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» Official releases thread!
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 11:50 AM

@Maknae: vroom vroom i'm in me mum's car

official release !!
As suggested in our survey - an official releases thread! Basically what this is is a place to dump the details from each of your character' comebacks, keep track of their successes and non-successes, etc! You don't have to just stick to the template too - if you come up with anything you want to put in as a group, put it in!

This also isn't just for groups and solo artists and such. We also would like people to detail TV shows and movies they have mentioned their actors performing in!!!

Use the code below to get started, and keep your eyes peeled for updates!!!

[dohtml]<div id="game"><div class="album"><center>


<div class="albumtitle"> album title goes here </div>
<div class="albumdesc2">

yes I am stealing this code sob.

For album:

<b>By:</b> -Name-
<b>Release date:</b> Here!
[*]List here with links if applicable!
[*]Each new one comes up like this, yo
[*]It also might be nice to know details, like who features on each song, or anything else special[/list]
<b>Styling examples:</b> How does everyone look? Include pics and links if you want!
<b>Music Videos:</b> Descriptions, links to inspo, etc!
<b>Success rating:</b> Did it go over well? Did it knock the competition flat? What are things people said about it?

For TV show:

<b>Featuring:</b> Lead actors
<b>Episodes:</b> (Fill for each season?)
[list][*]Can describe each one here!
[*]as above, each section is added like this![/list]
<b>Air dates:</b>
<b>Success rating:</b> Did it go well? What are the things people said about it?

kunwoo byun
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 02:33 PM
kunwoo byun

@starkun: Something I've learned over the years: sometimes beginnings feel a lot like endings.

By: Kunwoo (Kunwoo Byun's solo name)

Release date: 11.17.17

  • Wounded (lead single & MV)
  • Serendipity (written by Eunji Jong)
  • 잃어버린 (translates to Lost)
  • Whisper to Me
Styling examples:
Kunwoo went more natural and soft for his solo release, which was a big change from the more loud and edgy styling he received for his parts in ST*R's releases. The main photoshoot for the album was taken on the shoot of the music video and used in the packaging for the album; it features newly blonde Kunwoo in soft lighting, wearing an oversized white sweater and suspenders. The only jewelry he wore was a plain golden lip ring, a thin chain necklace, and a single pair of earrings. The point was to look open and blank, to let the music and the emotions paint the majority of the style for the release.
Aesthetic: Wounded Era

Music Videos:
Wounded was the title track of the album, which is a song about being wounded too many times by putting trust in love and being afraid to try again. The video has Kunwoo (styled as mentioned above) walking through a few different abandoned buildings while he sings. The buildings are overgrown a bit, some with weeds popping in through the floor, some with broken and abandoned furniture. There are multiple shots with Kunwoo gazing out of broken windows at an empty sky. The sun shifts and light plays across Kunwoo's face during one of the choruses. The last lines of the song are about wanting to try one more time, sung directly into the camera.

Success rating:
Kunwoo as a solo vocalist has a much softer voice, and the songs on the mini-album had a more ballad feel that purposefully seemed to separate him from the "bad boy" image he had with ST*R.

Eunji Jong won "Songwriting of the Year" at the 2017 MAMAs for his work on Serendipity. He also performed the song with Kunwoo on stage and received a warm response from the crowd in attendance. It outperformed his title track and was more popular.

(To anyone in ST*R or others who'd like their response to Kunwoo's solo stuff added in on here, just poke me on discord and I'll edit to add it in.)
dae-ki mun
 Posted: Mar 5 2018, 12:25 AM
dae-ki mun

@boywonder: It doesn't matter what I say.

Birds of Paradise
By: Robin (Dae-ki Mun's stage name)

Release date: 01.11.18

  • MAYBE MAYBE (title track & MV)
  • DAYS WITHOUT YOU (written by & feat. Jae-Z)
  • 뒷좌석 (Rear seat)
  • PRIDE [Robin Remix] (a remixed version of the song he wrote and performed with Em-min at Pride 2017)
  • Flying [Robin Remix] (a remixed version of his debut track)
Styling examples:
Does it count as styling if it's just as loud and all over the place as possible?

Previously silvery blonde Robin dyed his hair black for this comeback and switched up his usually monochrome outfits for something a lot louder and eye catching for this comeback. While his style remained firmly somewhere between "high fashion" and "streetwear", the stylists obviously got to let their imaginations run wild with the coloring and pieces they used.

