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perpetual wonder
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It was one of these days on which Yeongho actually was able to step back from his idol life and work, only to enter the business world of his family backwards. There was a small line which was called private life, but but honestly, it didn't make a big part of his life. He wasn't really unhappy with that, probably only stressed, but he hid it behind a business smile and some easy-going words to go on with the work he had to do, whatever this work was.<br>
The meeting today took the whole day, and he was only able to leave in the early evening. It was still january, cold and dark, but he wasn't bothered by that. He enjoyed the dark nights more than some of the days, especially when the sun was just too bright for him. He was light-sensitive and nocturnal, almost like a vampire. And, of course, just as handsome!<br>
He should have hurried to get back to the dorms, but he didn't. He looked at the night sky occasionally and didn't take any ride home - his father had offered him that he could be driven home, but not today. He felt the urgent need to be alone with his thoughts and the night sky, the stars whose light was so far away. Millions and billions of light years were in between them, but the light reached them. He smiled faintly, thinking about their own sun being a mere star somewhere else.<br>
For a moment, he stood still in his business outfit with his tidy appearance. Some other business men were rushing from one place to another, but he didn't bother. He just looked up and wondered.
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Yesterday at 08:39 am
<center><div style="background:white;padding:10px;width:350px;color:#1a1a1a;font-size:10px;text-align:center;">
- <a href="">two ways of loving</a><br>
<b>under construction</b><br>
- the nightborn storyteller<br>
short stories?<br>
- about nighttime stars<br>
random facts
Jan 14 2018, 08:26 AM
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<one><b>//</b> i like you.</one>

<one>sayori wakaba</one>

<one>ca. 23 years # resident</one>

<one>final love</one>

<one>pure heart & gentle smile</one>


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<s>I love her so much.</s> I search Sayori Wakaba from Vampire Knight for my Hanabusa Aido, Yeongho Jjok! She's just a sweetheart, but she has a quick tongue nevertheless. She can be quite blunt sometimes. A caring nature who doesn't want to see her friends in trouble, but she doesn't corner these, too, and waits until they open themselves. A headstrong person with an iron will even though she is in the background most of the time. Her imperturbable eyes show her calmness, and parts of her pride, too.<br>

She is or will become one of the most important people in Yeongho's life; I've already mentioned her in his application - it's the chapter "on the revolutions of" - and oh dear, I can't find the right words to describe her... it's probably best if you just go and read the second chapter of "Vampire Knight: Memories" because there the whole story starts and I just love them both together... (I can send you the other chapters in which they both appear, too!) So they both already know each other and have developed feelings for each other, but I leave it up to you if they are already <s>married</s> dating or not!<br>
The <b>spirit</b> can't be changed, honestly, because I insist on having Sayori here for that - but I know that I am sometimes really bad at insiting, you could try to find another, similiar spirit for her, buuuut... Sayori is still my favorite! If you're not familiar with VK at all, I offer you to give you a "short" summary of the story and tell you what you need to know! It'd be great if you could read some of the VKM chapters, too! <b>Face claim</b> is up to you, but I'd love to have someone with a gentle smile... /shot<br>
I'd love it so much to have her around here because she is such a pure and good and yet headstrong person and so adorable... And he needs this woman around here! If you have any other questions left, ask!<br>

Concerning the adoption to the RE-BYE-world, I already had some ideas, but it's open to you if you want to take these ideas or develop some own, as long as it's consistent with the canon :3<br>
- she is, like Yeongho, part of a rich and noble family and has a fiancé, but she'll bid her father to cancel it because she wants to marry Yeongho (that's completely canon, btw!)<br>
- she worked for Yeongho as assistant a few years ago (canon)<br>
- she has a more or less dangerous job (medical research?), Yeongho isn't very fond of it and talked to her once, but as she is incredibly resolute, he respects her decision (adoption of her being and staying human)<br>
- if she's a doctor, she could inform him about news of "Kaname" who's in a coma here (adoption of her bringing him new research material)<br>
<center style="font-size:8px;">scan from <a href="">here</a>!</center>

