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 hongjuk // summer boys [cw], the red king from snow white and alice
jeok-hong jun
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 07:32 AM
jeok-hong jun
30 years old
written by yuen
10 posts

cw for: orphan / mentions of children work

co-leader / visual
o / 181 cm / 67 kg
june 12th, 1988


cleaning, letting other people do work, commanding, controlling, working hard (and being rewarded for), acting lazy, letting others work for him, avoiding to have too many contacts, being distant


being in charge, his fans (when they don't touch him), watching from afar, control, sweat pea, eternity, thinking of eternity, warm food


dirt, changes, being in public (esp. without disguise), thunderstorms, showing weaknesses to anyone, genius / talent

Player Name:


Other Characters:

kyu-byul rhee, toh-rin dutchmann, ki-hyeon leeton, ae-yeong ji, mae-lee chae, hye-ri hong, eun sinbi, ji-so kim, min-hee woo, eun-jun han, lynn seo, chae-won pae, ku-rin jang, jae coghlan, zan-yu huang, seo-ho ja


ask for skype/discord, pm's always a way to reach me
jeok-hong jun

you are the well-known co-leader of 'summer boys', boss' oldest active group so far. nobody would ever doubt your truthful reign, the king's crown that belongs to you like to nobody else. you are a charming young man, a humble and supporting person. you wish your opponents the very best, and demands a fair battle in any case. you surely know how to use words and how to win the audience for yourself. a charming acquaintance, even as you do not attend many variety shows - if any. beside social media (you are quite active online), it does not seem to be your nature to be often around other people and to get in touch with others directly. in fact, it is a running gag that you are the cleanest of them all and likes to keep everything tidy.
ever since, you appear as loving. you truthfully are interested in improving yourself, despite 'only' being another visual of your group. in the end, it is surely a gift that you are not only the leader of this group, but you are also often considered as the infamous leader of 3lite4, an independent hip hop crew.
you are a selfish being, only interested in your own well-being whenever nobody watches you. in fact, you are quite reckless, loveless. whispering words call you a dictator, a ruler without mercy. even as the majority knows you as a lovely king, but anybody else perceives you as needy and self-centered. indeed, you claim your own goals as superior, you want to achieve them by any means. since you are given power, you are willing to use them for your own dreams, regardless of other people's thinking.
and yet, you are a hard-working person who accomplishes his goals not only by commanding, but also by working for it. you know nothing in life is a given fact, everything is something you have to fight for. therefore, you hate people who are born with natural talents, people who apparently never had to work to get through life. and in the end ... they are the most dangerous ones, the ones who could easily question your belongings and place you have.
you are the shiny idol which not only works for one of the big three companies, but also establishes your own name as in the independent scene, helping to make them more known in general public (so they say) and to improve their work, as well as your own specialty, your good looks. even as you sometimes appear as a mere shadow being, you are definitely not. you influence the life of others with your mere existence.
life had not been too easy for you, but everything people can see are your rightful, helpful attitude and your wish to be there for your fans - often known for your amazing photoshoots, your perfect posing and your eye-catching looks ... fans are greedy. a blessing. a curse.
you are disgusted by your fans who wish steadily more and more of you - to see more and more of you. not only the masses of photobooks that were already produced ... but even acting ... would they ever stop? it reached the worst point as the older half of 'summer boys' disappeared to complete their duty in military, yet ... then you started to hate your job. it was this time as you started to disappear from public eyes, to become a more and more rare sight. something that might have increased your popularity ...
yet nobody knows who you are, or have been, right?

