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» John // CM Trainee, John from UnOrdinary
john doe
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 11:26 PM
john doe

@JJustBeatIt: Fucking CM sending me to a competition. When I get back count on your lives being living hell.

CM Entertainment
O / 5'8" / 176lbs
November 18th 1995


Annoying tf out of everyone around him, Being a real ass, Poker and other forms of gambling, Making sure he gets the last word, Being a bigger douche than the douches, Acting


Making other people's lives miserable, Going unnoticed, Being the bottom of the idol pack, Being told he's not going to debut for a very long time, Rubbing his seniority in other people's faces, Keeping his talent for the industry hidden under all circumstances


People actually getting close to him, His past being revealed, his real name, unreliable people, superiors, people in general honestly

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John Doe

First Stage: Book

It was annoying to admit, but stories and whatnot were a big part of my childhood. That was the thing about having a worthless old man who was a writer for a living. Stories themselves I don't have a problem with. The fact that he used his stupid stories to manipulate my decisions in life was utter crap and I hated it. Still do.

Not back then obviously.

Okay picture this; a small child. Maybe three years old. His dad raised him alone because the mother was fuck knows where meaning that it was hell for the both of them. Did this kid care? Nah because he thought his life was great. He thought his dad was awesome and nothing could possibly go wrong with his life.

That was me. Ignorant, naive and full of stupid ideals that would never come true. All thanks to my worthless father who read his 'ultimate story' to me before he published it. 'UnOrdinary' he called it and it stuffed all these fantastical dreams into my head. The idea that all people could be equal and united by a single person's actions with no drama or problems for anyone. It was absolutely stupid but that's what I believed. Fuck if I believe it now.

Fuck hell I was three.

Life went on and my brain didn't. It was still caught up in all those stupid lies, especially after my old man took me to my first live concert. Think it was D*CHT but fuck if my memory is any good. Basically; saw them perform. Realized that it was my chance to make a difference in the world. Set my sights on becoming an idol.

Second Stage: King

I auditioned for Sealight and passed their initial level. Got into the label and shit with my dad being all 'oh I'm so proud of you son'. Like hell that was the end of it. As it turned out I had a special gift for entertainment and excelled at literally everything. Singing, Dancing, Acting you name it and I was praised for it at some point or another. Did that stop me from working my butt off in order to get better? Fuck no! I worked twice as hard for that great, big goal of debuting.

Other Trainees started calling me the 'King' because of my talent. I was the most likely to debut even thought I was barely thirteen years old at the time. With the amount I'd improved the people around me said that it'd be a waste to make me debut in a group; just go solo and stand out from the rest. That's what they all said.

Being on the top was fucking lonely. The only people I spoke to were adults and it was a trainwreck for me, a kid with literally no social life thanks to my goals. Bless and behold, that's when a girl walked up to me and said she wanted to be my friend. Frankly we hit it off and she became the only one I wanted to practice with. She became the 'Queen'.

Like that was going to last long.

Third Stage: Downfall

This girl had very little talent but all the smarts. She knew what she wanted and was willing to do anything to get it. Any. Fucking. Thing. I want people listening to understand what that means because yeah. It meant that she basically pushed through me with no regard for how I felt, leading me on and making me feel like I was this special little snowflake. That's what teenage hormones do to a guy.

We would do small performances together, show the public what two of the best Sealight Trainees could do. It gave the public confidence because there was plenty of talent in the future making me feel like I was the King of the World. Yeah. Right. Because it was destined to last forever- HELL NO. No she had to go and ruin everything. The one person I thought I could trust.

Everyone turned on me. Insult after insult, stupid attempts at bullying after stupid attempts. Anyone could tell that I wasn't wanted. But did I give up? Fuck. No. This girl, I thought she was my one true friend. The one I could always count on. Which just happened to be the moment when she appeared in front of me to trash me in front of everyone. She TOLD the strongest guys to beat me up.

I was kicked from Sealight because I 'attacked my fellow trainees'.

Fourth Stage: Cripple

After that I was tempted to give up on being an idol, but I thought 'nah I should give it a second chance'. I thought I could spite everyone because of my talent. CM Entertainment accepted me as a Trainee again, if just thanks to the trainee head who showed those higher ups what my skills were like. That's it. I got in on skill and looks.

Shit hit the fan once that was been and done. With previous experiences under my belt I thought 'fuck what's the point I can troll those bastards'. And I did. What was practice? Like hell if I went to any. People threw all the verbal insults they wanted and I didn't let it bother me. Trainees came and went, some debuted and some didn't.

Eventually I was the oldest CM Trainee and I was happy with that. The longer I stayed one the better from what I was being told. I - and I quote - 'have talent but a rotten personality with literally no drive'. Yeah, yeah they can believe what they wanna believe and I'll just keep doing whatever the hell I want.

No one single person can change the world after all.


NAME: Canon. John's rebye name is exactly the same as it is in UnOrdinary. Yes. His canon name is 'John Doe'. Which is clever considering the fact that UnOrdinary!John doesn't have an Ability on his own. Rather he copies others. Rebye John's original name is one that he's forgotten on purpose, which is Eodum Bam, means 'darkest night' which is a reference to John's UnOrdinary ability as his aura is often seen as black.

TRAINEE 5EVA: Within the school he attends in the main segment of the story, John is a 'cripple'. Basically someone who is 'powerless' and is seen to be the bottom of the chain. He does this purposely so people don't figure out what his ability is. Basically Rebye John does the same but to keep people from seeing his talent for the entertainment industry.

'UNORDINARY': The book that John's dad wrote in both UnOrdinary and Rebye. At first it's what pushed him (and a bunch of other high-tier abilities) to go renegade and become heroes. After the events of above in the UnOrdinary canon, John stopped caring and wanted to be the weakest and go unnoticed instead. But in rebye it's more to... uh... spite the people who wronged him at Sealight.

LABEL CHANGE: During said events, John changed schools to start anew. So on rebye he jumped labels to give it another go once any media died down.

GIRL: Yeah in the UnOrdinary universe it was a girl who he considered his only friend that betrayed him. Just like rebye, he was expelled from his original school because of violence and thus kicked from Sealight because of the same problem. Just not as excessive and without powers.

HAIR GEL PHASE: currently John's going through a 'hair gel phase'. It was actually a huge fandom argument to get UnOrdinary!John to stop gelling his hair and rebye!John probably has a few fans who are petitioning him to stop freaking gelling his hair please.


CM Entertainment. Trainee. Biggest Douche of the Douches. Literally out there just to spite everyone. Debuting? What's that? Doesn't give a sh*t about your opinion. Tries not to be noticed. Probably does a horrible job. Will Fite You If You Bug Him Go Away. Hates all your 'I'm better than you' crap. Actually very talented.


Lmao what are friends. John has literally no idea what friendship is nor does he care. After what his last friend did to him he doesn't trust anyone who walks up to him and asks about it. He does need someone that he can stick beside though who doesn't care about whatever he does or doesn't do.


Love? what? Just save him tbh


Sealight. Anyone who pries into his past because they will be beaten up I'm blanking lmao


wow this shipper is horrible save me.
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 11:57 AM

@Maknae: vroom vroom i'm in me mum's car

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

I love that he's just kind of a brat? It makes me love him so much XD He's rightfully pissed, too. I'm excited to see where this takes him over the next few months and longer!!!

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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