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» homemade streams, kitten&pony
taedae mo
 Posted: May 2 2018, 08:34 AM
taedae mo

@teddyontour: N/A

homemade streams
Some hours after the official news was out, Taedae was on her way escaping the festivities as a crazy clothed person so nobody would recognise her. She had begged enough to lose every kind of dignity probably just to reach one place. Her destination: Home. She wanted to be there badly because she knew that her mother wouldn't be able to make her way to KCHOICE! and she hadn't had seen her siblings neither in the backstage area (she didn't even know if they had access to that... so many things she hadn't considered) or in the mess of an audience, partially blinded by the light of hundreds of lights turned on so everyone saw her, but she saw nobody. The tears were almost dry while she was going on her way, and she didn't really think that there would be even more tears to shed for the next months.
... however, she seemed to be completely wrong. As soon as she opened the door with her key, she knew that there were some more on their way. She had sent her siblings a message as soon as she had taken the bus - she couldn't wait until she finally got her driving license - and the feelings seemed to overwhelm her again. Joy, excitement and sadness actually. There was so much going on in her head that she simply turned into a crybaby. So much had happened during the last time, and she felt as if she wasn't able to move any longer.
However, before the tears streamed out of her eyes, she quickly closed the doors and looked through the blurry view she had. ... she hadn't checked her messages so she didn't know if anybody was at home after all. ... oops.
pyo-nae mo
 Posted: May 6 2018, 08:16 PM
pyo-nae mo

@sc00t5: vote for teddy unni or else!!!

if there was anything pony could have dreamed for, this exceeded. anything she could have wished for, either...and even better than a wish, it came all from her big sister's own merit. while her eyes remain wide and glassy, her fingers still shook with the shock. teddy! debuted!...or, well, going to, if all went according to plan. if it didn't, she would knock some executive heads herself as necessary...

though certain she should be shriveled like a prune by now from all the tears and the squeezing of her parents and other siblings, she somehow was not...and she was grateful that she had come home for the finale like this, and that the company had kindly let her just for a night...the mood was electric with everyone surrounding her, all cheering loudly at the screen. pony had always been in awe of her sister, this certainly did not change it...tomorrow at practice her voice was surely to be hoarse.

in the excitement in the hours later she had not checked her phone, but she managed one more shriek when she finally combed through the notifications to find that her own dear teddy would be arriving, here! and the message had been sent so long ago, it could be any minute...combing her fingers up into her hair into messy space buns and swiping mascara out from beneath her eyes, she quickly parked herself by the door like a loyal dog, already on the verge of tears.

whence the door had finally opened and shut, she launched herself through the air as if flying, another ungodly noise escaping her lips among half-understandable blabberings of congratulations. sister got first hug rights, it was the rules!

"YOU DID IT UNNIE!" she finally managed to holler loudly enough to shake the rafters, and her hug tightened like a koala clinging to a tree. "i mean, we all knew you would, BUT YOU DID IT!" she was happy to spill tears here even if she wouldn't normally in public, for her cool seemed like the time though, not entirely caring if she stained the other's shirt. "i can't believe you're really going to debut, this is like, the best dream i've ever had...if it's one don't wake me up!" and then her eyes shot open as she pulled away. "I HAVE A MILLION QUESTIONS! HOW LONG CAN YOU STAY?"

@taedae mo
@ki-tae bae

there’s a world that’s been waiting for you as you are

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