</div><a href=""><div style="font: bold 8px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center; padding: 5px;">BY MITZI</div></a></center>

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Jan 13 2018, 04:37 PM
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The building of BOSS was more active now. He remembered the times in which there rarely was anything ongoing here, but now the life came back - something he really enjoyed. More people here meant that the possibility that he would be known worldwide was higher. Their re-debut was only a few months ago, and it still felt good to be back again. He didn't know all the new faces coming in and out the building, but he greeted everyone nevertheless with a friendly smile.<br>
He had another vocal lesson in the next half an hour, and he preferred to arrive early enough that no traffic jam was able to stop him from coming in time. He was half an hour too early now, but that didn't bother him too much. He would take a seat in the lobby of the entertainment and wait.<br>
A particular person came cross him while he was going to the place with the couches. <b>"Dutchman-seonsaengnim?"</b> he greeted her with a smile on his face and a hand raised to shortly wave at her. <b>"Are you busy right now or do you have the time to talk?"</b> he asked her politely. She was Bo-Ui Sun-seonsaengnim's assistant, which was the reason why he slightly know her. They chatted a few times, too, but not very often. He wanted to get to know other people better, and this would be a good start - and maybe she was able to tell him if maybe, there were any plans concerning Storybook. But he doubted that she would tell him if there were, after all, it was their manager's job to inform them about everything, right?
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@toh-rin dutchman | Let's see how short this will be XDDD
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Dec 30 2017, 03:16 PM
[dohtml]<b>[cw: parental deaths, suicide attempt (everything rather related to a third person, not himself)]<br>
<font style="color:red">SPOILER WARNING</font> for Vampire Knight.</b><link href="|Pacifico|Nunito" rel="stylesheet"><center>
<div class="rebye"><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked><label for="tab-1" style="z-index:7"><img src="" style="margin-top: -1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="firstpic">

<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="Woo Kevin">

</div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 12px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">


</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

Storybook Visual

</div></div><div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 12px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

AB / 180 cm / 63 kg

</div></div> <div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">

11th March 1993

<div class="biginfo"><div class="biginforeal">

suggesting dorm improvements, reading scientific papers, occasionally doing some scientific stuff, keeping his mind busy, <s>flirting</s>, helping his friends with whatever, analyzing and observing, making ice figures

<br /><h1>Likes</h1>
(the scent of) lavender, roses, sweets, convictions, timeless clothes of good quality, his fans & people who like him, the winter, ice & snowflakes, the night sky, research, medicine

<br /><h1>Dislikes</h1>
seeing his friends being hurt, feeling inferior, lacking trust, a messy schedule, disturbances, everyone else sleeping in the night, overly sunny days, being obedient all the time

<hr><h1>Player Name:</h1>

<br /><h1>Other Characters:</h1>
Sayaka Miki

<br /><h1>Contact:</h1>
pm; ask for Discord or Skype!

<br /></div></div><div class="namebox">

Fable (Guide)

</div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2" style="z-index:7; top: 125px;"><img src="" style="margin-top:-1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="appbox"><div class="appname">

Yeongho Jjok

</div><div class="appreal">

<h1>a brief history of time</h1>
<i>If time could tell, which stories would come into its mind; the story of the boy who had everything, or the story of the one who had lost everything? If there's one unifying story at all. But maybe, this is simply what people call past, person, growth.</i><br />
<br />

A noble and elegant house at the end of the street. It's not really filled with light, but with warmth and grief in the same ways. A house that holds a lot of stories and one especially. The storyteller is a man whose face became known in South Korea well.<br>
„Hmm?“ His voice disturbed the picture of the house and the scenery suddenly changed. A practice room, simple and clean. Large mirrors let the trainees see how they moved and reflected their motions. He sat still in the middle of the room, alone apparently. „Did you want to talk with me?“ A mischievous smile found its way too his face. „Or did you just want to see me?“<br>
In the end, it was nothing of both, although now, there were two people sitting in the middle of the room of mirrors. He sighed, looked at the ceiling because it was the only place without any mirror here. Surprisingly, he didn't want to see his face, the presumable melancholy in it right now. Or maybe he didn't want to see the other person's curiosity.<br>
„It's not really a short story,“ he finally said and turned around to look at them finally. „And I can not promise you that anything whatever you expect from hearing it. But since you asked, I tell you what you want to know.“ Another sigh, but then he laughed. His eyes seemed to be glared by memories and darkened in the same way.