you are a nobody. you grew up as another mouth in the world that had to be fed by someone, with something. life never was easy for you, you had to start to work early, in order to survive, and you would do anything. never having a concrete memory of your parents, growing up as orphan ... from little age, you seemed to be destined to become a criminal.
and it was true, you stole to feed yourself, you found a friend who shared the reckless behaviour you had. one day, you wanted to steal from the wrong person - you were only twelve at that point. he caught you in the act, but instead of lecturing you, he offered you both a deal: you should watch his estate and protect it - especially his daughter, a famous idol, yet she lived hidden from public cameras. you agreed, despite your young age, and you accepted.
ever since then, you watched her from afar. she was a lovely being, yet you knew she was unreachable. not only was she the daughter of the cruel landlord, she was also an idol. you lived in different worlds, you was only ... nobody.
until the day she disappeared.
you are someone who has been in training for seven years and two months. it is also widely known that you and another trainee had been in friendly competition, as both of you had been trained to become a leader someday. each and every tenth month, the next 'king' for the next period of ten months was decided by election. however, it could be strange that your opponent suddenly vanished as it was announced that 'summer boys' would debut - with you as the co-leader. initially, it might have been planned that this second co-leader role would be continued to be a changing one, yet it did not happen.
you became half of the reign.
you are what was left as she left. you thought you would not see her again, stopping to hang around aimlessly (also known as you had been thrown out) and eventually start to seek out for a plan. it was this time as you heard of that certain audition ... of boss. an entertainment company, making music - it was a mere curiosity, and it reminded you of 'her', the fresh snow in your heart that made you alive yet froze you to death.
you decided to take part, and even as you had not been the best, they were interested in trying - you and another orphan had been picked up, as both of you had a certain potential ... perhaps it was the leadership, the role you both were trained to fulfill. publicly, the next 'king' was decided via election, the truth was a reckless battle between both of you, but you stayed fair among each other. it was a game and it was always an open end.
you are twenty as you debuted as part of 'summer boys'. in the final election that you won, it was decided that you would fulfill the 'king's' position, at least for the younger half, at first.
your debut was quite successful, and the time after was even more filled with dreams that came true - and you stayed on top of it. even as you reached your peak, even as the older members left, you stayed. and as you stayed ... there was a change perceivable.
... just it was not a change ...
it was far away from a change.
you are the reason for you fiercest opponent to disappear, all of a sudden, into the hole of failed trainees. you manipulated his entrance paper for the final exam, and you were the one that won. you cheated your position, but what? nobody knew about this and nobody would ever ... right?
now, you had the power - the power to fulfill the words that echoed in your voice ever since you had met 'her' in your life again - although she had not seen you, you were only able to listen to her voice ... and she wished for a world that did not change.
you were eager to reach this goal for her - and therefore, you froze. as the older, the strong vocalists left, the experienced rappers - you believed to have control. you demanded the same, over and over. some stayed loyal to you, to your group. some marked you as 'only faces'. it was fine.
it would be what she demanded, not? the only thing that matters.
you are someone who gathers people around them. perhaps not because they actually like you, but because you have a sense for bonding with those who attract others by themselves.
during all that time, your relationship to a fellow trainee, later idol was always of public interest - it always went viral whenever occasion occured. she was known as the 'lady of hearts', especially popular among females, while your representative color had always been the clear and intense red that is the color of blood, love, anger. of heatening fire, of destroying flames. together, some would say that you would be a perfect royal couple.
you are the person that had saved the future 'lady of hearts' in her earliest days. she was a fellow trainee, a trainee just like you, and ever since, she decided to follow you. she became a loyal friend of yours, she helped you ever since, even as she debuted herself - the public did not know much about you both, actually, nothing more than you seemed to be a nice match and a worthy ship to sail. there are only few people who know you two better ... and that you are more or less bound by a promise. it is not a marriage, yet sometimes ... people perceive it as such.
in fact, you often do not seem to care much about her once you are alone, while she ...
you are one of the original founders of 3lite4, a hip hop crew, formed in hongdae. at the start of your career, you had been there once, and ever since then, you had been a regular guest here. as your known face was also a welcoming advertisement, you soon found people of ... similar interest. perhaps not all-around the same, but you were able to establish a group of four. even as you were a more loose bond in the beginning, the further it went, the worse your own group promotions got, it was a chance to expand yourself - right?
after several years, as you four decided to form a group, eventually, to hopefully surpass the crisis this group of yours were also facing at that point. why does everything need to be changed? in your eyes, it was nothing too serious - yet they demanded a sudden addition of a boy, a new boy - you were fully opposed to it, you despised the thought of another member.
yet ... this boy ... gan song ... he caught your attention. he reminded you of 'her', thus you finally agreed to him joining. it was strange for you, it was the first time for a long while that you actually accepted a change.
you are facing your last opponent, the final opponent, as your past was about to take over you. you knew, in your late twenties, you had faced one crisis after another, actually, and that there were only few things that had prevented you from falling harshly down. the repetitive you, the never-changing you - it was time ... for you, for you both to see who would be more powerful in the very last.
you lost your last fight. it would have destroyed yourself to continue ... the clock began to work again. the time went on - even as your opponent vanished after this, even as he seeked his own fortune outside the world you had captured yourself in. it was broken. the world you had built, the world you thought you would have built for ... 'her'. everyting was gone.
you are one of the most promising singers, mentors and idols in the entire music scene, ranging from the underground to the famous shining world of k-pop industry.
as singer, you are steadily improving your skills, even within a hip hop crew, and fully convincing that a stunning voice and soothing lyrics can enhance any composition.
as mentor, the start of 'nex7 g3n' promised a new, fresh beginning - a subsidiary crew to the main crew of 3lite4. as whole, you all started to take several potential new members under your wing, training them to their fullest and improving their skills.
as idol, the return of the older members are surely increasing the popularity of 'summer boys' once again, and now, as you are willing to accept necessary changes and even alternating concepts, it is time to take the spotlight again.
you would not let defeat come to your heart once more.

