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haebitna baek
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 05:01 PM
haebitna baek

@HaeRose: I'm okay. I promise.

Haebitna Baek.
Makoto Naegi - Boyfriend/OT4 (9 months).
Mani Phanthittra - Group Member/"Lesbian" Friend.
Anna Baek - Group Member/Sistercousin.
Mitsuki Koyama - Group Member/Friend.
Jianyi Li - "Rival"/Frenemy.
Yuuri Katsuki - Bleeding Hearts Club.
Kyung-Ja Ou - Leader Friend.
Nagito Komaeda - Brother-in-Law
Yoo-Jin Rhee - Ex (Started dating in December 2016, lost her virginity on her 18th birthday in May, broke up in September. Broken up for 9 months when she started dating Makoto.)
Jaemin Kim - Manager/Second Dad/OT4
Ji-Ho Won - Dad Figure
Nari Mangjeol - Best Girl Friend/Little Sister Figure
Dae Geum - Ex Vocal Coach/Enemy/Sasaeng/Stalker
Takumi Sumeragi - Big Brother Figure
Skylar Park - Friend/Big Fan
Jinsoo Ahn - Friend/Brother Figure
Hana Baek - Untrusting
Zhihao Choi - Other Boyfriend/OT4 (2 month.)
Haneul Choi - Friend from VCB/Gossip Friend/Brother Figure
Taejin Geum - Old Trainee Buddy/Friend
Zhitao Choi - Little brother/Takes under wing/Selfie buddy Jun Moon - Hugging Buddy
Chastity Beavis - American Friend/Speaks English with her
Ky-sah Yu - Friend/Thinks she's adorable/Adopts her/Takes under wing
Byeon Hwan - "Bodyguard"/Cockblock/Friend/"Older Brother"/Friendzoned
Fu-Yang Ming - Childhood Friend and Ex-Babysitter/"Mom"
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Just Wanna Scream - Haneul Choi
Practice Makes Perfect - Takumi Sumeragi
Perfect Three - Zhihao Choi and Makoto Naegi
Call Me Baby - Yoojin Rhee
Biggest Fan - Skylar Park
Time of My Life - Makoto Naegi
Angry Sunshine - Open
Stop For A Minute And Smile - Open
Reaching Out - Yuuri Katsuki
Check-In - Yuuri Katsuki
Don't Come Crying - Dae Geum
Stay A Minute - Nari Mangjeol
Distress Signals - Jinsoo Ahn/Open
Indulge Me - Hana Baek
Oops - Makoto Naegi
Good Cop, Bad Cop - Jianyi Li
Boombayah - Anna Baek
NOT "Little Miss Sunshine" - Jeong-suk Shim
That's My Girl - ROSEGOLD
We Can Be - Ninako Kinashita
Let It Gooooo - Iseul Song
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michiko katsuki
 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 07:37 PM
michiko katsuki

@MichiKat: Glad to have you back home, Haebitna. #welcomehomehaena

Yuuri Katsuki - Little Brother.
Lee-Sing Sing - "One Night Texts"
Jun Moon - Brother's boyfriend/Brother-in-law
Kangsoo Byun - Ex Number 1 (19-22)/Does't like talking about him.
Jackson Zheng - Ex Number 2 (22-23)/Still friends because he went to school with her brother and checks up on him.
Takumi Sumeragi - Her "son"/Student
Zhitao Choi - Her "son"/Student
Daniel Berman - Ex/Threw a drink at his face
Kyung-mi Kwon - Dated for an hour
Kiha Moon - Rivalry
Guiying Xu - Annoyance
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See You At The End - Kangsoo Byun - Replied
History - Jackson Zheng - Replied
By Your Hand, His Worth - Kiha Moon - Replied
Your Brother's Gonna Kill Me - Daniel Berman - Replied
Look At Her - Guiying Xu - Replied
Searching for the Sun - Daniel Berman - Replied
Silent Game - Junmyeon Shin - Replied
All These Little Things - Cierra Belladonna - Replied
Parenthood - Open - Replied
Let's Go! - Open - Replied
New Family - Yuuri Katsuki - Need to reply
Day Trip - Tadasuke Akatsuki - Need to reply
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Wrong Number - Lee-Sing Sing
Nerds Unite - Chae-Won Hyun
Surprise! - Yuuri Katsuki
Lost in Translation - He-ran Cha
Quality Time - Yuuri Katsuki
The Party Awakens - Yuuri Katsuki and Open
It's a Beautiful Sky- Duke Bonfamille
Tech Fail - Jackson Zheng
The Beginning of the End - Luka Beniov-Jung
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xiaolian zhao
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 08:11 PM
xiaolian zhao

@AmbassadorXiao: I'm gonna spend my Valentine's Day trying to call the Aliens down again. Please hear me! 👽

Eu-Meh Zhao - Older Sister.
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Open Olympics
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