<h1>the first three minutes</h1>
<i>A whole universe could be built up in three minutes. Precious time, every second that flies by and vanishes into the past. Considering this, the present is the only thing real. But sometimes even past becomes tangible.</i><br />
<br />

On a surprisingly warm day in winter, the snow still was present. A small child sat behind the window glass, staring at the outside. It was all coloured white, the world was painted in a colour which could be filled with so many things. The boy reached his hand out to touch the cold glass. He shivered for a moment, but he didn't let go of this touch. Slowly he moved his finger on the glass, painting a creature whose existence only he knew of.<br>
With every additional line, his concentration increased. He was absorbed by what he did in front of the window. His whole world spread on the cold glass which was covered with ice flowers here and there. He drew hair for the biggest of them. His parents, his sisters. All of them taught him a lot already. The latter might spoil him too much, but it didn't bother him at all. He loved getting attention. And he really respected his father, so he was sure to name the biggest ice flower after him.<br>
While he was painting his own world here, he hummed a melody his sisters had taught him only a few hours ago before they left to their dancing lesson. Of course, he learned how to dance properly, too, but he didn't have to take too many lessons. Instead, he could spend his time reading books or doing some researches with his cousins. A smile appeared on his child face.<br>
Added his cousins, the picture was finally complete. Sceptically he went a little bit away from the window to look at his masterpiece. In the middle of his movement, he heard a door being opened, followed by the excited chatting he knew so well. Promptly, the window and his work became uninteresting and he left the room to get the attention he deserved.<br>
It seemed like spring wasn't too far away this day and his picture soon vanished. The frost flowers of his picture were soon replaced with the blooming blossoms of warmer days.

<h1>the insect societies</h1>
<i>The function of a chrysalis is to protect the inside. Once the child is ready for the outside, it will fight its way out of it, just like a bird would do to find its way out of the egg. But sometimes, the instinct of the larva is betrayed.</i><br />
<br />

On the puerile face was no trace of nervousness to be seen. He was surprisingly calm, however, seemed to wait for something. He could hear the adults talking behind the door in the room he would enter every minute. But for now, the door marked the border between childhood and early adolescence – he wouldn't be 'grown-up' once he entered this room, but it would be another step forward. Even though it was a small party within the family circle, it was important to him nevertheless. Subdued chatting filled the other room and impatience filled up himself likewise. He couldn't wait any moment longer to enter the room, to finally be able to talk to all these people.<br>
But he had to wait, and this was the most troubling action he had to do. In fact, it was rather the lack of action. Right next to him, he could hear the girlish voice of his cousin. He had two who would be introduced with him today, but his male and tall cousin never talked too much. Instead, he silently listened and nodded occasionally. A sigh escaped Yeongho's small mouth. „When can we finally come in?“ he asked on edge, he wanted to go in and he wanted to go in NOW. „I bet the others are already waiting for me,“ he added with a very self-confident smile on his lips.<br>
He was a pretty boy indeed with silky hair and bright eyes, soft skin and whatever a mother could dream of. However, the less charming fact about him was that he was completely aware that he was one of the most charming children ever born. His mind started analyzing the door roughly while his cousins were trying to tell him to exercise patience. A great, big door. Dark wood, even in the direct light of the candles. Massive because the noises sounded dull in his ears. It was more than double his height high, and the door knob was made of a gold alloy. He tried to see his own reflection in the golden colour as the door opened.<br>
Immediately, the brat was able to flip the switch, rightened his posture and smiled. His whole appearance was dignified, but the room was too amazing for the children's eyes. So many people at once and all were dressed up nicely. He could see his father's hand close to him. It was big and warm, he knew that because this hand never was cold. And now, it seems to hold out for him – with his own small hand, he grabbed the one of his father and managed to arrange his facial expression again.<br>

