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alessandro ahn


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Dec 10 2017, 10:15 PM
Alessandro’s lips trailed the edges of Yoojin’s chiseled jaw, nibbling hungrily at his boyfriend’s flesh. Their opportunities to see one another had slowly deteriorated with the upcoming end-of-year award show season. Whilst VCB busily promoted to gain last-minute traction on their race to snatch Artist of the Year, Alessandro was constantly bouncing between acting projects and his duties as an MC. It had been a miracle to find a gap within both of their schedules. Yet there they were, tangled together in a twist of limbs and blankets, together to “watch a movie”. Their focus quickly turned to one another after a simple remark from one of them turned suggestive very quick. Now there he was, teeth gnawing at every inch of sensitive skin, top unbuttoned to reveal his built abdomen.

His eyes momentarily drifted off to the screen in front of them - an intimate scene between two lovers ironically played out as the two of them were in their own love scene. Alessie ceased his assault on his boyfriend to leave a simple kiss on his lips. ”Yoojin-ah, maybe we should actually try to watch the movie?” Before he even finished his sentence, the actor knew that the answer would be a resounding ‘no.’ Why would his boyfriend want to stop sucking face when it was one of the few times they didn’t have to be perfect specimen for the cameras?

Boyfriend. Just thinking about the name brought an extra tingle of joy into the pit of his stomach. Alessandro had never thought he would settle down with anyone, then Yoojin casually slid into his life and the rest was history. ”I know I tell you this all the time, but I’m so lucky to call you mine,” his nose tenderly caressed Yoojin’s soft cheek, lips curled back in an overzealous smile. If this were a dream, Alessandro never wanted to be awoken.
Jul 24 2017, 12:01 AM
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<div class="headertext">the</div>

<div class="subtext">LOVE INTEREST</div>

<center><table cellpadding="5px"><tr><td><div class="charinfo">

<b>ALESSANDRO AHN</b><br> woohyun no, main, the "good" love interest</b><p>
<b>YUURI KATSUKI</b><br> kenji enomoto, main, the "bad" love interest</b><p>
<b>ANNA BAEK</b><br> jiyeon baek, main, the target</b><p>
<b>JI-HO WON</b><br> hajoon park, main, the director</b><p>
<b>JIHYUN KIM</b><br> draco kim, supporting, the "bad" mentor</b><p>
<b>SERENA TSUKINO</b><br> mizuki nam, supporting, the best friend</b><p>
<b>TAKUMI SUMERAGI</b><br> shuta morishita, supporting, the jock</b><p>


<div class="maintext">

<b>insp:</b> "the love interest" - cale dietrich <br><br>
<b>plot summary:</b> The Bureau, a secret organization, creates a plethora of teenage spies in order to extract information from potential assets across the country. Each spy is trained to be the perfect "good" or "bad", being sent out in pairs to win the affections of their chosen target. While the chosen love interest is free to live their lives as the partner of their target, the losing love interest is met with only one fate: death. A small storm of uncertainty brews between two unlikely love interests on their quest to become the one - forces not taught to them in training begin to take hold of them, leaving their fates not just in the hands of their target, but within themselves as well. <br><br>
<b>ooc info:</b> Hello everyone, this here is a casting call for the drama "The Love Interest". Originally aired about seven months ago, the drama became a big hit within South Korea despite only being eight episode long; due to high demand from fans, the original tv station that aired the show is re-releasing it as an extended cut that includes a multitude of scenes that weren't included in the original showing, basically making it a "brand new drama" of sorts. If you would like to be a part of the drama, all you need to do is post below this thread with the following information: what role you're interested in, your character's face claim, and then a name for the role you are claiming. If you don't care what their name is or can't think of one, simply just say that you don't care and then I'll choose a name for you!. <br>
How this drama will work is, once all the main characters are picked up, each episode will be RPed out in the AU board in the perspective of whatever role it is you have. Each "episode" will contain anywhere from 4 threads to even 10 threads, depending on how much happens in each thread. After an "episode" has all the needed threads, a summary will be updated in the post below this one and an update will be put on this thread stating that the episode recap is up - after each recap I encourage everyone to post their OOC/IC reactions in this thread, whether it be a tweet, blog reaction, article post, youtube reaction video, etc. <br>
Below this thread will be a list full of all the potential roles within the drama, their status (main, supporting, etc), and any necessary information that you would need to know. If you're interested in a cameo with your character, post your interest and I'll add on their role with whatever is needed! More roles will also be added on later as the drama progresses and ideas are thrown out there to make these additional spots. While this drama is modeled after the book of the same name, I want it's plot to be molded organically through our posts because we are such an amazing community that can totally come up with a fabulous drama!<br>
If you're interested in anything like being a part of the OST, taking on a production role, styling role, basically anything behind the scenes, also feel free to claim a spot and I'll include it in the official cast credits (which can be found on the left side!) If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send them right over to me, and please enjoy this running of The Love Interest!
<b>the "good" love interest:</b> boy-next-door trope, chosen as the "good" for 'the target', confused, decent liar - main character, taken, 17 <br><br>
<b>the "bad" love interest:</b> brooding dark soul mixed with poetic bad boy, chosen as the "bad" for 'the target', caring, not as bad as he's thought to be - main character, taken, 18 (M) <br><br>
<b>the target:</b> teenage genius, potential pioneer in engineering, sought after by "the bureau" due to her intelligence, torn between the two love interests - main character, taken, 17 (F) <br><br>
<b>the director:</b> older in age, devious, cold-hearted, runs "the bureau" with an iron fist, watchful - main character, taken, 30+ (M)<br><br>
<b>the "good" mentor:</b> in charge of guiding "the 'good' love interest" as he attempts to win the affections of "the target", bubbly, intuitive, yet fiercely competitive when it comes to "the 'bad' mentor" - supporting character, available, 21+ (M/F)<br><br>
<b>the "bad" mentor:</b> in charge of guiding "the 'bad' love interest" as he attempts to win the affections of "the target", dark, sultry, conniving, fiercely competitive when it comes to "the 'good' mentor" - supporting character, taken, 32 (M)<br><br>
<b>the best friend:</b> best friends with "the target", exceptionally gorgeous, dating "the jock", persistent, a former love interest who won "the jock" - supporting character, taken, 17 (F) <br><br>
<b>the jock:</b> good friends with "the target", dating "the best friend", an olympic hopeful who's excellent in their chosen sport, protective, motivational - supporting character, taken, 18 (M) <br><br>
<b>the loser:</b> a love interest who lost their contest, their death is shown to both "the good" and "the bad" before they begin their contest as "the loser" attempted to run away and was killed by "the bureau's" defense cyborgs known as "nightcrawlers" - cameo, available, 15-18 (M/F)

</td></tr></table></div></div></div><div class="broo"><a href="http://cttw.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=2235">xoxo</a></div></center><br><br><br>

Jul 23 2017, 08:03 PM
<a href="http://partofthestory.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=476"> MATTHEW KIM (BM) </a>
Jul 23 2017, 07:52 PM
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Jul 23 2017, 07:49 PM
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