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 so no one told you life was gonna be this way, tag: nagito/penny and tae-hee/claire!
ji-ho won
 Posted: Jun 10 2018, 02:25 PM
ji-ho won
42 years old
written by lars
131 posts

it's like you're always stuck in second gear,
although it hasn't been your day, your week

Ji-Ho was so excited to have his own little section of the pillow fort. He knew he shouldn't be excited for a pillow fort, especially not a promotional gimmick one for a band that wasn't ST*R, but... pillow forts! He read up on these things, and had determined that a pillow fort was a childhood activity he never got the chance to enjoy. He managed to carve out a little space of the now rapidly-expanding space all across the three agencies in Seoul, and now... now he and Nagito could live out their wildest fantasies, surrounded by blankets, wearing their best nightclothes... it was like they were in bed all day! Ji-Ho was tickled by this whole thing.

His black and green pajamas blended into the dark blue comforter that he and Nagito were surrounded by, and he pulled his fiance as close to him as possible for the multipleth time that evening. Nagito was such a delightful man, and every day since their quick proposal had been a dream. They'd managed to send each other multiple selfies every day, even when they both had their promotional duties; they took the time to go to ring shops and they both had the most beautiful, most fitting engagement rings, binding them to each other; they disappeared for hours and pissed off handlers; Nagito was staying at Ji-Ho's house!

Ji-Ho cuddled close to Nagito, kissing his cheek as he blushed. "Do you think that it's possible to get an actual house like this?" Because they had to move out of that crappy apartment of his! It wasn't suitable enough for someone of Nagito's stature and beauty, not to mention that the apartment was part of a different time of Ji-Ho's life. He'd raised his daughter there, but he spent the last near-decade of his life alone, being a massive slob, collecting photocards like a pervert... he was to be a married man now. His new husband deserved his own home, his own space to make their own memories. It was like starting all over.

Speaking of which, Ji-Ho realized he should probably tell Tae-hee soon about the engagement. Well. When he had time. When he wasn't wrapped around this beautiful singer's finger. "Because a quilt house would be so badass."

TAG: @nagito komaeda and @Tae-hee Won
NOTES: family encounters, let's have fun with this random thing XD it's short but it's just to get this started

your month, or even your year...
nagito komaeda
 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 02:21 PM
nagito komaeda
CM Entertainment
25 years old
written by Penny
437 posts

Your job's a joke, you're broke

In all honesty, Nagito was very glad to be away from the ST*R dorms right now. No amount of hot cocoa, windows open with fans on, or extra ammo could really heal being smacked in the face by Hiro's pillow cannon. Potentially a new rule about headshots and/or 'No shooting our hyung' immunities could help, but he was pretty sure those would end up ignored pretty quickly and it wasn't like he had anyone to tattle to. Plus, sometimes he just needed some food and some cuddles, and where better to go than his actual new home AKA Jiho's (...and his) apartment?

Jiho did want to make his own. And Nagito easily obliged- making them was fun! He had a little brother after all, he was always doing these growing up. Now at this point, they were cuddled up and wrapped in blankets and pillows and other such soft things. Jiho kissed his cheek, and asked if they could buy a real house like this. "What, like a bouncy house but... a pillow house?" He thought a moment. It would be pretty badass. But what about its structural integrity? And when it got windy? Or rainy? Yikes. He reached for a nearby kebab on a plate, taking a bite before putting it back down and swallowing. "I don't think they make them... We could probably make an entire room a pillow fort though. An under-the-stairs comfort cave?" ...Okay, that made him snort.

There was still the issue of breaking the news to Tae-hee. But to be fair - Nagito hadn't spoken to her in ages. He guessed this could be a phenomenal ice breaker, but it would probably be cruel to start out a conversation with 'Oh, hey, guess what, I'm your step dad now!'...

Tag: @[jiho won] @Tae-hee Won >:3
Love life's DOA
Tae-hee Won
 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 06:30 PM
Tae-hee Won
Sealight Records
21 years old
written by Claire
127 posts

Tae-hee probably should have mentioned before she was coming. But her father always loved surprises didn't he?

Of course that was before he had a boyfriend, but she figured Nagito was probably busy at the moment. She had heard he was recording things lately for one thing.

So Tae-hee put her own copy of her father's key into the lock and opened the door and immdietly groaned.

That stupid pillow fort fluffy cute trend had invaded her father's home too. This obviously had to be Nagito's doing.

Her own band had gotten into it, against her own protests, and her own dorm was covered in fluffy nonsense too. She didn't want to join in such trends, it was juvenile for one thing, and two it'd involve dislodging all her blankets from their normal spots, which were usually "under Bois Cheri". And she wasn't a monster after all.

"Hey I'm here Appa!" she yelled out, "Thought I'd come over for a bit. I know I haven't seen you for a bit." It did feel awkward though, like she was intruding.

tag:@ji-ho won @nagito komaeda

super short but I'm trying to get back into swings of things!
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