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Jun 19 2018, 03:17 PM
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Jun 12 2018, 03:55 PM
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| <i class="material-icons">message</i></h1><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=11414">

<img class="img" src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/52b5500980f536905a6f5baa3b666f5a/tumblr_inline_pa89zpnkfU1rlpf8w_500.gif"></a><no>

<text>heeeeeeeeeeeey http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gifD</text>
<text>you should be on my banned list but idc</text>
<text>so, are we having lunch together?? http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gifD</text>


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Jun 12 2018, 01:26 PM
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<div class="moonlegend">
<center>@taedae mo</center>
</div><div class="moonriver">

it was only few weeks before 8ctagon's real debut as project group of eight members, and of course, he had to take their graduation exams as none of them had been in a group before! it would be their first debut!!<br>
oh gosh, this was so amazing!!<br>
but as ku-rin wasn't even able to let all of them, including trainees from other companies, graduate at the same time (boss was still not much fond of other people in their rooms, aish, this was so sad), he decided to let at least the boss trainees undergo the test alone. as they had fought alone for a spot on their own, this would be just fine, right?<br>
(and he was still sulky because they weren't able to send mal and pony to kchoice as well as anybody else who had been left behind. phe. stupid management.)<br>
the preparations for the graduation party were almost done. some volunteers decided to make the first battle stage of an epic rap battle!! of course, he would be the big, dangerous end boss, the master of all things bad!!<br>
yes. that was the glorious name he chose for himself whenever he was in disguise. ... which was honestly spoken so bad everyone still recognized him, but they wouldn't call him out like that - he was known as boss' crybaby, and nobody wanted him to be sulky.<br>
not because they were nice. they were only clever enough to sense the consequences which would be followed by this.<br>
the dark practice room had only a very dim light and while he hid himself in a dark corner, his grin couldn't be stopped. this would be so much fun!! somehow!! in the very end!! and he was confident that his students would be passing this test with ease. there was no one who would put more faith in them than him.<br>

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Jun 11 2018, 04:25 PM
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<s>i might add more pokémon wanted stuff here, let's see ...</s><br>

<div class="terribleangels">

<div class="inner" style="background: linear-gradient(#447139,#FFF);">
<div class="innerimg"><div style="background-image:url(https://proxy.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.giphy.com%2Fmedia%2FAyCMc7Yr6kSCk%2Fgiphy.gif&f=1)"></div></div>
<h1>the chatot / assistant</h1>
<div class="body"><div class="scroll2">
<b>stop throwing balls!</b> lyhe escaped the catching hell! (yeah, that means -- reserved!)<br>
alright!! so here we have our always hard-working assistant of ku-rin, who's obviously (?) based on chatot in the pokémon mystery dungeon series!<br>
though i used he/him pronouns for this character in ku-rin's app, tbh they can be of any gender! spirit doesn't have to be necessarily chatot from pokémon mystery dungeon, but can by anybody else who fit the role, as well as i'm open to any face claims you'd like to use!<br>
i imagined them as a chatterbox, tbh, and someone who's reliable (unlike ku-rin), but anything else is up to you!<br>
considering their past, they met as ku-rin was around twenty, and together, they established the 'friends' club', a music club, until they became part of the boss staff team at the same time. however, what they exactly do is up to you! ... though i imagine them working as ku-rin's assistant, but they can totally pick another profession at the same time as well!<br>
yeah. that's ... all i have to say now, if you have questions, run to me!! let me know!! if you're interested and stuff!! that'd be so much fun to have them around <3<br>
<div class="box"><div class="text">
25+ y/o<br>
boss staff<br>
open gender<br>
open spirit<br>
open face claim<br>