connect the dots

name both 'jeok' (赤/적) and 'hong' (紅/홍) as part of his first name can mean red, while his surname 'jun' (君/전) means king, ruler - hence, his entire name is a literal translation of red king, it's actually as simple as that! his stage name is a slightly altered version of his first name, as i thought ... someone who's from an earlier generation won't have too fancy a stage name ... stuff like that? (i mean nothing like english names or words, but that's really only my personal opinion on that!)

occupation okay, so he's the king and therefore he should be co-leader and i love summer boys and his face claim, emperor hwang minhyun, is visual for sure, so yeah. the combination seems to be just perfect.

birthday apparently, june 12th is the day of the red rose (hence red king) and in the thai culture, the color of sunday is red, so i searched a year when june 12th was a sunday and i found year 1988, so now he's an old but beautiful man.

background / 'marriage' / queen of hearts since the red king is obviously some sort of married (?) to the queen of hearts, the person jeok-hong constantly calls 'lady of hearts' is the stand-in for her. they're not actually married (i think fans would run crazy over this, especially as they're not very lovey-dovey in any way possible). it's more like a promise here, but she exists because i love her omg.

background / childhood alright, so our lovely king, in canon, grew up as an assassin that was ordered to kill a certain person, named count philipp - however, he fails and gets employed by said person instead. there, he has to protect the estate and his only daughter, snow white. she was always a seemingly unreachable person for him, up until one day where he (and his mate, he had one, actually) was too careless and got in touch with her. he fell in love, over the passing years and yeah - obsession, you know ... here, i adapted most facts of the original story (hence-- it's a cruel world-- /dies) while snow white is a very protected idol, someone he would usually never get to know personally - as he had the chance, she inspired him to become a trainee, so he could get closer to her (comparable to becoming later a king's candidate). however, he lost hold of her one day ...

background / youth / alice ever since then, he's in a competition with 'alice' to become the next king of the mirror world for the next ten years. said world was initially in the making by mirror, a mysterious yet very powerful being. here, we have mirror as executive of boss and alice is a fellow trainee. both are originally trained to become leader one day, although the group was never actually settled and all that - just a 'special course' for them. they should build it from nearly the ground up, their group(s). however, it's usually a turn-around thing - the king changes basically every period, so both leads in turns for several months.

background / young adult / summer boys aye. this was at least until the announcement of 'summer boys'! usually, they would probably continue that spinning-thing, actually, as leading voice of the younger half of the group. however, it doesn't happen. right at that time, jeok-hong deleted the evaluation entrance sheet of his opponent to become king for a longer period (hence eternity). in canon, the red king destroyed alice's king's ring which was the major item to become king of mirror land (you have to unite both rings, each of them has/had one). he eliminated his opponent, it's fairly canon. thus is followed by a never-changing, ever-repeating life in mirror land where the same year is on repeat, practically a 'world without tomorrow'. even as this will be a bit timeline-lackish now, forgive me - but with the loss of the older half of the group (hence another alice stand-in, basically), 'summer boys' could be described as being caught in the same repetitive time loop of music. there's also the reference in the independent group 3lite4 he's part of, since they're also caught in a loop, however, which also describes the ultimate power the red king possessed over mirror land, as he was able to stop and repeat time for the entire land. another connection back to canon is then, of course, that jeok-hong even forced this loop to stay forever there, since he hated changes. another reference is that he started to hate changes because of snow white, which i slighty mentioned once. (of course this is like the most destructive move in the entertainment industry, but he's insane, okay ...)

