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eun sinbi


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Apr 18 2018, 08:20 AM
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Apr 6 2018, 08:05 AM
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<div class="moonlegend">
<center>@hayaki jung</center>
<p>[i never knew eun is a nerd, too, so hi %DD]</p>
</div><div class="moonriver">

well, usually, the girl was around the building of boss like twentyfour-seven because there was nothing else for her to do unless she would debut. which ... apparently would happen every and each day of this month now, but she wasn't willing to think about it today.<br>
eun had finished her dance practice for the day and she knew she had to do the rap parts on her own, as the only real rapper for now. well, it hadn't suited the group's concept to have it otherwise, right? ... well, until now.<br>
as she couldn't get much help from her own group in that case, perhaps she could ask some of her sunbae-nims ... perhaps one who wasn't busy with own comebacks as well. . . . but who wasn't, ahaha ... <s>beside summer boys-sunbae-nims, perhaps.</s><br>
strolling around the building, she found a neat and quiet place she might could use for practice. well, she could rap anywhere, but she preferred when it was a little more silent, then. clearing her throat, she was just about to start, as a mirrored picture in the glass caught her attention. huh? wasn't that ... that brat ... brat ... brat guy from ... e-gang? no, e.l. now?<br>
curiosity made her forget her duties and slowly, she approached the window, then left the room she had been in and searching for ... aggressively sounding noises of someone using a keyboard? <b>"ehm ... sunbae-nim, are you alright?"</b> she lurked into the room where the older one should be as well, a questioning look on her face. was he ... playing a video game? in the company's building? <b>"are you sure it ... wow, wait, is that 'holy knight online'?!"</b> the girl wanted to remark before she suddenly increased her speed and hastily get next to the young man. <b>"i thought it would be released tomorrow!"</b> the girl moaned ,fascinately watching her favorite character's moves on screen.<br>

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Mar 23 2018, 08:36 AM
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<center>@john doe</center>
<p>[let the chase begin? %DD idk how this will end ... #all-my-poor-souls-who-don't-deserve-it-better-lmao]</p>
</div><div class="moonriver">

sometimes, eun enjoyed the private space she got when she left the boss building, even though she was somehow famous even without being known as boss trainee - or even as modern love's new maknae - due to her past, people didn't seem to recognize her that often by now. and even when there were people she knew, who knew who she was, they usually just looked away and left her alone. it hurted, at times, but this way, it was ... quite comfortable as well.<br>
even though she wanted to stand up for her failures, the mistakes she made, it was hard to approach people when she clearly saw that they did avoid her.<br>
maybe she was going to be some air for now.<br>
not that she intended to leave it like that.<br>
taking the bus to a park, she had finished everything she was supposed to do for today and just felt like she could use some break and a place to relax. listening to the birds - if there were any -, watching people passing ... perhaps even sleeping. or reading! she finally was about to catch up with her favorite series after so long, it was really horrible ...<br>
and with all that thoughts, she hadn't known which face she would face as she looked for a place in the crowded bus - luckily, there was one seat left, unoccupied, and before anybody else could snatch it, she took a seat, a little bit hesitantly, still, checking first if there was another person who could use it more than her.<br>
no. apparently not. so there was no problem if she claimed the place, right?<br>
eun turned her face to the person next to her.<br>
then, her mind ran blank.<br>
<i>... john?</i><br>

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Mar 18 2018, 09:36 AM
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<div style="line-height:15px;width:304px;text-align:justify;margin:10px auto"><b>cw for: mention of parental loss, mental / psychic manipulation, controlling parent, mobbing / bullying</b></div><br>

