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Mar 11 2018, 02:57 PM
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Sunday, March 11

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4:16 PM

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<b>Sun, March 11,</b> 4:16 PM

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if she doesn't shut up i swear to god i'll
oh, i didn't mean for that to...send.
do you mind deleting this?

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Feb 22 2018, 01:05 AM
<b><span class="SLREC"> UN1TY </span></b><BR> rapper <BR>[i]for CHAI [/i]
Feb 21 2018, 01:11 PM
<span class="cment">kwon hyuk (dean)</span><BR>[i]for CHAI[/i]
Aug 27 2017, 05:07 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="slrec"><div class="posttemp"> <img src="https://is05.ezphotoshare.com/2017/07/21/s74BC9.gif"><BR>
<div class="posttop">i'm twenty three, i'm a riddle</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jianyi is scrolling through her notes app to see which twitter status she should update her account with. there’s the “ambigiously cheerful” one, the “bland but happy” one, the “i think she’s being salty but i can’t prove it because there’s no tone on the internet” one, and the “are they doing a comeback?? or is she just baiting us” one. oh, yes, and of course there’s the “why is she so boring” one, too. she’s stuck between the first and the second, flicking back between the two. she doesn’t always update her status based on what she’s feeling or what’s happened recently: it’s better for her to go with preplanned ones so she doesn’t let her emotions spoil her image or whatever. it’s a very stressful thing to do, she thinks dryly, for her to make up bland, happy statuses that a second grader could make up in a matter of seconds. is adding an emoji too much? ah, it’s too much. she’ll stick with the emoticons.
there’s quite a lot in her feed about her idol interactions, which is nothing new: jianyi has always been very, very much of a social butterfly, though perhaps not to the degree of whatever was going on with haena. if what idolgee had coined as her “goodwill tour 2k17” was real, then haena was on a “goodwill tour 2kforever”. she sighs, flicking through her members’ instagrams, and then goes to singsing’s to like her latest post. oh, she looks so nice. that’s a shame that jianyi can never truly tame her hair and singsing can: she’s going to get a serious case of hair envy. gah. she scrolls through a couple more posts, liking random ones and responding to comments on her own photos, and then exits out of the app and turns off her phone, tucking it into her pocket. that’s good enough for now, she can do the rest or something later. for now…
she pulls her hands into a stretch, hearing something crack, and winces. that’s probably not good, considering she also just stretched eariler. ah, well...she smiles, nonetheless, though it’s a touch duller than her usual grin, and then sets off to make more friends. her inner self grimaces at the thought. jianyi’s never been the most approachable idol: her status made meeting new people awkward, her reserved demeanor made meeting new people awkward, her “always cheerful never frowning” image made meeting new people awkward, and her sheer disinterest in anyone who didn’t further her career or had the potential to further her career made meeting new people awkward. oops? it wasn’t something that she could easily change on the flip of a switch, after all. social cues were something she just had to practice in order to charm others.
there was a brief moment as she surveyed her options: there was justice, who she had already talked to, haena, who she had no real way to interact with, err, and other members of their respective groups. it was better, though, for her to approach leaders: easier that way. she could start a conversation about the various others in their groups and complain about their responsibilities, and then, in time, she might be introduced to the other members of the group merely because she knew the figurehead of the group themselves. and on that note...her eyes trailed to st*r, and she pursed her lips. would it be worth it to approach them? in all honesty, they felt like a headache that wouldn’t go away, which probably meant that k-the leader-was probably halfway into his grave, even in his...twenties. ah, he was so young, she thought dramatically. she would be a wrinkled witch by the time that he reached her age. she didn’t even age gracefully! she still looked, like, fifteen. and that wasn’t a good thing.
snapping out of her reverie, jianyi frowned. skele and danger were rubbing off on her too much. if she wasn’t careful, she would be signing up for a musical for her next film project or something, provided she even got a leading role. she approached the other, nonetheless.
”is that hair natural?” jianyi offers, amused, and then adds, ”i know i’m going to get hair that shade because of my group mates...have you already beat me to the grave despite having less members to take care of? they must be a handful.”

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @kunwoo byun<BR>
i just realized how much i'm swamping u omg i'm so sorry ♥</div>

Aug 27 2017, 04:54 PM
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<div class="posttop">eolgulman bomyeon molla</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jianyi likes to think she’s above a lot of things. she’s borrowing singsing’s hairtie, her hair pulled up into a ponytail that’s a mere shadow of what kyungmi can produce with messy ponytails, possibly because it’s not even messy, but it’s incredibly sleek and what jianyi used to do with her hair when she practiced her dancing. ah, perhaps she should have auditioned as a dancer for delilah instead...but she ended up as a vocal, so that was fine. she stretches, a little, in the corridor where she is. she’s heard that their manager is in the break room socializing with all the reporters and practically talking them up to be more than they actually are. she adjusts her shoes, tugging on the strap of her shoelaces with a nail, and then continues on her way, only stopping to wave at someone she knows-err, lighting technician? wait, no, sound technician at sealight. she wonders why they’re here. ah, perhaps to do something with the sound system? she doesn’t know. maybe just to spectate.
she exits through a door and goes back to the competition floor, smiling at the idols that she sees and bowing to her sunbaes, and then throwing a cheery wave to the others. she’s bonding, being nice, being jingle-it comes naturally to her, after all. there are some photographers milling around, and she purposely fiddles with her hair for a second as one approaches quietly, glancing at some two-toned haired girl that’s a poor imitation of mani’s own style if that was what they were trying to pull off. maybe equal to serena’s? she was an absolutely stunning girl, moon usagi, but her stylists were either high or insane. or both. jianyi despised two-tone hair and that wasn’t even equal to how other artists pulled it off. she added an apologetic wince in her head to serena, but it was true. her skin, though, and her general appearance....serena was still as breathtaking as ever. even if she weren’t an idol, she could have probably made it through the industry with looks alone. hopefully that wasn’t the case, as jianyi had only listened to a few of her songs, but she seemed very talented from what she knew.
there’s a commotion at the floor, and she peeks at the scene, lifting herself on the heels of her feet to see what’s going on. she’s tall enough that she can see some of it, but it looks like an idol’s having an interview. that’s interesting. err, wait, hang on...she squints a little harder, struggling to make out the idol’s features. they’re definitely female, she can tell by the way that their hair is styled. but isn’t that shade pretty familiar-oh. realization makes her eyes widen. oh, that’s haena. she would have never thought...she doesn’t recognize the reporter, but she doesn’t keep her eyes peeled out for journalists or interviewers anyways, so she shrugs and continues on, accidentally bumping into someone. she flinches, instinctively, and then steps back, dipping into a bow and apologizing on instinct. ”ah, i’m so sorry, can i help you?” she stares at them, when she straightens up, and before she can help it, words spill out of her mouth. ”i’m sorry, do i know you? um, from an article or something? i’m sorry, i just-”
”disregard that,” she says, oddly flustered, flushing pink and offering an apologetic smile as she fiddles with the end of her hair to busy herself with something. ”are you alright? that was completely my fault, i should have seen where i was going…”

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @skylar park<BR>
flustered jianyi :eyes: ♥</div>

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