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May 5 2018, 03:12 PM
<div style="line-height:15px;width:300px;text-align:justify;margin:10px auto"><b>cw for: mentions of parental death due to disease / illness, UNHEALTHY contract terms.<br>
featuring a creepy kyu-byul.</b></div><br>

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<center><div class="rebye">
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<div class="firstpic"><img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="kim jiwoo (chuu)"></div>
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 12px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
sealight records
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
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b / 155 cm / 43 kg
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
october 3rd, 1998
<div class="biginfo">
<div class="biginforeal">
<h1>Hobbies</h1> eating cheese, eating in general, being with the delilah girls, being mothered by areum bae, doing nothing special, jumping around<br>
<h1>Likes</h1> cheese, cheesecake, eating in general, skinship, everything with tasty food, the english word 'cheesy', crowds, friends<br>
<h1>Dislikes</h1> their manager, being interrupted, not being able to eat cheese, spicy food, misunderstandings, too many sweets, judgement, not invited people<br>
<h1>Player Name:</h1> yuen<br>
<h1>Other Characters:</h1> kyu-byul rhee, toh-rin dutchmann, ki-hyeon leeton, fu-yang ming, ae-yeong ji, mae-lee chae, hye-ri hong, eun sinbi, ji-so kim, min-hee woo, eun-jun han, lynn seo & jae coghlan<br>
<h1>Contact:</h1> ask for skype/discord, pm's always a way to reach me<br>
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<div class="content">
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<div class="appname">chae-won pae</div>
<div class="appreal">
<h1>first form</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<center><b>"can you nurse my cheese, please?"</b></center><br>
you grew up like a normal child. not much was notable about your childhood - maybe, it would have been like that. only that you were not supposed to be <i>normal</i> in the common sense.<br>
indeed, your life had been quite normal. you grew up in miryang, in gyeongsangnam-do province of south korea, just like any child beside you. you ate, you slept, you went to school, you made mistakes, you got scolded, you were beloved, you were disliked. you had your hobbies, for example trying to speak as fast as possible, eventually finding your own interest in rap. you learned how to play the trumpet. your obsession with cheese started early - even as you were a little child, you would always eat some cheese, it was your favorite of all food, even as you loved to eat in general. some called you a bit clumsy because of that, but you ignored all those words.<br>
just like this, every day could have passed. perhaps, you would have been prettier and more beautiful than the children you grew up with, but in general, it would have been like any other life, like a plant, growing and eventually wrinkling.<br>
your family had planned a trip once, all of you travelling to seoul! it was supposed to be a fun trip, rewarding your graduation from primary school. you were twelve, almost thirteen. promising they would eat cheesecake with you, you did not notice that the major reason for your trip was your mother's illness. of course you realized a change over the past few years, as she had not been able to play with you as much as you liked anymore, but you took it as a mood. in your eyes, it was nothing too important. you believed she would be fine again, buying you as many cheesecakes as you wanted.<br>
only then you got separated from your family. just as you all were able to go for a walk together, you got distracted - the smell of a cheesecake caught your attention, more than anything else. you let go of your father's hand. you started to run towards the smell.<br>
<i>only then as your mother collapsed.</i> it was the last time you saw her alive.<br>
your father tried to say words you could not understand. your mother ... would not come to play with you ever again. she would not eat any cheesecake with you ever again.<br>
he was teary-eyed.<br>
you stood still.<br>
then you started to run.<br>
the world was not fair to you. why was your father saying so mean things as if you were not able to eat cheesecake ever again? your view blurred, blackened. you did not realize you were crying.<br>
it was just then as you met <i>him</i>. he was older than you, yet only a teenager. yet you allowed him to sit next to you on a bench, and yet he listened to you - yet he offered to grant you a wish, and he would fulfill it if possible.<br>
<i>a wish?</i><br>
in the same run, he asked whether you would be willing to become a trainee - for your wish. you actually thought about it, considered it. many girls of your age, sometimes, became trainees. it would not be something odd, yet you knew you could make it.<br>
... you eventually asked for a cheesecake and he went to a café with you, ordered cheesecake and you ate it.<br>
<center><b>"mogu! mogu! annyeong, i'm delilah's eating fairy bebe!"</b></center>

