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kyung-hu seo


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Jun 29 2018, 08:45 PM
yes canada day 150 was a milestone and all, but 151 looks nicer. anyways through sheer dumb luck i got the weekend off plus the stat holiday on monday, so i am sneaking off to gananoque with the family to get some use out of the family cottage. however i don't think the place has internet access right now so will be totally m.i.a. i'll try to take a few pictures of the place because it's very pretty. however if i don't come back, please click the link below to see why.

an ode to the other national bird...

also because the self control is slipping...if i were to bring artemis out of the dungeon, is there a character or group that would like a manager who is both serious mentor or jocular/annoying older brother they never had?
May 17 2018, 10:15 PM
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their character

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<p>fyi i stopped at the mini grocery after recording
<p>needed to replace the flour after it went flying last night and also got stuff for making oatmeal/fruit cookies
<p>do we need anything else while i'm here?

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*can be answered by someone in 8cta or a wrong number
May 9 2018, 11:02 PM
code by penny <3


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 <h1>AU Title</h1>
 Testing testing testing
May 3 2018, 10:41 PM
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8ctagon's peach

</b> 19 . 8cta visual . group mom

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May 3 2018, 10:06 PM
CW: parental/marriage drama, custody battles, implied kidnapping

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<div class="content"><div class="firstpic">

<img src="https://s19.postimg.cc/u3kjjdnv7/tumblr_m6nqt6_Ko_Cp1rxsi08o1_500.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="NOH YI YOUNG (E-YOUNG)">

</div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 12px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">visual

</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 12px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

B+, 168 cm, 53 kilos

</div></div> <div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/OLhZMgB.png" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">


<div class="biginfo"><div class="biginforeal">

<br>bingeing shows from the food network
<br>baking and cookie design
<br>reading travel guides
<br>researching family law
<br>playing racing and sports themed games on the wii
<br>trying to teach herself guitar

<br>peaches and peach flavoured anything
<br>fancy outfits
<br>mini golf
<br>go karts
<br>make up tutorials

<br>mud/being dirty
<br>haunted houses
<br>horror movies
<br>events or situations being sprung on her with no warning

<hr><h1>Player Name:</h1>

<br><h1>Other Characters:</h1>
ara so-ri bak


<br></div></div><div class="namebox">


</div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2" style="z-index:7; top: 125px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top:-1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="appbox"><div class="appname">

kyung-hu seo

</div><div class="appreal">

<h1>Personality </h1>

LITTLE LADY - on the whole, the first impression kyung-hu creates is that of someone who is very ladylike. she's incredibly well mannered and polite, being very careful to use the correct forms of address to the people she is talking with and using a soft spoken voice in conversation and official statements. the impression is further helped along by the way she dresses; in contrast with several idols on the scene, her overall look is not very sexualized and is quite soft, noted for pastel colours, full and fluffy skirts and sweetheart necklines where possible. in addition to good manners, kyung-hu is also bubbly and welcoming - she wants to make and have friends, so her belief is that a positive attitude is key. and despite some of what her childhood was like, she's still optimistic enough to believe that she's where she needs to be and that now that she's started down the path of the idol life, things will start to work out in her favour. while it is something she has to work at, it's her hope that belief will turn into reality, helped a lot by her kchoice win and that sometimes she just has to be the person who creates the cheer or the good moment in her own or someone else's day.

<p>BUSY BEE - because she sees her stint as an idol as a means to an end rather than her life's grand passion, kyung-hu knows she has to work extremely hard, especially since she was recently voted into 8ctagon. she spends a lot of time in practice rooms, making sure her skills are up to par both for her standards and those of her superiors. even when attending to other activities, she'll try to practice as well and it is not uncommon to hear her singing at half key while cleaning or dancing around the kitchenette while cooking or baking. her attitude towards practice also ties into a strong sense of responsibility and what she owes the people she works for in the idol industry and the fans. in regards to 8ctogon, she was chosen from a large and talented field so she wants to make sure she repays that trust by being the best she can be. of course this sense of responsibility also means she's constantly checking in on her new bandmates - are they eating enough? does she need to bring them snacks or tea? are they getting enough sleep? are they okay with choreography? lyrics? it's enough to send her down the path of becoming the group mom to jishen gan's group dad in her quest to make sure everything is okay.

<p>MIRROR - however not everything about kyung-hu is sunshine, rainbows and castles in the sky. her studied optimism does mask a slight naivity, especially her belief that being an idol will solver her family drama by itself. her desire to avoid drama or conflict where possible also causes some pitfalls. while it does make her the type to step up and take on the role of mediator or conflict manager, it does also lead to the fact that kyung-hu is inclined to explain away other people's not so great behaviour and looks for ways to forgive when she shouldn't. this is especially prevalent when it comes to her parents, particularly when asked about her childhood. and though her sense of responsibility is commendable, it does mean she's a worry wart, unable some days to turn her brain off about things that could be rather than what is. however what she considers her worst attribute is the fact she is her own worst critic. no one can possibly kick her harder than she kicks herself when she's not performing up to standard, be it her studies, her singing or her dancing. in the battle between her belief that things will work out and her sulks when she can't get a grip on a task she feels she should, it can be a tough battle if she has to face it with no external support.