„I hate him.“ Words that cut through the afternoon. His cousins looked at him like he was an alien which he apparantely failed to be. His girl cousin stood up right away, presenting him with the most deadly glance a child could offer. But suddenly, her whole expression changed. It became surprised, warm, embarassed.<br>
And he could feel it. The presence of this heir. The other heir present. This child. Yeongho turned around to verify his feeling, and indeed there he was standing. And he even was invited by his cousins to join their research group on sand resistance! But before the leader of this research could object, a butler took the child away. He was the one being left scolded by his cousins for his rudeness, but he didn't see any fault.<br>
If anything, according to him, he just acted right. The feeling of being actually inferior was new to the child and he refused to ever experience it again. An intuitive dislike ruled him, abandoning every politeness he usually had. It was really the very first acquaintance who was superior, maybe because of his higher rank, maybe because of the attention he got from his cousins. Whatever it was, he didn't like it.<br>
But this childishness vanished with him growing up. Realizing that people were supposed to die, someday, somewhen.<br>

A few years older, another place. He was nervous, something he didn't feel too often. The hall he was in felt too big for the words he had to say and it felt even emptier with all the shallow words in it. Yeongho didn't know which kind of sincerity could lay in his words, the words of a simple adolescent. He even said that he hated him when they had met first... only one more thought like this, and he would immediately turn around and join his cousins again. But he stayed.<br>
He stood apart from all the trouble, but it seemed like he wasn't there anyway. The boy who had lost his parents. He didn't know any further details, but it probably was not as terrible as he could hear the people chat. It was hardly to believe that any of their words were meant serious – and he really was disgusted by their superficial behaviour. Disgusted by himself likewise, who had done nothing for <i>him</i>. A requiem was played by nimble fingers, but he didn't listen to it. He plucked up courage and found his way to the one whom he promised his eternal loyality.

<h1>the selfish gene</h1>
<i>With feelings never so precious and a mind completely made up, coming to decisions is surprisingly simple. But whichever motives the surfaces seem to contain, never should one forget the reason of reaction. Instincts. The inner depths of feelings never fathomed.</i><br />
<br />

He looked up as he heard familiar footsteps entering his room. He looked up from the book he was reading out of boredom, relaxing in a convenient position on his canopy bed while nothing was going on. However, as he recognized these steps, he immediately rightened his posture and sat with crossed legs on it, back straight, looking at his guest. It was him. In fact, his visits weren't very unlikely, but still, everytime was special for Yeongho.<br>
„What's the matter?“ he asked him, glimpsing at the other who was standing. Should he offer him to sit down? But where? Should he invite him to sit down on his bed? But was it the right thing to ask?<br>
„I will open a new school – my parents already started the preparations before, and my legal guardians will do the rest. Do you want to attend?“ His gaze rested on the one with the book, unfathomable. There was always this certain feeling resting in his eyes, but Yeongho wasn't able to figure out what it was.<br>
„If you attend as well, I will of course!“<br>

