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yuuki katsuki


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Jul 10 2018, 08:07 PM
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<center><div class="naragrey"><span>HAVE YOU EVER</span></div><div class=narapost><div class="naraimg"><div class="narabg"><div class="naraborder"><div class="naranotes"><span>tags</span><br>

@gan song




Being away from BOSS made him feel shifty. Like he was going against every rule there was. Granted he snuck into the CM building on a regular basis to see his sister but this was different. This was outside, in the streets, with people wandering around everywhere. Did he mention he was on his own? Probably not. At least Lacey's two munchkins hadn't followed him out. That was a bonus.<p>

The next thought was one of food. He'd forgotten to grab something before he left, which usually wasn't too much of a problem. Yuuki found he could go ages without grabbing something. But that didn't change the fact he hadn't eaten all day and it was nearing two o'clock in the afternoon. Not.... his wisest decisions. If Michi-nee ever found out.... oh he was dead.<p>

Ten minutes later and he still hadn't found anywhere to stop and eat. Nowhere that sold anything really substantial anyway. So in the end he settled for a corner store. Entering, he'd immediately travel over to the ice-cream section where he was hoping he'd find an ice lolly of some kind. The mood wasn't right for a proper ice-cream anyway.<p>

</div><div class="naragrey"><span>SCREAMED OUT IN THE DARK</span></div></center>

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Jul 5 2018, 05:06 PM
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<img src="https://s6.favim.com/orig/151022/adorable-catchy-cool-cute-Favim.com-3464946.gif" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="LU HAN (LUHAN)">

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</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

Destiny Dancer

</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 12px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

A- / 161cm / 57kg

</div></div> <div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

December 13 1994

<div class="biginfo"><div class="biginforeal">

dancing, ice skating, snowball fights, drawing, babysitting the BOSS smalls

snow, snowcones, his friends + family, getting out into snow barefoot, bathing during the colder weather

paperwork, rules, contract, clingy people, being alone, the past in general

<hr><h1>Player Name:</h1>

<br><h1>Other Characters:</h1>
Serena Tsukino, Yeong Hamada, Adria Huebsch, Mitsuki Koyama, Seulgi Lee, Jayeon Song, Areum Bae, Somin Ho, Byeon Hwan, So-Ri Han, John Doe, Yohan Saja, Mao Long, Gon Baek, Hayaki Jung, Ming Chun, Chantara Maew, Myeong Rhee, Gyeo-Ul Sun

the ancient ritual of angst creation

<br></div></div><div class="namebox">

Frost Spirit

</div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2" style="z-index:7; top: 125px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top:-1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="appbox"><div class="appname">

Yuuki Katsuki

</div><div class="appreal">

<br><br><div class="yuukititle">DARKNESS </div><br><br>
<div class="yuukisubtitle">That's the first thing I remember. It was dark, it was cold, and I was scared. But then... then I saw the Moon. It was so big, and it was so bright. It seemed to chase the darkness away. And when it did... I wasn't scared anymore.</div><br><br>

First thing that I can remember is this white hospital room. Actually I have no idea if it was white or not, but it seemed like it because of the brightness outside. The moon was out which made everything glow brighter than it would usually be - or what I thought it would usually be. Waking up without knowing anything about who you are....<br><br>

It's terrifying.<br><br>

I was scared because I didn't know anything. Not where I was, who I was or even what I was. Everything was so confusing and it's this thing that happens for humans? The one where you're scared about new and different things? Well that's where I was. I woke up scared.<br><br>

Then there was the moon. Shining through my window. It was so lonely but.... wise. Looking up at the moon then, it drove all of my fear away and I realized. There was no reason for me to be scared. I sat up in my bed and looked out the window, just watching. The moon saved me that day.<br><br>

<div class="yuukititle">YUUKI</div><br><br>

<div class="yuukisubtitle">My name. How do I know that? The Moon told me so. But that's all he ever told me.</div><br><br>

The moon didn't really tell me my name, but it was watching over me when I found out. Just before the sun rose doctors came in and crowded around me. For a kid, it's terrifying having adults talking all about you without knowing what they were exactly saying but I got the gist. I'd been unconscious for days because of a knock to the head during an ice skating incident. <br><br>

I didn't remember any of it.<Br><br>

What they did well my was my name; Yuuki Katsuki. I had an older sister and my parents ran an Onsen. They said I was nine years old... but I felt younger. Maybe because I didn't remember anything. Maybe because of something else. I was a kid how was I meant to know? They said I was also adopted..... but how was I meant to know what that meant?<br><Br>

My family came in after that. I didn't know their faces - I was scared of these strangers... Most of them anyway. The youngest girl didn't scare me. I felt safe with her around. She was my sister Michiko. Michi-nee. I stuck close to her the entire time I was in hospital until the Doctors said I could go home.<br><br>

I still don't remember anything, but that's ok. I don't need to.<br><br>

But.... she left for Seoul the next year and left me on my own. I was scared, even with Okaa-san and Outo-san looking out for me. Even though everyone at school was happy to see me back (apparently I was a popular kid who knew) But without Michi-nee? I felt scared. Alone. As though the only person I could depend on was myself<br><br>

