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jihyun kim

Sealight Records

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Aug 27 2017, 04:56 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="slrec"><div class="posttemp"> <img src=""><BR>
<div class="posttop">esanggwaneun an eoullyeo</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jihyun is about to run his hand through his hair before he realizes what he’s about to do. in a strange turn of events, he’s been...banned from brooding. by his groupmates, no less, and he’s uncharacteristically moody about that. perhaps out of spite? no, but it’s not brooding. it’s more like...sulking. that’s what he’s doing, he realizes with no little amount of surprise. sulking. who would have thought?
he smiles, despite himself, at the thought of big, bad monster being dominated by a couple of his group mates when he’s...their leader. he must not be exerting his leaderly authority enough. what should he do? pat them on the back as a surprise? purposely lose the relay? he winced at the last one. that joke may have hit too close to home. he was...bad at running. well, he wouldn’t call himself bad, he was just...a little unathletic. the twenties were the golden ages, anyways, and he was in his thirties. besides, he wasn’t even sure whether he was supposed to do anything. he was going to run, anyways, and hopefully remember how to string an arrow. couldn’t his other, more capable teammates do it for him? he could rap or something in encouragement.
what rhymed with “victory” in korean? maybe he could just rap victory in various ways repeatedly, like a stuttering rat-tat-tat at the beginning for flow or speed or something? ah, yoojin could probably tell him...youngsters were so talented, nowadays. meanwhile, he still struggled with writing lyrics. he saw that trainee write two full sets of song lyrics in one sitting. it was so odd, how he envied them, as he was sure that at least one of them envied d*cht, but he didn’t see himself the same way that they did. in his eyes, there was nothing to aspire to be in him, nothing that was attractive enough to draw eyes to him in the same way he found talent amongst his members. they were just good at what they did, no matter what it was. that type of was irreplacable by anything else, magnetic and dynamic and utterly striking. they would do well, just as well, perhaps flourishing even more-under another member’s guidance.
did this count as brooding? he doesn’t think so...but isn’t there a human table building and hiding contest? a bit of a mouthful, but d*cht was excellent at it. whenever they heard one of their older songs being played, two members would form a table with their arms and the other two would hide underneath it, even if they were at an awards show or something. it was embarrassing, seeing rookie groups cover their songs...ah, he remembered a lot from the old songs, too. he looked awful back then, and his way of introducing himself made him cringe, even now. never again. they would never go back to that. ever. thank god that people had mostly forgotten them with their new releases, but that one time someone sent him a review of their old music video in which his most embarrassing bowl cut-which honestly now reminded him of an eggshell or something, since the ends were spiked-was front and center. he never wanted to remember that again. there was just suffering down that path.
as brightly as he could, he adjusts his hoodie (and wasn’t it odd to be wearing something that wasn’t semiformal? he’s pretty sure that the others earlier may have been taking photos. he doesn’t even remember the last time that he wore something that didn’t have sleeves, either) and sets off on his journey. that made it sound dramatic, on second thought.
he’s just looking for something to do.
that would make brooding much less easier to avoid, right?

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @skylar park<BR>
i almost tagged u as skylar heat stop me ♥</div>

Aug 2 2017, 12:54 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="slrec"><div class="posttemp"> <img src=""><BR>
<div class="posttop">esanggwaneun an eoullyeo</div><BR><div class="posttext">

