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tae-sung bok


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Feb 3 2018, 03:28 PM
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<img src="https://i.imgur.com/RkwDzhm.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="KIM RYEO-WOOK (RYEOWOOK)">

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A / 5'9" / 155 lbs

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Writing, Dancing, Exercising to stay in shape, Video Games, Martial Arts

Rapping, writing, performing, the color purple, pleasing those who he cares about, his friends and family, staying active

<s>His father's lack of affection</s>, feeling out of control, not seeing much of his mother since his father took him 'under his wing' so to speak, rain, nightmares

<hr><h1>Player Name:</h1>

<br><h1>Other Characters:</h1>
Alfred Konishi, Rini Tsukino, Elle Baek, Kazimir Balodis, Theodora Butte

PM for Skype and Discord

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Tae-Sung Bok

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<h1>Personality </h1>
Tae-Sung may seem a bit high-strung at first, but that's only because he feels as though he is forced to hold himself up to high standards in order to earn the approval of those around him. As such, his interactions with new people might be a bit stiff as he feels the need to interact with people 'properly'. If you and he manage to overcome this, though, you'll start to see other aspects of Tae-Sung's personality shining through.<br><br>

He's an incredibly caring individual once someone gets past his initial guards, and those he cares about are very near and dear to him. He is loyal to them almost to a fault, to the point where he may not see red flags in a relationship (whether it be platonic or otherwise) because he is used to his father wanting certain <i>standards</i> from him and though his mother wasn't like that, it sure seems like this is fairly <i>normal</i> within the idol world so why would it not be normal anywhere else?<br><br>

Tae-Sung is also incredibly determined. If someone tries to tell him that he can't do something, he'll want to prove them wrong - especially if it's someone who tells him that same sort of thing time and time again. He <i>knows</i> he can do this, and though he might seem discouraged at first if he hears enough downplaying, he's worked through that before and he'll inevitably work through it again.

Tae-Sung was raised by a single mother who wanted the world for him. He was told by his mother that his father passed away when he was only a year old, and Tae-Sung accepted this story with little fanfare. He was happy enough with his mother, who he was incredibly close to. He did always wonder what his father was like, but his mother spoke little on the subject, and he eventually learned to stop asking too many questions on the subject.<br><br>

Tae-Sung's childhood went well enough, though he and his mother moved around considerably as his mother had to keep changing jobs in order to provide well enough for both herself and her son. Tae-Sung developed an interest in K-pop when he was around six, and this interest was encouraged by his mother, though he could not help but note the wistful smile on his mother's face sometimes when she caught him singing along with the artists that he listened to and watched.<br><br>

Growing up, he was also incredibly close to his older cousin on his mother's side. In some ways his older cousin served as almost a replacement father figure to him, despite only being ten years older than him. His cousin was an already debuted solo artist, and thus his tutelage was invaluable to Tae-Sung. He was building up to the inevitable day when he would ask his mother if he could attend an audition when one day, a stranger arrived at the door.<br><br>

..well, not exactly a stranger. It was a man Tae-Sung never met personally, yet instantly recognized because he was a K-pop fan. He was a former idol by the name of The Prince who was a massive star back in the 1990s. He was shortly before Tae-Sung's time, and yet Tae-Sung immediately recognized the name and was in awe.<br><br>

Then came the big surprise - The Prince was actually Tae-Sung's <i>father</i>.<br><br>

His mother and father had an arrangement when he was born that his mother would raise Tae-Sung, as his father had little interest in being a parent. But when Tae-Sung was old enough to audition, his father would take him under his wing and groom him into a proper successor to The Prince's legacy. Tae-Sung was practically K-pop royalty, his father would announce, and it was his job to ensure that his son lived up to his name.<br><br>

At first Tae-Sung was in awe. His father was <i>The Prince</i>. Not only was his father not dead, but his father had been a massive idol. He didn't even think to be angry at his parents for keeping such a huge secret from him. He felt like Harry Potter going off to Hogwarts!<br><br>

He soon realized that it wasn't as easy as that. Instead of the unconditional love that he was expecting from his father, the sort that his mother provided him with, his father's love came with <i>conditions</i>. His father hadn't been wrong when he told his mother that he wasn't cut out to be a father, but he wasn't the best <i>coach</i> either. Oh, he wanted Tae-Sung to do his best, but nothing short of the best would cut it.<br><br>

And Tae-Sung's father refused to let him audition until he considered Tae-Sung up to snuff. He told Tae-Sung that Tae-Sung's attempts <i>lacked depth</i>, that even when he tried his best it was not good enough. It might have been coming from a place of honesty - A former K-pop idol of all people certainly knew how brutal the industry was and might have been preparing his son for what he would face anyway - but it wasn't what Tae-Sung hoped to hear from his long lost father, who clearly did not see him as a son but rather a project.<br><br>

Fortunately, he received more positive reinforcement from his older cousin. He continued to practice with said cousin. Tae-Sung's father was not wrong in that there was room for improvement, but his attempts to train Tae-Sung invoked more criticism than construction, and what Tae-Sung needed was constructive criticism. His cousin provided that. He started to improve, but it still wasn't good enough for his father. Then tragedy struck.<br><br>

Tae-Sung's cousin was killed in a mugging gone wrong, a mugging where he'd attempted to protect <i>Tae-Sung</i> no less. Tae-Sung found his cousin laying in the rain, watching helplessly as the two young thugs, a male and a female, ran away laughing with his wallet. It was clear that they could care less about what they'd done.<br><br>