He swapped outfits multiple times during his blinding music video (examples 1 and 2), which gave him plenty of options to chose from when he took the stage during his promotions - anywhere from simple logo tees and windbreakers to abstract printed suits. Though a lot of work went into choosing the pieces and balancing the fine line between "over the top" and "tacky," it helped set the wild no fucks given vibe that Birds of Paradise was obviously written around.
Aesthetic: BOP Era

Music Videos:
There was only one official music video released from the Birds of Paradise album, though it was loud and busy enough to count for at least another few. Robin's style is very heavily influenced by Western EDM, and it only got more stylized with this album- think a lot of hypnotizing and repetitive beats with synthesized backing tracks. MAYBE MAYBE has a few touches of reggae style thrown in this time around too (think Ko Ko Bop-esque); mostly Kii was concerned about putting out music that he thought would make people smile and want to dance.

The video itself bounces back and forth between a lot of tropical and party imagery, with a multi-colored Kii splashed on top of it thanks to a green screen. The only parts that he actually seems to be a part of are the parts featuring him and the back-up dancers, which was filmed on some neon-lit street in Seoul; a part of it was even filmed at the Octagon Club in the pool. For a release in the middle of one of the coldest winters for South Korea on record, the Summery vibe was pretty strongly caked on.

Robin always releases other dance practice videos for his albums, and since this album was more of a dance album than his first, he released a few different ones for his fans. 뒷좌석 (Rear seat) was the more racy track on the album with lyrics and a dance performance video that edged a little close to being inappropriate. He also released a special performance video of him and Jae-Z dancing their choreography to DAYS WITHOUT YOU, featuring a few scenes from their live performance of it spliced in with the practice room footage.

Success rating:
Well... I joke that he's the Hitchhiker of the site, so I imagine that his music is very hit or miss with a lot of people. His fans adore him and are die hard about supporting him and his music enough to keep Sealight from dropping him; his critics probably are pretty well agreed that the music he creates is more trash than music and that he should stick just to producing.

On the whole, it did a little better than his debut album and got his name out there a little more. He's no Fang or Mulan or Moon Usa Gi, but he's getting more popular the more his music spreads.
hyunbae von gikkingen
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 12:43 PM
hyunbae von gikkingen

@the.baroness: N/A

By: The Baroness

Release date: 20th July 2017

  • camellia (intro)
  • sonder (title track & mv)
  • lutalica
  • vellichor
  • ambedo (outro)
  • kenopsia (hidden track; violin only)
Styling examples: The cover of the album says pretty much everything! The most common outfit of this comeback is the one with the straight hair, the dress with the black-white pattern and white seams! A must-have this comeback: the transparent umbrella through which you can see the rain falling. It emphasizes on the certain feeling that every life is precious and important and just as complex as your own; you can see through the umbrella, right into other people's life maybe.

Music Videos: The video suits the music well, it's very calm and mainly shows her singing while walking through the city, meeting a lot of people and thinking about their lifes, the uniqueness of every one of them. It's about changing perspectives every now and then and becoming a small figure in another person's life.

The tracks: The album starts with the short intro track "camellia" about the beginning of everything - or at least her everything. It doesn't reveal any detail about her life, but it expresses her feelings while growing up under the sun with the clouds and rain nevertheless.
The title track "sonder" deals in a more vivid way than the other tracks with the fact that not only our own life is bright and complex. However, she stays true to her rather calm way of expressing and playing music throughout the whole track and the lyrics were written with additional care here.
It's actually again calmer than the title track - the third track of the album, "lutalica", deals with the feeling that we are in our boxes with no chance of breaking out of them. It's one of the earlier songs actually, and the ever-repeating lyrics show that she didn't have real clues back then what to write. It's a song about homecoming, as well, finding the place where we belong to.
"Vellichor" is supposed to be like a short time travel - she had tried to mix up several epoches of music in that song, with more and less success. Every epoche flows into each other and that might be the weak point of the track - it's not really accurate. However, the flowing reflects the feeling of longing pretty well, at least that's what she says. The outro "ambedo" is as old as young as herself maybe. It's the feeling of being drowned in details to feel that we are alive. She actually needs that feeling, feeling that the world is here with all the senses she got. Here she tries to give everything with her voice, expressing various tones of being that alive. One special feature of the album is the hidden track "kenopsia"; it's a piece of classical music, however, has some more modern vibes mixed into it. Here, her violin playing is recorded without her voice. After the sung tracks, this one seems to be extremely odd and that's what it has to be. Without the voice, she emphasizes on what isn't audible, on the big hole that exists here beyond "ordinary" emptiness.

