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Apr 24 2018, 03:24 PM
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let's say work
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There were days in which Aeju simply would like yelling at her higher ups and asking them why she still organised stuff for other people as QUEENS was active now and her schedule was full with, well, being an idol again. However, she didn't complain and kept on. She would be able to get back to her girls if she finished soon, right? She would still take the time for Lila or Vixen, though.<br>
She waited in one of the practice rooms for her, not really the best place for a meeting, but... she sighed. She had to get a record of how well the other performed as well, and this all would go to the real person who should deal with this. She wasn't able to dislike the work however, it somehow still was a part from her. However, she wished that it wouldn't have been now, only a few weeks after the promotions for "Three O'Clock" and "March Hare". However, she put a smile on her face as she heard entering footsteps.<br>
<b>"Good afternoon, Lila Ge-ssi,"</b> she greeted the other one friendly. She had organised a table and two chairs so they wouldn't have to sit on the ground. She stood up shortly and motioned her to sit down, too. <b>"I am sorry for this... location, but as I have to record some of your processes, too, the practice room would probably more suitable."</b>
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@lila ge | Leeet's see how this ends XD
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Apr 7 2018, 08:35 AM
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<h1>@min-hee woo</h1>

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<txt>Sorry, but can you tell me again where have you put the lunch boxes?</txt>
<txt>... oh, sorry, I've texted the wrong person |D''</txt>
<txt>Sorry for the disturbance!</txt>


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Apr 7 2018, 07:46 AM
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this is the world
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It had been a while since their last fan meeting, and she was relieved that there were still people who supported them. Their latest comeback was one month ago, "Three O'clock" from March Hare. It had been okay, the hate comments kept piling up, but they wouldn't give up. Aeju looked at her girls with a smile on her face. She knew that they could go on.<br>
<b>"How do you feel today?"</b> she asked her fellow members with a confident smile on her face that should calm the others down. She was nervous, too, but she hoped it would go away as soon as they took their seats at the long table. They were currently backstage still, a lot of people kept organising the last things needed, just like Aeju did only a few moments ago. But now she wanted to see how her girls were doing, not the water bottles, microphones or whatever.<br>
She let out a sigh as she straightened her posture again. She felt tired, honestly, but it couldn't be compared to the tiredness she had years ago. Years. It already was years away, but still. Once a scandal was made, the damage couldn't be healed by time only. <b>"Keep your manners, girls!"</b> she added with another laughter, stroking her hair out of her face with her hand. The make-up was done for today, and now... only the next hours should be survived, right?<br>
There was no need in painting the devil on the wall, she knew. So she just smiled confidently and hoped to see in faces as confident as her own. Then she saw their manager coming and gave her a smile as well. <b>"Are the last preparations done?"</b> she asked her, always ready to do whatever was needed in the very last second.
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@marinna ohiya, @sora kang, @ae-yeong ji, @brooke riegel | Here we go! o/ I honestly have no clue about fan sign events...
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Mar 29 2018, 03:52 PM
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<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="Pyo Hyemi">

</div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 12px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">


</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

QUEENS leader/vocal

</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 12px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

O / 171 cm / 46 kg

</div></div> <div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

2nd february 1991

<div class="biginfo"><div class="biginforeal">

cutting off embarassing/idealistic remarks, singing, dancing, trying to be edifying, focusing on the aim, relaxing from time to time, doing things with her friends, shopping, organising every kind of stuff, thinking about the universe, stargazing, enjoying the ocean's sound, swimming, driving ships

competitions, the sea and ocean, gondolas, Venice, hot springs, milky coffee, revenges, the night sky and the universe, the colour red and indigo, clear skies, rivers and canals, winding alleys, exploring something new, roses and flowers, reading books, being able to teach other people something, taking care of people

disrespectful behaviour, not being first and loosing, people talking bad about her friends, overly pessimistic people, <s>relaxing</s>, giving up, not being able to see her friends or number one idol, punishing people who know what they've done, cold tea, overly realistic perceptions, performing badly

<hr><h1>Player Name:</h1>

<br><h1>Other Characters:</h1>
Sayaka Miki, Yeongho Jjok, A-hyeon Leeton, Taedae Mo, Sonthi Easterlefa, Leona No, Jiaolu Rong, Hyunbae von Gikkingen, Celty Son

pm; ask for Discord or Skype!