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat|Pacifico|Nunito|Playfair+Display:400,400i" rel="stylesheet">
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<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 12px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
rapper / maknae
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 12px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
a / 169 cm / 48 kg
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
august 8th, 1997
<div class="biginfo">
<div class="biginforeal">
<h1>Hobbies</h1> reading (especially 'the holy knight' series), fighting, exercising, convincing other people of her own opinion, being right, playing the piano, rapping, challenging people she doesn't like much, <s>composing</s><br>
<h1>Likes</h1> 'the holy knight', being cool, chivalry and nobility, happiness, staying, her sibling, bonds of any kind, having friends she can talk with and just hang out with (she doesn't like to admit this, thou)<br>
<h1>Dislikes</h1> self-sacrifice, romanticised actions (such as self-sacrifice), being interrupted, apologizing (when she thinks she's right), forced politeness, her own awkwardness, disrespect, her father (perhaps)<br>
<h1>Player Name:</h1> yuen<br>
<h1>Other Characters:</h1> kyu-byul rhee, toh-rin dutchmann, ki-hyeon leeton, fu-yang ming, ae-yeong ji, mae-lee chae, hye-ri hong & lynn seo, jae coghlan<br>
<h1>Contact:</h1> ask for skype/discord, pm's always a way to reach me<br>
<div class="namebox">
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<input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-2" style="z-index:7; top: 125px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top:-1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content">
<div class="appbox">
<div class="appname">eun sinbi</div>
<div class="appreal">
<h1>oops. spoiler.</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<div style="text-indent:0px;padding:20px 40px;font:17px playfair display;line-height:16px">❝ but what's most annoying about that character is his end.<br>
dying to protect his master- ❞<br>
<i>-- how can such a person be so popular, even within the series?</i><br>

<h1>the story of a fall.</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>humpty dumpty sat on a wall;</b><br>
<i>safe and sound, it was warm over the clouds.</i><br>
once upon a time, there was a little girl. this girl was you.<br>
your family was not very rich or privileged from birth, and as there was a sibling, you had to learn to share, but it was alright with you. you loved your sibling, the younger one made you feel like a proud big sister, a paragon. you felt the most comfortable when you had been with your family, and you felt like you would be part of the nobility sometimes. supported by your favorite book series, a heroic story of a knight and his devoted valet, you started to dream and you eagerly tried to fulfill this ideal you were treasuring inside.<br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">everytime you kissed me, i trembled like a child;<br>
gathering the roses, we sang for the hope.</center><br>
therefore, you learnt to act like that - being always gentle and kind, you made sure to be the friends of the weak ones, the supporters of the brave and your very own hero. still, there were parts of you which acted impulsive, childish and not very lady-like. there were countless times you failed to fully live up to your goals, but it was alright. you learnt from your failures.<br>
it was your luck to have an understanding father.<br>
by this time, you loved to be there, with all of your dreams.<br>
<b>humpty dumpty had a great fall;</b><br>
<i>everything changed withou being noticed.</i><br>
your childhood changed as you were six. the person who was most important to your father, to you, disappeared. how was you supposed to react to this? all paralyzed, it was your father who brought you back to life, saying what you should do and what not. you did not realize that he manipulated you - you and your sibling because the order he gave was stronger. you would be fine by just doing what he demanded, right? there was nothing wrong about obeying your father's wishes.<br>
<i>so you thought.</i><br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">your very voice is in my heartbeat, sweeter than my dream;<br>
we were there, in everlasting bloom.</center><br>
he was also the reason why you auditioned for sealight as you were only twelve. even though your singing skills were not the best, your father was the one who unlash your love for rapping, finding something else you were good at. you got accepted, next to several others. surely, you had some advantages because of your father's training beforehand, but ... you were only average, to your father's disappointment. nevertheless, the tough schedules of sealight, the demanding management - it was just normal for you who had spent your upbringing in such a world, <i>without noticing</i>. you were still taught to believe that you were superior, just like the knight in your favorite tale.<br>