Success rating: The minds are really torn about this - some people think that it was an amazing debut and something refreshingly different, other say that she should stick to the usual female idol route with her cute face. It's a more classical album than the K-Pop industry is used to - and much more mature than it would fit her actual age. However, it still didn't cause a big storm or discussion, but was able to build up a loyal fan base who waits for her next comeback.
(If you want to add the reaction of your character, please tell me! I'd be glad to add it!)
serena tsukino
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 07:23 PM
serena tsukino

@usagichan: KChoice was amazing! All of the Trainees did such a wonderful job you're all gonna go far!

power for the girls
By: Moon Usa Gi

Release date: April 12

  • Live Forever (Title Track)
  • We are the Girls (MV)
  • Rise Again (Outro)
  • Endymion
  • Bloom (Intro)
  • Take-A-Risk
  • Enchanted
Styling examples: For this album, Moon tried to go as genuine as possible. No outfit was particularly flashy but each different one (for the music videos) was connected to the overall image of girl groups over the years. Bloom's outfit was very similar to the more girly and pure outfits seen for ROSEGOLD, Rise Again more regal for QUEENS, Take-A-Risk is supposed to show Vanilla's style, Enchanted is Delilah's power and influence with Endymion being for the disbanded Babygirlz. Live Forever takes a new style to Moon, with long gowns and Princess-esque aesthetic which she said in an interview also reminded her of her mother aesthetically although the song was deeper than this. We are the Girls returns her to her usual pink/white style with more energetic imagery.

Music Videos: Each music video is meant to have a different theme corresponding to a girl group as mentioned above. We are the Girls has a definitive upbeat and empowering feeling to it, being boppy and colorful backgrounds trying to empower girls both in the industry and those aiming for it. This contrasts with Live Forever which has a more graceful, serious impact. Even the video is a bit of a warning up until the final segment of the song, which is saying that there may be hardships but we will all 'live forever'.

Success rating: Overall, it was a controversial release because of the content within but it sold incredibly well. Each song supposedly had an impact on the public and it was - in fact - her best-selling album to date. Because of this she asked in the first week for their to be a unique gift added to each album; a small crescent-moon shaped pendant for each of the fans.
min-hee woo
 Posted: Apr 6 2018, 04:55 PM
min-hee woo

@woo_sr_minhee: hey, my name's min-hee, but friends call me min. that means ... if i have any. <3

okay, so this is definitely not an album and only sth i'd like to drop bc i'm in love with a mv, so i hope it's okay :')

by: "sick syndrome" (originally min-hee/navillera) ft. "blanck" (actually hye-ri/white bc jinsoul's rap is killing me and idk, hopefully hye-ri can nail it, too /rip)

source: youtube video, posted by a by now deleted youtube channel named "sick syndrome"; video has been deleted ten minutes after being posted

Release date: early 2016 (shortly after the official announcement that min-hee/navillera would leave vanilla)

song: egoist

aesthetic/music video: only a black-white video which shows a single girl dancing in a place that looks like a car park; the face isn't clearly to be seen and it's hard to identify either person and place as everything is filmed quickly, surrounding and actually with a bad camera, thou. most likely some stuff as hand-held camera. and some bad smartphone optics.
it's quite a powerful choreography while the girl wears white clothes at the beginning which soon are swooped over by a black-ish layer until the screen gets all black at the end, then slowly, characters appears, forming the word 'egoist'. a long pause while the song already ended and the word disappeared as well. nothing to hear, a black screen to see.
one second before the video is finally coming to an end, white on black: 'love ... who?'.

success rating: as stated above, the video was deleted alongside the account only shortly after creation/posting, and some people ran crazy about it. most likely that people suspected the artists to be underground artists, even though there had been rumours about min-hee releasing this song, as the voice reminds of her usual singing, even though it's altered and has a more electric vibe to alienate the voice. there was never an actual statement, neither from sealight nor from herself, so as i was deleted only shortly after, it never gained much attention, especially considering today.
some might have been able to save the video and keep it as possible theory source for later stuff, what do i know.
however, who "blanck" is should never be clarified, thou ...
hyunwoo byun
 Posted: May 3 2018, 01:21 PM
hyunwoo byun

@jwibyun: dance practice is the highlight of my day!