A sound that didn't belong here filled the unsusal room. A canopy bed stood there in complete darkness. Only a faint light let someone guess that two beds stood there, but even this light was shut off with the purling stream and the bird songs.<br>
For a few moments, silence ruled in this room again. The scent of lavender filled this room, too, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. An atmosphere in which a certain person was finally able to find rest.<br>
But quickly, a movement was seen behind the curtains of the canopy bed – a person coming out. Still, there was no light, but he was able to move as freely as when he had been able to see something. The room was familiar to him and nothing was out of place. Without seeing it, he knew where he found what he needed and was able to find his way through the darkness. The other boy sleeping in the room would probably wake up a little bit later from all the noises Yeongho caused. He didn't seem to care whether he woke someone up, in the end, they all had to stand up. And despite his carefreely seeming attitude, he was a reliable person. Sometimes at least.<br>
Slowly, he finally decided to let some light into the room. He didn't like too much sunlight, it only dazzled him. The outlines of everything else in the room became visible, two dressers and a wardrobe. Even though nothing could be seen clearly, all these items seemed to be of good quality, things of everyday use for the spoiled child.<br>
He left the room afterwards, thoughts beginning to run through his mind. Which boring lessons would await him today? His time table might be completely full, but because of his nocturnal tendencies, he mainly dozed in them unless the teacher asked him something. Usually he could answer without any difficulty whether he paid attention or not, so it was no trouble for him. He didn't even need to attend school right now... The only trouble he had was to wake up from his daydreams and leave his observations.<br>
He entered the bathroom, still in his silk pyjama which was a present of his sister. All of his sisters still loved him, and he was quite pleased about their attention. It seemed like his room mate and cousin woke up now, too, because he could hear an opening window. The sounds from the outside world entered their atmosphere now, filling the darkness with bright and cheering voices. Almost immediately Yeongho left the bathroom again, walking the last metres to the window, which was left by his cousin casually, and he looked out of the window.<br>
During his few months here in the academy, he already was able to find himself among fans. And some of these fans weren't bothered with greeting their 'idol-ssi' in the early morning. He appreciated their fan chants even though he didn't really intend to become an idol.<br>
„Goood morning, my princesses! Did you all sleep well?“ A charming smile ornamented his pretty face while he stood close to the window in his pyjama. It might be awkward for other people, but for him not – he loved being the centre of attention. „Ah, but I guess it's already time for me to go now – let's meet another time again!“ He sang the last sentences with a clear and soft voice, leaving a giggling and fainting fanbase.

<h1>one, two, three ... infinity.</h1>
<i>Within a few moments, infinty can be made. It only takes certain actions to let the vision fade. Time suddenly seems so slowly. What is left is only the impression how everything could ever be passed by so fast. But reaching the very point, this everything just doesn't seem to fade away.</i><br />
<br />

He was confused. The feelings of jealousy that he experienced now because <i>he</i> really had another person who he was closed to. – even though Yeongho and he weren't that close in fact, but some minds kept playing tricks that their owner wanted to believe. They vanished with the new information he got. Disappeared into some dark corner. „What do you mean you... have a sister?“ he asked puzzledly. There wasn't much that he failed to notice, but this very piece of information was new to him. Nothing he especially liked, but the confusion was stronger right now. „And... <i>she</i> is your sister?“<br>
<i>His</i> gaze was as calm as always. Almost a little bit too calm for someone living, thinking, feeling. But Yeongho never questioned it, wouldn't dare to. It was not that he didn't care, but some things... he felt that some things better were left unsaid. In the end, not his best idea. „I want you to teach her the formalities she needs to have to perform in society. Would you do me the favor?“<br>
If this young man asked him something, Yeongho wouldn't ever be able to resist. He developed an incredible loyality and belief that would never break. He nodded, slowly, while he still was ordering his thoughts.<br>

