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» budget breaking (& bro bonding)
james bahn
 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 10:20 PM
james bahn

@ghoststory: HOWL's debut is coming up. Hope you're ready to support us!

I’m awakening a different me inside
The faint light that was turned off

Being settled in the new dorms came with perks that trainee dorm life hadn't had. The increased privacy was nice, and so was having dedicated rooms again - instead of being limited to common areas that were shared. That was definitely going to be nice in a few weeks, they still had until the 21st of the month before they made their official debut on-stage and would have to perform for a good stretch before they really had a chance to take a break again.

But it was something that James was looking forward to more than almost anything else. Only beat out by the gathering they were going to hold today. Something of a meet and greet now that all of them were moved into the dorms and living in the same spaces.

They all knew each other, of course, but forming cohesive bonds to make them a team was what mattered right now. The next few weeks of practice were going to go a long way in solidifying bonds, but there was nothing better than to get everyone off on the right foot over food.

The delivery had just been made, and James was doing his best to hold in his soft sounds of pleasure at the various smells. He hated to think about how much of their food budget for a while had gone into all this...but for the time being, that didn't matter.

"Everyone get in here, the food's here!" he called out, picking up a couple of the boxes he'd picked for himself. American food was harder to come by in Seoul, but he knew of a couple good places by now. Of course there was also Korean food he was fond of by now, but nothing beat the pizza he sat down with.

Opening the box, he took out a piece and shut the box again, wasting no time in taking a big bite. The cheese tore off neatly despite being hot, and he was fairly certain the sound he made bordered on the obscene. God, this was going to be a great meal.

peter park
 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 08:24 PM
peter park

@peterpark: There is enough DNA in an average person’s body to stretch from the sun to Pluto and back. 17 times. Cool, right??

It wasn't like they didn't know each other; they six of them had all known each other for years as trainees, and Peter had worked with them a few times even after he'd signed on with the dance team (there was always new stuff to learn, even if he hadn't technically been a trainee anymore). The project that had eventually been named HOWL had been announced nearly a half a year ago now, and now that Peter had moved into the dorms as the last of the group, they were "official"... but they didn't really feel like a group yet. They'd practiced together, practiced harder than he'd ever practiced before in his life, and he was pretty confident that they were going to be an amazing group when they finally got to debut later this month... but it still felt... off.

The best Peter knew how to describe it was like he was at some kind of summer away camp. He knew his cabin mates well- spent every day with them, talked with them all the time about their day-to-day lives, looked up to them just like you would anyone that was cool enough to waste their time being his friend- but he also knew not to get attached because the summer always ended and they always parted ways. Only. They weren't this time. This was for real; HOWL was for real. And these guys were stuck with him for the remainder of HOWL's time... probably for the rest of their lives, if Peter was honest.

They were all so talented; it was impossible not to notice how amazing they all were. He'd only admired James and Tae-sung from afar, and he had no clue why he hadn't taken the time before to hang out with Yohan more, because he was an awesome friend to hang out with. Peter was a little awkward around the others still, but he knew he'd get less awkward when he knew them all better, and that would just take time and him putting in the effort. Which he was more than excited to get to do.

The moment James called for them, Peter was dashing around the corner and flailing as he tried to rush faster and not slip in his socks on the floor. Food was the magic word around the dorm, and even though Peter had grown up an only child, he'd already learned that it was first come first serve in this band of brothers. He immediately dove on James and the boxes of take-out food, nearly slamming into the table as he grabbed for the take out box of japchae and a pair of chopsticks. He managed to fall into a chair beside his group's leader and grinned at the noise James made before immediately stuffing the glass noodles into his mouth.

After groaning around his first wonderful bite, almost in stereo with James, he put his thanks into actual words, "Hyung, this is so good. How'd you know where all the good places to order from were?" He sat up straighter, eyes shining in joy as he noticed an unusually shaped box. " that fried chicken??"

@james bahn @yohan saja @tae-sung bok
tae-sung bok
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 12:56 PM
tae-sung bok

@futurehowl: N/A

It was amazing to finally be a member of a group. Their debut was coming up soon, and Tae-Sung was ecstatic. He'd met the others in HOWL and so far as he could tell they seemed like an awesome group of guys. He could <i>relate</i> to them as well, as they'd all been trainees for a while as well. He didn't have to feel like he was some sort of failure for taking so long to debut, the way his father made him feel. Oh, he never outright <i>said</i> it, but his father's actions were incredibly easy to read.

He heard James calling out about food and he was instantly on his feet and headed toward the room where he spotted James and Peter immediately. "Man, is there anything you didn't order from?" He licked his lips. Not that he was complaining. Upon seeing all of the options that they had available, he instantly became aware of just how hungry he actually was.

He immediately reached for the pizza, grabbing a slice and tossing it on a paper plate. He was about to take a bite of the pizza when he heard Peter's exclamation and looked up at once. "Looks like it, you want some?" He reached over to pick up the box and move it closer to Peter so that he could look and see what was inside.

Though if there really was fried chicken in that box, Tae-Sung planned on digging in as well. He was usually a bit more reserved about his eating habits and his reputation in general, but this was the group that he was going to be debuting with. They were going to be like his <i>brothers</i>. With that a small pang went through Tae-Sung as he thought about his cousin, the closest thing he'd had to an actual brother..he hoped that his cousin could see him, and that his cousin would be proud of him. He helped bring Tae-Sung here, after all
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