By: Hyunwoo

Release date: June 5th, 2018

  • Warrior (Intro)
  • No Title (title track & MV)
  • Pray (featuring Johnny Chance)
  • Future
  • Destined (outro)
Styling examples: Since No Title was the only MV out of the set, Hyunwoo's styling stays pretty consistent between his MV appearance and his debut performances. His hair is dyed golden blonde for the MV, and remains that color(except for a blip in time where he has it temp-dyed pink and violet).

He has two outfits for the MV performance - both being simple street style in black and white. The mostly-black ensemble features a ripped sweater, dark jeans and tennis shoes. The more loosely fitting white and black layered look features an oversized shirt over a black hoodie and track pants.

His make-up and jewelry is kept pretty simple, with only one earring per ear (diamond studs) and his nose ring stud.

As his performance progress and the gold in his hair starts to fade, Hyunwoo's style is switched over to a middle part style. His stage looks are kept street style or simple business casual - except for towards the end of the cycle when a leather jacket and turtleneck combo is added.

Aesthetic: Warrior era

Music Videos: No Title's video is performed out in back streets/lots, lit with neon signs as the only decorations beyond the urban grunge that seems to make up the backbone of the video aesthetic. The main video is more of a music-focused performance, with Hyunwoo doing very little dancing as he raps and sings. He moves to take up space in the fenced-off back-lit lot he's put in for the video, but it's like he's pacing around and kicking up dust.

The dance performance video, which is released about five days after the album drops, features a much more industrial looking area, where Hyunwoo shows off the b-boying and highly flexible dance style he became infamous for after KCHOICE.

Success rating: CM was riding off the attention that Hyunwoo gained as a contestant of KCHOICE, so it's likely that a lot of the people who followed him eagerly there jumped on the bandwagon of his debut. There's probably disappointment going around that he's become a soloist rather than part of the main group(since he ranked #9 in the competition's final ranking and just barely missed the group cut), so there may be resistance to his career from some more diehard fans that didn't get their perfect dream group.

It's also worth noting that Hyunwoo's 'official' debut was a collaboration(for the OST of upcoming crime drama Bloodlines) a couple of weeks after his time on KCHOICE, so hype was probably built up from that being that he performed with well-known actor Johnny Chance of Sealight.

zhifang moon
 Posted: May 3 2018, 06:38 PM
zhifang moon

@pandazhifang: It takes more than blood to be a father. Mine is alive and well here in Seoul, trying to make a difference. Thank you, appa.

By: Fang

Release date: August 1st, 2018

Tracks:Styling examples: Since there are two different MVs, there are two very different looks that Fang was working with. It's a well known fact that Fang was working on his comeback when the outing incident in November of '17 made him go into hiatus, and all footage and pictures from Black White's video and photoshoots come from before his hiatus.

His look for the Korean comeback plays into the 'dark' album cover and the same hairstyle he wore for the Beggar MV. He has various outfits he uses for his comeback cycle, and they're all generally dark in color and accentuate deep-v collars on loose-fitting shirts, and are worn with form-fitting skinny jeans and combat boots. Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

For his Chinese concert series immediately after the Korean comeback, Fang will be dyeing his hair blond and going with a 'lighter' look for his promotions in his country of origin. Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Music Videos: There were two different music videos: Beggar and Black White. They were both released at the same time, just after the album first dropped. It's no coincidence that they're very different in tone, representing both 'sides' of Fang as an artist.

Aesthetic: Iridescent era

Meanings: There are technically two different versions of this album: the 'dark' version with the darker album cover, and the 'light' one that was finalized before Fang's hiatus. The main difference, other than what album cover you get, is that the order of the songs is different on each album. The listed order above is played on the 'dark' album, and on the light album, the songs are played in the opposite order(from Into the Dark to Bloodlines and so on).

The main driving factor behind this was that Fang was working on a very different album back in November. Before he was forcibly outed, he intended to make a bombastic in-your-face 'fuck off and leave me alone' style release, but circumstances interrupted that. When it came time to start planning for his next comeback, events had transpired to make him calm down a fair bit, and get over the bitterness that came with his outing and what happened to his fiance.

He wanted to use the songs he'd already had ready for his prior comeback attempt, and once he had more material that split the album into half 'dark' and half 'light' concepts, he got the idea to combine the two and do a full-fledged 'two sides of' release.

