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 nakbin // summer boys, the aviator from the little prince
sonthi easterlefa
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 03:30 PM
sonthi easterlefa
35 years old
written by Myo
26 posts

[cw: obsession with flying/rapping (the fear of being abadoned), death of father and brother French]
Summer Boys Rapper
A / 182 cm / 64 kg
29th June 1982


flying, rapping, drawing and painting, telling stories, sandpainting, cheering people up, playing around, piecing all kind of stuff to all kind of stuff together, being fascinated by the life around him, looking at the sky, listening to the stars laughing


flying, the sky, stories, the feeling of freedom, the little things, the world, the stars, the colour blue, children, planes, odd construction plans


leaving someone behind, being afraid of being left behind, the word "unimportant", some rules, too much tidiness, straight lines, baobabs

Player Name:


Other Characters:

Sayaka Miki, Yeongho Jjok, A-hyeon Leeton, Taedae Mo


pm; ask for Discord or Skype!
Nakbin // 'Aviator'
Sonthi Easterlefa

a boa from the outside.

An old hat - but not the oldest one in the whole group. Among the old people in his group, he's actually rather one of the young ones - but probably, still behaves more like a child. He is a friendly person and open to everyone in general. He actually behaves like a grandfather for the young people, but is the most relaxed in the circle of old people.
He loves telling stories and likes to underline them with self-drawn pictures or even sandpainting. Thanks to some years of training now, he's actually quite good at it. Not the best, but it's enough for some child eyes to sparkle. With his creative vein, he is always ready to tell some stories, even though in each of them, there is this particular grain of truth. His life might not be the longest alive, but he already has made a lot of experiences.
Maybe that's one reason why he sometimes seems to be a really old man. His eyes tend to be a little bit too thoughtful sometimes, too dark or too close to be filled with tears. But after the storm comes the calm. Most of the time, he's that extra-ordinary person of the group, full with dad jokes and unexpected actions to make his surroundings feel good.
He's a rather impulsive person, and an inventing one, too. He often can be found, whenever he doesn't have to practice, piecing together stuff. Nobody knows what it should become unless it's finished, but there he is, with adult eyes sparkling, not saying anything about what he wants to do.
Another apparent passion of him is definitely his love for the sky. He actually only feels really free when he's either able to rap or to fly. He just adores the freedom he feels there, and sometimes, sometimes it might become obvious that something's hidden behind the smiling surface of a grown-up child.

a boa from the inside.

But old hats mostly aren't simply only old hats - there is so much more hidden behind the surface than anyone could probably feel by only looking at it. The most important things can only be seen with the heart, no matter how dark it might be inside.
He hides stories he refuses to tell. But sometimes, he feels the urgence to write something down - he has written a lot of raps dealing with his own feelings over the time. It's hidden in his stories he tells to lighten up the rainy days. They might seem childish and romantic, but that's exactly the kind of person he is. A dreamer who just doesn't want to wake up. And still, they sometimes just don't end well.
He seems to carry everything lightly, but he isn't really honest to anyone with it. Some probably feel that there's something too sad about him whenever he comes back from a flight, even though he tries to be the same person as before. He never is. He actually doesn't really know who he was before all that flying and performing came up, and honestly, it has been such a big part of his life. And whenever something becomes so big, fear rises. Deep inside, he sometimes just doesn't know if he'll be able to continue on forever, and the world makes him realize this every single day.
But it's just the same old hat.

the flying wish.

He was born as the first son of his family, but he wasn't able to spend too much time with his father. His father died four years after his birth and left a hole in the family although Sonthi didn't really realize it. Maybe having a father can be described as one of his unconscious wishes. He often spent time with the other boys in the neighbourhood, but didn't really blend in sometimes. He started to read early in his life, reading all the stories he could understand.
He often talked to the adults about the things he had read, about the jungle, about deserts and rain, about sun and moon. He wanted to draw pictures to visualize them, but they didn't recognize what he wanted to show. And the only pictures he ever drew until he became an adult were the pictures of a boa constructa digesting an elephant, from the inside and from the outside.
At the age of 6 he blended in more with the other boys while they were becoming adults, too. They didn't play any longer and fool around all the time. They behaved, slowly, and thought like adults. About boring matters. About things that seemed to be grey but were colourful somewhere, but the colours were made dull.

C'est ainsi que j'ai abandonné, à l'âge de six ans, une magnifique carrière de peinture. J'avais été découragé par l'insuccès de mon dessin numéro 1 et de mon dessin numéro 2. Les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rien toutes seules, et c'est fatigant, pour les enfants, de toujours leur donner des explications.