<br></div></div><div class="namebox">

Rosequartz // 'Rosen Queen'

</div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-5" name="tab-group-2"><label for="tab-5" style="z-index:7; top: 125px;"><img src="" style="margin-top:-1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="appbox"><div class="appname">

Aeju Gangjeon

</div><div class="appreal">

<h1>ways to become a queen.</h1>
"Aeju? Aeju, where are you?" A voice was shouting through the huge floors of the building, right through all the walls that were as thin as they could just never had existed as well. It wouldn't make a difference. And yet, this building was full of peace and calm, silence rather, carefully kept and only hesitantly broken if it really was necessary.<br>
The company building was huge, and it was old. The walls had ears here, and she loved to listen to them. The girl kept running away, knowing that her steps would be audible, until she didn't want to run any longer. "Can we drive home?" she asked the woman who took care of her, exhausted now, and she smiled with relief in her eyes.<br>
"Yes, of course. Come, little princess." She looked at the other workers here, nodded to them and waved them good-bye before she got on the car. Shortly after that, the care drove away, the engine noise much louder than the silence from before.<br>
"Nanny?" the girl asked, almost falling asleep. "How can I become a queen?" she asked the older woman, even though she probably wouldn't listen to the answer. It was just something that randomly came up in her ever changing puerile mind, nothing special, but nothing unimportant as well.<br>
"Well," the woman replied nevertheless with a smile on her face while driving the car, "there are a lot of important things."

<h1>know where you want to be.</h1>
Sometimes, it was just impossible that everything stayed the way it was. She knew that quite well, but why did she feel so sad? So incredibly sad? The tears just didn't stop to fall down on the ground as she sat down at the ground, crying.<br>
A person came out of a near building, looking at her surprised. It was another girl, older than her, and probably trainee in the company, well, in whose front she was crying right now. The girl was genuinely friendly and gentle, taking her secretly to the practice rooms, doing her hair.<br>
"Finished!" she said with a warm smile, having done Aeju's hair into two cute ponytails in the end.<br>
"Thank you!" the little girl said, looking in the mirrors around her, amazed.<br>
The other girl smiled. "When a girl changes her hair, it changes much more!" she said laughingly. It was the very point where time started to move faster, decisions were made and a mind was settled down forever.

<h1>stay pure and humble.</h1>
A warm day in spring - or summer even? Aeju didn't really know and care, the most important thing was really something else. She ran through the streets of the city, or at least the child-friendly places of it, as she saw somebody. She knew the place very well because she liked playing there a lot, and! this was the place with the clover bed. But this person she never had seen... or maybe she believed that she hadn't seen her. Children remembered things as well as they forgot them.<br>
"What are you doing there?" she asked, looking at the older girl. "Are you searching four leaf clovers?" she then added, looking at the other girl again. Aeju felt that the girl had cried, or at least... it was something similiar to it. She hadn't had a name for it yet, but maybe it would get one later. "You won't find it."<br>
Without meaning it, children could be incredibly cruel. The other girl simply looked at her, the eyes slightly reddened, but her eyes didn't seem to realise anything. She just was silent. And it seemed like the girl ignored her, how impolite!<br>
The older girl turned her back to her, bending over the bed as if she was even more determined to find one. Aeju sighed. "When there's nothing, you can find nothing, that's simple!" She noticed that the girl didn't move any longer. What did happen here?<br>
Another sigh out of the childish mouth.<br>
"Alright!" she said with joy in her voice, picking a petal from one of the near blossoming red roses and a three leaf clover. "We can simply add a leaf, not?" she said with childish naiveness and placed the clover as well as the petal on the rim. "Look! Now we have a four leaf clover, not?" She grinned mischievously and very, very contently. It was like she would have found a whole new world within a few seconds.<br>
"And see - it's formed like a heart, not?" She lifted the rose petal again, looking at it with obvious pleasure. "I like this one more, it's so cute!"