And Tae-Sung's grief turned to rage. And while it was hard for him to keep going in the first few weeks after his cousin's death, Tae-Sung learned how to <i>channel</i> that rage. Tae-Sung's cousin had high hopes for Tae-Sung to debut. So Tae-Sung would forge forward in his cousin's name. Everything he did from then on would be for Tae-Sung. He also decided to take a few classes in martial arts to learn how to protect himself and others in an attempt to make certain that nothing like this happened to someone that he cared about again.<br><br>

That passion influenced his art, and it <i>showed</i>. His father finally deemed him acceptable enough to audition..only <i>acceptable</i>, because earning praise from his father was like pulling teeth, and it wasn't like he was a K-pop star yet. His father was nevertheless pleased when he was accepted's a trainee at BOSS, and Tae-Sung actually felt like he did something right by his father for once.<br><br>

That feeling was short-lived, unfortunately. Tae-Sung was accepted as a trainee at the age of 16. He reached 17 and had yet to debut. Then 18. Then 19. Then..you get the picture. He remained a trainee for several years, and it was clear that Tae-Sung's father's patience was beginning to wane. His son was turning out to be the disappointment that he feared that he would be, and though he never outright <i>said</i> this to Tae-Sung, it was evident in his actions and attitudes toward the boy.<br><br>

It wasn't until Tae-Sung was nearly 22 that things began to go <i>right</i> for Tae-Sung. After nearly six years of being a trainee (much longer than his dear father would have preferred from someone sharing his blood), he was earned a spot in Howl - Not as a singer, but as a <i>rapper</i>. This was different, but it turned out to perhaps be exactly what Tae-Sung needed. He was not a terrible singer, he never had been, but rapping just suited him better. He finally found his niche.<br><br>

And so Howl came on to the scene in 2018, shortly after Tae-Sung turned 22. He finally debuted. He hopes to finally do right by his cousin's name..and perhaps he might finally be able to make his father proud as well

The name - I had a bit of a difficult time with this, but I chose Tae-Sung because it had both a T and an S in it, and Bok because it began with a B and Trunks' mother's maiden name in DBZ is Briefs, which also begins with a B. And I don't believe we are ever given a last name for Vegeta so Briefs was the closest thing to a last name I had to work with.<br><br>

His father's idol name - The Prince is based on the fact that Vegeta in the manga/anime was the Prince of all Saiyans..and didn't want anyone to forget it, lol<br><br>

His relationship with his father - So Tae-Sung's inspiration is mostly based on Future Trunks (who is the supreme Trunks fiteme). Future Trunks' father actually did die in his timeline, but then he traveled back in time to try to save the world from evil androids and met the past version of his father there. Thus I had Tae-Sung's father absent from his life until he was a teenager, and then turning up to kinda sorta mimic that (only without time travel for obvious reasons).<br><br>

Training - There is a LOT of training in this app, and there is a lot of training in DBZ. Only said training in DBZ is generally for fights and powering up, and I just slipped practicing for K-pop stuff in its place. =D<br><br>

Inability to please his father - Vegeta is notoriously difficult to please and haughty in DBZ, and Future Trunks has a hard time getting along with him as a result. I've always seen it as Future Trunks feeling as if he's never good enough for this past version of his father, and thus I transferred those sentiments to this app<br><br>

The cousin - A stand-in for Gohan. Gohan wasn't actually Trunks' cousin in canon, but they did have a relationship where they were like brothers/Gohan was almost like a father figure to Trunks and Trunks greatly looked up to him. Gohan really did save Trunks' life and die in the process, only it was fighting 2 killer androids rather than 2 muggers. But the androids (..really cyborgs by definition, but the canon called them Androids so whatever) took the form of a teenage boy and teenage girl, and thus that's what the muggers were when Tae-Sung caught a glimpse of them running off.<br><br>

Motivation - In connection with the above, Gohan's death is what causes Trunks to go Super-Saiyan..which is a huge power boost, to say the least. In a similar fashion, I decided to have him channel his grief into his music both as an attempt to heal himself and also as an attempt to make his cousin proud

The hair - Trunks has purple hair. I plan on using pictures of Ryeowook with purple hair for Tae-Sung's primary 'look' (though of course he'll probably have appearances with his natural hair color as well)<br><br>

Martial arts - Tae-Sung also participates in some martial arts as a hobby because Trunks is a DBZ character and I had to include some sort of connection to that <i>somehow</i>..and learning defense after what happened to his cousin seemed like a perfect way to shoe that in

<div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"> <label for="tab-3" style="z-index: 7; top: 200px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="shipper"><div class="shipperreal">

Future, or Tae-Sung Bok, is a member of the newly debuted K-pop group Howl, where he is one of the rappers for the group. He is looking to carve his niche into the world of K-pop at long last - this is something that he has been working for for a long time.

Tae-Sung gets along with people pretty well. He's a generally friendly guy, and cares about others. If he manages to enter a close friendship with someone, he is loyal almost to a fault - almost to the point where it is hard for him to see the flaws that someone else has.

This is fairly open, but he will likely treat whoever he falls in love with quite well, showering them with affection. It'll seem almost like something out of a storybook or movie, as that is Tae-Sung's main exposure to romance thus far. His parents weren't together when he grew up, after all, nor did his mother ever really date anyone else.

Anyone who hurts anyone who he cares about..he's generally fairly easygoing, but if you hurt someone who he cares about you might actually get him to lose his temper, and it won't be pretty (it especially doesn't help that he might also get flashes back to what happened to his cousin..)

I imagine he'd be on fairly good terms with his band mates, unless there is something outstandingly obvious that could cause issues.

</div></div><div class="smallpics">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/CIDSuCb.png" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="HETEROSEXUAL">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 175px;">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/dNSjnhr.png" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="HE/HIM">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 337px;">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/uRX3ipD.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="TRUNKS FROM DBZ">

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