<p>FIRE FLOWER - it would be wrong to assume that kyung-hu is a complete ladylike pushover who might crumble at the least setback. though she is her own worst critic, she is also rather competitive and the drive to do her best can actually bring out a rather aggressive streak. during video games, card games or even athletic activities, kyung-hu will trash talk to get her team revved up or drop a few swear words or other choice phrases when her race to the finish line is thwarted. (the first time she swore behind the scenes in KCHOICE resulted in the entire room going quiet. thankfully that snippet wasn't aired, but some of the meme savvy and very potter musical fans often cautioned her to "watch her mouth around the little bastards.") she's properly apologetic for her comments or other things said in the heat of the moment, especially when it goes against the image she's been branded with as an idol. so far she hasn't slipped up on camera and she is afraid of it happening. however watching one's mouth 24/7 is a trick that kyung-hu is not consistent with when things get frustrating.

<p>BEHIND THE SCENES - outside of her idol talents, kyung-hu's grand passion is baking and tea. if she's not in the practice rooms, she's in the kitchen trying out a recipe for either diet friendly baked goods, infused waters or voice promoting teas that she's found from one of the myriad of food blogs that she follows on social media. (she has a side tumblr specifically for reblogging recipes so she can easily find them again.) in fact it's not uncommon for her practice clothes to have flour on them or for their to be white smudges on her face and hair when she's not on call to perform. she's also a big fan of racing games like wiikart or sugarcrush, though more often than not she has to play against computer characters or online because she morphs from a cute little princess to a fire breathing dragon when she's in the zone. (oddly enough despite the fact she drives like crazy and will do anything to win a racing game, behind the wheel of an actual car she's a super nervous driver and has chickened out of getting her licence twice.) she's also very fond of racket sports (though she's not more than an average player which drives her crazy).

<p>SCARS - because of her parents' spectacular failure of a marriage and relationship, kyung-hu is rather nervous about getting into a relationship herself. although she wants to believe in love and the idea of romance, she's terrified that any relationship she gets into will end in the same manner that her parents' did. while she has certainly had crushes before, she's been too afraid to act on them, hoping that someday that she won't be hindered by her fears and miss out on what all media agrees is the best part of life. and while she dislikes drama in her life as well as direct conflict, for the last four years she has been researching korean family law so that she can find a way to legally divest herself from her parents. with her twentieth birthday a year away, starting a count down is an option, but she's very aware that cutting toxic people from one's life is a crucial step towards moving forward, she's not totally ready to do it. because deep down, she wants to be able to say she's got a happy family.


THE PARENTS - at first everyone thought that the marriage of mal-chin and sung-jun was a great idea. after all, despite years of verbal sparring, there was always a fission between them. a chemistry. all of their school friends, who had dealt with the off hand comments, congratulated themselves that their clever scheme of locking them in a room and letting the sexual tension get resolved. somewhat. and for years their relationship was exciting for the couple - full of debates, bantering, stormy scenes and passion. unfortunately what traits proved attractive in someone they were dating turned out to be less so in a spouse, especially when kyung-hu was born. for a few years at least, the couple was determined to appease appease society and be a proper family unit, but the little arguments soon bred resentments and by the time kyung-hu was five it was obvious even to her that her parents marriage was doomed to fail and when it failed, it did so in spectacular fashion. the word "divorce" had been bandied about for years and it was one that made little kyung-hu edgy - she liked her family's little house with the crabapple tree in the backyard a sort walk from a little park, she liked her school and the friends she had made there and the uncertainty of what would happen in the event of divorce made her fear she would lose it all overnight.not that the anxiety stopped the proceedings - the divorce was granted by the courts shortly before kyung-hu turned seven, but the battle over custody of her looked like it would threaten to drag on for years as each parent wanted sole custody with no visitation from the other. not wanting to get caught in the middle, kyung-hu refused to speak badly of either parent or indicate a preference over who she wanted to live with. and then sung-jun lost patience with it all. over the course of several days she began packing bags for herself and kyung-hu and then picked up kyung-hu after school and instead of going to her temporary apartment, left uslan and took off for the next prefecture. once settled in, she alerted as many new acquaintances as possible that she was fleeing a bad marriage. however eventually mal-chin would turn up, looking to get kyung-hu back, prompting sung-jun to once more pack up and flee to any one of a dozen cities or towns she had researched for just such an occasion, a scene that would repeat itself with alarming frequency over the next seven years of kyung-hu's life.

