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2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

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-   »kpop 114 !!

ready, set, go!

extras on Feb 17 2018, 11:32 PM by lei zhang-gi

news rules faq

this is where you get started. all the site's important information- the rules, the member groups, news, setting info, and more- are all in here!
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sign up, sign in!

it's done !! on 60 minutes ago by chenglei hú

application claims wanted

ready to get started? take a look at the wanted ads in here and post your application in this forum. once you have been accepted, all the claims you need to fill out are located here.
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your bias is showing!

tada // trainee on Yesterday at 03:36 pm by zee

all the accepted character's shipper apps are moved here. if you are ready to start plotting, take a look around and post in other's threads. there is also a section specifically for group plotting so everyone can be on the same page.
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behind the scenes!

snapchats ✘ on Today at 12:01 am by skylar park

a-i j-q r-z site codes

this is where members can find their personal development sections. feel free to post anything in here you'd like- thread trackers, character development, etc.! this is also where the site codes are hosted. these are not mandatory, but here for anyone's use.
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-   »seoul !!

event: pyeongchang

what are you looking at??? on Yesterday at 10:14 pm by Ryan Jin

Just southeast of Seoul is Pyeongchang: home to several Buddhist temples and most famously hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics! The high-speed rails have just opened, so now it's only a short trip to enjoy the festivities the celebrations and ceremonies have to offer.
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Why do you need to know? on Today at 12:11 am by William Holtzer

all communication is digital today. if you can do it on your phone or on the internet- you can find it here.
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cm entertainment

day trip on Yesterday at 06:00 pm by tadasuke akatsuki

this is cm entertainment's modest head quarters. here you can find the offices, the dorms, and the training facilities.
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sealight records

walk-ins on Yesterday at 06:13 pm by tadasuke akatsuki

this is sealight record's fancy head quarters. here you can find the offices, the dorms, and the training facilities.
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routines on Yesterday at 08:18 pm by kyoko kirigiri

hey remember these guys? yeah me neither. this is boss's head quarters. here you can find the offices, the dorms, and the training facilities.
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business district

baby baby... on Feb 17 2018, 12:49 PM by won byeol

seoul's sprawling business district houses eighty7 studios and almost every other kind of business you can think of.
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New Family on Feb 13 2018, 07:24 PM by yuuri katsuki

everyone has to live somewhere. whether it's a house or an apartment or just staying in a hotel, residence threads are located here.
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somewhere only we know on Feb 11 2018, 05:59 PM by lee-sing sing

learning doesn't stop for kpop rivalries. seoul's high schools, colleges, and other facilities run to make sure that everyone has a chance for a future.
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getting hungry? go grab some of seoul's amazing dining options, anywhere from McDonald's to five star.
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bubble bubble pop! on Jan 21 2018, 12:54 PM by mani phanthittra

stop by the mall or the fashion district in seoul to satisfy your retail therapy. just watch out for the paparazzi because they're watching out for you.
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night life

take out all your villains on Yesterday at 08:48 pm by theodora butte

seoul's night life is perfect for that much needed break from real life, whether it's one of the most popular clubs in the world or a trendy little hot spot.
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standin' here nothin... on Jan 2 2018, 12:24 AM by Seulgi Lee

the world keeps spinning while you've got to get from point a to point b: cars, planes, trains, buses- any sort of transportation threads go here.
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everywhere else

after all this time on Yesterday at 11:57 pm by yuuri katsuki

seoul has so much to offer, there's no way we would be able to keep up with it all. for threads that take place everywhere else in seoul, use this thread.
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south korea

you're my beginning and... on Feb 6 2018, 11:28 PM by eunji jong

travelling out of seoul to visit your home town for the weekend? south korea is a big place with plenty of places to explore.
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stay close to me [cw] on Feb 8 2018, 07:20 PM by yuuri katsuki

there are so many amazing places right within reach of korea. this section is for visits to china or japan or any of the other countries right within reach.
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Ohana Means Family on Dec 31 2017, 01:02 PM by zhifang moon

heading off to LA for KCON? maybe stopping in to see the queen of england? if you're flying more than a few hours overseas, this will be where you end up.
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Wish I Could Be on Yesterday at 12:35 pm by Haneul Choi

have a childhood memory your characters would like to revisit? can't wait for that future thread that changes your entire character's life? put it here.
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It's Not a Fairy Tale on Feb 11 2018, 08:35 PM by pyong kim

anything that happens outside of RE-BYE's universe will happen in here and almost anything goes! (please remember the site rules about maturity)
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-   »o o c !!

the hang out

it's been 84 years... on Feb 10 2018, 12:22 PM by jianyi li

games away messages

any conversation ooc goes here.
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Atricis: Awakening [ Dragon... on Today at 12:31 am by AtricisMember

first link link back affiliates our ad

site advertisements go here.
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---- on Yesterday at 05:26 pm by tadasuke akatsuki

all archived applications, archived threads, etc. go here when they are finished.
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