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» afterstage mayday, destiny
yeongho jjok
 Posted: May 2 2018, 04:38 PM
yeongho jjok

@talesguide: N/A

afterstage mayday
Their latest comeback seemed to be years ago - but this was just always the case. Yeongho didn't really quite figure out why it always seemed like this, but whenever he entered the stage, he knew it; no, he felt it. Knowledge was something he was able to reproduce, but the feeling of performing was unique after all. It was like enjoying a good conversation. You knew it would be over some time and you knew you wouldn't ever get to chance to talk like this ever again. Everything was ephemeral and changeable, so why...
He gladly took the towel offered to him, wiping the sweat from his face. For an instant, he wondered if maybe a person watched this show, but he knew that she didn't because she wasn't interested in all the idol things at all. Why he still felt so awkward suddenly?!
He sighed into his towel which he still held against his face, calming down not only from the recent thoughts, but from the performance as well. As it had only been one song, it wasn't as exhausting as a whole concert, but he tended to put more effort in one single performance then, especially as it was recorded. Not to forget all the reherseals before the show.
The space right behind the stage was filled with people whom he greeted slightly as he (now, refreshed) tried to find out again where exactly he had lost his other members if they weren't around somewhere close. He almost wished they weren't or didn't overinterpret the whole thing from before.
@destiny | \o/
Hyeon-Duri Ryoo
 Posted: May 6 2018, 05:56 PM
Hyeon-Duri Ryoo

@damdamsel: Humanity is beautiful!

Hyeon loved performing with her bandmates. She'd never say it, of course. That would be Not Cool and she was absolutely The Coolest. But she loved it nonetheless because of that - she loved when they were all in synch, and she loved when the crowd screamed out for them, and she loved singing and dancing and when afterwards they could all congregate and talk it over and discuss how to improve or maybe whether or not they just wanted to eat or something. There was a lot going on with them, to be fair.

This performance was no exception, and Hyeon, sweaty and pumping her outfit out after she came offstage, was thoroughly invigorated. She quickly patted herself dry with a purple towel someone tossed her way, and she handed it to another crewmember easily while walking further backstage. Where was everyone? Had they seriously scattered this much on their walk backstage? She frowned beneath her veil mask, crossing her arms. Technically, she should probably stay in one place. But was she going to? Absolutely not.

She immediately started walking further back with the crew instead. Maybe someone would - ah, there was someone, Yeongho. Looking starstruck. She appeared beside him quickly, glancing over while her black bun waved through the air. "So, did you like how that went?" She asked, curious.

At last, at last, at long last
lacey rhee
 Posted: May 10 2018, 06:36 PM
lacey rhee

@LadyDestiny: Congratulations to the new winners! You all did so wonderful. <3

Despite Lacey’s quiet nature, she loved being on the stage. Being the “powerhouse” of the group she tended to mostly do the strong back-up vocals or the stronger parts of the song, but she still loved performing. She also loved being on stage with her group members, who were like a family to her to go along with the smaller family she had back home (in more than one sense). Going by the excitement of the fans, the performance went well, and Lacey threw out some finger hearts and a smile as she followed the group members backstage. She may not talk much as far as interviews and things went, preferring to let her members do the talking while she stayed in the back, but she always became a bit more active when she appeared on the stage. Because she loved being on the stage in general.

The group seemed to split ways quickly as soon as they made it backstage, and after Lacey smiled and thanked the crewmember who gave her the light blue towel, she turned around to see if they could spot any of her members. Dabbing her face with the towel to remove the sweat and being careful to not smudge her make-up in the process, she handed it to another crew member and after receiving a bottle of water - she always liked keeping her vocal chords in good condition, and that meant she always had some water on hand - she walked further through the back to try and spot any familiar faces.

She spotted Yeongho and Hyeon, giving a smile and walking over in that direction, running delicate fingers through her curled hair as she made it to them, just in time to hear Hyeon’s question. ”I think it went well.” She smiled quickly, turning so she could face both of the members at the same time. ”You were both great, as always.” She complimented, twisting the cap and lifting the bottle to her lips to take small sips. ”Did you guys get water?” She asked with furrowed eyebrows. ”I can get some for you if not. I don’t want you getting dehydrated or too thirsty.” There she went, falling into her motherly mindset that’s been present ever since the twins were born. A habit she can never break out of. Now if they could just find the last few members that were missing..

@yeongho jjok, @Hyeon-Duri Ryoo, @guiying xu, @evan feng | Outfit | Notes: I’m sorry she’s such a mom.
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