<i>you were the one who would rule over others.</i><br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">roses die, the secret is inside the pain;<br>
wind are high up on the hill, i cannot hear you.</center><br>
still, you made friends. even though you were a harsh person who easily got angry at others, judging before knowing them better, a bit aggressive perhaps, your core was gentle and kind, always there to help the ones you loved - admittingly, in your own way. building them up by smashing them to ground, making them move on their own.<br>
one special friend was john - john doe. you both got accepted around the same time, and although he was older than you, you became friends. unlike you who was able to entertain a wider range of friends, you were his only friend.<br>
<i>pity you never realized the meaning of this.</i><br>
you had gone through so many stages of life, together - ironically that you were supposed to be john's 'queen' at some point, even though you definitely would prefer being a knight. but it was fine with you. he was a precious friend to you.<br>
<b>all the king's horses and all the king's men;</b><br>
<i>everything you believed in, lost to the dusty rain.</i><br>
of course, there were downfalls and fallbacks, but you were not willing to be defeated. especially as cm's trainees were able to beat your company's trainees in several competitions, you could not agree with that - after all, you were taught to despise that ... 'other thing' and you did.<br>
<i>if there was not this strange boy.</i><br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">come and hold me close, i'm shivering cold in the heart of rain;<br>
darkness falls, i'm calling for dawn.</center><br>
he was a joyous person and ... a cm trainee. you disliked him at first, just as it was taught to you, but somehow, he made his own way to your heart - it was not love, for sure, more ... brotherly. a friend. undeniable, these are still strong feelings ... perhaps your differences made you weak for his words, making you believe that such things as friendship between the two companies could be possible ... or something like that. no acting from above. ... equal treatment.<br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">silver dishes for the memories, for the days gone by;<br>
singing for the promises, tomorrow may bring.</center><br>
<i>then it happened.</i><br>
as you were fourteen, you were inflicted during an accident, making you nearly unable to continue your life as you knew it. like a miracle, you survived and from then, things changed.<br>
<i>things changed but you did not notice it.</i><br>
for you, everything was just the same. exercising, working on your poor dancing skills, maybe trying to sing a note, rapping your best ... it was just normal. but it changed. <i>you</i> changed. you never noticed your harsh tone, that some of your sarcastic remarks were taken seriously, that your friends started to bully ... john. you were his only friend.<br>
and you were the cause for pain.<br>
<b>couldn't put humpty dumpty together again;</b><br>
<i>it was the end to you and everything you had.</i><br>
a certain event made you realize that you were the one spreading the bad word about john. the one who made your beloved people being hurt by 'friends' who told you it would be fine. by your father who supported your so-called statements - which were meant to be follies, but nobody realized it.<br>
<i>not even you.</i><br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">i harbour all the old affection, roses of the past;<br>
darkness falls, and summer will be gone.</center><br>
you are no child, no longer. there were borders between fun and reality. and you crossed it as you started to rant about john in public. other people joined. thrilled by the support you got, you did not notice the pain.<br>
<i>it hurts. it hurts. it is okay. just forget it.</i><br>
it was not stoppable. as the fist met the boy's face which claimed you to be his only friend, you finally realized.<br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">joys of the daylight, shadow of the starlight;<br>
everything was sweet by your side, my love.</center><br>
<i>i do not want to forget.</i><br>
seeing the person you held close to your heart being beaten up, and leaving the company, <i>because of you</i>, you made your mind up. you cancelled your contract with sealight on your own, and you decided to leave your father which controlled most of your actions. you were serious about this. therefore, you stole your father's golden necklace. the last memory of your parent which left too soon.<br>
<i>i am refusing this. ultimately.</i><br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">ruby tears have come to me, for your last words;<br>
i'm here just singing my song of woe, waiting for your, my love.</center><br>