<h1>pass on the knowledge.</h1>
She had arranged herself with all the looks the other presented her with, with the extra portion of sweetness they treated her. It was annoying, but she had known it from the very beginning. She would have loved to start unter CM entertainment where her Number One Idol was, but no. She had to become a trainee in BOSS for everything, however, she visited the other company frequently nevertheless.<br>
Additionally, she actually made friends with the other companies. The three of them were so different like sun, moon and stars (okay, sun and stars weren't that different), but they actually got along. Aeju enjoyed every time she could spend with them, practising together and preparing for their big debut.<br>
"Aeju-seonbae?" The other trainees in front of her looked at the older trainee who was supposed to teach them some vocals and dances.<br>
She came back into reality, putting a firm smile on her face. "Are you all prepared to get started?" She didn't even know if she was. She would debut anytime soon, the group was made, the promotional images were in discussion, the mv shoot was in progress. They only had to wait a little bit longer.<br>
However, a knock on the door interrupted her again, just like her thoughts before. An impressing person came in, a soloist who already had debuted years ago and somehow was the one who had taken Aeju under her wing. However, she didn't speak, simply nodded and told her just to move on.

<h1>true love's kiss.</h1>
It was a surprise to see her younger friend debut earlier than herself. She had been a trainee for a short amount of time, but as talented as she was, Aeju could completely understand the early debut. She just hoped that the girl didn't suffer too much from any new responsibility the girl held now.<br>
"How are you feeling?" She was with her mentor now, coming back from shopping groceries.<br>
"It is really a surprise... she's so young, I hope she still can do it," Aeju answered, looking at the future. Her back was straight, even with the groceries.<br>
"Do you really feel okay with this?" her mentor still asked, looking at her with worries. But in Aeju's face, there was no place for worries. She smile firmly at her mentor, nodding.<br>
"Yes. I am more than determined now to debut as soon as possible as well!" she said. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment, before the older one sighed.<br>
And smiled. "Alright. I am the lucky one to tell you - your chance is coming. BOSS planning a new girl group and you're involved!"

<h1>find your kingdom.</h1>
"Shooting stars are actually meteorites pulled in by the earth's gravity," he explained and said while they were sitting back to back to each other on a roof, looking at the thousands of lights flashing down to earth. "And when they enter the atmosphere, they burn because of the friction." It somehow stole the whole magic from it all, but somehow, his words were magical to her still.<br>
Even though they were dull physical stuff. She didn't know why. Or maybe, she did know. Know why she had paid extra attention to her appearance tonight, listened to his words more carefully. It wasn't like she hated to be with him alone. However, it just didn't pass by without any feelings, too. "I think I can understand the feeling of the meteorites," she said, almost laughing. He was obviously confused and would be even more confused by her next words, she was sure. However, somehow, she felt like saying such things that just weren't like herself. "Last moments possessed by the earth, selfishly attracted, selfishly burned. It's pretty stupid, isn't it?" She laughed now, not even sure why.<br>
Whenever she looked at the childish face of the older one, she somehow just couldn't help but think things like that whenever he said something. As if she were a meteorite herself, pulled by a mysterious force, slowly burning down.<br>
"Heeeyy!!" a voice suddenly shouted through the dark silence of the night - it was her best friend from CM entertainment who ran to the two of them.<br>
"Where have you been?" She still was smiling, ignoring her racing heart for the next minutes in which it maybe could be a little bit more ordinary. A little bit more known, although she still felt the warm heat.<br>
Later on, they went home, after all the stars had passed. She yawned, it was already late, but maybe, for one time... it maybe was allowed. "Ah, Aeju? About what we talked about earlier..." he gained her attention again. "Rarely, when a meteorite that has become a shooting star doesn't burn, it can reach the earth itself." He looked at her with these eyes that seem to know everything. And then, he smiled. "Thank you for bringing me to such a wonderful night."<br>
This guy really knew it. "Embarrassing remarks are forbidden!"

