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 MAX BAE // CM STAFF [CW], Baymax from Big Hero 6
max bae
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 08:02 PM
max bae
CM Entertainment
27 years old
written by sky
3 posts

CW: age difference in a romantic relationship, choreographer/idol could touch on teacher/student though they are both adults and consenting, kidnapping mentions, orphan/orphanage

CM ent.
Choreographer, Health & Fitness Coordinator
A+ / 187cm. (6'2) / 82 kg. (182 lbs.)


dance/choreography, martial arts, soccer, flying droids&model helicopters, working out, volunteering, researching health


Helping people, flowers, cats, healthcare, chess, soccer balls, butterflies, hugs, toy robots, technology, when his friends are safe and healthy, when people take care of themselves, dancing and choreographing, being in high places, when people find him helpful, Yeong, Haebitna, Tadashi, Tensu, all his cm people, research


causing anyone pain or distress, being tired, when his friends are in danger or in bad health, people with ill intent, the harshness of the industry, people being careless with their health & well being, when he can't be helpful, beauty standards, appearing scary or unapproachable

Player Name:


Other Characters:

@berlioz chatte-park @meiling zhu.


Max Bae
Max Scott Bae


english transcript by Jordan Roberts

((Transcript Notes: hiiii! i know people requested this since max is in a lot of CM vlogs and dating Haena but not much is know about him! i don't think he's done any other interviews either - at least he won't for tabloids??? ugh, i wish he debuted as an idol. i hope y'all enjoy this anyway))

Heyo Dancers, welcome to the dnce podcast! Today we have a special guest - Choreographer at CM entertainment Max Bae is here!

Hello, I'm Max Bae, CM's personal choreographer and Health Coordinator.

Health Coordinator too? That's new.

Yes, it was recent. I was not happy with the previous health conditions of my colleagues and friends at CM, and many of those in the idol industry. In recent times, I went back to school to study health and nutrition. I know the standards of the industry, yet I find it extreme in many cases. Society does not change in a day, and I only hope to help idols achieve their, and the public's, goals in a healthier way. I continue to take classes in fitness, health, and psychology to improve the lives of those around me, even if I only make a small impact.

It sounds like you are doing a lot though!

I am just one part of CM. We all work hard together. It is like one family.

That's a perfect transition. How was your family growing up? How did they feel about your choosing a dance career?

I did not have parents.

Oh! I'm so sorry!

Do not feel bad. It is okay. ((the interviewer said later he stopped and mouthed 'are you okay?' before continuing once she nodded. so sweet!))

I cannot miss something I never had. I grew up in an orphanage started by an American ministry. There were many volunteers but no one I would say was a parental figure in my eyes, they were more like my older friends. Dance was something I came by on my own. We oftentimes had to find ways to entertain ourselves, dancing was just what I preferred. I am a visual learner, so I just copied what i saw on tv. Some of the volunteers taught me moves too, they thought it would make me less clumsy. I am still clumsy outside dance, so I guess it did not work. My body has a mind of it's own.

It cheered up the other kids to watch me, so I always danced at their request. And taught them anything I could. There is a huge stigma in Korea about adoption, so many families who came would be from overseas. Many did not speak Korean. Having something cute like a dance to show could be the deciding factor on whether kids got adopted or not. I was already too old, and had behavioral problems as a younger child. but I tried to help the others with small routines to showcase.

Wow, a born choreographer! So you found what you wanted to do that early? That's amazing! Many people would disagree though, considering controversy about plagiarism early in your career. Also I can hardly believe you had behavioral problems, you're so polite!

Yes, I was not always polite. I had trouble conveying what I meant when I was young. I learned with the hard work of volunteers. I also will admit I took too much inspiration from others in my earlier career. I wanted to be like them. I will always believe that creativity can not exist without inspiration, I admit I took it too far and have apologized to those affected. Credits have been distributed according on early videos of my original crew when it happened. It was never my intention to hurt them and I apologize again. And actually, I was never going to go into entertainment at all. The field I am interested in has always been medicine.

Really? Why didn't you pursue it then? You seem to be someone who goes after things they want. Or at least pushes for what is right.

Thank you, that is a great compliment. I was advised not to go into the medical field. Family history is very important in Korea. Since I did not have any, one of my high school teachers told me I would not be able to get a good job in any hospital.

That's horrible!

Was she wrong?

I - I mean...

I am sorry. I did not mean to cause you any discomfort. I genuinley want to know what you think on the matter.

...I think that you're right, sadly. So how did you end up as a choreographer?

Out of high school i was working three part-time jobs. I also danced on the street for money. It was one of these times that I was scouted by a local dance crew, you may not know them-

Of course I know! Big Hero!