<h1>the holy knight. edgar.</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<div style="text-indent:0px;padding:20px 40px;font:17px playfair display;line-height:16px">❝ i'm not afraid of wounds.<br>
if it's needed to serve my master, to protect him, i will joyously embrace death. ❞ edgar says.<br>
<i>-- what bullshit.</i><br>

<h1>she was beautiful.</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<br><center class="eunlyrical">now let my happinesss sing inside my dream...</center><br>
as you got free, you remembered. remembered everything - the compositions you had been thinking of as your own, the ones who had been praised the most, the ones ... you had never written. it was all a lie, a lie of your father, of your coaches, of your so-called 'friends'.<br>
they made you believing.<br>
they made you hoping.<br>
but now, you want to move forward. the past was where it belonged to, and the only thing you could do now was to try to make the future brighter.<br>
<center class="eunlyrical">everytime you kissed me, my heart was in such pain;<br>
gathering the roses, we sang of the grief.</center><br>
but first, you had to get hold of a life by now. as you left, you had next to nothing - several days, you managed to live from the money you had taken with you, managing to get some extra money by streetperforming what you had learnt at sealight. of course, you made sure not to be recognized, you did not wish to be dragged back or something like that.<br>
you assumed your father must hate you now.<br>
and you knew he has all right to do so.<br>
<center class="eunlyrical">your very voice is in my heartbeat, sweeter than despair;<br>
we were there, in everlasting bloom.</center><br>
day by day passed. somehow managing to be alive, it was luck that there were people who got interested in your skills - one day longer and you would not have managed to perform any longer due to malnutrition. you actually got scouted by boss, they took you to the company's building and there, you were tested - mustered - scanned. it was tough for you, but you made it. more than anything else, you wanted to stay alive.<br>
staying alive, so you could say john how sorry you feel.<br>
staying alive, so you could take care of your sibling some day.<br>
staying alive, so you could ... see your father again, proving him wrong. his last words had been harsh. but ultimately, you will show that you are worth the attention. that you are <i>someone</i>.<br>
<center class="eunlyrical">underneath the stars, shaded by the flowers;<br>
kiss me in the summer day gloom, my love.</center><br>
you were used to tough schedules, but you had to recover first. taking care of yourself, something you had not considered to do for so many years where it had been more important to achieve something than to stay healthy.<br>
it was hard, but you made friends. friends who liked you for being you, strangely enough. you did not change much, but there is ... forgiveness in your eyes. you try not to judge, not before you know the person better. learning from your faults, you stand up again, hoping for better days, willing to embrace your enem-, okay, this perhaps not, but your friends. a beginning.<br>
and now, hair dyed and back again, you aim to burn the stage - or just simply looking forward to every scold you get by the people you left behind, without a single notice. now, you are ready to face them again. now, you are the maknae of modern love, and nobody knows your face until you would appear on stage. live. the you who breathes in this very second.<br>
this will be your time. your time to say:<br>
<s><i>forgive me. mianhae. i'm sorry.</i></s><br>
(we will work on this. together.)<br>
<center class="eunlyrical">i will be here dreaming in the past;<br>
until you come, until we close our eyes.</center><br>

<h1>the ___ knight. eun.</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<div style="text-indent:0px;padding:20px 40px;font:17px playfair display;line-height:16px">❝ stand up and fight!<br>
i draw my sword, but not because i will die here. ❞<br>
<i>-- you have noticed 'it', right? so you already made the first step. step by step. go ahead.</i><br>