<div class="inner" style="background: linear-gradient(#f19cbb,#FFF);">
<div class="innerimg"><div style="background-image:url(https://78.media.tumblr.com/b83e7f32f8ab25627e7aeae2d453a39d/tumblr_oocc28GIJn1r1z3ojo1_500.gif)"></div></div>
<h1>the wigglytuff / brother (?!)</h1>
<div class="body"><div class="scroll2">
honestly i've never mentioned a brother, but lately, i feel the urge to have a brother for ku-rin, so here we go.<br>
he'd be the older one of them and it's basically up to you what he's doing for living and ... everything ... the only thing i'd like to ask for this one is a wigglytuff-ish spirit (igglybuff and jigglypuff spirits would be legit, too, but let's say he's still older than ku-rin) - any wigglytuff (and evolution family) can run here! just pick your favorite from the entire pokémon world and let's spread some pinkish love <3<br>
yeah. the second favour i'd like to ask for is woo jiho (zico) as face claim because - this is my personal opinion - he and kihyun (ku-rin's face) kinda look alike and it'd be the best thing ever to have them as siblings here???<br>
yeah. my mind. sorry. whatever. pick this pls and i'd love you forever!!<br>
<div class="box"><div class="text">
30+ y/o<br>
open group/job<br>
wigglytuff-ish spirit<br>
woo jiho (zico)<br>

</div><span class="mitzicredit"><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=8549" title="MITZI @ SHINE">MITZI</a></span>

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text-shadow: 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.2);
height: 20px; overflow: hidden;
border-bottom: solid 1px #fff; padding: 5px;

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width: 80px; height: 0px; background: rgba(255,255,255,.8);
position:relative; z-index: 200; margin: -117px 0 0 31px;
overflow: hidden; padding: 50px 10px;
transition: .8s; opacity: 0;

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top: 50%; transform: translateY(-50%); opacity: .7;
text-align: center; font: bold 11px/17px pt sans narrow;
text-transform: uppercase; color: #000;

.terribleangels .inner:hover .box {
opacity: .9;

Jun 3 2018, 07:45 AM
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<center><div class="rebye">
<div class="tab">
<input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked>
<label for="tab-1" style="z-index:7"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/1MkJnuh.png" style="margin-top: -1px;"></label>
<div class="content">
<div class="firstpic"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/760b0403f4b767c04d45eaab8361bc21/tumblr_inline_p7e7a36u4m1rlpf8w_500.gif" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="yoo kihyun"></div>
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 12px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
vocal & dance coach
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 12px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
ab / 174 cm / 64 kg
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
march 9th, 1989
<div class="biginfo">
<div class="biginforeal">
<h1>Hobbies</h1> giving tasks, watching happy people, being happy, making people happy, making friends, sleeping, dozing off, composing, <s>playing the villain</s>, etc. pp.<br>
<h1>Likes</h1> basically everyone, eating apples, dancing, happiness, people being friends, new things, discovering, music, telling stories, etc. pp.<br>
<h1>Dislikes</h1> betrayal, people accusing other people of crimes, being sad, sad tears, when he isn't able to cheer people up, people discovering his secrets<br>
<h1>Player Name:</h1> yuen<br>
<h1>Other Characters:</h1> kyu-byul rhee, toh-rin dutchmann, ki-hyeon leeton, fu-yang ming, ae-yeong ji, mae-lee chae, hye-ri hong, eun sinbi, ji-so kim, min-hee woo, eun-jun han, lynn seo, chae-won pae & jae coghlan<br>
<h1>Contact:</h1> ask for skype/discord, pm's always a way to reach me<br>
<div class="namebox">
ku-rin jang / guild-jang