jihyun's hands feel heavy with something. he needs to take a break, most likely, but there's this feeling that he should be able to write, but he can't. everything that the swipes of pen produce-they're awful. he used to be better at this. clearly, the break has not treated him well. he pauses, thoughts carefully being filtered and processed in his mind, and shakes his head. perhaps a walk will do him some good. it's not wise to push himself too far. he can't stop thinking when he throws his health to the wayside. it's...not a good thing. not by any means, because then he always does something out of character and manages to break objects in his house, photos burned and wine spilt on his flawless marble counters.
he stands up. the chair scrapes against the floor, screeching. his head spins, tightening, and then it lightens up. he presses two fingers against his temple to try to will away the way that his vision disappears temporarily, and gives it two minutes exactly to readjust. he glances at the clock to check the time. ah, three in the morning. that must be why he's tired. nonetheless, he needs to have this song in good enough shape that at least he can edit it at the very least, right? the coat that he's wearing is given a moment of contemplation, before he curls it around his body protectively. he doesn't really like showing skin, even though it's slight-it's just...not something he's fond of.
(something he wasn't fond of, or something she wasn't fond of?)
he sets off out of the studio, anyways, and is far too preoccupied in his thoughts before he sees a familiar glimpse of red. red? he strains to remember, but he only remember the cranberry-esque shade of h or someone with a similar name-l, maybe? they're from st*r, he knows that much-ah, minyoung. from olive. he recognizes her the moment she comes close enough for him to make out her distinct features, and he blinks at her, startled. olive must be busy, are they not? especially with the reappearance of kakyuu. it's odd to see her at this hour, though. is she not tired? should he ask about her current state of health-no, that would be overstepping.

<BR><div class="postbottom"> @minyoung ahn<BR>
super late, but hopefully this works? ♥</div>

Jul 18 2017, 11:50 PM
[dohtml]<center><div class="bandrequest"> <div class="bandrequesttop" style="background-color: #F1D38D">NEW GROUP REQUEST !!</div><BR><div class="bandrequesttext"> AGENCY: sealight records.<BR><BR> GROUP NAME: d*cht.<BR><BR> MUSIC GENRE: Predominantly hip-hop with pop and r&b elements, <b>d*cht</b> is known for incorporating different styles of music within different albums, preferring to mix genres and feature elements from others instead of just choosing one, having experimented with electronic music and classical aspects in the past. However, they're averse to creating "bubblegum pop" music unless it's satire, which has lost them a few points in the past. They're most well-known for the underlying political and social issues that their music highlights subtly, which has simultaneously been giving fan theorists countless amounts of stress in each of their comebacks and them more room to discuss their beliefs without overstepping their bounds as artists. While their music might not always be number one on the charts, they're consistently ranked near the top. <BR><BR> MEMBER COUNT: four.<BR><BR> MEMBER TALENTS: leader/rapper (monster), vocal, dancer, vocal.<BR><BR> DEBUT DATE: July 8th, 2001.<BR><BR> GROUP DESCRIPTION: The longest running kpop group so far, d*cht has been under the public eye for a long time. They're highly popular internationally and in South Korea as an all-male band underneath Sealight Records. The band is also known for versatile talent due to their age in the entertainment industry-some members have learned how to produce, compose, and write their own songs, as well as other members never really sticking to their own respective roles in the group, being able to switch and expand their horizons in order to continue changing as the industry does as well and find their niche. And as years have gone by, individual members have begun to branch out in their own respective fields professionally outside of the band, becoming actors or models, but have stayed loyal to the group as a whole, though recently netizens have been noting a difference in Monster's behavior and speculating that they're about to break up soon. Unique aspects of d*cht include their intense, charismatic stage presences and approachable demeanors in real life, as well as their consistent interaction with fans. That isn't to say that they haven't found their own issues, though-members of the group have been in their own respective scandals before, but thanks to their agency, they've been able to mostly sweep it under the rug, except for whatever someone finds when they dig a little deeper.</div></div></center>[/dohtml]

for you! let me know if you'd like me to delete this thread when you have the info. sorry it took me so long to get it to you too.
Jul 12 2017, 12:42 AM
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<b>jihyun kim.</b> leader of d*cht. rapper. i like to photograph things in my free time. <br><br>

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Jul 2 2017, 07:49 PM
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<h2>jihyun's table of contents</h2>

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key: ✘ - ongoing, ✔ - completed, ⚠ - concerns another character
trigger warnings: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse, suicide idealization, unhealthy codependence & relationships, religious undertones, suicide mention, alcoholism

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