„I will order everything.“ Her voice was resolute. He turned around, looking at her. He was tired. His hands were still touching the glass which seperated him from his father who simply was lying there, without any movement. The warmth of his fingers were absorbed by the cold glass completely now. But nothing would reach his father. He was too far away and nobody was allowed to disturb him.<br>
She grew up fast in the last few months. She was introduced into society and she was able to deal with the superificalities surprisingly well. It almost seemed like she really belonged to this world despite her normal life before. Her eyes were just as clear as the first time they met his. But he looked right through her picture, gradually taking steps back to reality. He took the letter out of his pocket. Her handwriting was not as elegant as one would expect of someone of her rank. Somewhere, she might still be that innocent girl.<br>
His back met the window now, a fading memory came back into his mind. The picture of his beloved ones that he had shown nobody. The picture which was taken by the warming light of the sun years ago. His feelings were all mixed up now and nothing could be clear any more. He didn't want to, he would never. Never hate them. Neither him who had almost taken the life of his father nor her who was his sister. Would not hate their existence at all as one of the most enchanting people his world has seen.<br>
He breathed. One deep breath. He had to move on. He would not let hatred destroy him. It still roared in him, raged and wanted revenge. But there had to be a reason for all this. And he had to find it.<br>
One movement and he was on his feet again, looking at his father for one more time. He looked at his big hand which was as big as his own now. This hand which never was supposed to be cold...<br>
Two steps and he was out of the small room with the seperating window. Three more steps and he started to increase his velocity. The pictures that controlled his head the last days were in front of his mind's eyes again. The meeting room in which <i>he</i> and his father were with some other businessmen. An everyday life picture for them. The lamps, arranged above every head with a long iron pole connecting every light bulb. The holders weren't able to hold their load a little bit more with every minute passing by. In the news it was said that 'it fell down like a guillotine'. A few people died because of the mass crashing down. His father survived, but for how long?<br>
The pictures didn't repeat themselves.<br>
He ran. Out of the hospital, into the fresh air, facing the outside. The sky with its clouds, the trees and the streets. He wanted to see everything clear again. And then, he headed to the place where she was right now. It wasn't hard for him to find where it was – the letter had told him.<br>
After changing his clothes into more appropiate ones, he entered the room. „She isn't capable of using her family's power to let you do what she wishes.“ Yes, despite all the events happened, her soul was innocent. Her charisma was almost not existing, but still. Something in her directness attracted him. Her kind nature wouldn't help her at all to restore the blight <i>he</i> had left behind him. He had ruined whole families for god knew which reason. But Yeongho assumed that even an allmighty creature could not understand the darkness inside of him.<br>
„I support her.“

<h1>on the revolutions of</h1>
<i>The world is full of movement. Regarding everything as coincidence is as exhausting as placing everything as fate. But however you put it, resting at the same point is the most tiring thing. You have to move. You have to change.</i><br />
<br />

„May I ask you why?“ Yeongho looked up. He could only see the back if he wanted to see anything at least through the thick mist here. However, it was better than the reality – the reality in which the story repeated himself again. Only shortly after his father was discharged, <i>he</i> died. Or tried to. Fortunately, his sister and the Jjok heir were able to save him before anything worse could happen, but now, the person who turned around should be dead. But he wasn't, he was just sleeping. Something Yeongho always had to recall when he was in the <i>other</i> reality.<br>
„You may ask, but I think you know the answer already.“ With his dark eyes, he looked around. Probably, he was able to see what was behind the fog. Perhaps, more fog. Maybe feelings even. „Why do <i>you</i> even build up this childish thing?“ He stretched his hand out to touch the mist. His hand vanished in it.<br>
In the twinkling of an eye, a warm light found its way through the white drops floating in the air. Irritatedly Yeongho turned around to find himself in his work room. Paper was piling up all around him and a face became visible in the faint light of a single candle.<br>
„Oh, pardon me. It is getting dark now and I...“<br>
He lifted his hand to stop her with a wave of his hand. „It's alright, continue.“ He didn't dare looking at her for too long as something started to move within him. Something he didn't expect ever to be moved again...<br>
„Yeongho-ssi?“ she asked him suddenly and too close. He winced and tried to get some more distance, hiding his blushing face in the closest stack of paper. „Did you listen to me?“<br>
„O-of course I have!“ he stuttered, slowly calming down. He looked back to her, almost back to normal.<br>
„I rather assume you haven't,“ she responded, but left it that way and continued, „but anyways; when do you leave for tomorrow?“<br>
He was puzzled for a moment. „Ah, ah... I have to be around 5 am in the practice rooms, so I leave an hour earlier.“ Then again he was puzzled. „Is this of any interest for you anyway?“ He knew that she was informed about the deal with his father – he was able to be a trainee as long as he did the family business stuff as well. And he had been too long involved in all of this to give his inheritance up. But he wasn't able to give his conclusion up either, so it had to work this way. He wanted to show that living was not worthless. He had to be able to manage both, improving his performing skills and learning how to run the family business.<br>
„Not directly.“<br>
Her slightly reddening face puzzled him even more, just like the closeness only a few moments ago.