<h1>second form</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<center><b>"parmesan! camembert! cheddar! stilton!"</b></center><br>
somehow, you managed to get to the audition of sealight, with your father's permission. somehow, you got accepted. somehow, you became a trainee of sealight.<br>
the ride was almost wondrous, magical - you learned to dance to your favorite songs, to sing them professionally, you properly learned how to rap. you found new friends - it was an entirely different world and because you were busy all around the day, you were able to neglect your family. you left your father behind, who fell into a hole on its own.<br>
perhaps, you helped him with your bright smile.<br>
<i>perhaps not.</i><br>
you noticed you changed. from the once ordinary girl to the shining trainee. you brought hope, you actually became a role model for other trainees.<br>
then you changed again. from the once shining trainee to a reckless girl, constantly aiming for more and more as you realized your father's and your own pain. your nature became tenacious. only ... for what? as you aimed for even more cheese, your favorite food - the thing you held close to you in this ever-changing world, the only thing you got in return was ... sweets. even more sweets. you did not want sweets. still you got sweets.<br>
you ran crazy.<br>
<i>where is your cheese?</i><br>
hoping you would get cheese when you would beat the trainees around you, you started to run out of your mind. you aimed to be the best, however, you never wanted to debut. you wanted to eat cheese, it was the only desire you had.<br>
that was the time where you lost your voice a little bit. your pronounciation got worse, as if you fell back in time. back to where you had not been able to speak properly. back to the ordinary girl? ... <i>no.</i><br>
destroying every bond you had, every friendship you made, you started to act against them all. eventually, you met ... <i>her</i>. she was older than you, but she was bright. just as bright as you used to be. a shining trainee. a good friend. a ... <i>mother</i>. her name was areum bae. your coaches wanted you both to do a dance battle, and of course you agreed. you did the best you could and - it seemed like you would lose. just in that moment, you took over again and you beat her. you won. she lost. you were fine. she was ultimately ... destroyed? you did not care. where was your cheese? oh ... you would not get it, again?<br>
and then, another one entered the stage, challenged you again, the thirsty you, hungry, but you lost. that other girl won and took that bright person with her.<br>
that was the time where you realized your behaviour, ugly in the mirror of yourself. you were stained. over and over, covered in sweets you disliked.<br>
<i>who are you?</i><br>
you decided to change. not on your own, but a gentle spirit helped you out. you decided to go back. first, you left the big stage, now content with being a mere background noise in other people's life.<br>
then, you stepped back. you almost seemed to be broken, emotionless, there was nothing that kept you going. then, you met <i>her</i> again. the bright person. the <i>mother</i>. you got close to her again, ready to be abandoned - but you were not. she welcomed you with a warm heart and she cared for you. she went shopping with you, she bought clothes for you - she did not remember you. did not remember the battle of you two, did not seem to be affected by it. you decided to stay with her. as she could not remember, it would be fine, right? you wanted to stay with her.<br>
she looked so lonely. you wanted to be with her.<br>
and you stayed with her as sealight announced a new girl group. you all became part of 'delilah'. you would be able to stay with her, and to eat cheese with her.<br>
<center><b>"cheese, cheese, all to me!"</b></center>

<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<center><b>"i just wanted to eat cheese again!"</b></center><br><div class="templatebody"><b><font style="color:#f3b6b7">home</font> » <font style="color:#f3b6b7">member profiles</font> » bebe (delilah) facts and profile; bebe's ideal type</b> (last update: april 14, 2018)
<center><img src="" width="320px"></center>
<br><div class="bodytext">
<b>stage name:</b> bebe<br>
<b>birth name:</b> pae chae-won (배채원)<br>
<b>position:</b> visual, rapper, sub vocalist<br>
<b>birthday:</b> october 3, 1998 (age 19)<br>
<b>zodiac sign:</b> libra<br>
<b>nationality:</b> korean<br>
<b>ethnicity:</b> ¾ korean, ¼ european<br>
<b>height:</b> 155 cm (5'1'')<br>
<b>weight:</b> 43 kg (94 lbs)<br>
<b>blood type:</b> b<br>
<b>subunit/group:</b> delilah<br>
<b>instagram:</b> @belilah<br>
<b><font style="color:#f3b6b7">facts about bebe:</font></b><br>
- her favorite food is cheese.<br>
- technically, she seems to be obsessed with cheese.<br>
- she is one of the most childish ones in the group.<br>
- she can play the trumpet.<br>
- she seems to eat constantly, or always begs for food.<br>
- she confirmed that a cheesecake was the reason for her becoming an idol.<br>
- however, she doesn't gain weight easily.<br>
- she is primarily known as the eating fairy of delilah.<br>
- she mainly gets sweets as gifts from fans.<br>
- she is the smallest one in her group and often looks over her groupmates' shoulders.<br>
- she doesn't like being in the center of attention.<br>
- it's hard to understand her from time to time, speaking either quite fast or very low, which is also one of the reason why she gets not many lines, assumingly.<br>
- her groupmates seem to understand her just fine.<br>
- she easily clings to fellow members.<br>
- she is the closest to mami, often referring to her as 'mom'.<br>
- she is known for her bad relationship with her group's manager. as he wanted to stop her from eating once, in order to head to the next location, she most likely murmured 'drop dead' to him.<br>
- once she retires from idol activity, she wants to be married to a rich restaurant owner.<br>
- her eyes seems to display central heterochromia.<br>
- her mother is half-german, making her quarter-german.<br>
- she loves to wear what the girls pick for her, more than what the stylists' pick for her.<br>
<b>bebe's ideal type</b> is someone who is friendly, cooks well and feeds her all the time - in addition, she once stated that this person has to be approved of the delilah girls, especially mami, as well.<p>
<img src="" width=310px">
<center><b>"i wish i could eat more ..."</b></center>