<h1>fall down, stand up.</h1>
The reality was really was hard. There was no place for dreams, only for shards of them. Aeju and the other members of KISSKISS had a meeting, only months after their promising debut. Their fame was shattered, and the tension was visible on everyone's face.<br>
"I think you all know that we have no choice but... disband KISSKISS for the time being." It was the final announcement that every single one of them had waited for. Not longed for. But all of them knew that they weren't able to just continue on with this image they had now.<br>
It was surprising how well the life could simply continue on with the sudden calm everything seemed to have. The members were more or less seperated, but the bonds were still there. Aeju made sure to text with every member to know how they were doing. After the disbanding, her family had arranged some new things for her to do.<br>
She hated the feeling of looks at her, assuming that her story would go a similiar way. She hated the fact that she would have to stay away from anything even slightly scandalous for the next few months, maybe even years. But she wouldn't give up.<br>
"You always have that determined look on your face, did you know that?" a gentle voice was asking her who suddenly realised again that she was carrying stuff. Or, the fact that she didn't carry it any longer. She was able to catch a glimpse of his wink before he accelerated his steps. Yeah, nothing scandalous.<br>
Just nothing.<br>
She took a deep breath. This evening was supposed to be fun for everyone who took part into it, and she would give her very best never minding the circumstances. It was a special BOSS festivity, something she would probably do a lot in the next months. As well as teaching the new trainees, enduring their questions and their expectations. She didn't even know what they expected actually from her, but she wouldn't let a bad word spread around in this building if it wasn't about herself.<br>
"Aeju-seonbaenim? Where do we put these glasses?" she was asked, finally arriving into the real world again.<br>
"Just put them down here, oh, and could you please ask if the water's finally arrived or not? We're waiting for half an hour now, they usually should be back by now."

<h1>straighten the crown, carry on.</h1>
A deep breath to keep her tears back. She was an emotional person, really, and a crybaby. Everyone knew it, probably, but she couldn't help but deny it every time nevertheless. However, now... She really had to pull herself together.<br>
"I am really, really happy to be here with you again." She looked at the members around her with pride and love. These girls would still go the path. They all feared the future, another similiar incident. She would lie if she said that it wouldn't happen ever again, if she really said that there wouldn't be any hardships on their path. "We can make this. Girls, put your crowns on!"

<h1>spread the word.</h1>
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<div class="templatebody">Home » Member Profiles » QUEENS Facts and Profile; Rosequartz's Ideal Type
<center><img src="" width="310px"></center>
<br><div class="bodytext">
Stage name: Rosequartz
Birth name: Gangjeon Aeju (岡田 愛宙)
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Birthday: 2nd february 1991
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Korean
Height: 171 cm (5'7'')
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood type: O
Subunit/Group: Queens
Instagram: @rosenqueen
Rosequartz facts:
<div style="width: 275px;">
- She always pays a lot of attention that every member is able to do their very best and she tends to correct them, too.<br>
- She can be really conservative and old-fashioned and prefers Hanja over Hangul, for example.<br>
- Her most said phrase is "Embarrassing remarks are forbidden!"<br>
- She comes from a famous and wealthy family related to the Oh family, the founders of BOSS.<br>
- She is an only child and is to be expected to be an executive of BOSS one day.<br>
- She doesn't enjoy the fact that several people fawn upon her because of this.<br>
- She had been a BOSS trainee since she was twelve.<br>
- She looks up to another artist in CM entertainment and even has said that she wanted to be a CM trainee if it wasn't for her family.<br>
- During her trainee time, a BOSS idol took her under her wing.<br>
- Her twitterhandle was actually given by this mentor, as well as the resulting nickname.<br>
- She has a queen nickname for every member.<br>
- She is known as crybaby, however, has a very competetive personality as well.<br>
- She has a black cat called Hime.<br>
- She gets along with the other companies surprisingly well despite BOSS regulations.<br>
- Her favorite city is Venice. During a trip in Venice, she had learned how to drive a gondola.<br>
- She is suspected to be in a relationship, but denies it in public.<br>
-Rosequartz's ideal type is an older man who knows a lot and with whom she can talk.