Oh, I did not know you knew.

The idol world may sleep on legends, but us dancers don't!

Why are they sleeping? Did they not get enough rest last night?

((omg, i think he's actually serious tho, listen to his voice. if not then where is his acting career??))

Oh, sorry that's an expression for people not recognizing something or supporting it.

I am not good with expressions.

So sad that Big Hero broke up though.

I would not call it a break up so much as we found different paths. We still talk, and I do wish them the best in what they do.

Your path was CM?

Yes, CM took me on as a choreographer in 2014 officially. I had made a few smaller pieces for them previously, and with other companies. I was surprised when they wanted me there full time working for them.

What surprised you about that?

The probability of starting out like I have in life and in my career and being hired by one of the major companies is very low.

Well, I guess you're one in a million then. How does it feel to be recognized enough to sign an exclusive contract?

My emotional state has improved. I will work my hardest.

It sure seems so! You don't give up do you?

I do not give up on my friends. But personally, I have given up many times.

Really? What got you out of it?

Wanting to be a person the people around me can rely on. Wanting to help them, that is the wish I hang on to. Though it is different for everyone.

Well your new choreography style is certainly different. You've been criticized before for breaking the typical mold of a focus on synchronized dancing, what do you have to say about that?

I want to give everyone in the group a chance to shine in their own way. People all have different needs and abilities, we are not robots, I think my choreography reflects that. My dances consist of mostly synchronized movements, as that is what kpop is known for, but I also give each person a part to stand out more if they wish to have it.

Teamwork is still very important even in those time you dance alone, it is always better to know that you have people to fall back on. In those times when you are having a rough time in life, on of the greatest factors to sucess is having a strong support system.

Wow that's some wisdom! Who is your support system?

I would say many people. A lot of them who I work with in CM, Big Hero whom I made my start with, and a few friends I made at university, one was Tadashi -

Wait do you mean...?

Yeong's brother? Yes. He is a good friend. I won't say too much as he is not in the public eye.

Wow small world. Is Yeong your friend as well?

I would say yes, he is. He cannot dance though.

((IM DYING!!! I know most of us knew or guessed this but his phrasing is so golden))

Be careful! his fans might come after you! ((playful))

I will try harder to teach him. ((completely serious))

Anyone else you consider support?

Do you want me to talk about Haebitna?

I wasn't even going to mention that! But you have a weird way of knowing what people want/need!

Thank you. I have been told I am observant.

Haebitna is...very important...

To you?

To the world. But also to me. Her name describes her well. I love Haebitna. Truly. ((that's the sound of my heart exploding in the bg))

Sorry I was caught of guard. That's a bold statement. How did you two start dating?

She asked me to lunch in the middle of practicing Rosegold's then-new choreo a year ago.

In the middle of practice?


And you said yes?

Yes, and then we went back to practicing. After, we went out to lunch and I got to know her better. I pride myself on being a professional person at all times, but neither of us could deny what we were feeling.

Wow. That's...wow. Can I ask why you haven't been interviewed before now?

It is not in my contract to be interviewed, and I didn't want the media to exploit Hae more than they already do. But I realized sharing my story could be beneficial to the self esteem of young people looking at a career in the industry.

I'm sure it will be! Do you mind if I ask about the recent kidnapping incident regarding girlfriend?

I would rather not draw more attention to the one who committed the act, but I know these stories can be healing for other survivors. And though Hae needs time to heal, what has happened has not dampened her spirit for which I am forever grateful.

When I got the call asking if I had seen her, I did not panic. Because I believed she would be safe - it was only later when we realized she wasn't that I wished I had acted faster. I can't remember that time well as I did not get any sleep. I was out searching everyday and well into the night even though I didn't know where I was going. I don't think it was very nice to be around me.

Were you scared?

Of course. I have never been a fearful person at heart, some say I don't have emotions at all. That i'm like a robot who only thinks logically. Feeling no shame and no fear. But I do, when it comes to the people I love I do. I would have gladly and willingly given my life for her safety. I ran over a hundred - a thousand scenarios where I could have checked in with her or somehow prevented her from being taken.

What happened when she was found?

I don't think I've ever cried that much? Not even as a child. It was a pure form of relief. I wanted to give her space but she asked to see me anyway. I don't really know what to say except that I'm grateful. And that I would still give my life to make sure her or any of my loved ones stay safe.

I am a strict pacifist, but there was a moment. When I found out who did it - I will not say his name, he does not deserve to be known - I found out who, and I don't even remember thinking anything at the time. I just felt completely sure that I was going to kill him. I've never been able to see myself as someone able to hurt another being. I only practice martial arts for the knowledge and form, but I think I was capable then. I was that kid who couldn't interact with others again, I felt like just a savage animal. Or I would have been, if some friends didn't pull me back into myself.