<p>ANOTHER CASTLE - by the time kyung-hu turned 14 she had lived in nine cities and never had been in one for more than a year. while this fact meant kyung-hu had seen more of south korea than a good chink of the south korean population, it had robbed her of the chance to have the simple staples of life such as an proper education and, most difficult for a naturally sociable girl, the chance to make and have friends. (in fact she wound up having to repeat her last year f junior high school because she attended three schools, all of whom had different paces for their math and science units, leading to her missing algebra and taking into ecology twice.) and she was heartily sick of it. she just wanted to find a place and just settle. yet knowing her mother, she knew it was going to be impossible and at 14 it felt like she was never going to have the chance at having a life of her own. and then sung0jun decided that rather than living in one small town after another, she would try her luck in busan. at first kyung-hu was not thrilled at the prospect of picking up and moving again the fact that busan was a large city made it sound glamorous, especially considering the backwater she was currently in. plus with tens of millions of people, maybe just maybe it would be big enough to get lost in long enough to try being a normal girl...or with enough people to force her parents to work out their issues like civilized people.

<p>BUSAN!SOUND - by sheer dumb luck, kyung-hu and her mother managed to last a full semester in busan without and trouble and it was enough to make the young girl relax into a routine and she had even managed to find a group to hang out and go sing karaoke with after school. she enjoyed the singing and miming for the camera, laughingly joking with her friends about the day they would all be idols together. at the time kyung-hu had treated the idea like a pipe dream - after all so few made it and what were the odds she'd still be living in one place long enough to get scouted? but then on the fourth day of her second semester one of her classmates came in with a flyer for busan!sound idol agency. as a joke, she and her friends decided to go...and that night kyung-hu noticed an email from her father saying that he wanted to meet with her - always the first sign that he had a good idea of where she was and the trigger for her mother's flights. this time however, kyung-hu didn't send a reply. when the appointed day came, she skipped her after school activities and went to the idol audition. while two of friends didn't make it, she and her friend sui-ji did. getting her mother to sign the contract became out of the question as sung-jun did not want to be tied down to one city. however since mal-chin had oh so helpfully provided his cell phone number, kyung-hu went back to busan!sound's office and called from there, effectively tricking him into giving his permission to start idol training. (granted it was in his best interest since he would know where she was without worrying she would be snatched from his grasp, not realizing that she would be spending all of her time outside of school at the trainee dorms.)

<p>TRAINING - in hindsight, kyung-hu is aware that her contract wasn't exactly weighted in her favour, but at the time she didn't care - the 18 hour days, the language lessons, the ceaseless requirements to get everything absolutely perfect? it all allowed her to be guaranteed that she would get to spend at least the next 8 years in one place. and the timing couldn't have been better since kyung-hu's stunt meant that mul-chin knew where his wayward ex-wife had taken their daughter and in due course, showed up, leading to one of the former couple's infamous spats. the girl was able to tune most of it out by moving her stuff into the trainee dorms before she finally lost it on both parents telling them that half the reason she auditioned in the first place was to have some stability. for months, she shut them out, throwing herself into the training routine and making friends with the trainees who were her age. with their help she was able to act like just another teenage girl waiting to make her dreams come true. even if the dreams she had were going to come in a weird, round about fashion. though she had not yet picked a stage name - torn between each and peachy - during her first four and a half years of training, as her looks began to fill out, the decision was made to give her a soft, cutesy look for a visual appeal - something which came as a relief to kyung-hu who was initially fearful she'd get something more sexy than she was comfortable with.

<p>KCHOICE - shortly after her 19th birthday, kyung-hu was approached by the busan!sound trainee manager who called together a group of six to let them know about eighty6 studios upcoming pet project called k-choice. while the big three of seoul were kicking in most of the funding for it and would therefore have most of the trainees represented, busan!sound was told they would be allotted one spot and the six in the office were to send an audition video to the producers and one of them would be sent to seoul to compete. truth be told, there were three in the grouop that kyung-hu flat out wasn't surprised she beat for the spot - she'd been in training longer and had a good idea of how to present herself. however the boy and girl she beat out to get to kchoice was a surprise since the boy had extremely good rapping skills and the girl was a ten year trainee. however the eighty6 producers saw something so off she went on the biggest adventure of her life. and for once, it was her own choice to go. while the pace of the competition was extreme - especially since she had to come from busan - kyung-hu enjoyed herself. even if the first segment was all about household chores which though important were never a favourite of hers. (however it did give her the chance to actually interact with the eventual appointed leader of 8ctogon jishen gen one on one, spawning the show's first meme of squege bros.) the rest of the challenges however really helped kyung-hu dive into all the aspects of idol life and made her see that perhaps it wasn't all about being settled in one place for a while, but creating magic for the people around her via music and lyrics. the second challenge also spawned a mini meme for kyung-hu when she shocked audiences with her rocker chick look - heavy eye make up, short skirt, fishnet stockings and leather jacket. almost immediately side by side comparisons of her out of the box look and her normal, more innocent look were tagged with "get a girl who can do both" and while she had fun with the rock look, she was much more comfortable in her "cutesy" box, as proved by her manner in her interview and the fourth challenge of creating her own look. however what she thinks helped propel her into the final eight was her last performance - sure taking over the rap section meant for a male singer wasn't the best idea for someone who never really rapped ever - it was a gutsy choice and she didn't regret it for a moment. (what she did regret was the choice of footwear as she and several other contestants all trooped back to the stage for a group bow without shoes on.)

