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 sugar shock!, tag: yohan/nara
chae-won pae
 Posted: May 26 2018, 10:28 AM
chae-won pae
Sealight Records
19 years old
written by yuen
13 posts

@yohan saja

[and there we are, cheese for sweets, lolol >3 <3]

'working' was something 'necessary' in her life, but nothing she particularly enjoyed. of course, it was really funny to hang out with the girls she loved and just everyone here, but in the final end ... falling asleep full-exhausted was not something the girl dreamt of.
she would rather eat cheese all day long, but of course, their manager wasn't even allowing a small bite of it - even as he had treated her to a cheesecake once, the nice times seemed to be quite over! this was definitely not fair!
and as chae-won loved their fans, there was one thing she really disliked: why couldn't they stop giving her sweets (sometimes even sugar-free)? she would rather prefer some cheese! (but it made her mouth smelling bad. on the other hand ... it wasn't like she would care.)

now, just right after delilah's stage on music box, she already had another present from fans in her hand, a really cute bag of bonbons! but no! cheese! again! sighing as she wandered around the backstage area, she decided to take another direction as soon as she saw the face of their manager (irks, no she really disliked him for now), just turning there and there ... her work was done, right? parting from the delilah girls, the idol was just on her own way.
chae-won jumped right into quite a mass of people, working there and there, while she just passed, with her own scent that smelled like sweets. suddenly stopping around another group who would perform or had performed on stage, the girl easily decided to get rid of her sweets, tapping a stranger's shoulder. "do you want sweets? do you have cheese?" she tried to say, with a pronounciation as clear as possible. hopefully this effort would be worth a while ...!
the face seemed to be known, but she barely kept something in mind, so long it wasn't affiliated with cheese. pizza would be cool now ...
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