That's amazing, the power of support like you said then?

Yes. Haebitna is safe now. She is recovering well. It will not happen again. Her bodyguard is a good man, he is nice to me to. ((i ship it.)) We still have a good time despite increased security.

We're out of time, is there anything you'd like to say before we go?

Sometimes, it is hard to remember you are not alone. Sometime you even want to push people away. But we cannot survive alone, we aren't made for it. Take the support you need, and give all that you can give. Treat every stranger kindly, they could become your friend one day. And always believe you can do what you set out to do.


Name- max bae from baymax, scott from his voice actor. transcripter name Jordan Roberts is a screenwriter for bh6

Bday-television series launched nov 20

Blood/H/W- blood fits his traits, height is actually canon for baymax weight is average for that height.

Face- this was hard bc baymax doesn't really?? have a face. but i think hoya fits, having a wider head and build, dark eyes, and not showing much emotion in pictures.

Dance- taken from Baymax's fighting ability. Also the whole copies movements and plagiarism bc the fighting ability is Downloaded into him via a karate movie, and he's also constantly copying Hiro's gestures.

Job- heath coordinator taken from healthcare companion in canon, choreo for the dance ability

Family History- So baymax is a robot who was created (it could be argued that his creator Tadashi would be the father but since he's being made as a college student that would be impossible) so doesn't have any related family, thus i add him to the disney orphans pile. It being an orphanage created by Americans is a play on San Fransokyo being a blend of east and western architecture and culture.

Hae History- Baymax is a super devoted person and his relationship definatly reflects that. The searching but not knowing where he's going comes from the movie when he's following where a tiny robot is leading because hiro tells him it will help him but isn't even paying attention to anything else.. the homicidal thing comes from a mirrored moment in the movie where they find out who the bad guy is and hiro removes baymax's 'heathcare'/personality microchip and he tries to kill the bad guy, it takes all the rest of the superheros to hold him back and return him to normal.

Other History- early behavioral problems comes from baymax's video of tadashi wher earlier veersions of him are shown malfunctioning. He got his start in a dance crew called big hero in reference to the team name big hero 6. became an official cm choreographer in 2014, the year the movie came out. His choreo style comes from the superheros in big hero 6 being super individualized by their specialties but also working together as a team.

Personality- he's a robot so I stretched and expanded it in bits but all the core aspects come from canon - needs to be helpful to feel value, sympathetic & thinks of others first, polite, loyal, (sometimes overly)logical, clumsy, talks like a robot&doesn't understand figures of speech, self-sacrificing, hardworking, pushy, curious, super observant(esp w people bc he can scan people to find out thier emotions based on brain, health, ect.),underestimates things pertaining to him i.e. 'I fail to see how _ makes me a better healthcare companion'


A sweet marshmallow who wants everyone to be happy. Max is a choreographer at CM with a unique style, he's also the health and fitness coordinate for idols and trainees! So he's the one who will give you super cool dance moves but also puts ppl on diets rip. The thing Max loves most in the world is his (romantic partners, i mean but also) being helpful! He always puts others first. Though he can be overly logical in his approach, citing studies and research while talking to someone and being pushy for them to be conscious with their physical and mental health. He hasn't always known how to talk to people so politely, and even now is often called a robot without emotions because of his way of speaking and lack of expresions in his face. Still, he's one of the most loving people you will ever meet - and a damned good dancer!


Uh, everyone. Or he tries? Max wants everyone to be happy. That's what makes him happiest. Though he can be up on a high horse bc he's a health nerd who reads studies for fun and will tell you exactly how your life would improve if you only did this or that. Still, he will always lend an ear to anyone's problems and find a way to help somehow, even if it's just being there. A good boy. Pls let him love u.


Hem Hem. Taken. Thank you.

But for real he loves haena and tensu. will do anything for them. is so whipped. but loves it.


rude. um, but for real, he doesn't? view people like that at all. He's a very strict pacifist, like even if he steps on a spider he'll probably pray it eats many good things in heaven. the only time he got close was with hae's kidnapper which kinda threw him into a homicidal rage for a good moment. scared himself. won't happen again. I mean unless you touch the people he loves then, he probably won't be polite anymore. >:( only really fights out of self-defense or loved one defense tho. still, i'm happy for anyone to (try to) push all his buttons.


oof um?? coworkers always. all the cm ppl. people who maybe were in a dance crew w him or interacted w him back then.
 Posted: Jul 14 2018, 12:40 AM
22 years old
written by She/Her
61 posts

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

He's amazing, as you know!!! I'm so excited to plot with him omg /hits you up on discord

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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