<b>Name</b> Aeju consists is made up by Sino-Korean signs because their meaning suited her pretty well. (I later realised that the characters are completely different but... |D'') "Aika" may have the character for love, "Ai", in it, which is included with the "Ae". Then I just looked up with which meanings the name "Aika" has, too, and found the Finnish variant of it meaning "time". That's the origin for "Ju"! Her surname just was supposed to sound fancy, so I took a long one here.<br>
"Rosequartz" is parallel to the other Queens members' name with gems, and it suited Aika's name as undine pretty well! (It's some kind of stage name, you get it after you're a prima, a fully qualified undine.)<br>

<b>BOSS relations</b> In canon, Aika is supposed to inherit the whole company, however, here it's only partially because I don't know who'll be the president of BOSS and so on. |D She already has some duties even as she was a trainee and, after she became a full undine, Aika was supposed to take over a branch of the company. Here it's adapted with being the leader of Queens.<br>

<b>hair change & clover & shooting stars</b> Both are scences from the canon, however, I adapted them sligthly to fit Re-Bye more! (I copied parts of the dialogue in the series as well, ha ha...)<br>

<b>profile</b> She says "Embarassing remarks are forbidden" really often in the series, so it had to be adopted here. Her friends and role models in other companies are canon, as well as the mentor who gave her the name! In the canon, it's usual the mentor who give the new primas their names, however, here it's only the twitterhandle. The relationship thing with Al, the physician, is canon, but I think it's better for them here to stay secret at least now.<br>
As the series takes place in Neo Venizia, a city based on Venice, so it had to be in her app! And she is originally a undine as well, so she had to have these skills.

<div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-6" name="tab-group-2"> <label for="tab-6" style="z-index: 7; top: 200px;"><img src="" style="margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="shipper"><div class="shipperreal">

She is, in public, a composed and well-performing person. She knows which responsibilites she has and how to meet them. She is stubborn, however, and really competetive. She hates loosing, but doesn't hate competitions by any means. She just will make sure to get her revenge. She takes care of a lot of things and people and even though it stresses her, she rarely ever allows her doing some breaks. She works hard to keep her position as she isn't a "natural talent" in the idol industry and had worked hard for what she is now. She is related to the Oh family, the founders of BOSS, which is the reason why some people fawn upon her, but she doesn't like that.<br>
Among fans it is known that she can get quite emotional as well. She cries as soon as the emotions are too much for her to bear, however, it's better not to talk about it. Additionally, she admires her seonbaenims in general a lot.

She is a really caring friend, but people have to get to know her firstly, too? She can be an incredible stubborn and childish person and is focused on her work most of the time. Even though it had got better the last years, she still needs people who tell her that an occasional break is okay and even necessary. She values her friends a lot, however, is still a sarcastic person and blunt as well.<br>
Friends of her may find out that she is slightly idealistic, too. She wouldn't let any of them down, however, she doesn't want to appear weak in front of them as well and acts tougher than she actually is.

Queens not the best place for an idol to announce that they are in love, however, she still is. The person will be searched and if you're interested in that, tell me! She compares her love story to the universe and all the things into them almost constantly lol (Her lover is a physician!)

She hates injustice and talk about other people, so if you're one of the people to talk badly about others without any reasons, she will hate you. Apart from that, she probably has some kind of friendly rivals, too, as competetive as she is, and I'd love to have them, too!

Queens! Interactions! And everything else you can think of. She spends a lot of time with the trainees of BOSS as well, so there could be something, or ... well, I don't know right now. |D Just tell me if you have an idea!

</div></div><div class="smallpics">

<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="heterosexual">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 175px;">

<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="she/her">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 337px;">

<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="Aika S. Granzchesta FROM Aria">

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