background / adulthood / snow white alright! but things are starting to change as 'snow white' appears in the series. the story of the red king's fall is actually described in ten volumes of good stuff, but i made it lots of shorter and summarized the main events. hence, snow white can be seen as the key to move the mirror land forward, thus we have more than one snow white stand-in, actually ... so in 3lite4, for example, gan is the 'first' person that fits the snow white role, as he helps the crisis-facing 3lite4 to get away and move on. the return of summer boys can also be seen as 'snow white', since she works here as a mere key and doesn't have to be one person respectively. in the end, the red king and jeok-hong accepts the changes. however, since alice - despite winning the last fight - decides to leave mirror land and be happy with snow white, the red king is still serving as our double leader and moves on in his own ways. in canon, the mirror land gets destroyed and falls apart - here, it's more like jeok-hong's attitude, that changes are necessarily bad, getting destroyed.

personality admittingly, he seems to be like a weirdo and creepo and psychopath at first, yet he has a 'public face' which seems friendly, charming and even loving, apparently a very good king - yet he has another face of the selfish, self-centered king which hides mostly in his own castle, commanding and harshly bossing people around. yet there is also the hard-working side of him who does take care of everything (admittingly, in his own way). and not to forget how he is head over heels for a person ... he really admires snow white (the one he got to know in his childhood, before the king's stuff) and kept her memory close to his heart. ... yet he is very violent. ever since he has so many faces and personality traits (which actually depends a little bit on who he faces), i chose to write it like 'public' and 'private' sides of him. on the one side, there are information one easily can access via internet, then there's stuff only certain people know about. however, i tried to include and to describe his manifold personalities and characteristics as detailed and as complete as possible.


bow down! it's your known younger co-leader and visual of summer boys, boss' longest active group so far and the largest group in general huehue. he's also more or less known as the more or less inofficial leader of 3lite4, a hip hop crew in hongdae who are recently expanding their group to newer and fresher potential members as well!
well ... he's publicly known as quite a sweet guy i guess - someone you would obviously call a good leader, despite lacking direct interactions, even as since recently, there are definitely more sides of him that are displayed to the general audience ... he slowly starts to show his true self, since the main events and the main triggers in his life happened and are gone. however, if you know how he's behind the camera, then yes, he is indeed bossy and demanding, yet he seems to be very lazy on his own. however, he's a hard-working guy, please respect that, too, and he works on his vocals and songwriting skills, to prove he's not only visual!! get it, jeok-hong!!


noooooooooot the usual type to make friends with, to be honest ... he had very few he would rather call his advisors-- and i admit he won't be the best friend you can ever get, so ... let's face it ... he's more isolated in his own room than you might think since he's such a famous idol!! however, i'd love to see how it could work out to have friends or attempts of friends?? please give me some-- he could use them, too ...


i might request his lady of hearts since i love them so much!! i rather love her than them, that's-- true-- but however!!! he's a very selfish lover, i think, and rather demands than gives. he takes more than he is willing to gift, anyway, and he's the most lazy one. just think of those who forget important dates as anniversaries or even your birthday-- sobs-- even as he had loved once in his life, it was rather a failure than success--


uh. many. since he battled against someone else for more than half of his life, i think he had quite some enemies?? and ever since his backstage personality is just so bad, i can imagine?? and since his reputation within 3lite4 is rather the one of a dictator, i can definitely see that people hate him?? yeah ... i mean ... i love him, but that often doesn't mean something good for everyone else ...


summer boys. eventually, i was able to fulfill my promises and joined!! pls hang out with your maknae line leader--
3lite4. yeah!! i eventually also made a character for this, and i'm glad ur going to accept him, so pls let's make some great stuff in the future-- nex7 g3n people are also widely accepted!! (he gives posing lessons lolol--)
anything. got an idea? i'd love to hear!! i'm generally open to whatever, and even if it's just a minor idea or a character you want to see with him, we can surely figure things out!!
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 12:18 PM
22 years old
written by She/Her
61 posts

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

Another good job, Yuen! <3

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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