<div class="tab">
<input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-2" style="z-index:7; top: 125px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top:-1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content">
<div class="appbox">
<div class="appname">ku-rin jang</div>
<div class="appreal">
<h1>log. 001</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>entry 1: the start of our legacy.</b><br>
<i>from today, i will start a new record because our little son is born! his name is ku-rin. even as i will miss my life as idol, i know it won't be great a loss, as little ku-rin will definitely enrich my day just as music did - and i mean, that doesn't mean i will stop making music, anyway! it's a new chapter in our both lives, not, my little honey?<br>
let's see how you grow, little boy.</i><br>
<b>entry 63: early steps.</b><br>
<i>not much time passed, but we can already sense a certain potential in our little boy! i enjoy to watch him every day, although he surely is a demanding baby. yet i can't help but to feel happy when i see his little smile. he made his first steps today, quite early, i believe, and he's highly interested in music. his dancing is just adorable and i am sure he's going to have a wonderful voice. perhaps even too powerful at times, but ... i guess that's just one of his charms. even as it hurts in the ears, sometimes, my boy!<br>
i am sure he will grow up kind and generous.</i><br>
<b>entry 272: it's been a while..</b><br>
<i>i know i wanted to write even more over the past few weeks, as he's eventually in elementary school now, but he does keep me busy! he surely is a sweet and adorable little man, but on the same side so carefree! i bet he just trusts anyone he runs into, even though i try to teach him ... a little distrust after all, but he firmly rejects. such a strong will in such a tiny body! really, i feel like i'm much older than i should be ... however, but he seems to know what he does.<br>
i know you will find your way, my son.</i><br>
<b>entry 500: another chapter starts.</b><br>
<i>well, after a time, there wasn't much to tell anymore. he seems to grow up kind and yet, he's quite a greedy boy when it comes to apples! seriously, i don't know where that comes from, but at least ... 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', right?<br>
... exactly fourteen years passed now, and i still cannot believe that the small baby back then grew up to such a self-confident, caring young boy. even as he's charming with his open-minded way, i bet he will hurt people with his blunt remarks. ... or will be hurt. i heard he befriended not so nice people ... and got dragged into a dangerous place. luckily he returned safe and sound to me. even as he's really still that crybaby from back then, he cries so easily when he doesn't get what he wants! ku-rin-ah, just stop being like that! it's not cool!<br>
... but i will support you, anyway, i'm your mother and i hope you won't forget me that easily, now, that you are off to seoul. it surprised me as you told me you would become a trainee, of a company i truthfully never heard of, once you found that person that fascinates you and that you want to be friends with him. ... which still surprises me, but i hope you will find what you seek for in this person.<br>
but whatever you do, i'll be there. i'm looking forward to your actions. and come back every then and now! do nothing stupid! make your parents proud.</i><br>

<h1>log. 050</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>entry 1: an annoying apprentice.</b><br>
<i>from now on, i seem to take care of that ... person. jang ku-rin, if i get it right. as for record: i did not drag him into this cruel industry, he did on his own. some stupid friends of his dared to make some 'speculative applications', even as it's widely known that i do not take any stupid students under my wing! i'm a goddamn stupid singer, not a babysitter for some strange people passing by!!<br>
... well. but that's how it was.<br>
that ku-rin boy was tenacious enough to convince me somehow. honestly, i just accepted because he's freaking annoying, alright? but ... i have to admit ... there's something about him that will leave a mark. there's something about him that is unique. a certain potential. and i don't say that about ordinary people, really.<br>
i honestly was shocked as he easily reads the notes i've been trying to understand for years. tomorrow, he wants to come again, wonder if he really does, tho.</i><br>
<b>entry 2: the first composition.</b><br>
<i>... yes, he did come. i was surprised by his eagerness, even afer the first day, and that he really wanted to play that certain piece of music, with me. we tried it several times, and eventually, it turned out to be something good. i was astonished.<br>
... and ... actually ... it was really funny. i never had fun in the past few years, but he, flooding me out of my nutshell, brought it back. i would surely enjoy more hours with him, i want to teach him everything i know. perhaps, he could use it some day. i would gladly watch over him, from now on.<br>
just ... please ... can someone go to him, hit him and tell him that he should stop calling me 'master'? it's not like i want to be called like that, really ...</i><br>
<b>entry 189: a true prodigy.</b><br>
<i>happy days always come to an end, am i wrong? today was just the day. i ... i am really not a nice guy. i'm a thief, i'm a criminal, i stole to survive, i was nasty, it's funny how i despise myself now for my actions, but coming to think of ... i don't think i would have had another way to get out of that situation, right? everything happens for some dumb reason.<br>
as we went to town, i got caught, got arrested. that little boy was quite nice, he didn't seem as he would believe his own eyes, though. but ... well, there's nothing to change about my past, right? i convinced him to let me go, to move forward. i have roughly time to finish this entry, so let me say this, boy: you are a true prodigy. not for your musical skills, even though they are sick as hell, but for your kindness. for your eyes who seek kindness in every person. i can't say that every person will change, only by meeting and spending time with you, but even as you get hurt and even as you get rejected, please don't stop. never change.<br>
i will gift you the sheets of the composition we first played together, for our first time.<br>
that are my last words. now, move on.</i><br>

