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» so excited
yuuri katsuki
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 03:02 PM
yuuri katsuki

@yuubearri: Thank you all for your support during my acting career, it means more than I can express. I'm moving on to something I love even more, please understand that...

my heart is breaking, it's made of glass
I guess anything that's good never ever lasts

Pausing in rearranging the books on the bookshelf, Yuuri arched his back and brought both hands down to press on his spine. Moving furniture around by himself hadn't really been a good idea, but at least he had gotten the lighter pieces in the living room where he wanted them.

The apartment was starting to look like a proper home, which was even better. Glancing down at his feet where Pooh-chan had fallen asleep, he smiled and stepped away from the poodle quietly to avoid waking her. The cats were around somewhere, though a quick look around didn't tell him where they might be hiding.

At least they weren't getting into anything right now, the apartment was too quiet. He would worry about finding them later - or knowing the cats, they would show up when their visitor arrived. Jun was out for the afternoon, having gone to Sealight to see his brother and his other groupmates, and Yuuri wasn't expected on set for another few days.

Thinking about getting back to work came with a pang of nervousness he tried to ignore. Moving to the couch, he shifted the throw pillows around to make room - some of them were too big and would just get in the way. Maybe it was nervous energy, but he was looking forward to this visit.

It had been a while since he and Dami had been able to spend time together. Or more specifically, time together that wasn't stolen away in his and Jack's office at CM. Almost reaching for his phone to check for messages, he stopped when he heard the knock at the door and let out a breath.

Looking out through the peephole, he pulled the chain lock free and pulled the door open, all but beaming when he saw his friend. "I'm glad you could make it, I've been looking forward to-" the sound of running paws made him stop and glance back. "Pooh, no-!"

The poodle had other ideas as she ran over, skidding on the hardwood near the door as she tried to leap at Bingy's legs. "Down, girl, you can meet...oh, forget've seen the pictures, but this is our newest child, Pooh-chan. I'm sorry for her."

@Damian Bing
Damian Bing
 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 11:28 PM
Damian Bing

@ShinyShinyBing: N/A

I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby, I can see your halo
You know you're my saving grace
Shoving his hands into his coat, Bingy hunkered down against the cold. Before moving to Seoul, Bingy honestly had no idea it could get so cold in Korea. Everything he'd previously seen for Korea had shown it during the summer or people with light jackets. Even his dive into KPop hadn'ttold him just how cold it actually was here. And to think he'd been so excited to leave the Northeastern United States behind.

He was just a poor gay Southern boy, be wasn't built for the cold. At least in a rink he was building up enough sweat to keep himself warm. Walking on these streets was gonna kill him. But he couldn't just travel up a few floors to see Yuuri anymore. It had been a shock to hear that his friend was moving out of the CM building and into an apartment. Even in college he'd been within a stones throw of Bingy.

But now his baby was all grown up. He had a career, he was doing better, he had a man. A man that he and Jackson actually liked. And Bingy was so proud of him for it, but it was hard when all he wanted was to forever protect his friend from anymore dangers. But he couldn't be there 24/7 and at least he had a place to escape the stress to now.

He had tried to get Jack to come with him and see the new apartment, but there had been a last minute emergency andJack had taken care of it so he could go. Bless that man and his heart of gold. He was such a sweetheart.

But damn, he could really use his giant space heater right now. It was so cold.

Getting into the building helped and he almost took the stairs to warm himself. If Jun hadn't gotten them the penthouse on the top floor. Elevator it was. By the time he reached Yuuri's floor, his fingers thawed out and he was able to stretch the feeling back into them. He came to the door of the penthouse, knocking loudly before stuffing his hands back into his pockets. He should remind Jack they needed to get him some gloves.

Bingy smiled brightly as Yuuri's face was revealed behind the door. "Yuuri!" He stared to walk forward, his arms opened for a hug when the sound of running paws caught his attention. "Oh my god," he said eyes going wide at the sight of the furry baby running towards him. "Oh, look at you, you sweet baby. You're all excited, yes I know. Oh, come here my darling," Bingy said, picking up the poodle into his arms.

"I totally forgot you had her, Yuu, she's so precious. Ugh, look at her little paws. Such a good doggy, yes you are!" Pressing his face against her fur, he held her close, not entirely convinced he would ever let go again. "I have to tell you that whatever you show me now is not gonna stand up to her. Unless it's another animal. Doesn't Jun have his cat here, too?"

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