<h1>connect the dots</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>name</b> 'chae' means <i>collect, gather</i>, which is a reference to charlotte always searching for cheese, so she can collect it, somehow. as 'won' can also mean <i>source, beginning</i>, it is a hint to charlotte's early appearance and as she's also quite the source of pain and grief. as charlotte's (nagisa's) original surname, momoe, sounds similar to tomoe, which is mami's surname, i kept it as well like that, referring to areum bae - so 'pae' is chae-won's surname here. also 'chae-won' sounds a little bit like 'charlotte' ... at least, it looks like.<br>
<b>stage name / 'bebe' and 'mami'</b> in 'rebellion', a sequel movie, charlotte is called 'bebe' by the girls, so her stage name is 'bebe'. for further reference, it's assumed that 'bebe' and 'mami' are allusion to 'baby' and 'mommy', that's why mami / areum is often called 'mother' here.<br>
<b>occupation</b> ... just throw her to where mami is and to where all pmmm girls happen to be. plus kyu-byul.<br>
<b>ethnicity / height</b> making her quarter german should refer the canon name 'charlotte', as one assumes this name derives from a german story - also her being the smallest one in delilah is mirroring that charlotte is quite small.<br>
<b>background / mother's dead / contract</b> up until her 'contract' with kyu-byul (as he's also a minor at that point, it's a mere promise, though), it deals with nagisa momoe's background story - nagisa is the actual human behind the witch charlotte, a magical girl who is only about eight to twelve years old. however, her upbringing seems to be quite normal, until the point where she forms the contract with kyubey. her mother's death is <i>not</i> verified, actually, and only an assumption so far. yet i used this as background story, so i have something to work with, hah ... however, this and her obsession with cheese (which is 1000% canon) leads her to be separated from her family and eventually ends up in meeting kyu-byul who grants her a wish, in return, she has to become a magical girl / here a trainee. again, it's not fully verified, but it's assumed her wish was 'a single cheesecake', so that's what she went for. here, the ordinary girl 'nagisa momoe' ends and is ultimately destined to become a witch in the long run.<br>
<b>background / becoming a witch / mami</b> alright, so she eventually becomes a witch, here just a nasty person. as witch, she's fought once by mami (and homura) and killed the first, is defeated by the latter. here, she's supposed to fight areum in a dance battle, which she wins and perhaps have mentally destroyed her for a while, before she's finally defeated by another girl, a representative for homura. however, once this happens, she changes again - not longer a 'witch', she returns to areum's side like in 'rebellion', even as she doesn't seem to remember while chae-won still knows everything about it. they bond and are super cute, the end. perhaps, as all of them are now part of delilah can mirror the alternative reality in 'rebellion' where all of them are living happily together, with bebe as cute little pet (?).<br>
<b>personality</b> all facts are (mainly) inspired by the 'bebe' version of charlotte. for example, the fact that she rather talks slurred and faintly while delilah girls are still supposed to be able to understand her is thanks to bebe talking gibberish in the movie 'rebellion', however, the magical girls are easily understanding her. that she prefers the girls' clothes choice over the stylist's one refers to the fact that bebe wears mami's self-made dresses. speaking of mami/areum, it's canon that mami/areum is bebe's favorite. her childish behaviour reflects nagisa's character. both are quite cheese-obsessed, even as i sometimes use cheesecake instead of cheese. also, even as she is the witch of sweets (here eating fairy), chae-won mainly gets sweets - a reference to charlotte being able to produce as many sweets as she wants, only cheese is something she can't create.<br>

<div class="tab">
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<div class="content">
<div class="shipper">
<div class="shipperreal">
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
honestly? quite a strange girl who loves cheese and areum, probably. and the other delilah girls, of course! she's a pretty childish person, but dislikes to be in the center of attention. yet she is pretty loud and can cling easily to fellow members. however, she eats like. a. lot. the eating fairy of delilah will happily snatch your lunch away!<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
uhm, she rather makes friends in her own group (like all of them are supposed to be her friends, anyway?), but outside, i think she can get along with other people who eat just as much as her? people who love cheese just as much as her? however, she's not a good friend. she's definitely not and as it's hard to understand her, it's hard to make a nice conversation with her. in short: she has difficulties making friends, but please do!<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
well, she's in love with cheese only so far, so i have actually ... not a big plan for her, but i might request someone for her. anyway, it's completely open for now, so everything is possible! just beware that her lover has to be approved by all delilah girls because their judgement is more important than any changing feeling of love ... /rip<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
as she has a bad pronounciation, as she only eats all the time, as she is the worst friend ever, i think she can make quite some enemies? or at least people who dislikes her? as there are surely people she despises. just like kyu-byul rhee. anyone who is good with him is dead-marked.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>anyone.</b> didn't see that coming, right? haha ... but as always, i'm open to whatever and please, throw anything at her! i'd love to see her in various situations!<br>
<div class="smallpics">
<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="questioning? good question ...">
<div class="smallpics" style="left: 175px;">
<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="she/her">
<div class="smallpics" style="left: 337px;">
<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="charlotte/nagisa momoe from puella magi madoka magica">
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