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Aug 27 2017, 05:29 PM
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is anyone here?? :c
i need chat name ideas!! we can't leave it untitled forever...what if people think we're boring or something?
where are you!!!
@Haneul Choi @ji-min moon @iseul song @yeong hamada @kunwoo byun @Tae-hee Won



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Aug 27 2017, 05:14 PM
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<div class="posttop">close my eyes with your touch</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jinsoo is currently seated amongst st*r and making faces at them. it’s a work in progress to be polite. he’s doing his best, if nothing else. he sees a fan filming, or taking a photo on one of their huge cameras (seriously, are those cameras, or are they weapons? knives? something like a grenade or a machine gun?), and it’s focused on yeong. that’s no good. he stands up and crosses over to hiro, adding bunny ears to the other and staying there for a moment before he leaves him, disinterested. yeong can sabotage himself, he doesn’t need jinsoo to do it. ahh, he bothered k, he bothered en, he bothered taku, he bothered yeong, he bothered nagi-hyung...now to bother someone else with someone else, right? he could probably team up with jimin against moon.light and attempt to rope the other into doing something that was probably ill-advised and would get him killed by eumeh.
that sounded like a fun activity!
he set off to find his fellow comrade, brushing his hair back and looking around in pursuit of a familiar face. why was everyone he knew blonde outside of st*r? kitae, haena, mani...sort of, jimin...they were all blonde. did he have to go blonde? he didn’t really fancy that, he thought he looked a little strange in lighter colors. he’d prefer sticking with brown, thank you very much-though, blonde highlights might be cool. or really weird, depending on how it turned out, but he could look like banana bread or something! that would definitely be cool. he could stand out, too, with the rest of st*r being mainly boring in terms of hair color. they were actually really boring, all things considered. people probably thought they threw wild parties all night, but that was the furthest thing from the truth-they didn’t even throw parties, did they? unless everyone else was excluding him because he was the youngest or something equally as ridiculous, because k was barely older than him, but a year was still a lot...he frowned. how dare they.
he sets off to find the other and sends him a message that is honestly just a stream of different smiling emojis, as well as an accidental :| one that slips in there without him noticing, and then throws in a cat meme for good measure. it’s not hard to find moon.light: you just need to go in the direction where you start hearing secondhand embarrassment from fans and the sound of extra echoing in the distance. oh, there they are. he knew it would work. beaming, jinsoo bounces up to jimin and then bops him on the head. ”jimin, did you get my messages? i sent you something.” he pauses, and then, an impish smirk growing on his features, he teases, ”is jun here? he was always the better brother.”

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @ji-min moon<BR>
slaine deserved better always ♥</div>

