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» road to nowhere, open
ryang soo sin
 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 11:07 PM
ryang soo sin

@ry-so-sin: A bruise is really just a kiss and a cut is that funny business -wink-

it will be okay

Rain. It seemed as if a barometrical abnormality had converged solely to pelt the glistening snowflakes with bullet sized rain drops. The stark white blanket was replaced by a dark asphalt where its wetness mirrored oblong shapes of car lights and illuminated signs casting various colors. It took the appearance of a futuristic science fiction movie where Ryang kept expecting hover cars to zip above his head and large holographic commericals to move alongside grand buildings. The grey hoodie was discomfortingly soaked as it weighed upon his auburn locks and relinquished a droplet ever so often as if the water wished to escape the contact as much as he wished for it. Ryang found some comfort, however, on account of the leather jacket draped onto the hoodie where it shielded him from feeling its chilling trail onto his spine where it would permeate the skin enough to send quivers into his bones. He had endured a fairly sizeable clump of misfortune already to last him for the day. The cosmos owed him a pause at the very least.

It nearly seemed as if it had heard him, chortling among the grey stained clouds, because as he drew close to the bus stop it was huddled to the brim with people. All seeking to avoid the wash of rain. Ryang swore into the wet hem encircling his hoodie as he dove a chin within it and then hunched either shoulder despite its pointless avail to keep him drier. He wished for there to be a perch to lean upon until the bus arrived as his legs ached from a particularly onerous dance practice and the muscle lining his shoulder blades sparked with a needle like pricks. The performance come Friday would involve a tricky mixture of lock, krump and ballet inspired movements. It was certain to give them an edge over the other crews. But he had wound limbs, strained joints and repeatedly smacked onto the flooring throughout several hours. It tended to inadvertently render blotched brusing and soreness no matter how trained one was.

Ryang lifted his gaze as the whirring engines of a bus eased before them and deterred his pace to allow the others soaked strangers to climb onboard. The bus felt like an arid sauna in comparison to the chilling winds carrying projectile rain droplets outside. He raised a card encased within his wallet onto the scanner and maneuvered toward the opposite end. It seemed more secure to have everyone in front of him rather than open his back by sitting further ahead. It was startling at times how cautious a life submerged in crime made him where a single sag of defenses could be the difference between life and death. Ryang slid the hood from his head and ruffled its damp strands as he then sunk to look out the window. The day had recently slid past twilight and shed a darker nuance to the shades outside. It would take some time to get home and he noted the gradual wane of people until only a handful remained.

It nearly seemed as if the bus had awaited this choice number as a message drummed through the PA system announcing a malfunction to its breaks. It would not be able to stop until the problem could be solved. Ryang felt like he was in the movie Speed, but he had no wish to burst through the flooring and slide upon a sheet of metal. Cosmos was a wicked trickster. He was not likely to get home until late. Ryang stood to peer toward the bus driver who now spoke fervidly into a phone. -"Everyone. We'll get out of this. I'm sure they have it handled." He called out, adopting a reassuring smile despite his worry being no less coiled by the issue. He slid down to sit then, embracing the head rest about the seat in front of him, straining his knowledge about cars to the grand monstrous beast of a bus. It couldn't hurt. If only to soothe himself that it wasn't going to explode into a charred metal skeleton. If only.

chung-ae io
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 12:48 AM
chung-ae io

@warui_ware: I'm binge-watching MTV Cribs again, can you believe some of these houses??

Public transit was a true terror. Crushing bodies, obnoxious children, the occasional suspicious sneezer or cougher -- and when combined at the same time, they formed the most unholy trinity. Ae wondered why she'd missed the bus at all; having grown accustomed to Bo or other pickups, she'd almost forgotten her first year spent entirely on them, too cheap to shill out for cabs. Now she was in the same boat, though her transfer was only a few more blocks away, so her fingers hovered by the stop wire, ready to get off this box of hell as soon as possible.

Yet there was a certain thrill to people watching. She peered over the edge of her textbook every so often, not so much absorbed in information about effective memo writing as she was the conversations around her. Jokes. Stories. Secrets. Information she'd never have the chance to use, really, but would digest and rest upon anyways, in the case that some mysterious use cropped up for it. People treated words so cheaply.

Her breath fogged against the window when she snapped the book shut and turned her head to look out the window, tracing a smiley face in the residue with a bored finger. Someone wet shuffled past her; she had hardly noticed the rain, but she curled herself deeper into her seat to avoid droplets as they settled in behind her, starting to trace childish flower petals instead.

She wouldn't have noticed the announcement, so caught up in her little world of happy faces and sunshine, until the murmurs around her became panicked. Ae did not pride herself on being a hive animal, but this wasn't an issue to exactly take lightly, and so it seeped into her as well until she was whinging her hands before her, eyes glued to the windshield up front, waiting for something to get in their way.

Wetness pressed up against her back through the gaps of the headrest; she recoiled and turned to see the man that had evidently spoken leaning up against it, braced for impact. Well, for all his confidence, he had abandoned it immediately.

"He's talking on the phone and driving. I think your confidence is misplaced," she half-snapped, too riled up to feel guilty for her impoliteness. "We're all going to die!"

Obviously she had spoken too loudly, as someone else picked it up until panic seemingly reached an all time high, and she glared at him and tried to remember what the best position was for what was to be an inevitable car crash.

@ryang soo sin am i truly a keanu reeves stan if i ignore such an opportunity?
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