<h1>log. 100</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>entry 1: my voice.</b><br>
<i>woah ... so this is really the first time i'm going to make this on my own, and for my own!! this is so exciting!! i'm hungry, and i'm eating apples right now because apples are tasty and healthy!! but i like only one kind of them, so it's a bit tricky ... uhm. it's been a while since someone recorded my life, i think?<br>
since my mentor got arrested.<br>
waaaah, depressing!! i don't like this!! let's talk about something more funny! like my assitant!! he's such a chatterbox, even as he doesn't talk that much, but everyone calls him like that because he really interrupts in the midst of a conversation and just bluntly speaks what's on his mind!! i like him, even as he often scolds me ... but that's not the point.<br>
after that event, years ago, i mean, that with the police force and you know, my mentor, ugh, i don't want to name it, even, but - alright. since then, i made some music on my own, even as it was never as funny as together! however, so i soon figured out that it would be more cheerful when even more people could enjoy my music and music in general.<br>
what was the idea? cooooorrect. i opened a club. the 'friends' club', totally hip!! i built it on my own, with the help of some friends i got after finishing with school. my parents helped me, too, they advised me and guided me just like always. that was also the time i got to know chatterbox!! he's really funny and i'm glad he's here to help me with everything, hehe - however. the club's running until now and i hope to spend more time here. and of course, i will continue the record of my life. in songs!! i want to write songs!! and teach!! perhaps!!</i><br>
<b>entry 164: a meaningful departure.</b><br>
<i>it's been two years since the club was established and even now, i can say that it's quite good. it's just ... i ... i don't like to say or write or even think this, but ... i'm going to leave. chatterbox promised to come with me, although i would rather see him helping with the club, but whatever, i can't stop him.<br>
the reason why i leave? yeah, it's ... it's ... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am goooooooooooooing to beeeeeeeeeeee a professional vocaaaaaaaal cooooaaaach!! and dance coach, too!! this is so amazing!!<br>
so, one day, an employee of a huuuuuuuuuuge company (they're called boss!! boss asked me!!) asked me iiiiiiiiiiiif and i couldn't deny such a great offer?? like, i could, but it would be so rude and he seemed to be so polite and i really like the idea of helping others!! just like my mentor did for me ... i will and i want to help them. those who want to be idols. i'm looking forward to my new job. i will move forward, master-sunbaenim!!<br>
i already thought of a nickname for the trainees i'm going to meet and teach ... doesn't 'guild' sounds totally cool?? right, yes?? ah, i can't wait any longer!! i will make sure to prepare some stuff for them and pin it on a big, big wall!!</i><br>
<b>entry 1283: the great expedition.</b><br>
<i>it's so touching to see- people- growing and- tears. my apple tasted salty today and i can't say how cheerful i am for all the people who are able to go to kchoice!! it's such a big adventure for all of them and i wanted to send all of them off, and the majority went, but- some had to stay. that was so not fair!! in my opinion, everyone was just good enough!! aaaaaaaaah!!</i><br>
<b>entry 1292: the graduation.</b><br>
<i>gotta prepare another graduation for one debuting group!! it's always so fun to play the villain, i'm so-so villainous, really, they can surely not sense a little me in my disguise, ha ha ha!!! but once they pass, i know they're able to fight the world, how long it already took for the most to debut after all - but they shouldn't give it, it's never too late. heart-heart!</i><br>