<h1>under a lucky star</h1>
<i>Life is just as interesting as you see it - and fortune is something you can influence. It takes a lot of courage to approach something new, but it can be worth the fear before. And sometimes, maybe even fate will help you out and put you under a lucky star.</i><br />
<br />

He hadn't been aware of how much he missed the stage until now. Until this very moment, alongside the other members of Storybook. After a few years, the dream was over and it was time for the princesses and princes to wake up from their fairytale. He could clearly remember the struggles to debut and thought that, after they had gone through this hell, they wouldn't experience it again.<br>
And he was right, somehow. The anticipation to re-debut was something completely different. They were known now. If anything, the struggle increased. But instead of being an insecure group of rookies this time, their fanbase waited for them – the Readers. It was time for another page to be turned. They involved themselves in politics now with standing up for women's rights, too. Yes, it was time to accept their responsibilites as members of this world.<br>
„And now we may introduce Storybook! The faces may seem familiar because they are! Prepare yourself for the princess and princes of Fairytale, now all grown-up!“ The presenter waved into their direction, their signal to enter the stage. Even though Yeongho would like to run up there to feel that it was <i>real</i>, he pulled himself together and stayed behind the leader. During the last years he had learned to respect his fellow members and had become genuine friends with them. They were now as important as his close family members were, maybe not as important as a certain pair of siblings... but these two were really a world for them alone.<br>
„I have to say, we all couldn't have waited any longer to be back.“ He said this with a charming smile, and the presenter seemed to think of something they wanted to ask again he almost had waited for this very moment to come. He knew that this question would be posed. He read the comments online.<br>
„May I ask you something personally, Fable?“ they asked politely in advance.<br>
He smiled again. „Of course you can.“<br>
„We all know that you are flirty, especially towards women. Don't you think it'll be a barrier concerning your goal to stand up for women's rights?“ While the words were coming out, he stayed relaxed and calm. It was something he had anticipated already.<br>
„I've assumed that you would ask – and honestly, no, I think not. Otherwise I wouldn't be here, right?“ He presented them with another charming smile, but in the corner's of his eyes seemed to be a certain melancholy. „I love giving people who love me something back, a dream perhaps, loyality, an observer. I don't think that courteous behaviour is sexistic if it is meant to be a matter of politeness. The rules made are years old, and in some ways even obsolete, I agree. But in these little things, I think, respect is shown more clearly than possible in big words, exaggerated wariness. In addition, I have people to protect. Not only my sisters or my female fans, all kinds of people. I don't want their bud to stay closed because of their gender, no matter which exactly, I want to see them blossom as freely as they want.<br>
That's the reason.“<br>

<hr><h1>the cosmic connection(s)</h1>
<b>names</b><br />
His real name is some kind of translation of his canon name Hanabusa, meaning "flower petals" and at least Yeong meaning the same. His surname Aido means "indigo temple", however, Jjok is an indigo plant.<br />
His old stage name is based on the fact that he was Yuki's teacher for quite a while, being a guide for her (maybe) and someone who should protect her, too. It matches with his current stage name as well because fables are stories with morals, therefore guiding stories.<br />
<br />

<b>hobbies, likes, dislikes</b><br>
Most of them are extracted from the fanbook, wiki or the series itself. Making ice sculptures became his hobby because he can freeze matter in the canon, and I thought it would be funny to adopt it here. He often suggest dorm improvements for House Moon in the series, here it's for the Storybook dorms.<br>
His <b>birthday</b> is canon, too!<br>

