vocal // Ken
Dallas Mun // 16 // Trainee // Rowoon
Gun Na // 19 // Trainee // Hojoon
Wally West // 28 // Dancer // Soryong Jung
ara so-ri bak
 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 05:57 PM
ara so-ri bak

@arasori: save me from members of ST*R!!!

hi i'm sj and i'm from ontario canada. and compared to many i'm old seeing as i had my childhood during the nineties. i'm as massive disney nerd, love sailor moon, star wars and i've been bitten by the nostalgia bug for many things i watched during my childhood. outside of fandom i love to curl - i will speak of nothing else during the olympics, the scotties and the brier - and now that i work in the frame shop i run away screaming from glitter. i just got into kpop and really miss afterschool/orange caramel, though i'm sure some new group will catch my ear soon enough.

ara so-ri bak // 25 // cm trainee scheduling assistant/boss corprate spy // kim yujin (uee) .
kyung-hu seo // 19 // 8ctogon visual // noh yi-young (e-young) .
kyu-byul rhee
 Posted: Dec 24 2017, 07:57 AM
kyu-byul rhee

@kyuphistopheles: stage clear. next one - the world.

hello! this is yuen who tries to build up a villainous empire, but as far as i can tell, i might fail when i got enough time for any of my current ideas /rip. uhm. yeah. plus to that, i have a preference for managers, but i might fail as well in only creating managers, so hella, let's see how far i've come.
(update, several months later: i failed. gloriously. rip.)
currently, i'm mainly listening to audio books day6, bts and mamamoo - plus knk, blackpink, monsta x, amber, exo, got7, and anything that comes across my ears when i let youtube decide what i want to hear, lmao. (literally anything in kpop.)
well, anything besides kpop, i'm a huge fan of comedy and satirical anything. i love humorous books, as well as classics (though actually i don't like faust that much ~). reading in general is something i try to do more often, but ... i often end up playing 3ds/pokémon picross is my life.
though i'm currently in the last rush for my final exams (the first), i guess i'm frequently online and you can message me anytime, at least i try to come up with a response within two days!! yeah. super open to anything, just a warning that i think i'm awfully funny, so please just smile and nod when i come up with a crazy idea for fun and you don't think it's funny ~''

ae-yeong ji // 21 // queens dancer // kim minji (jiu).
chae-won pae // 19 // delilah visual // kim jiwoo (chuu).
eun sinbi // 20 // modern love maknae / rapper // jeon jiwoo.
eun-jun han // 29 // e.l. vocal // moon hyuna.
fu-yang ming // 25 // shiny shiny rapper // han dong.
hye-ri hong // 22 // dance crew // jung jinsol (jinsoul).
jae coghlan // 18 // (show tba) mc // lee gahyeon.
ji-so kim // 16 // school student // lee minho (lee know).
ki-hyeon leeton // 23 // vcb vocal // jeong inseong.
kyu-byul rhee // 24 // delilah's manager // lee chanhee (chunji).
lynn seo // 22 // trainee // lee suji.
mae-lee chae // 17 // trainee // moon hyungseo (kevin).
min-hee woo // 20 // actress // son hyejoo (olivia hye).
toh-rin dutchman // 21 // howl's manager // jeon somi.
yuen [she/her] // cet [gmt+1]
NAME // == // JOB // FACE.
sayaka miki
 Posted: Dec 29 2017, 07:41 AM
sayaka miki

@suirensword: N/A

Hello, it's Myo here! Myo like in MYOsotis, and in the German word for muon, MYOn... but hey! If you take the Cyrillic letter which looks like y, it's actually pronounced like u... o/'''
As you may see, I'm a huge fan of flowers, physics (and mathematics), and linguistics! And I really love fantasy as well, it always brings childhood memories back... I enjoy reading manga, I don't watch many anime right now, but I'm familiar with some "older" ones! (Like PMMM.) I especially enjoy manhwas, the Korean version of manga, as well, they're just so... awesome. But I don't know many :'D
My other fandoms are Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Disney, Studio Ghibli, and Professor Layton as well! I probably forgot half of my fandoms, so... ask if you feel like it?
My favorites concerning kpop groups - DAY6 and BTS definitely, KNK and Pentagon as well, among the girl groups MAMAMOO is a stand-alone so far! However, I really like SNSD, too, they are just nostalgic! I listen to GOT7, TWICE and some SHINee songs, too... and everything else that comes in my way actually?
/edit. oh dear. I always forget BLACKPINK orz
Anyway, I'm happy to plot with you if you have any ideas, just let me know!

sayaka miki // 21 // delilah (vocal 2) // kim hye-lim.
yeongho jjok // 25 // storybook (visual) // woo kevin.
a-hyeon leeton // 22 // actress // jeon heejin.
taedae mo // 19 // trainee // park chaeyoung.
sonthi easterlefa // 35 // summer boys (rapper 2) // nichkhun horvejkul.
leona no // 25 // ex. producer & composer // jeon somin.
jiaolu rong // 16 // un1ty vocal // yan an.
hyunbae von gikkingen // 16 // solo artist // kim hyunjin.
celty son // 29 // boss dancer // jung wheein.
aeju gangjeon // 27 // queens (leader/vocal) // pyo hyemi.
hayane jung // 30 // e.l. (co-leader/dancer) // jung krystal.
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