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» voice of reasoning, open!
ssuri kim
 Posted: Mar 31 2018, 01:58 PM
ssuri kim

@kim_ss: Make sure to take your allergy medications.

if we listen up enough and shut our mouths -
listen up, we might hear the world sigh.

haha...haa...ssuri thinks, maybe a little bit too late, that she's had a little bit too much to drink. it's an unusual sensation for her, since it doesn't happen often; she grew up around a wine-snob father and it's the only thing she really drinks (sparingly), but the encouragement of her friends at the bar they were at previously led her to trying a shot (which hurt, she coughed for about thirty seconds), and a few minutes later, some over-sweet mixed drink that tasted like bananas. (then she had to have another one, because she loved bananas!) for a lightweight like herself, the effects were almost immediate, a pleasant buzzing sensation that lent her a goofy smile and slightly looser lips.

now her friends are nowhere in sight - she has the lurching suspicion that either she or they have ended up at the wrong place, though at the same time, she was right at home because - this one was a karaoke bar! she clapped along in the crowd eagerly as various people stepped (or stumbled) on and off the stage to various degrees of success. one girl sang so nicely ssuri started to cry, and she wasn't really sure why, but she kept on anyways. she thought about ordering another drink, but decided against it; she was happy riding the high where she was right now.


halfway through her drink, it was her turn to go charging up, and she took to the stage with an aggressive, clumsy confidence rather than her natural sort. her fingers clumsily punched in on a popular duet ballad from the 90's her mother used to like to sing with her, but the problem...she had not considered the fact that she had no partner, or even really remembered, in her excitement, that her friends weren't here to come up with her. agitated, she suddenly pointed out into the crowd at random in almost accusation.

"you, you, you! come up here, sing with me!" she shouted into the mic as the opening notes mournfully began. "come on, it's going to start without you, let's do it!"


aeju gangjeon
 Posted: Apr 7 2018, 08:09 AM
aeju gangjeon

@rosenqueen: N/A

take a break
Aeju didn't often go to anywhere where she could actually relax or something, but her friends could always manage to convince her to try and to calm down a little bit from all the work. Being a leader was hard work, especially when she still was involved in other BOSS things even if QUEENS was active again. It would burn her out on this rate, so it was better to take a break every now and then. She knew it, but it still was some kind of guilty pleasure for her.
Tonight, she actually found herself in a karaoke bar, a little bit more disguised because she didn't want to be recognised if she did anything stupid. The reputation of QUEENS was one of the most important things in her life, the reason why she even pulled away the one person she loved...
She sighed, as suddenly, an obviously drunk person asked her to sing a duet with her. "Eh, me?" She was quite irritated about it, but her friends who accompanied her pulled her to the stage. She still wasn't really sure, but in the end, took the microphone and entered the stage. She ordered her now black hair, she had temporarily dyed it, and the black dress she wore. She only had a few minutes to realise which song was played, however, she actually knew it. She didn't know the lyrics, but fortunately, there was a screen.
She focused on the screen as she looked at the other person who seemed a little bit familiar to her... but she couldn't recall where she could have seen the other woman. "Okay, then let's do it," she said to the other with a more confident smile on her face now. Just do it.
@ssuri kim | Let's see how this ends... XDD
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