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 escape'em all!, random pokémon stuff wanted
ku-rin jang
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 04:25 PM
ku-rin jang
29 years old
written by yuen
11 posts

i might add more pokémon wanted stuff here, let's see ...

the chatot / assistant

stop throwing balls! lyhe escaped the catching hell! (yeah, that means -- reserved!)

alright!! so here we have our always hard-working assistant of ku-rin, who's obviously (?) based on chatot in the pokémon mystery dungeon series!
though i used he/him pronouns for this character in ku-rin's app, tbh they can be of any gender! spirit doesn't have to be necessarily chatot from pokémon mystery dungeon, but can by anybody else who fit the role, as well as i'm open to any face claims you'd like to use!

i imagined them as a chatterbox, tbh, and someone who's reliable (unlike ku-rin), but anything else is up to you!
considering their past, they met as ku-rin was around twenty, and together, they established the 'friends' club', a music club, until they became part of the boss staff team at the same time. however, what they exactly do is up to you! ... though i imagine them working as ku-rin's assistant, but they can totally pick another profession at the same time as well!
yeah. that's ... all i have to say now, if you have questions, run to me!! let me know!! if you're interested and stuff!! that'd be so much fun to have them around <3
25+ y/o
boss staff
open gender
open spirit
open face claim

the wigglytuff / brother (?!)

honestly i've never mentioned a brother, but lately, i feel the urge to have a brother for ku-rin, so here we go.
he'd be the older one of them and it's basically up to you what he's doing for living and ... everything ... the only thing i'd like to ask for this one is a wigglytuff-ish spirit (igglybuff and jigglypuff spirits would be legit, too, but let's say he's still older than ku-rin) - any wigglytuff (and evolution family) can run here! just pick your favorite from the entire pokémon world and let's spread some pinkish love <3
yeah. the second favour i'd like to ask for is woo jiho (zico) as face claim because - this is my personal opinion - he and kihyun (ku-rin's face) kinda look alike and it'd be the best thing ever to have them as siblings here???
yeah. my mind. sorry. whatever. pick this pls and i'd love you forever!!
30+ y/o
open group/job
wigglytuff-ish spirit
woo jiho (zico)

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