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kyung-hu seo
 Posted: Jun 29 2018, 08:45 PM
kyung-hu seo
19 years old
written by sj
38 posts

yes canada day 150 was a milestone and all, but 151 looks nicer. anyways through sheer dumb luck i got the weekend off plus the stat holiday on monday, so i am sneaking off to gananoque with the family to get some use out of the family cottage. however i don't think the place has internet access right now so will be totally m.i.a. i'll try to take a few pictures of the place because it's very pretty. however if i don't come back, please click the link below to see why.

an ode to the other national bird...

also because the self control is slipping...if i were to bring artemis out of the dungeon, is there a character or group that would like a manager who is both serious mentor or jocular/annoying older brother they never had?
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