At the age of 12, however, there was this experience. A pilot agreed on taking him on a plane. He actually lied about the permission he should have gotten in advance from his parents, fearing that they would not let him go. And he wanted so badly to explore the sky as one of the last real dreams he still had while he was devoting his creative mind to geography, mathematics and other colourfully dull things.
Shortly put, he loved it. He loved it so much to be so close to the sky. And finally, actually, he was able to rest. While diving into the blue ocean who was filled with almost nothing, he felt calmness. It was at this very young age that he decided never to miss this feeling ever again. He wanted to choose the profession as pilot afterwards.

the adult desert.

His wish might be uncommon, but the road was just the same. As soon as he was allowed to, he started to fly as a hobby. It soon was the only chance in which he could find himself with a free mind while he blended in with the crowd otherwise. The reality was depressing for him. His brother died now too, after his father did. During this time, he flew even more, feld maybe from the reality. The only way to deal with it constructively was to write songtexts. To rap.
He asked some cafés and bars to let him perform sometimes for free because he needed an audience to share it with. He always would love to have someone listening to his stories, and when he rapped it, it was so more likely that anyone would listen to him. And actually, the audience grew bigger and bigger.
But the dull life continued on elsewhere. He wanted to become a professional aviator, but failed the first times he tried to pass the necessary exams. He stayed a hobby pilot and then, actually thought about becoming an idol. He auditioned, and he fortunately was taken as a trainee. At the late age of 18 he still was accepted as a BOSS trainee because of his talent to write songs, to rap and to dance, too. However, he never felt really... at home during this time.
As one of the oldest, he had more to do with the adults of the company, the staff members who saw him as a person of authority and responsibility. Somehow, his life actually didn't change too much. The world continued on just like before. He showed them his picture of the boa constructa, too, as an experiment. Some parts of his child personality just wouldn't vanish, and it was good this way. But every single one of them told him it was a hat.
A hat in a whole desert.

Alors je ne lui parlais ni de serpents boas, ni de forêts vierges, ni d'étoiles. Je me mettais à sa portée. Je lui parlais de bridge, de golf, de politique et de cravates. Et la grande personne était bien contente de connaître un homme aussi raisonnable.

And because he was such a sensible man, he was accepted by the adult world without ever getting really in touch with the child trainees there. They all respected him, but it all was in a really formal way. They saw him as an authority he never quite wanted to be. But it was the world.
He accepted it. As long as he was able to perform and to fly, he would try not to care about it.
But he wasn't able to fly much around any longer. His parents had arranged a marriage for him, it was just usual in his wealthy family, and the family of his fiancé didn't want him to have such dangerous hobbies. So he concentrated on rapping and writing more, still feeling pain.
Some songwriters actually thought that he had talent writing songs and asked him sometimes to help them out, or to compose something with them. He gladly accepted in a polite manner, without realising that songwriters weren't really often dull adults. He just had become one of the dull adults, too. He was finally put into the BOSS Dance Team, too, and again, he accepted. It was something that was fun for him, yes, but it was never quite the same like telling stories.
But now, he finally blended in. Another grain of sand in the desert.

the little prince.

The marriage never was held. And he finally flew again.
It was one of the changing points in his history as he became part of the Summer Boys at the late age of 25. Finally he would really debut as a rapper, not only being a dancer even though the Dance Team was one of the elites of the world. He didn't really want to be appreciated for anything he didn't really want to do. He would always see himself as a rapper, aviator.
This was the reason why he chose another name as stage name, "Nakbin" instead of "Sonthi". And the contact with the kids helped him a lot, finding partially his own childish self again. After this long time, he still had the picture of the boa constructa. He showed it to the younger ones in the group, slowly realising that he became old and older, and asked them what they saw. No one ever said that it was a boa constructa digesting an elephant. But it was okay this way. He told himself that he was fine with mountains, too, as long as it wouldn't only be this damn old hat.
He loved performing. He had missed it without any reason to really do. But it wouldn't always stay this way, the world was an ever changing place. It probably had been difficult from the start to debut a group with such big age differences. Not really because the military service itself - at least some were always there - but because of the relationships. The get-along. While the older ones slowly all left the younger ones behind due to military service, a gap slowly became visible.
He still thought about it like an aching body of an old man.

J'ai ainsi vécu seul, sans personne avec qui parler véritablement, jusqu'à une panne dans le désert du Sahara, il y a six ans. Quelque chose s'était cassé dans mon moteur, Et comme je n'avais avec moi ni méchanicien, ni passagers, je me préparai à essayer de réussir, tout seul, une réparation difficile. C'était pour moi une question de vie ou de mort. J'avais à peine de l'eau à boire pour huit jours.

