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 stop lying with those words, kyu/rayne. steal yo man au.
pyong kim
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 11:40 AM
pyong kim
26 years old
written by zee
80 posts

Pyo sighed, and this close, his breath fogged up the mirror he was nearly pressed up against. He was a sight right now, all long limbs scrunched together trying to fit on the bathroom counter while he was in his underwear, but he'd fit into smaller places for less important things... you got good at it when you had as much anxiety as he did while also being as tall as he was. He shifted and tilted his head at another angle, his tongue sticking out in concentration as he finished the wing of his eyeliner the way he'd gotten the stylist who handled his makeup to show him. It was probably a little over the top for a date, but he wanted to look stunning. He wanted to take Joon's breath away.

Joon was perfect. There was really no other word for his boyfriend. The dancer had swept Pyo off his feet from the moment they'd been introduced. He was kind and gentle, always waiting to make sure that he was okay with anything before they did it. It was sweet and necessary, really, when dealing with a basket case like he was, even if Pyo had been trying to get Joon to kiss him for ages now. There was plenty to be nervous about- trying to keep their relationship a secret from the management and higher ups wasn't a picnic- but for once, Pyo didn't care about the risk. This was the most wanted he'd felt in ages, in as long as he could remember.

He pulled back enough from the mirror to turn his head from side to side and figured this was the best he was going to get- especially since he still had to get dressed before Joon got there. He probably still had plenty of time. Setting the stolen (borrowed! He was going to give it back! ...maybe!) make-up to the side, he slid off the counter as gracefully as he could and checked the phone he had set on the counter earlier. Cursing when he saw that he had spent a lot longer than he'd thought trying to get his eyeliner in order, he stumbled out into his dorm room and rushed for his closet.

He was too concerned with pulling his jeans on and pull the top he'd finally picked out over his head to realize that his roommate had been in the room the entire time. When he turned around he gasped and nearly fell over, laying a hand against his racing heart as he tried to laugh off the panic that wasn't subsiding just because he saw who it was watching him. "Shit! Y-you... you scared the hell out of me, Kyu," He tucked some of his dyed hair behind a ear and fidgeted, reminding himself not to panic. Okay, so Kyu was here now even though Pyo was pretty sure he was supposed to be distracted for a few more minutes. So Kyu'd know that Pyo was sneaking out for a date. It wasn't like Kyu didn't know they were dating; Kyu was more than just his roommate or group mate, he was Pyo's best friend. The person he trusted most in the world.

It was only Kyu didn't like Joon. It wasn't something that Pyo understood that well but knew as well as he knew his own name; for as long as he'd known Joon, Kyu had hated him. Well, that wasn't exactly it. Kyu didn't think Joon was worth a second of his time. What he really hated was that Joon took his best friend away from him- even thinking about it had a flush tinting the top of Pyo's cheekbones as he smoothed out the shirt he'd pulled on. He and Kyu were closer than most friends, and the legendary jealousy wasn't new. As much as Pyo had wanted to pretend as a trainee that it was because Kyu wanted something more, he'd never seriously made a move in that way in all the years they'd known each other.

He almost lied, thought about coming up with some elaborate story so Kyu wouldn't know where he was going or more importantly who he was leaving with, but the thought of lying to Kyu made his chest tight. "I'm going to... we're going out. Tonight. Me and Joon." He glanced at the door and then back to his friend, smiling a little bit in the way he only did when he was around Kyu. "Do I look... o-okay?"

@Kyu-Hah Yu
Kyu-Hah Yu
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 11:21 PM
Kyu-Hah Yu
23 years old
written by Rayne
38 posts

Tell me is this freedom, baby?
Chasing after danger
Making my heart break
His body was set on fire, the source of the flames coming from the small of his back, right where a hand a rested. Half a city and a car ride later, he could still feel it. The way his cousin had rested his hand on his back, guiding him along the ancient family garden he's always hated. He didn't need to know why he was being called to the Head House. Years of underperformance wasn't being tolerated anymore. He was a Yu. He had a name to uphold. And he wasn't doing it.