<h1>connect the dots</h1>
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<b>name</b> i chose 'eun' because it's almost the initials of elliot nightray, <i>e. n.</i> - her surname comes from jia sinbi, a (by now archived) character by nara whose daughter eun is in this verse (nara confirmed). therefore, a three-letter-name would be also fitting, acoording to jia having a quite short name as well. his stage name, also three letters, is a hint to 'nightray', elliot's surname in canon.<br>
<b>occupation / contract / john</b> elliot's death in canon due to his realization that he's the source of major damage within his own family is transferred to eun being a sealight trainee for some years without knowing that she actually was the reason that fellow trainees started to bully other trainees, especially those who were close to her - in a special case, john doe. she cancels her contract with sealight, even though it means leaving her family which she thought she would love, a hint to elliot sacrificing himself. in the series, he has a contract with a so-called chain, a supernatural powerforce which can easily be used in battles and that killed his entire family without him knowing about this. he's not aware of the contract, so is eun who rather thought about being a sealight trainee as daily life and nothing too strange. in general, both have a quite distorted view on reality until they notice they're wrong. making eun to modern love's maknae which debuts with this year's first comeback is rather part of eun being the daughter of jia, but it's apparent that elliot's death does have an impact for further events, therefore eun is back on stage for now.<br>
<b>background / family / death</b> her family constellation follows jia's one and not elliot's. she has a sibling and a parent who left as she was six - it lowkey resembles elliot's family background as his entire family is murdered during the series. instead of murdering his family, eun is betraying her entire family as she leaves sealight and steals his father's most precious necklace, perhaps possible to translate it to a murder in the original series. leaving sealight is, as said, also a synonym for elliot leaving the world of the living ones.<br>
<b>background / trainee time at sealight</b> in the beginning, eun's quite a sassy person who acts like a spoiled prince/ss, as elliot doesn't appear as very polite in his first appearances as well. s/he meets a joyous person who shares the love for a certain series ('the holy knight'), even though their opinion on certain characters are diversed. even though the person is from cm and therefore part of the 'enemies', they're befriending each other, a hint to the canon where elliot meets oz, the son of a rival family he's taught to hate. yet, they get to know each other better and actually agreed on trying to fix their family's broken ties. however, this can't be fulfilled due to ... circumstances, here in eun leaving the company. so sealight is the personification of elliot's family, cm is the rival family, and somehow, boss is the underworld.<br>
<b>background / end of trainee time at sealight</b> essential main parts are mentioned in the 'occupation' part. john can be seen as the people elliot wanted to protect, just in one person. because he desperately, initially, tried to protect them, he somehow failed as well, making the wrong movements, saying the wrong words - so their 'friends' are getting the wrong idea and do what can't be supported by both. this starts to happen after an accident; in canon, it's led to the contract between elliot and his chain, the so-called cause. here, eun starts to see reality quite in a manipulated way and gets carelessly with her words. it's quite a tragedy which ultimately ends up in her final decision as john is leaving the company, eun doesn't see any sense in staying because the damage made is far too worse - like in canon.<br>
<b>background / 'after story'</b> i made it up, trying to keep it as reasonable as possible. eun had struggles to find a new residence, but eventually ends up with boss because of her skills. she's trained for around two to three years until it was announced that she would debut as 'fresh' part of 'modern love'. this can be seen as an alternative ending for the canon - if elliot had survived, he would have tried to apologize, i think, and that's just what eun will try here. keeping her alive and facing everything she had done wrong.<br>
<b>personality</b> both can be described as harsh character, very impulsive and highly shaped by their role model (which is in both cases chivalry, royalty, nobility; in eun's case lowkey because of her family and her image of them in her childhood, in elliot's because he's born to a noble household; also in both cases a series called 'the holy knight'). yet, they often fail to perform the perfect and polite image and are just too blunt for this - they refuse self-sacrifice out of noble reasons because even if you might save the life of the people you love, you still leave them with their grief and perhaps even despair alone, 'refusing to be responsible'. on the other hand, they do sacrifice themselves once (elliot's death and eun's leaving). they don't sense weakness and fear as something negative, they want to stand up for what is right.<br>
<b>'humpty dumpty' / lyrics / 'quotes'</b> 'humpty dumpty' is the name of elliot's chain, therefore i used the nursery rhyme as headtitles, while the centered lyrics are from 'lacie', a song which is initially written by a different person than elliot, but he believes he wrote the song until he realizes he's not, as it was only gifted to him. also eun believed that there were several compositions she thought were her own, but just messed up. the 'quote' parts are modified phrases of elliot himself, while the second one is a quote from edgar of 'the holy knight' series he comments, if one can say that.<br>

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eun sinbi - perhaps well-known for being the daughter of jia sinbi and a former sealight trainee, she escaped from her father's control and it was widely assumed she's dead, as her name was rarely mentioned while she was hidden as boss' mysterious trainee which should debut with modern love in early 2018.<br>
now, her face is almost revealed and ... the fun begins?<br>
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admittingly, her friends nowadays are mainly boss-involved people because there was rarely a chance to make other connections for her. the girl herself wished to be hidden for a time until her final debut, but now, coming out of her shadow, she's quite open to bond with other people as well, especially as she isn't as opposed as boss' management to get to know people from other companies. of course, she has to obey the rules, but every rule can be changed someday, right?<br>
she's quite a difficult character, being blunt and is often considered as harsh and tomboyish, she easily hurts with her words, even though she often doesn't mean it like that. however, once you're her friend, she'll be very loyal and try to defeat you from all harm - admittingly, this never went too well in the past ... but changes are possible?<br>
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... good question. no clue. hit me up when you have ideas, but hella, i don't have anything for this. maybe pulling a request or stuff like this some day, but friends are more important now.<br>
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... uh, okay. so there is john doe who most likely despises her to his bitter death and everyone who is on good terms with her could treat her like an enemy because she made some very bad stuff to him, even though she haven't realized it. which might be even worse.<br>
on her own side, she doesn't like people who disagree with her and who hurt the people she loved. she'll openly pick fights and doesn't care much about the outcome as long as she's right, but perhaps, she's a little bit more lady-like now . . .<br>
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<b>old acquaintances.</b> perhaps other sealight trainees she hurted as well, back then? or the (fake) 'friends' who actually were encouraged to bully others because of her? sealight people in general? those who are surprised about her being back and all that stuff?<br>
<b>anything.</b> simply, as always, just hit me up and we'll see, she's extremely open to anything right now!<br>
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