<h1>connect the dots</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>name</b> 'pukurin' (푸크린) would be the korean name of wigglytuff, so <i>ku-rin</i> is his first name, while <i>jang</i> serves as his surname here. it comes from 'guild-jang' (길드장) which is added to his name during the games, so it's truly 'guildmaster wigglytuff'. that's also the source for his nickname, <i>guild-jang</i>, here explained because he always calls his apprentices and students his guild, lolol.<br>
<b>occupation</b> he's a vocal and dance coach because like that, he can have a mass of people around him who are all younger than him and less experienced and he can teach them. in canon, wigglytuff leads his own guild, making him to a role model figure which i tried to translate to him working as coach. also, much like in canon, ku-rin can give <s>stupid</s> tasks to his hubaeis! even as he tends not to give it in person, but via notes and stuff - which is also an allusion to the canon as wigglytuff seldomly steps out himself.<br>
<b>log-like app</b> a hint to the game, actually, is the structure of the freeform here! as they're originally explorers, i decided to make it like a log - hence, ku-rin's often described from various perspectives and seldomly from his 'own' view, especially.<br>
<b>background / childhood / youth</b> there's not much mentioned about his early childhood, so i rather made the first few parts up - such as his quite happy life. he's described as a character whose personality never changed much, so even now and back then, he's still bright and such things. much like in canon, he's befriending in his youth pretty much anyone he ran into and this ultimately led to an incident which connected him with his further mentor, despite it's quite a dangerous situation in the beginning. however, them playing a composition together (that only ku-rin of both of them was able to read properly) is a hint to exploring a dungeon together in canon. there, wigglytuff (or rather igglytuff at this point) was the one who discovered the key to the map his mentor had. they started making music together (canon-wise, explorations and such things), until the mentor was caught as criminal - which is also canon.<br>
<b>background / adult life</b> based on his game's appearances. in the first mystery dungeon game, wigglytuff had led a place where it was possible to 'storage' the pokémon friends one can make during the game, so they can wait there until one selects them to accompany oneself during a dungeon exploration. they're called 'friends areas' - here, i made a music club out of it where it was possible for people to enjoy music! (although it's not stated that they're the same character, just due to the same pokémon species, and because it's nice.) he continues to make music, such as composing and singing, which gained attention and made him quite famous - at least among the underground and independent scene, which is an allusion to wigglytuff being a famous explorer. however, he eventually starts to coach other trainees as he signed with boss as vocal and dance coach, which is a reference to wigglytuff establishing his own guild. in the plot of the second game (pmd: darkness and time), there's one great event - the great expedition. i thought it would be translatable to kchoice, as it's similar, yet there's a difference that boss can't possibly send all of their trainees to that show, of course! the graduation entry mirrors an after-story event in a generic where the player's team eventually are considered as true explorers and hence, there was a special boss they had to fight - wigglytuff in disguise. so here, they possibly have to beat him during some sort of a contest before a debut, despite that ku-rin pretends to be someone else.<br>
<b>personality</b> naive, bright, charming and quite childish, both are quite crybabys when they don't get what they want - they're trustful to a point it's dangerous, yet they magically happen to get away with it. wigglytuff has a very including personality, he dislikes leaving people out (such as he sent off everyone to the great expedition everyone already anticipated). he seems to be an airhead, easy to beat and easy to please, but let's say for sure that he's quite strong and isn't one who loses too easily. a strong leader with a charming voice and ... wigglytuff's ability is, fair to say, cute charm, so ...<br>

<div class="tab">
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<label for="tab-3" style="z-index: 7; top: 200px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content">
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<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
secretly the master of all things bad, ku-rin jang is often called 'guild-jang' because he wishes so, and he's actually one of the top vocal and dance coaches you can possibly get. regardless of his rather cute and charming appearance, he's a skilled singer-songwriter who was quite famous, especially in the independent scene. people often underestimates him or questions his skills when they first get to meet him - for good reason. his personality is rather ... moody and he can get easily upset when he doesn't get what he wants. even as his abilities are on a high level, sometimes, his brain seems to be a child's.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
bluntly spoken? he's literally friends with everyone, he likes to get to know new people and he likes to hang out with everyone and he would even befriend the big, bad bully from next door because he's literally dumb? or he knows how to deal with such things ... no, it's rather luck that he's still alive.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
uuuuh, good question. i doubt he ever thinks about such things, so it's quite open at this point! even as he would definitely not fall for one of the people he trains - perhaps i make a request for him some day, but for this, it's open as heck.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
... hard to say, but i think he has none ... at least, he wouldn't consider anyone as his enemies, so good luck to even get here.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>anything.</b> the old, old saying, but literally anything goes here! just hit me up and let's deal stuff out!<br>
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<img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/86a62c4bb45fbaa8458cd08efcc57314/tumblr_inline_p7r7ynH1H21rlpf8w_500.gif" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="guildmaster wigglytuff from pokémon mystery dungeon">
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