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» class of 2018, SOPA graduates
lee-sing sing
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 06:36 PM
lee-sing sing

@singsingwithme: No, I haven't found a Valentine yet. ...maybe soon.

And here they are! As of February 15th, 2018, the senior class from the School of Performing Arts has graduated! After three years of all the ups and downs of high school life, all of these kids will be going their own way and taking the starting steps of their adult lives. Basically, this is just a fun thread to talk out and plot how these kids were in school and how they might know each other- it gives us all reasons to plot that we didn't have before!

(Just fyi, we're basically basing the school off of the School of Performing Arts in Seoul!)

Some things to consider posting about: what department did your character graduate from? Did they debut while they were at school and was that hard for them? Was it difficult for them to watch their other classmates debut without them? What kind of student were they? Were there any classes they were best at or worst at? How close were they with their classmates? Were they part of any clubs? Are they continuing their education?

2018 Graduates -
@anna baek // written by zee
@mani phanthittra // written by lars
@Nari Mangjeol // written by penny
@saranyu prasongsanti // written by alex
@hyunwoo byun // written by alex
@lee-sing sing // written by zee
@serena tsukino // written by nara
@jiyah jeon // written by chai
@rini tsukino // written by mandee
@chaihong wu // written by nara
@taedae mo // written by myo

note: I listed everyone even remotely close to the right age to graduate- if your character graduated last year or hasn't graduated yet, just poke me on discord and I'll remove them!

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here's the code if you want it!

lee-sing sing
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 06:47 PM
lee-sing sing

@singsingwithme: No, I haven't found a Valentine yet. ...maybe soon.

✦ Sing here graduated at the top of her class in the Department of Practical Music. Not because she was a fantastic singer, but her grades really were the best they've had through that department in a while...

✧ From day one, she's always had this untouchable air to her- she debuted before she ever got to high school, so most everyone knew who she was. She preferred it this way; Sing has always liked being worshipped and feared from afar.

✦ She didn't have many friends in school, though she was friendly with everyone in a distant manner. She was very likely to say hello to you in the halls to leave a good impression but wasn't likely to stick around for conversation. She liked being the ~mysterious enigma~ to a dramatic degree.

✧ There were rumors that she attacked a kid in her other school for touching her. No one's really sure if that was true or not.

✦ Most of her lunches were spent with Nyu on the roof, probably trying to avoid everyone else and having secret conversations in Thai.

✧ Her best subjects were mathematics and biology. She was always "too busy" to help anyone study them though.

✦ Sing doesn't have "worst" subjects. Sing isn't "wost" at anything. (She hated Korean class, because she obviously already spoke it, thank you very much. Idiots.)

✧ Her parents didn't show up to the graduation ceremony. They sent her a card as their congratulations, which she promptly threw in the trash.

✦ During the flour and egg tradition, Sing hid behind Hyunwoo since he was the tallest in their class. She then gave him a hug as thanks, which is something she's never done ever, so there's that.

✧ Sing did a pretty good job of hiding how little she thinks of her class behind friendly smiles and conversations, but now that they're all graduated, she kinda misses them... not that she'll ever admit it.

✦ (But it might be a fun thread idea of her and an ex-classmate meeting sometime after graduation or something, just saying...)

✧ Add on because I just remembered: two of the gorgeous girls from her graduating class gave her chocolates this year on Valentine's Day when she least expected it, and her class got to see a rarely emotional Sing get flustered and really flattered by the gift. (Usually, she politely accepted most of the boy's gifts on White's Day without much emotion. Apparently, it took Peace and Usagi levels of beauty to get to her.)
Nari Mangjeol
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 07:03 PM
Nari Mangjeol