He left for military service at the age of 28, seven years ago. And how, he was able to fly almost professionally. He would have to finish an extended service, but it was alright with him. He actually departed only three years after the debut of Summer Boys because the military needed his experience as a pilot. And he did want to fly badly, too.
During his service, he had to rescue a lot of emergency landed colleagues and actually was honored, too. However, the main reason for him was to fly. Flying. He was obsessed with it. Sometimes, he wrote some raps about his time during the service, too, but mainly, he looked in the sky and at all the planes flying around, waiting for his time to ascend again.
But one day, he had to make an emergeny landing himself. With supplies lasting barely one week, he waited for someone to rescue him in the desert. He actually didn't know where he exactly was, despite his devotion to geography and his knowledge about a lot of countries. But as inventive as he was he wasn't able to sit still, he had to do something. He tried to repair the engine on his own. And it was there when he met the little prince.
His own inner child.

Le premier soir je me suis donc endormi sur le sable à mille milles de toute terre habitée. J'étais bien plus isolé qu'un naufragé sur un rideau au milieu de l'océan. Alors vous imaginez ma surprise, au levé du jour, quand une drôle de petite voix m'a réveillé.

Maybe it was only another imagination of his mind starving. But he found this little prince quite real. To him, probably, the most unlikely things were just the real ones which existed in his very own mind, far away from all the dull beings of the real world.
He had drawn a sheep in a box for the little prince. He had talked to him. He got to know more and more about the very small planet on which the little prince lived. And then, the rose. He preferred not to think about all the people he had left behind with suddenly going away to his service. But then he had to think again about them all. His mother. His sisters. And the person he actually had fallen in love with. It was difficult to be with them sometimes, just like the little prince had difficulties with his rose, but still.

"Mais oui, je t'aime," lui dit la fleur. "Tu n'en a rien su, par ma faute. Cela n'a aucune importance. Mais tu as été aussi sot que moi. Tâche d'être heureux… Laisse ce globe tranquille. Je n'en veux plus.

Maybe he still had been too young to know what real love meant. He maybe didn't know anything at all and still everything. Later on, he doesn't dare to think about these incidents any deeper whether they were simply truth or his very own, he didn't care.
He just remembered the very last meeting with the people he belonged to. It made him cry in his inner depths while he was listening to the words of the little prince, or of himself.
The little prince told him a lot of stories. About all kinds of people he had met during his journey so far away from home. A good king with a very small and almost no kingdom, a very conceited man to whom everyone else was an admirer, a very, very odd tippler, a businessman busy with counting all the stars he owned, a lamplighter captured between the day and nights of a world. The latter was the only one not only busy about himself and not ridiculous at all.
And finally, the little prince had met the explorer who advised him to visit the earth. And there he was on earth. There he had met a snake firstly, telling him where he was and where to go to when he was homesick. And then, after having a short conversation with a flower of no account at all, he met the fox.

"On ne connaît que les choses que l'on apprivoise," dit le renard. "Les hommes n'ont plus le temps de rien connaître. Il achètent des choses toutes faites chez les marchands. Mais comme il n'existe point de marchands d'amis, les hommes n'ont plus d'amis. Si tu veux un ami, apprivoise-moi!"

A story of friendship. Friendships that Sonthi himself had abadoned because he had neither seemed to understand his environment nor did they understood him. Maybe, he could have been friends with all of them. If he just had the patience and time... but now, maybe it was too late.
He continued listening to the little prince. He still tried to repair his engine to make it work, but the time was against him. His water supply was almost completely used up. And they both or him alone went to find a well. Finding it somewhere near and far the plane, he realised the sudden beauty of it all. The beauty of knowing that somewhere, in the whole desert, among all the grains of sand, there was this well.

Je fus surpris de comprendre soudain ce mystérieux rayonnement du sable. Lorsque j'étais petit garçon j'habitais une maison ancienne, et la légende racontait qu'un trésor y était enfoui. Bien sûr, jamais personne n'a su le découvrir, ni peut-être même ne l'a cherché. Mais il enchantait toute cette maison. Ma maison cachait un secret au fond de son coeur...

He didn't really managed to repair his plane all alone. He was able to make it work, but it didn't work enough to fly without any other help. After a week he had spent in the desert of Africa, he was found by his comrades, hiding in the shadow of the plane half-put together deliriously and himself barely alive.

the laughing stars.

After he woke up again, he seemed to have changed a little bit. Or maybe the whole world had changed. He was able to hear the stars laughing because somewhere, somewhere in the whole universe, he knew that the little prince was united with his rose. And because he didn't know which star exactly was the one of the prince, all stars were laughing.
He had made a friend, finally, a real friend.
It was the first step made. And he came back earlier than planned - they sent him back home after two years of military service, still not sure if he had completely recovered from his emergency landing. Now, he was supposed to face his family and his group again.
At the age of 30, Sonthi Easterlefa wanted to restart, but he knew that it was complicated. But with the world being such a beautiful, marvellous and yet sad, heartbreaking place, he wanted to restart.
And he did, but it wasn't really easy. People weren't used to someone coming back from military and acting more childish than before. But he just wanted to value imagination and creativity, the life itself now.