Aug 27 2017, 05:04 PM
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<div class="posttop">neoui songillo nun gamgyeojwo</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jinsoo pulls his phone out, listlessly takes a selca, smiling for the camera, and it slips off as soon as he’s done. for someone with a short attention span like him, or someone who daydreams half as much, staying in one spot should be easy-there’s so much to think about and ponder, after all, but it’s boring. screaming fans are nice and all, but he sees them pulling out their phones and messaging friends, watching the idols interact. it’s like tv to them in person. for him, he can’t watch the fans: there’s nothing to watch. there’s always a viewer and a performer, not two viewers staring at each other. he doesn’t want to watch performances, he’s seen a thousand of them and he always can tell who’s going to win unless it’s totally unexpected, like when st*r wins. he wonders why, actually, but never mind. that’s not important right now, is it? gah. he’s uploaded more selfies than he usually does in one month in the span of the isacs, and his fans are probably either really happy or really exasperated.
it’s not his fault he just posts selcas when bored, is it? he can text the others in the chats that he has, which are all very important and very, very useful: especially when he’s using the yuuri one to figure where he needs to go to avoid his friend. yuuri is such a nice person. it makes him guilty to hide from yuuri, sometimes, but then jinsoo does a lot of suspicous, “are you serious? you’re an idol, not a criminal” things that he doesn’t like to be berated for. also, he sneaks out. a lot. he’s not sure whether it’s called sneaking out or not if he sometimes takes a security guard with him and runs everywhere he knows and occasionally gets lost while leaving notes around the dorm, but he’ll take what he can get. sneaking out makes him sound cool and edgy. that’s a good thing. building up that image, or something. he rolls his tongue around his mouth, thinking, and then peeks over at the rest of the st*r members.
are they bored? they better be bored. if they’re not bored, what then? ahhhh….seriously, how can they be not bored while he is? he stands up and follows en around for a while before he realizes that he’s right next to k, and on that note, he eyes k and en suspiciously, wondering if they’re going to fight again in public. not that they never fight in public, they just fight in...less public public. they don’t fight in front of fans. sometimes they get into this rivalry, but all the members have their own rivalry, right? smartest, visual rankings, etc...ah, and sometimes he races k. but they better not fight in public. jinsoo eyes them both suspiciously, and then sits right in the middle of the two of them, closer to k and judging his hair as soon as it peeks into his field of vision. who chose that color? can they fire that person? it’s such a strange shade. maybe a clash of platinum and purple? like an old man, but a hip old man. an old man with highlights and youthful skin. that sounds like k. is k a vampire, actually? he looks so young...it’s intimidating, sometimes, being around other people that never seem to age.
”hyungs,” he tells them both, quite sternly, with his voice steady and chiding (is he really the youngest? he’s the coolest between the three, so he’s probably wiser than both of them), ”don’t fight. no fighting. okay? okay. cool.”
the events of pride have slipped his mind, for the moment-it’s hrad to remember ever single grudge he’s held against k and en, even though it was a...rather big disagreement and he’s still angry over it even now, avoiding the others when he can or when he remembers to, and he peeks at k more closely, abandoning his long-haired comrade to poke k’s hair. ”who did this? wow, the stylists really don’t like you, huh, hyung. you look...okay. you’ve looked better,” he decides, and then pokes his hair again. it bounces back against his finger. he frowns. is it fighting him? is k’s hair fighting him? that’s mean. how can his hair be mean? k’s hair is fighting him. why does it not like him? that’s mean. k’s hair is mean.

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @kunwoo byun and eunji if u wanna jump in too i guess?? <3 ilu<BR>
control ur sons ♥</div>

Aug 27 2017, 05:02 PM
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<div class="posttop">just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jinsoo adores nagito.
it was a fact of life. leaves were green because of chlorophyll unless he had been lied to his entire life, he thought k was really attractive (and so was the band, really, they were all unfairly attractive), and milk was one of the greatest things ever to be invented. whoever did that deserved a medal, honestly, good job. but nagi-hyung was currently his favorite member after the pride thing. yeong was pretty up there, too, right below taku, because taku was always just...really cool. he was effortlessly cool. that just made jinsoo envious so often...what could he do to stand out, with such a cool hyung? he probably, like, killed dragons in his free time and had a magical bow and long, majestic hair. well, more majestic than en’s. speaking of en’s...he tried to envision the other with short hair and failed miserably, wondering why it was such an impossible task.
but not now! right now, there were much more pressing and important matters. like this stunt. he eyes the person in front of him, another group member bending down to tie their shoe, and pats their back reassuringly, telling them to not straighten up. past them is nagito. there’s a lot of space between the two, which’ll do perfectly. the first member, though-their back is to jinsoo, head up towards nagito. it’s an arrow. it’s calling him! he’ll do fine. he cracks his knuckles and flexes his arms, and then he’s off, getting a running start that’s a couple of steps long to launch himself over the other member, landing on the ground as soon as they stand up, presumably to yell at him, and then he launches himself in the air again to jump onto nagito’s back, pulling him back against jinsoo’s chest so that nagi-hyung is leaning on him as he leans on the ground.
”hyung,” jinsoo whines, and he buries his head in nagito’s hair in that crevice between his cheek and neck. ”i’m bored. also, protect me,” just in case the other from earlier does indeed try to approach jinsoo and nagito from where they’re tangled together to yell at him. hopefully not. that would make him look so much less cool. he keeps a grip on nagito’s elbows, though, and moves so he’s no longer underneath the elder. instead, he sits up and lays his head on his fellow brunette. ”everything is so boring. i regret everything. what did i do wrong, hyung? what did i do so wrong to be treated like this?”
”talk to me about aliens,” he demands, sounding entirely spoiled and selfish, which he is somewhat proud to say that he is, as the youngest of a popular boy band group. the manager adores him (eumeh is beautiful and somewhat intimidating), the older hyungs adore him, mostly, and rowan adores him. it’s a nice thing, to be adored. he likes it. he hopes people keep on liking him, even as they get to know him. it’s selfish to hope that everyone likes him, but he’s okay with being a little bit selfish if no one else is going to be that way. his hand reaches up to play with nagito-hyung’s hair absently to keep his hands occupied. probably best to do that instead of go and jump over someone again, right? especially if they straightened up this time. he only foresaw bad things happening if he did that, but that’s fine. he pokes nagi-hyung’s cheek again, focused on gaining his attention and affection.