Oh, and a fun note: Sealight may have made him sing about a 'girlfriend' in the MV release for Beggar(and made him film with a female for the video), but the song is very clearly dedicated to Chen-u Kee, as Fang will always be singing about his boyfriend in all live performances. The song is actually Fang's attempt to come to terms with what happened to his fiance back in November, and the violent turn of the song is a representation of the attack.

Success rating: Being that Fang finally embraced his identity and cleared up a lot of lingering baggage with this album, it's very likely that it'll be his most well-received release up to this point - better than the 'love letter' album to Vee, even if I'm sure that pisses off the diehard Moonfang shippers.

minsun moon
 Posted: May 8 2018, 12:57 PM
minsun moon

@twilight_prince: I've never seen so many marshmallows as decoration on a cake...this backfired...

Featuring: Bai Lin(Daran Chang) and Minsun Moon(Seongwoo Dahn)

Theme song: Pray by Johnny Chance and Hyunwoo Byun

Episodes: 12

Air dates: Premiers on 8th June 2018, airs every Friday until August 10th, after which point the two-part finale will air back to back on the 7th of September.

Plot summary: As the illegitimate son of a well-to-do finance investor, Daran Chang grew up in Beijing knowing nothing of his father besides the stories he was told by his mother. His parents had been separated before he was born, and he was content with the life his mother made for him. But what he didn't know was that his father's legitimate business dealings were only a front for his real source of fortune - racketeering and money laundering - or that he was bound to get tangled up in a lifestyle he was never prepared for.

When his father passed, he was asked to come to Seoul to 'receive his inheritance' - and found himself inducted into a dual existence as his father's legitimate business heir and the heir to his father's criminal empire. And just when it seems there's no one he can trust, along comes Seongwoo Dahn, the son of a valuable ally to Daran's father. Seongwoo, who grew up in this lifestyle, is there to help Daran find his footing.

But there may be more to Seongwoo than meets the eye, and the intrigues and politics of Daran's dual lifestyle are sure to catch up with him sooner rather than later...

Aesthetics: Bloodlines dev thread

Success rating: It's successful in that almost immediately, everyone starts shipping Bai and Sunny's characters and screaming about them on social media. And as the plot progresses and grows darker every episode, it's bound to draw in people who were resistant at giving it a shot.

I know most people are going to be into it because of my visual sons here, with Bai and Sunny's fanbases flocking to it, but I'd like to think it will have some mainstream success as well. It gains momentum like Aftershocks, even if it's not the most popular thing ever at first.

zhihao choi
 Posted: May 9 2018, 06:02 PM
zhihao choi

@ziaoshinyshiny: this twitter account no longer exists

m e s s a g e
By: Zhi

Release date: August 7th, 2018

  • 안녕 (Annyeong; Korean track)
  • Ringa Ringa Ring (Japanese track)
  • 再见 (See You Again; Chinese track)
  • Back Up (English track)
Styling examples: Since this is a pre-debut mini-album release, Zhi won't be making any public appearances, so no styling examples this time.

Music Videos: No MVs for this one!

Meanings: The songs were all in a different style, and rather than putting much meaning into the lyrics(which he co-wrote with Min-jun Mun), Zhi relied on his singing to do the work for him.

Annyeong is a standard pop song, almost formulaic, but Zhi sings in a way that he was never really able to pull off with Shiny Shiny - he's happy and upbeat.

Ringa Ringa Ring is a complete tone shift, powerful and repetitive beats over rapping and singing that comes closer to the tone he was known for with his group - slightly at odds with the lyrics' meaning, in which he seems to be trying to reach out to someone he loves.

See You Again is a much simpler song, the only music being a backing piano played live. The tone of this song is melancholic, with the lyrics singing of loss - though there seems to be a hopeful shift towards the last third of the song.

Back Up falls into a pop-rock style, a bit heavier than Annyeong but still in the same vein of 'I'm happy to be making music again, here I am'.

Success rating: This was a last minute, no forewarning album drop that Sealight planned to be that way. Rather than announcing Zhi's signing with the company with a press release or conference, Sealight gave Zhi the option to decide how the news would get out. After the album is dropped, the PR statements are put out there for the media. So really, the success rating of this depends on how much backlash there is over him coming out with music and signing with a company so soon after his departure from CM.
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