Names and the reason for those is you.
"Sonthi" means "combined" in Thai (as long as I'm informed) and is a reference to the fact that I interpret the character of the aviator as the author itself, connecting this with the little prince as the personified child, too. "Easterlefa" is just parallel to "Exupéry", and all his names, aviator, Sonthi, Easterlefa, share the same initials as the author!
"Aviator" is kinda obvious, it's just the character 'name' and "Nakbin" is hopefully a correct Thai translation.

The whole first page starts the game.
Simply put, birthday, hobbies, dislikes and likes are canon! I've added some other things like sandpainting because I think it suited him with the desert, too.
He's one rapper of Summer Boys because the aviator was a storyteller, too, and I think that stories rapped are more similiar to stories told.

Personality is given by the world itself.
This one is a mix of the aviator and Saint-Exupéry, at least what I got to know while reading Wikipedia. He's the childish grandpa on the outside who invents a lot of things and is a great storyteller, but then again, he has these darker sides. He loves flying over almost everything and isn't able to bear the thought of being abadoned.

Past can't be rewritten, only told.
the flying wish His family mentioned is from Saint-Exupéry, as well as the flying experience at the age of 12. However, drawing the boa constructas with 6 is from the aviator. Both of them want to become an idol.
the adult desert It's described that the growing-up aviator becomes more and more an adult, even though he still stays the same somewhere. Saint-Exupéry's brother dies, too, and he failed to become an aviator the official way. Sonthi failed the exams and they both chose the career as storyteller (ergo rapper), too. Like Saint-Exupéry studied architecture afterwards, Sonthi was put in the Dance Team instead of being an upcoming rapper in a group or as soloist.
the little prince The meeting with the little prince and the emergency landing is completely canon, but not fully described. Following my interpretation, too, it's not really him meeting a boy in the desert, but rather being confrontated with his own self even though it's not really clear for him, so it's written rather vaguely.
the laughing stars Here I've tried to lead over to the more optimistic self of him right now! So he actually manages to pull himself together after that emergency landing and becomes that grandpa we see and love in the movie.

credits the illustrations and quotes used here are the original ones from Antoine Saint-Exupéry, and one font used is by Jellyka!


In the overall, this Summer Boys rapper is one of the cool grandpa-like beings in the world. He is full of crazy ideas and is always willing to lend you an ear or tell you a story, whatever you need right now. He's quite good at cheering people up! He loves flying and rapping over almost everything and is, in his innermost thoughts, afraid that he might be abadoned one day because he might not be good enough for it all. However, he hides these thoughts pretty well and tries to be happy most of the time.
However, seven years ago, he didn't really was like this. He was more the one to blend in with the crowd and such stuff, even though his child was out every now and then, but changed after returning from his military service five years ago. During this, he made an emergency landing in the Sahara desert and found his inner child again. Some people probably struggle with this personality change, but it was just what he was all the time, he only hid it.


He tries to have a lot of friends and probably has a few more than before. He actually holds everyone dear now, even though he might not understand them firstly. He sees with the heart now and if his heart sees a new friend, he just will go the extra miles until he reaches this. He's that kind of friend who cheers you up when you're down without letting you know any of his own pains. Oh, and he occasionally breaks some rules, too.


He once left his love behind because of his military service, and now tries to hold her very dear. I don't think that there'll ever be anyone else in his life than the proud rose for him. However, this position is open to anyone who wants to claim this grandpa as their own, maybe I'll write a wanted ad for it, too! In the overall, he loves dearly, but was easily frustrated back then.


He's not really someone who makes a lot of enemies, but I think he still has some. Especially the ones who are realists will find his daydreaming attitude probably too childish for a man of his age. But he doesn't really care about anything. Maybe some policemen don't like him, too, because he tends to drive his car after loosing his driver's license.


Summer Boys interaction are always welcome! But also every kind of plot, really. Maybe something dealing with his personality change and something like that?
 Posted: Feb 19 2018, 12:43 PM
22 years old
written by She/Her
59 posts

accepted !!
Welcome to RE-BYE !! Your application has been reviewed by the admin, and we're happy to announce that your character has been accepted! Thank you for following the rules and joining the RE-BYE family.

This is such an intriguing way to do a bio? All in all, I really love him <3 I'm so excited that Summer Boys is getting more members!!!!! Go have fun!!!

Please fill out all of your claims completely so your character can be properly sorted.
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