@shinypeace: Finally back in Seoul!!! :D

  • Like Sing-Sing, Nari debuted before getting into high school. However, she didn't really let that get in the way of being a 'normal teenager.'
  • She was, of course, closest with all the other CM peeps! Who else would she spend all her time with? The RoseGold girls are of course her best friends, specifically/especially Anna.
  • Still, Nari's always felt a little out of place and lonely at school. Considering Shiny-Shiny sometimes going on tours far away, she didn't really have much time to just chill out and make good friends. If people weren't in CM, she literally didn't get to be around them much.
  • Graduated from the Practical Music department, but was relatively middling on her class ranking. Not only did she not get to put much time in, she didn't do too well on exams, which was a point of contention with her parents.
  • Always friendly and a bit of a class clown bc she's HER, but never went to anything after school. She tried doing a club her first year but gave up. Her career was and is more important.
  • Her parents expect her to go to a university, but she actually has no plans to at this moment.
  • In middle school was something of a bully, which is potentially a reputation that followed her here and is part of the reason she isolates herself.
  • okay but she was absolutely the main instigator of the egg and flour tradition. FOOD? WRECKING THINGS? THIS IS HER CALLING
  • Best core subjects: Biology, PE and health! She was in class with Sing Sing for the first and stared at her the whole time, so it' s a miracle she actually did well in it
  • Worst core subjects: History and math.
anna baek
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 07:04 PM
anna baek

@rosegoldanna: Haena is home and safe. Thank you all for being so concerned, but I think what we all need right now is a break. Please respect that. ♥

♥ Anna started her freshman year in the music department but was quickly transferred over to the Department of Theatre & Film, where she quickly found a happy home.

♥ She debuted with an on-screen role and with ROSEGOLD her senior year, but even before all that, Anna was pretty popular because of how friendly she was towards everyone.

♥ Seriously, Anna made friends with anyone in their class that would put up with her for more than a few minutes.

♥ Up until late in their senior year, she was known for having revolving crushes on most of the boys in their graduating class. (Nyu and Hyunwoo weren't exempt. I'm so sorry boys.) That, of course, ended mysteriously after the ISACS.

♥ Anna has always been horrible about keeping up with schoolwork vs. training, and she's a very strong B-C student because of it. The entire school would always hear her screaming triumphantly whenever she got an A on a test/project.

♥ She didn't have time for clubs because of her training, but her freshman year she tried out for the volleyball team. After nearly breaking her nose by catching the ball with her face, she decided against sports and stuck to badminton for gym class.

♥ Anna took a lot of selfies during graduation since there were a few very important people missing from the ceremony celebrations. The entire auditorium had to sit there with a straight face as she took a picture with the very confused President of the School after he'd called her name to come on stage. It was legendary in Anna style.

♥ Her adoptive parents, aka her aunt and uncle, were both there to celebrate with her, as was a surprise guest- her older sister Elle, which she had sent a last minute invitation to. They all gave her a huge bouquet of roses, which she happily toted around for the rest of the day.

♥ She cried every time someone came up to her and said good-bye whether it was underclassmen, another student from her graduating class, or even Nari. It was a very emotional time lmfao.

♥ Dessy - "Hae video calls Anna all the way from Hawaii. At like midnight. To congratulate her since she can't be there for her sister."

♥ Alex - "yuuri shows up with flowers for anna so
look if you thought he'd miss his co-star's graduation idfk what to tell you"

♥ Fang showed up and gave her a snowflake necklace as a gift, and Anna made a scene throwing herself at him to thank him for the wonderful gift.

She has a wonderful meet up later that night with Min-jun to celebrate.
serena tsukino
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 12:02 AM
serena tsukino

@usagichan: You'll see a lot more of me soon 8D

🌙 Serena - along with a ton of other people on this list haha - graduated from the Department of Practical Music this year with the 2018 class.

🌙 Her grades were almost below the standard, leaving her at a fail mark. Heads up; this is because Sing was in her class and she literally spent all these years staring at her from behind and legit didn't pay attention because of it.

🌙 Unlike Sing and Nari, she would debut as Moon Usa Gi AFTER she entered the department. The reason she debuted in the first place was both thanks to Delilah... and she wanted Sing to look at her during school hours.