<p>PRESENT - the days between the final performance and the votes being counted were tense. several trainees were torn between acting like they weren't worried and packing up all their stuff anticipating that they'd be sent home at any moment. to be safe, kyung-hu, knowing she had a more detailed travel schedule than the local trainees, made sure her stuff was in easy reach of her suitcase...and then stress baked as many guilt free/diet friendly cookies and muffins as the kitchen could stand. not that watching the votes come in was any better. however being told that she had made it was a queer feeling - at first she thought she was hearing things - and once it sunk in, she let out a whoop of victory and spun around in abandon. however out of respect for the other thirty participants who did not get a place, she tried to control her excitement in their presence, offering assistance as they prepared to go home and exchanging contact information with anyone who wanted her number or social media handles. and now it's all about preparing for the debut, really getting to know how to specifically work with the rest of 8ctogon and showing that you don't necessarily have to start at a big agency to become a star.

` so the "peach anything" ought to be self explanatory. go-karting, tennis, mini golf and tea are shout outs to the mario sports games and the cut scene in smash bros brawl. turtles is a reference to ol'king of the koopas and haunted houses is a reference to the boo brothers from super mario world<br>
` the custody battle where she keeps bouncing from one end of the country to the other is a reference to peach always getting kidnapped from her palace and held hostage in bowser's castle. after all, we've had enough actual kidnap drama recently, yes? however because i can't help myself her parents' names parallel the roles of mario and bowser as well. her father's name means "persists to an end" and her mother's name can mean "the ruler on the verge of succeeding/winning."<br>
`her last name was once a royal name to hearken back to peach being a princess. her first name means "girl in the capital" which, through stretching can be a nod to "your princess is in another castle."<br>
` her birthday is the day super princess peach was released in japan (with the year shifted to fit the site timeline)<br>

<div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"> <label for="tab-3" style="z-index: 7; top: 200px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="shipper"><div class="shipperreal">

kyung-hu came into k-choice as a trainee from a small label out in busan and guess what? she actually made it. she's super excited by the fact that she gets to debut. after all, signing with busan gave her four years in one place and now she gets to settle into seoul and be free from the soap opera she grew up in, which she's possibly more stoked about than actually making the final 8.

so she's sweet bubbly and wants to make friends, obviously starting with her new groupmates. i'm open to her still being on friendly terms with other ex-kchoice contestants where they all sneak out and do silly teen things like shopping, dragging kyung-hu to crazy tourist spots or taking silly social media posts behind the scenes and posting all that stuff they shouldn't have during filming.


i don't have any hard plans for kyung-hu in this regard. she likes happy, fun people who aren't going to spring nasty surprises on her or attempt to uproot everything on her. she's a bit skittish on the subject of love since her parents had a very rocky marriage and the relationship these days is not the greatest. i'm open to ideas here however please not my age as a player in relation to your own - i'm not going to be super comfortable doing romance plots knowing a potential player is over five years younger than me.

in seoul? possibly anyone bitter that she got in and they/their bias didn't make it in. she's not out to make enemies on purpose. she's not a fan of conflict at any rate and will try to defuse situations with tea or baked goods. or hiding behind jishen or dallas >> they'll protect her, right? (however going after her squeege bro will reveal that if she has someone to defend...if she doesn't hit you with the squeege, she'll hit you with the frying pan.)

8ctogon's gonna need a manager/wrangler to keep everyone from floating off the planet in their excitement. other than that, you have ideas, hit me up.

</div></div><div class="smallpics">

<img src="https://s19.postimg.cc/euezuozdf/tumblr_p3yfjt_Ri_WL1wt393vo4_1280.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="BISEXUAL">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 175px;">

<img src="https://s19.postimg.cc/6owxwj3er/tumblr_p3yfjt_Ri_WL1wt393vo2_1280.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="SHE/HER">

</div><div class="smallpics" style="left: 337px;">

<img src="https://s19.postimg.cc/3utsj2tir/tumblr_p3yfjt_Ri_WL1wt393vo1_1280.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="PRINCESS PEACH FROM SUPER MARIO BROS">

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