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @nagito komaeda<BR>
pls do not die on him ♥</div>

Aug 27 2017, 04:59 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="cment"><div class="posttemp"> <img src="http://pa1.narvii.com/6299/9f83b63a9b302ab55526178a42995b07e1340556_hq.gif"><BR>
<div class="posttop">you make me begin</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jinsoo adjusts his hoodie and frowns at the crowd. why are there so many blondes? he can’t tell...he squints, a little harder, and spots...wait, no, kitae has lighter hair than that. or was it lighting? he bites his lip. he can’t tell that, either. instead, he looks around-and ah, there are his hyungs. they look so weird, like blobs from far away...well, that was his fault. he had distanced himself from them on purpose to hide from them. they were so embarrassing. what if k made a dad joke? he was old enough for it. what if nagi-hyung made a grandpa joke? ahhh….what if en existed? wait, no, that was too mean, en could be nice sometimes. he made a face when admitting it, but it was true. sort of. well, he did his best to convince himself. that was that. he couldn’t deny the truth when it was right in front of him, after all, and that was that. his mind made up, jinsoo nodded to himself and offered a fistbump to the stranger nearest to him, who (to his credit) didn’t even blink and returned it without missing a beat.
wait, wait, wait, is that kitae? he spots a flash of the correct shade of blonde when he’s smiling at the unknown fistbump outsider (ufo!), and jinsoo leans on the tips of his toes, making himself grow taller. ah, that looks like him, really, the doll-like features exactly the same as the stranger’s at the bus! after that person.
jinsoo was about to follow him before he saw a flash of the “s” on his shirt. was that...st*r? he bounced on his heels, extremely flattered and pleased, and broke into a light jog so he didn’t knock someone over without meaning to. could he really be blamed if he did? it wasn’t like he would have done it on purpose, he was just trying to find the person with the st*r shirt and the blonde hair. they looked nice with blonde hair, actually. jinsoo wasn’t sure if he could pull it off, but en prob-maybe taku? nagi-hyung? taku and nagi-hyung are unfairly attractive, they’ll probably rock blonde despite no one expecting them to. that’s almost insulting, knowing that they’ll make different hair colors look nice on them despite the other members struggling to do that themselves. he wonders if some of them ever touch their jawlines and cut themselves because of how sharp they are.
”kitae!” he calls out, careful to say so loudly enough that the other can hear, and then increases his pace so he reaches them fast enough that jinsoo’s capable of taking a step and seeing kitae’s face. jinsoo beams at him, glancing at his face. ”you’re here!” his eyes dart to the other’s shirt, then, and then he blinks at kitae, completely hurt and confused. his expression has changed, and jinsoo’s mood practically emnates out of his body. how could kitae betray him like this? how could he do this to jinsoo? that was too cruel, even for a villain....jinsoo might have cried. he wouldn’t, but like, that was so mean-how could he? jinsoo pouts, and his bottom lip wobbles purposefully. the other’s shirt reads shiny shiny. this is betrayal in its highest form. ”you’re wearing a shiny shiny t-shirt?”

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @ki-tae bae<BR>
how could u, kitae ♥</div>

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