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 be mine, tk/bri.
taejin geum
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 12:04 PM
taejin geum
22 years old
written by zee
28 posts

Most of the romantic holidays on the 14th of every month passed by Taejin without much recognition. He hadn't been in a relationship serious enough to consider actually participating in them, and the one relationship he was considering at the moment was on a semi-permanent hold considering he was still trying to mend those bridges... the only exception to those rules happened every February and March, when Valentine's Day and White's Day were marketed all over. It was inescapable, and while it didn't usually upset him to be single, he was secretly a little bit bitter about it being shoved in his face all the time.

Taejin couldn't honestly remember the last time he'd gotten something for Valentine's Day- probably back when he was an idol, before the lawsuit that had ruined his and his friends careers. He doubted those same girls from CM would be giving him chocolates now, even if they knew where to find him, and other than the occasional artist that kept in contact with him outside of work, he didn't really know any other girls. He had earned more than a few odd looks from the gaggle of high school girls at the candy store when he'd stopped in yesterday, but it didn't really bother TJ that he wasn't sticking to the societal norms. When had he ever?

He arrived at the station twenty minutes late like always, but today he didn't come in empty handed or with just plain coffee- the box of chocolates he'd bought was huge and expensive (more money than he'd meant to pay) and made it difficult to balance with the paper cup in his hand, but seeing his co-workers reaction to it was well worth the hassle. He grinned at his co-workers in greeting like he always did and slid into his chair, placing the gaudy pink heart-shaped box in between him and his neighbor.

"Happy Valentine's Day," he joked, immediately setting down his coffee and getting to work on the ribbon wrapped around the chocolates, "I thought to myself last night, 'you know, no one else is probably going to give us anything like this, so why not treat us all?' right? I don't mind being the girl today." he batted his eyelashes at Tae-ka and smirked as the box opened and the smell of chocolates filled the air. "Bingo," he muttered, reaching out and snatching up one to pop in his mouth. "So, seriously, got any plans tonight? I could use a few drinks."

@tae-ka bael so sorry this took me so long! muse has been an asshole lately
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