They had put him through his paces, making him push himself until he could no longer stand. Every part of his skill was tested. Was he following his diet close enough. Was he focused enough. Could he still dance, act, sing. Was it his fault his group couldn't dig themselves out of a hole. It wasn't like performing for fans or company executives. Every mistake was calculated, an all or nothing perfection that he had to soar beyond.

Decisions were now being made that were out of his control. It wasn't him, they said. He was performing at his peak, but then it had to be something else. Talk came up of moving companies, of going solo, his opinion not mattering. Kyu didn't even bother voicing them. This was out of his hands. His life wasn't his to control, after all.

He'd skipped dinner with them, like he shouldn't have, but he couldn't take another minute being on the same property as his sister knowing he wasn't allowed to see her. They'd even taken away his one phone call for the month as punishment. No, what he needed was to be across town. The only person he wanted to see was his hyung.

It was wrong and it would get them into so much trouble, not just from the company, but his family, but he couldn't help but look at Pyo and want. He'd never known what a crush had felt like until he met Pyo during training. For the longest time, he would trail after him, trying to hog every ounce of attention he could suck out of the other man. He wanted to be Pyo's favorite, to hear his praise and know he made him happy. And it had taken some stupid post on tumblr before he realized how he felt. And by then, Pyo had gone off and gotten some stupid boyfriend.

Kyu hated him. Hated his fucking guts. Jun, Jeong, whatever his name was, had caught Pyo's attention before he could make his move. And for that, Kyu was never going to forgive him. Everything he did grated on Kyu's nerves. How tender he treated Pyo, how hard he tried to be friends with him. He was too good. God, thinking about him was just boiling his blood again. Pyo was his, why couldn't this tool see that?

Stopping just outside the dorm, Kyu pressed his head against the wall. His vision had been swimming and there was nothing here to get pissed at besides the wall. Punching a hole through the hallway wall was a surefire way to get himself into more trouble and probably yanked from BOSS all together by his family. He had to keep cool. Stay under control. So he wouldn't leave Pyo.

He continued to breath for untold minutes before sneaking into the dorm. Just the thought of running into one of the girls made his stomach churn. He didn't want to see them right now. Slipping into his room, disappointment settled into his gut when he saw Pyo wasn't there. He must have gone out for the evening.

Kyu resigned himself to watching Netflix on his phone and eating whatever crap Bo had stuffed in the cabinets for them to eat. Stuffing his headphones into his ear, he queued up the show he was watching, letting the time pass until he heard the door unlatch. Pyo was coming into the room, and the sight of him warmed something icy in his chest. He was about to sit up and welcome him back when the sight of his eyes stopped him in his tracks.

Winged eyeliner. Why did he have winged eyeliner. There wasn't a shoot or any- Oh. His heart sank when Kyu realized who that eyeliner was for. The fucking jerk. Pyo was trying to look nice for a date. Any ease he had felt before had rushed away, leaving him hollow. He simply watched as Pyo made himself look good for the asshole, sinking further and further into the bed. All energy to call out and draw attention to himself had faded.

But what was going his way today? Pyo turned around, spotting him on the bed and there was no where to hide. H'd been caught. Slowly, he sat up, taking the earbuds fully out of his ear and throwing his phone onto the foot of his bed, still playing the show. He scooted back against the wall, dragging his legs up as Pyo restarted his heart. God, he was cute.

Dragging his eyes firmly over Pyo's outfit, he paused on those winged eyes looking back at him, begging him for some sort of approval. Of the outfit, of his boyfriend, Kyu didn't know. Jealousy was a familiar feeling, but his feelings had been so frayed and torn apart by the day, he couldn't contain it. He didn't know how long he would be allowed to be around Pyo anymore and his time was being taken up by some hack who didn't deserve him.

His jaw locked and he swallowed hard, his eyes dipping low. "You look amazing," he said, pushing off the bed. He didn't look at Pyo as he started to cross the room, hunched in on himself. "But he still won't kiss you."

@tag | Outfit | i wrote you a novel i apologize
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