<div class="yuukititle">INVISIBLE</div><br><br>

<div class="yuukisubtitle">Don't look at me, I'm invisible.</div><br><br>

What did I do? The following year I up and left. Okaa-san and Outo-san were fine with it, so I let Michi-nee know. I was on my way to Seoul, to Korea. Originally I thought why not continue a career is Speed Skating? (apparently my accident had been because of a figure skating accident but now I loved to go fast instead) But I got there... and I was taken in by the entertainment industry. I'd always loved dancing but what I saw was on a whole other level.<br><br>

I auditioned for Sealight on impulse.<br><br>

Being accepted was the biggest shock. After you've been through what I have, you can be a bit pessimistic. It's part of the package. It wasn't like I was some super-genius but they let me try. I tried hard and it was tough. Being able to talk to Michi-nee kept me going and gave me the support I needed.<br><br>

Thing was? No one saw me. I didn't have any friends in the Sealight Trainees because it was like I was invisible to all of them. To the trainers too. No one could see me no matter how hard I tried. A bit like my talent wasn't enough for me to even talk to them. Eventually they told me the worst possible news.<br><br>

I was being dropped.<br><br>

Sealight up and left me behind. That was the bad news. The good news was actually pretty awesome. BOSS picked me up almost straight away. Not sure how they knew what was going on, but that's the show business. Chucked me back into training and I tried twice as hard.<Br><br>

Still, no one saw me.<br><br>

There were already friend groups and niches. Long story short? I didn't fit into any of them. An outside factor. So I kept to myself and trained hard which the trainers did notice. The other Trainees walked straight through me, but other people saw me for the hard work I put in.<br><br>

Although I'm not going to deny it. I slacked off a lot too. Work and Play have to be evenly matched.<br><br>

<div class="yuukititle">DESTINY</div><br><br>

<div class="yuukisubtitle">That's right! B-but that's me! That's my name! You said my name!... wait ca-can you hear me? C-can you, can you see me? He sees me! H-he sees me! </div><br><br>

At the age of nineteen, I debuted with Destiny as their Dancer. Which was fine by me - dancing was my strong point. I've spoken to some of the staff members and originally I was going to debut with the Dance Crew but they held off so I could join Destiny It was surreal.<br><br>

One second, no one saw me. I was invisible.<br><br>

The next, these people knew who I was and were excited to have me on board.<br><br>

I..... actually cried myself to sleep that night. Out of happiness I swear. First person I told was Michi-nee over the phone which was pretty hard through tears and sobs. Told her I was changing my stage name from Spirit. While I was a trainee it was accurate. No one saw me - I was a ghost. But now that people knew my name? It didn't work anymore.<br><br>

I became Frost of Destiny.<br><br>

Four years I've performed with them. Four years. That's so long, even for a group. Michi-nee works at CM Entertainment now with languages and whatnot. That rule about BOSS not fraternizing with the enemy? Yeah I've never been one for the rules. Break Rules is my middle name.<br><br>

Not much happened to me in those four years anyway. I performed uneventfully, watched the leader bring in two small kids. I love them - all the kids at BOSS. It's fun to take them all out and mess around outside. Go skating for an afternoon. I guess I just don't want any of them to be invisible like I was.<br><br>

Believing in others is a powerful thing.<Br><Br>

NAME: Yuuki means 'snow' in Japanese which links back to the 'Frost' part of Jack Frost's name. Katsuki is the last name that Michiko (his sister) has. As for Frost, that part's pretty obvious as a stage name. Spirit is a link to the fact that in the movie, no one can see Jack. Essentially he's a ghost. So during his trainee years his stage name is Spirit.<br><br>

MEMORY LOSS: During the film, one of the key plot points is the fact that Jack's lost his memory of his human life. To parallel that, Yuuki doesn't have any memory of his life before he was nine years old. He still doesn't remember, but doesn't let that bother him too much. He dislikes the past, the same way that Jack is frustrated he doesn't remember who he was. The trigger was a skating accident, since Jack died originally from cold frozen water.<br><br>

APP STYLE: While the headers don't link in too much, each piece of subtext is a quote (or paraphrased quote) from the film which Jack says. Each one vaguely links in to what happens in that segment.<br><Br>

SISTER: In the movie, Jack definitely does have a little sister. Although he doesn't have a younger sister on rebye, Yuuki's sister (Michiko) has brown hair the same as the girl in the movie. She's incredibly important to him, tying into the fact that his sister's voice is the reason that Jack unlocked his memories during the film.<br><br>

'INVISIBLE': one of the mechanics in the Rise of the Guardians is that unless a child believes in you, you'll be invisible. To parallel this, Yuuki is invisible to everyone throughout his trainee years. In sealight everyone ignores him, while in BOSS only the trainers can see him. People believe in Jack once he becomes an official Guardian, so people can 'see' Yuuki once he becomes a member of Destiny.<br><br>

KIDS: so this is more of a one liner, but Yuuki likes kids thanks to the fact that Jack (both before he died and after) has a soft spot for kids. He enjoys messing around with them and making them laugh. So on rebye, Yuuki loves taking them out to do ridiculously fun things and taking care of them.

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<div class="content"><div class="shipper"><div class="shipperreal">



open to all ideas


</div></div><div class="smallpics">

<img src="https://media.giphy.com/media/z5HEBqiy5olk4/giphy.gif" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="DEMIROMANTIC BISEXUAL">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 175px;">

<img src="https://media.giphy.com/media/YfUIIIGaMyyGs/giphy.gif" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="HE/HIM">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 337px;">

<img src="https://i.gifer.com/6tcL.gif" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="JACK FROST FROM RISE OF THE GUARDIANS">

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