🌙 Yet another girl who had rumors of having crushes on every cute guy who walked past. Her only 'known' girl crush was Sing and the entire school knew it.

🌙 Despite her bubbly and happy exterior, Serena was actually incredibly lonely during her schooling years. While she tried to make friends and get close to others it never seemed to work out because she was too 'childish' or a 'crybaby'. Not to mention she had Mamoru's words running through her head the entire time saying that she wasn't any good.

🌙 Tried to hang out with Rini as much as possible but stopped pushing for it after her second year in the Department because of her career and her own insecurities because that would make sense as to why her little sister wasn't talking to her; Serena Tsukino was lame.

🌙 Also tried to hang out with Anna and Mani as much as possible, although she stepped back a lot because she felt like she was a little out of place. Especially after they debuted in ROSEGOLD.

🌙 While her family came for the graduation she wanted them to spend more time with Rini and so she planned to spend her graduation night alone. She loves all the couples and wants to support them thus separates herself.

🌙 Makes 100% sure to give final hugs to Nari and Sing.

🌙 Asks Nari to keep in contact so they can have Secret Sing Fanclub ™ meetings

taedae mo
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 09:19 AM
taedae mo

@teddyontour: N/A

☼ She actually graduated in the Stage Arts department because the risk of befriending other people was lower she thought that this would be most interesting and she wanted to do all kind of stuff, actually, not only singing and writing songs.

☼ She passed with average marks, especially bad ones in Korean language and all that stuff dealing with literature. She was surprisingly good at talking or maths, actually, and loved all kinds of natural sciences because she considered them creative ways of looking at the world (?), e.g. particle physics because of the whole madness of it.

☼ She rarely got good marks whenever she had to do some solo performance because she hates being alone and isn't really brave if left alone. However, the solo stuff she had to do in advance was rather good, and she nailed all her group tests and performances.

☼ Her best friend in the whole class was and is Chaihong Wu! They are the couple for storytelling with acoustic background music, at least secretly.

☼ She is probably mostly the sparkling one in the background who can be dragged into almost everything, really. As long as she doesn't have to do something alone, this child is so dependent sometimes.

☼ She actually tries not to talk with too many people in her class because of her entertainment, but because of her personality, will have a lots of friends?

☼ Thanks to her being a trainee and not having debuted yet, she had a lot of spare time to spend in several clubs. Throughout her whole time at the school, she was in the band club playing the guitar, and took a lot of peeks at other clubs, too, because she wanted to get to know them all.

☼ During the graduation, she spent most of the time with the other BOSS trainees maybe coming and BOSS people in general and with her family of course! In fact, it was probably mostly with her family crying and sobbing because she actually graduated.

☼ It's probably a last-minute-mission of hers to get a selfie or picture with the whole class or at least one with everyone, no matter which BOSS restriction told her not to befriend other companies, it's still her class with which she had spent the last years of her life.
rini tsukino
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 02:24 PM
rini tsukino

@rinitsukino: N/A

- Graduated from the Department of Practical Music

- She was friendly enough, but focused most of her attention on the school itself.

- Felt as though she had to strive for top of the class in order for people to be proud of her.

- Still did not wind up the top of her class, much to her chagrin - though she did end up fairly high in the rankings, so there's that at least

- Actually holds herself to higher standards than everyone else around her does, though she doesn't realize it and still thinks she's disappointed a lot of people by not being the absolutely best

- Still pleased that she at least beat Usagi as far as her grades are concerned. Not because she doesn't love her sister, but rather because she fears that everyone loves her sister much more. After all, Usagi has already debuted..

- Has avoided her sister not because she doesn't love her sister, but rather because she's afraid that if she does succeed, people will say that it's only because of her sister and not because of her own hard work

- As a trainee, she tried her best to get involved in clubs and anything that might help her further her career more and actually debut, dammit

- When she did have time to spend with others, she tended to hang out with others who were trainees as she could relate to them the most

- Secretly jealous of the fact that, while Serena struggled with her grades more, she seemed to genuinely enjoy her time at the school more than Rini did
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