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 Ohana Means Family, fang
Chen-U Kee
 Posted: Dec 22 2017, 01:13 AM
Chen-U Kee
24 years old
written by Rayne
42 posts

All my life, one page at a time
I'll show you my true colors
It ain't your rainbow
Getting on the plane all those years ago, watching the country he'd learned to call home grow smaller and smaller, Chen had never expected to be back to the UK ever again after leaving. There was so much... pain here. He was on the same continent with two people who should have loved him unconditionally, but who couldn't even bother to pretend to care about him. And all his brothers he'd cared for and loved who couldn't give him the same kind of love were still sitting under their parents thumbs, not knowing the lies and the crap that their father and mother had slung about every day of their lives.

It had been hard to come back. But it had been hard to stay away. He couldn't help himself from trying to reach out to at least his little brothers. Only two of them were with him and his family felt empty. He wanted them back. To wipe the years away until they were all younger and what their father thought of their relationship didn't matter. Because they were brothers. They were family. Chen had cared personally for so many of them, but in the end, everyone but Kii and Minji had sided with their father. And he understood it, he could, even if Kii and Minji couldn't. To be in their father's good graces was a blessing.

And even though he wasn't back in the highlands, he was still close enough that he'd tried to reach out. Because now he had a family of his own; a little girl who loved him just as much as her birth father and a man who thought the world of him. And while he loved them, would never stop, it was a dream to have his family full again. They'd managed to speak to his youngest brother, set up a meeting, which had taken most of the day yesterday. Fang had tagged along, provided the emotional support he needed, been a wonderful boyfriend.

It had been a draining day and, really, it proved to Chen what an amazing man he had. He hadn't backed down from meeting his brother, or calling himself his boyfriend. As he had sat there, hand clenched tightly in Fang's, watching him try to engage his child of a brother, Chen had fallen even more in love. This trip had opened his eyes and fully shown him what kind of man Chen wanted in his life: him.

And tonight, they were going out to celebrate. Though they had Huan walking between them, this felt like their first real date. Everything about it felt more... magical than their previous dates. Fang was kissing his cheek, whispering sweet words, smiling at him and Huan like they were his world. It stole Chen's breath away, to see his love so comfortable in his own skin. They were flirting like they were teenagers, trading barbs in a language most people here had never heard before.

It was perfect.

He wanted Korea to be like this. So open and carless about two men walking the streets, kissing away. If he could take this feeling and apply it to home, nothing could beat that. All he wanted was to be open with his love for his boyfriend and NOT get hate or attacked. Honestly, it shouldn't be that difficult.

Letting Huan lead him down the street, skipping away and chatting about how she looked like a princess, Chen tried to savor the moment of just being in London. Of being free. He wanted to take more pictures, but his memory card was almost full already. Every chance he got, his phone was out, snapping away. The conservative ones ended up on Instagram and Facebook. But his treasured memories were tucked away for only the important people to see.

They came up on the restaurant slowly, Fang having pointed it out a few blocks ago. It was quaint and cute, tucked not too far from the hotel they were staying at, which was nice. Huan was surely going to crash after her stomach was full and he didn't know if he and Fang were completely rested enough to carry her back. Lord knows Fang would struggle through it in a heartbeat for his angel, but that didn't mean Chen wanted him to.

Chen let go of Huan's hands as they walked through the doors, content to know she would be safe within these four walls. The location was nice, the decor fitting for an upscale restaurant almost looking as if they were back in Seoul, but the room held touches of London that Seoul couldn't reproduce. And the smell was certainly not like the aromas back home. This was a Western establishment. Most of the menu he didn't even know if Huan would have seen before.

Leaning against Fang's side, he wrapped his arm around Fang's own, watching as the little princess started to charm the host into seating them in the corner of the restaurant. "You watch," he whispered in Mandarin as they walked through the tables, "that is the next Queen of the Universe right there. Getting her way with just a smile."

@zhifang moon | Outfit | it's rambly, but there's a plot somewhere
zhifang moon
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 01:02 PM
zhifang moon
26 years old
written by alex
187 posts

are you talking about me, i don't give a-
I Don't care, no one has the right to change me

Fang hadn't expected the events of the day before to unfold. Or at least, he hadn't expected the meeting with Chen's younger brother to go as well as it had. Not that that was a bad thing - compared to what he might have expected out of siblings of his(with one exception so far), it had been...quite calm.

All he'd meant to do was be there for emotional support. He hadn't anticipated talking much to the teenager. But he had been far enough removed from the situation to feel better about engaging - and with one last plan in mind before they returned to Korea, it was best that he tried to get along with as many of Chen's relatives as he could.

Their day had been slow, spent recovering from the meeting. There were still a couple of days left until the return trip, so they had time to take it easy. The idea to find a nice restaurant to go out for a meal was something he had suggested when they first arrived, but now it felt even more important to find the time for his plan.

(And maybe having an excuse to make use of one of the dresses he'd brought along played a motivating factor, but really, he was in a part of the world where it wouldn't really be judged that harshly. At least he had a good reason for that idea.)

The wig and make-up concealed the sharper angles of his face that could never be mistaken as feminine, and his shoulders - far too broad to be those of a woman - were covered up by the half-cape he'd gotten recently. Not that anyone's opinion outside of his boyfriend's really mattered to him at this given moment, because he wasn't dressing up for anyone else's sake.

Even with - or maybe because of - his daughter being there, Fang felt like he'd made the right decision. Few would mistake them for a traditional family, but tradition certainly didn't matter. What mattered most to Fang was making sure that his boyfriend knew he was loved even before they reached the restaurant where they could be tucked away and ignore everyone but each other and Huan.

At least expressing love was simple when they spoke in Mandarin. No one needed to understand what they were saying to each other, because the conversation was for no one else's sake.

Huan led the way into the restaurant, already proving she was more mature than her four years suggested, and Fang was content to not have to watch her so closely. His eyes kept lingering on the man at his side, and it was second nature to reach out and twine their fingers together while they walked through tables to their destination.

"I wonder where she might have learned that," Fang whispered to Chen, the hint of a smirk playing at the edge of his mouth. "Though you aren't wrong," he added in a softer voice, reluctantly letting go his boyfriend's hand once they reached the table.

Helping Huan settle in her chair, he couldn't help but stifle a laugh when his chair was pulled out for him by the server before he'd even moved to it. Ducking his head in a nod of thanks, he glanced across the table at his boyfriend as he sat down, eyebrows lifting slightly.

@Chen-U Kee | outfit
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