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» guitar & drums, mal/yuen
taedae mo
 Posted: May 2 2018, 09:03 AM
taedae mo

@teddyontour: N/A

guitar & drums
february 2018
WOOOOPPP!!! Taedae had heard that there was a new trainee coming into their dorms, and she couldn't miss the chance to greet him. Especially after her former drummer now was going away and she wasn't able to have a band without a drummer. Additionally, she had picked up something very special on her way to the practice room in which she should be right now, practicing... something!
She greeted her seonbaenims on her way to the room politely and sparklingly with a bow, not being bothered by the giant plushie in her arms she squeezed occasionally - but she and it arrived both in shape, even though she wasn't visible for the other firstly.
"Are you Mae-Lee Chae?" she asked with a deeper and audibly assumed voice. She held the plushie right in front of her, so her face wasn't visible. "I have heard you are new here! I am new here, too. Do you want to be my friend?" she imitated the plushie's voice wholeheartedly and with passion while she was standing in the doorframe.
"I have heard you play drums, too!" The big head of this plushie slowly moved closer and closer. "I love drums. Do you want to play something with me?" Now, the head probably was just in the poor boy's face who was terrorised by a teddy bear. ... and this meant in two ways.
@mae-lee chae | ... pardon this girl. |D
mae-lee chae
 Posted: May 11 2018, 02:21 PM
mae-lee chae

@canonlybemal: hey, it's me! <3 anyone missed me? ofc you did.

@taedae mo

[... she's not forgiven. xDDD]

mae-lee's arrival in seoul had been ... no particular event, yet he had made some efforts, so everyone knew he was there now. even as they would spread his name in town (bwahahaha, they better should), he was quite sure his 'beloved' victim wouldn't understand the meaning of his new name - he wondered whether that person would even understand his name as name and not as some nonsense korean gibberish, thou ...
whatever. impressing the audience of few trainees with nothing better to do than lurking at the new boy, he had demonstrated his supriorness and easily had pulled off several difficult pieces of rhythmns and patterns on drums - something that reminded him of his past, but at least it was allowed to be angry while playing.
well. he better hadn't, right?

not spending much time in the dorm (the people there were, as expected, boring), he focused on practicing instead - not that he would aim to debut any time soon, his goals were so much bigger than that ... but it would refine the taste of victory when he could debut just after crashing that stupid un1ty boy group thing out there.
immersed in some powerful dance moves, listening to the music through on-ear headphones, wireless, he hadn't noticed much of the approaching ... well ... something.
not until he found that grotesque silhouette right next to him in the mirror.
how disgusting.
removing the headphones, he looked quite skeptical and annoyed as he heard the voice. oh, c'mon, really? what a fool's play was that? "yes." oh boy. why did he even reply ... "no." a harsh reply to the second question, ice-cold, sharp eyes glancing at the plushie with a death glare - not that the person behind this would see this, thou ...
he aimed to continue his practice, this was too childish, not even a kid would laugh for this ... not mae-lee. he wanted to put his headphones on again, just-
-as he flinched. which was just normal when one realized a goddamn freaking big plushie hung literally in one's face. he sighed, his annoyance increased with every passing second.
"definitely not."
his final answer. stepping few steps aside, he wanted peace for his own practice, goddamn ...
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