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» stop lying with those words, kyu/rayne. steal yo man au.
pyong kim
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 11:40 AM
pyong kim

@p-whyoh: I love how music can take you to another place. For example, ST*R is playing in this cafe, so now I'm going to another cafe...

Pyo sighed, and this close, his breath fogged up the mirror he was nearly pressed up against. He was a sight right now, all long limbs scrunched together trying to fit on the bathroom counter while he was in his underwear, but he'd fit into smaller places for less important things... you got good at it when you had as much anxiety as he did while also being as tall as he was. He shifted and tilted his head at another angle, his tongue sticking out in concentration as he finished the wing of his eyeliner the way he'd gotten the stylist who handed his makeup to show him. It was probably a little over the top for a date, but he wanted to look stunning. He wanted to take Joon's breath away.

Joon was perfect. There was really no other word for his boyfriend. The dancer had swept Pyo off his feet from the moment they'd been introduced. He was kind and gentle, always waiting to make sure that he was okay with anything before they did it. It was sweet and necessary, really, when dealing with a basket case like he was, even if Pyo had been trying to get Joon to kiss him for ages now. There was plenty to be nervous about- trying to keep their relationship a secret from the management and higher ups wasn't a picnic- but for once, Pyo didn't care about the risk. This was the most wanted he'd felt in ages, in as long as he could remember.

He pulled back enough from the mirror to turn his head from side to side and figured this was the best he was going to get- especially since he still had to get dressed before Joon got there. He probably still had plenty of time. Setting the stolen (borrowed! He was going to give it back! ...maybe!) make-up to the side, he slid off the counter as gracefully as he could and checked the phone he had set on the counter earlier. Cursing when he saw that he had spent a lot longer than he'd thought trying to get his eyeliner in order, he stumbled out into his dorm room and rushed for his closet.

He was too concerned with pulling his jeans on and pull the top he'd finally picked out over his head to realize that his roommate had been in the room the entire time. When he turned around he gasped and nearly fell over, laying a hand against his racing heart as he tried to laugh off the panic that wasn't subsiding just because he saw who it was watching him. "Shit! Y-you... you scared the hell out of me, Kyu," He tucked some of his dyed hair behind a ear and fidgeted, reminding himself not to panic. Okay, so Kyu was here now even though Pyo was pretty sure he was supposed to be distracted for a few more minutes. So Kyu'd know that Pyo was sneaking out for a date. It wasn't like Kyu didn't know they were dating; Kyu was more than just his roommate or group mate, he was Pyo's best friend. The person he trusted most in the world.

It was only Kyu didn't like Joon. It wasn't something that Pyo understood that well but knew as well as he knew his own name; for as long as he'd known Joon, Kyu had hated him. Well, that wasn't exactly it. Kyu didn't think Joon was worth a second of his time. What he really hated was that Joon took his best friend away from him- even thinking about it had a flush tinting the top of Pyo's cheekbones as he smoothed out the shirt he'd pulled on. He and Kyu were closer than most friends, and the legendary jealousy wasn't new. As much as Pyo had wanted to pretend as a trainee that it was because Kyu wanted something more, he'd never seriously made a move in that way in all the years they'd known each other.

He almost lied, thought about coming up with some elaborate story so Kyu wouldn't know where he was going or more importantly who he was leaving with, but the thought of lying to Kyu made his chest tight. "I'm going to... we're going out. Tonight. Me and Joon." He glanced at the door and then back to his friend, smiling a little bit in the way he only did when he was around Kyu. "Do I look... o-okay?"

@Kyu-Hah Yu
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