<b>parts of the personality</b><br />
Mainly based on the overall Hanabusa we get to know during the series. It's a mixture of the sides he shows, combining his childish behaviour and admiration with the mature Hanabusa from the end who's still childish, let's face it.<br />
As he says that he only can sleep when his bedlinen smells of lavender, a calming herb which helps people to sleep easier, I assume he has problems to fall asleep. And, he's a vampire, ergo, nocturnal.<br />
<br />

<b>parts of the past</b><br />
In the canon, Hanabusa is part of a noble and important family, too. His enrollment at the boarding school is canon as well as his sisters who spoil him. In canon, he's called "Idol-senpai" which I adopted, however, it's due to his idol-like talents and appearance not due to his surname.<br />
In general, the pretended death of his father is also canon, but Kaname, the guy he's so incredibly loyal to, "murdered" him right in front of his eyes there. I've changed it so Kaname's less risked getting arrested, however, Yeongho still knows that there is something going on. Kaname's sister and the teacher story is canon as well, but I erased the incest seeming parts of the story to make this crazy background a little bit more real and easier to adopt. He seems to develop feelings for Yuki, the sister, in canon, too, and loyality, but squeezes them before they could grow.<br />
Concerning Kaname's suicide attempt, he actually takes his own life away, however, before dying Hanabusa manages to lock him into an ice coffin. Here, Yeongho is able to save him from dying for real, too. Then Hanabusa starts with researching how to turn vampires into humans, but here he wants to show Kaname (who's tired of living in the canon as well, but there because of a veeery long life) that life's worth living. So he became an idol to show him that life's livable.<br>
The appearance of the girl, Sayori Wakaba, in his work room is canon, too, but I've changed it a little bit as well.

<div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"> <label for="tab-3" style="z-index: 7; top: 200px;"><img src="" style="margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content"><div class="shipper"><div class="shipperreal">

The visual of Storybook is a charismatic and intelligent young man. He can be quite arrogant and narcisstic sometimes, but will show his best side in public (if he feels like doing it). He knows that he's charming and his self-confidence always proves it. People often think he has nothing to offer except his look, and he himself doesn't really do anything against that image. Often, he doesn't think too much about his reputation, but is incredibly loyal to the ones he believes in and loves. Is a spoiled child who simply can not without certain things like bedlinen smelling of lavender. Nocturnal nature, sometimes looks tired in the daytime, however, is really active in the night.

Becoming friends with him is as simple as it is difficult. If you seek a superficial friendship, it's simply done. Chat a little bit nicely with him and you will be an agreeable acquaintance, chat often and you will be considered as a friend. People who say that he's handsome are on his friendly side, too. If you want to be a close friend, it's not really time that develops his loyality. It's, simply put, a feeling. He's a surprisingly intuitive person and will go with it concerning this – sometimes started with a rather unpleasant feeling. Emotions and convictions really impress him a lot.<br>
And, if you manage to become one of his dearly beloved, you can be sure that he'll always be there. If you like it or not. And if you even manage to get his admiration, you'll never get rid of him. But maybe you'd never like to anyway?

Before he can love someone, the person has to be one of his beloved ones, someone who trusts him and whom he trusts. Loving someone is the dorkiest thing for his narcisstic vein, and the realisation of love often follows the actual beginning. He isn't really aware whom he really loves in a romantic manner, and whom he simply loves as friend and family. The fastest way to become his lover is to show your interest – otherwise, he won't move any further for months, years.<br />
<s>However, there is this canon couple I'd like to have, so watch out for a wanted maybe? But you can ask for other possibilites if you'd like to!</s>

Every enemy of his friends is his enemy, simply put. He doesn't really hate anyone because he doesn't particularly like anyone firstly. And let's be real. Even if you hurt him, it's hard to break his confidence in you once it is built. He would keep on believing in you unless you prove a hundred times that he is wrong about you. But, he chooses his closest circle with care, so that won't be the case, probably.

Everything else you can imagine, probably. If you have an idea, I'd be glad to discuss it with you!

</div></div><div class="smallpics">

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<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="Hanabusa Aido FROM Vampire Knight">

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